5 Cute and Sustainable Jewelry Pieces Yogis Will Love

5 Cute and Sustainable Jewelry Pieces Yogis Will Love

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our content, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and much more. These repurposed pieces are both fashionable and ecologically sustainable, making them excellent gifts for friends or for yourself. With the upcycling trend gaining traction among jewelry designers, more accessories are now being created from materials that have been given a second shot at being useful. As a consequence, there will be less waste in landfills and more lovely, feel-good ornaments.

“It’s crucial for the ecology,” adds Curran, who lives in Los Angeles.

Subsistence farming, the most fundamental of human economic activities, may resume when the bombs have been disarmed and cleared.” The following are four eye-catching works that are inspired by sustainability.

Jewelry for a Cause

The Malas of Gratitude These malas are made by hand in Uganda, using recycled newspaper, barkcloth beads, and natural plant dye to create a unique design. ($60,jewelryforacause.net)

Purple Buddha Project

Thanks to malas of Gratitude These malas are made by hand in Uganda, using recycled newspaper, barkcloth beads, and natural plant dye to create a unique and beautiful design. ($60,jewelryforacause.net)

Alkemie Jewelry

Cuff in Sage An artist couple in Los Angeles creates this cuff from 100 percent reused metal and donates a portion of the proceeds to the Seva Foundation or Save The Children. ($209,alkemiejewelry.com)

Upcycled Jewelry Shop on Etsy

Wristband in Sage This cuff is produced by a husband-and-wife pair in Los Angeles who utilize only 100 percent reused metal and give 3 percent of each sale to the Seva Foundation or Save The Children organizations. ($209,alkemiejewelry.com)

Upcycled Jewelry Shop on Etsy

Old circuit boards are recycled into rings by an Etsy seller, who ensures that the rings are RoHS compliant, which means they include no lead, cadmium, or harmful heavy metals. ($18 per ring; see etsy.com/shop/upcycledjewelry for more information)

Gift for Yogi Yoga Jewelry Be Here Now Eco Friendly Yoga

One bangle bracelet is included in this item. A thick gauge sterling silver wire is used to construct each bangle, which is then hand-hammered and tumbled to enhance its luster and robustness. The words “be here now” are etched on a stainless steel oval that is 3/4 inch across and 3/4 inch high. **ALL charms are completely optional. Optional embellishments include an Om, initial, 6mm Swarovski crystal birthstones, and other symbols. When adding charms to your cart, specify the amount of charms you desire and provide your contact information in the text box.

**** The bracelets are in the shape of bangles and are designed to be worn across the hand.

It is not possible to purchase them with a clasp.

– Most people can wear it (8 inch circumference) 2 3/4 inch in diameter is considered large.

Thank you for your support of handmade! Please see my Etsy stores at: georgiedesigns.etsy.com. The lotus bracelet may be purchased from the following website:

10 Yoga-Inspired Jewelry Brands Merging Mindfulness and Fashion

Yoga is a way of life, and there are countless ways to incorporate your practice outside of the studio. Yoga jewelry is an excellent example of this. A lovely way to reflect your yoga lifestyle both on and off the mat is via yoga-inspired jewelry, which ranges from mala necklaces to gemstone bracelets to anklets and more. Why not combine our love of yoga with our collection of accessories to create a beautiful but also meaningful fashion statement? There are several yoga-inspired jewelry brands available, so we’ve picked ten that we’re particularly fond of this season and believe you will be as well.

Check out these 10 unique yoga jewelry brands we love:

A lifestyle, and there are countless ways to include your yoga practice outside of the studio or classroom. Yoga jewelry is an excellent example of such a method. A lovely way to reflect your yoga lifestyle both on and off the mat is via yoga-inspired jewelry, which ranges from mala necklaces to gemstone bracelets. Instead of combining our love of yoga with our accessories, why not make a beautiful but also important fashion statement? Many yoga-inspired jewelry brands are available, so we’ve picked 10 of our favorites that we hope you’ll like as much as we do this spring and summer.

2. Mantra Band

SilverSage, based in Arizona, is a stunning jewelry company that is inspired by yoga. Jewelry pieces ranging from earrings to mala necklaces to bracelets and more are available at Silver and Sage Jewelry. Select your pieces depending on qualities, gemstones, color, symbol, or price.

4. Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani is a jewelry brand that you will fall in love with if you like jewelry that is really distinctive and eye-catching. These designs, which range from themed wrap rings to fashionable charm bangle bracelets, are excellent conversation starters and [email protected]

5. Metal Marvels

If you believe yourself to be edgy, if you appreciate edgy pieces of jewelry, or if you prefer using your fair share of expletives, then Metal Marvelsis the place for you! From the slogan “I’m a f*cking warrior” to the phrase “Dog Mom AF,” this yoga jewelry company distinguishes out among the competition. @metalmarvels

6. The Neshama Project

The Neshama Project, which offers some of the most gorgeous Hamsa necklaces available on the market, will not let you down! High-quality materials, such as gold and opal, are used in the creation of this collection of jewelry. They would make wonderful gifts for the yogi in your life (who could just be you!) or as a personal treat for yourself. @theneshamaproject

7. Blooming Lotus

The bright malas and crystals you’ll find at Blooming Lotus Jewelry will have you coming back for more! This is your one-stop store for all things related to yoga jewelry and accessories. Each piece is individually created, with a percentage of the revenues going to a variety of charitable organizations. @bloominglotusjewelry

8. Satya Jewelry

With Blooming Lotus Jewelry, you can expect to see vivid malas, crystals, and even more malas and crystals.

Everything related to yoga jewelry may be found here in one place. Approximately a quarter of the revenue from each item is donated to a variety of charitable organizations. @bloominglotusjewelry

9. Pura Vida

Pura Vida gives employment to craftsmen all around the globe and sells a line of bracelets from which a percentage of the revenue is donated to charitable organizations all over the world. With anything from rings and necklaces to bracelet type packs, yoga jewelry is easy to [email protected] has an extensive collection to pick from.

10. Andrea Kelly Designs

Andrea Kelly Designs offers a variety of yoga-inspired jewelry that may be found by category. We provide a large selection of gorgeous yoga jewelry to match your mood and style, whether you like a DIY Mala kit or prefer purchasing by category (from Intuition to Serenity, Transformation, or Goddess). @andreakellydesigns

Accessorize Your Yoga Lifestyle With Yoga Jewelry

Yoga is a discipline that begins on your mat and expands to encompass all elements of one’s existence. A yoga lifestyle allows you to live in accordance with yogic principles and preferences as you progress through your life. Each of us appreciates a lovely pair of earrings or a stunning necklace. Why not combine our love of yoga with our collection of accessories to create a beautiful but also meaningful fashion statement? Each of these yoga jewelry businesses offers something different, something with significance, something with a purpose, and even some that give back.

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5 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands You’ll Love

Is it really feasible to get magnificent jewelry that not only looks and feels amazing, but that is also manufactured from environmentally friendly materials that do not harm the environment as well? I made the decision to find out. But I immediately realized that I couldn’t accomplish it on my own. When I was putting together this post, I knew precisely who I wanted to enlist to assist me in my search for the greatest eco-friendly jewelry manufacturers in the United States. Mrs. M is called to the rescue.

  • My article on Eco-Friendly Clothing benefited much from Mrs.
  • M was able to run her sharp eye over the brand shortlist and assist in selecting the winners once more.
  • However, based on her statements on VRAI, I have a strong suspicion that I know what her charge will be!
  • However, they have the potential to be the greatest nightmare for both the environment and the people that mine them.
  • Every single aspect of your jewelry should be as environmentally friendly as feasible if you want to be completely eco-friendly.

Afterwards, I’ll go into further depth on the specifics of things to look for while purchasing environmentally friendly jewelry. But first, I’d want to introduce you to the top sustainable jewelry businesses that have wowed both myself and Mrs. M. with their quality and design.

Our Top Five Amazing Sustainable Jewelry Brands

‘Zero emissions,’ they claim. The Pacific West region of America is home to the world’s finest diamonds, which are grown from their basic ingredients and powered entirely by renewable energy. There are no offsets necessary. There will be no mining: Depleting resources, by definition, cannot be sustained, no matter how much the mining industry claims otherwise. Craftsmanship at its finest: In our workshops, our artisans next cut and polish our diamond crystals into facets, ensuring that they produce the most amount of brightness, scintillation, and fire possible.

  • For those who aren’t interested in high-end diamond jewelry, the other companies listed below are significantly more reasonable.
  • Based in California, VRAI has showrooms in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas as well as in Shanghai, Xi’an, and Chongqing.
  • More information on how VRAI diamonds are manufactured may be found here.
  • M expresses her admiration for the jewelry produced by VRAI, saying, “It is just magnificent.” Its designs are simple, elegant, and ageless in their appeal.
  • The boutique on Melrose Place is very gorgeous!
  • Whatever the reason, even if it’s merely to swoon over the window display, There is no getting around the fact that the price will be high.
  • However, there are still some wonderful entry pieces available for less than $100 dollars if you look around.
  • The beauty of VRAI jewelry is that it may be passed down and enjoyed for generation after generation, assuming that your budget allows for such a purchase.
  • And in light of the fact that we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary soon.
  • M is unable to come up with new ideas.


Women in the fashion industry are supported by a feminist brand. ABLE Jewelry is handmade in our Nashville, Tennessee workshop by women who have overcome adversity to achieve their goals. Jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings produced by hand may often be personalized with a monogram or message at no additional cost. These one-of-a-kind sculptures make for thoughtful personal gifts that have meaning. We Say:ABLE made it onto our list of the finest sustainable fashion businesses, so it only seemed sense that I should have a look at their jewelry collection as well.

  • Their environmental credentials are unquestionable.
  • This is accomplished through the provision of safe working conditions and equitable compensation for all of their employees.
  • This helps to boost the local economy while also lowering greenhouse gas emissions owing to the reduction in transportation of raw materials and final items.
  • M’s opinion: The ABLE collection of handcrafted jewelry is both adorable and reasonably priced.

The Bali Hoops are my personal favorite. Earrings that make a tremendous fashion statement. At a fantastic bargain. I particularly appreciate the fact that you can customise many of the components by adding text of your own.


Certified as a Climate Neutral Product They explain:Our showroom is located in Nashville’s Buchanan Arts District, which also serves as the location of our corporate offices. We are committed to our community and conduct exclusive shopping events, workshops, and parties of various sizes on a consistent basis. You’re welcome to browse our handcrafted leather shoes and accessories, as well as a carefully chosen assortment of products from some of our favorite small companies and craftspeople, whether you’re local or simply passing through.

  • First it was ABLE, and now it’s Nisolo who is representing Nashville in the jewelry industry!
  • Mrs.
  • This is exemplified by the rustic texture of the brass that they utilize in their designs.
  • Visitors to Nisolo’s comfortable shabby chic showroom in the Nashville region are welcome to stop by whenever they are in the neighborhood (TN 37208).
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Made Trade

Certified as Climate Neutral “Our showroom is located in the Buchanan Arts District of Nashville and serves as the headquarters of our firm,” they say. We are committed to our community and conduct exclusive shopping events, workshops, and parties of various sizes on a regular basis. Shop our handcrafted leather shoes and accessories, as well as a carefully chosen assortment of items from some of our favorite small companies and craftsmen, whether you’re from around the corner or coming for the first time!

  1. Once again, the Music City is being represented in the jewelry industry by ABLE and Nisolo!
  2. Mrs.
  3. The rustic character of the metal that they utilize exemplifies this perfectly.
  4. If you’re ever in the Nashville area, you should stop by Nisolo’s comfortable shabby chic showroom (TN 37208).
  1. It was a Mother’s Day gift from my lovely girls
  2. It was just lovely. The sustainable moonstone is gorgeous, and it appeals to my inner hippy in a nostalgic way.

It was a Mother’s Day gift from my lovely girls; it was absolutely wonderful. Stunning and evocative of my old hippy self, the sustainable moonstone is a must-have.

Omi Woods

It was a Mother’s Day present from my lovely girls; The sustainable moonstone is gorgeous, and it speaks to my inner hippy in a nostalgic way;

What To Look For In The Best Sustainable Jewelry Brands

If diamond mining is not adequately controlled, it has the potential to have a harmful influence on both human health and environmental health.

Consider the following diamond alternatives to ensure that your jewelry is sourced in an ethical manner:

  • Affirmatively Sourced Diamonds:By purchasing diamonds from legitimate sources, you can help ensure that miners labor in safe circumstances and are compensated fairly. Ethical diamond mining firms provide their employees with healthcare and educational opportunities. Conflict-Free Diamonds: Diamonds that have been mined in a region that has not been affected by terrorism or war. The sale of conflict-free diamonds also has the additional benefit of ensuring that the earnings do not go toward financing violence, terrorism, or civil war. Diamonds that have been recycled: Some diamond merchants acquire old diamonds, clean them, re-cut them (if required), and then offer them as recycled diamonds to customers. The need for mined diamonds is reduced as a result of diamond recycling. Although the diamonds’ initial source may have been unethical, recycling them helps to prevent unethical actions from occurring in the future. Diamonds Grown in a Lab: The procedure of growing diamonds in a lab is designed to mirror the natural processes that lead to the formation of diamonds. For the simple reason that it eliminates the need to harvest natural resources from the ground in the first place, this is my preferred alternative. In addition, lab-grown diamonds are typically less expensive to purchase than mined diamonds. However, this also implies that their resale value is often lower than the value of mined diamonds of comparable grade.

All of the information above is applicable to the majority of other gems as well.

Recycled Gold

Recycled gold is often produced by melting down previously owned jewelry. It is occasionally combined with newly mined gold or gold derived from alternative sources (industrial metals, electronic devices, etc.). It is refined to eliminate any impurities, resulting in a product of comparable quality as freshly mined gold.

Other Recycled Metals

It is not only gold that may be recycled and used for jewelry-making purposes. Additionally, keep an eye out for the following recycled metals:

  • Sterling silver that has been recycled
  • Bronze that has been recycled
  • Brass that has been recycled

Fair Trade Practices

Fair Trade Practices are most commonly associated with the food business. By seeking out fair trade, on the other hand, you are contributing to the development of a long-term supply chain that benefits all parties involved.

Upcycled Materials

It is not only recycled materials and metals that you should be on the lookout for. The practice of upcycling is extremely popular in the jewelry industry. Making jewelry out of repurposed materials takes something that is no longer needed and transforms it into something that someone else wants. Consider a shell and pasta necklace from kindergarten. but a little more refined, if that’s possible! For example, reusing and resetting old stones in new jewelry is an excellent approach to lessen the need for new gems in the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many websites will give you top price for your unwanted fine metals and vintage jewelry, and many of these websites are well-known. It’s tough to know who to put your faith in, however. Rather than mailing your old jewelry to a distant location and crossing your fingers that you will ever get compensated, I propose visiting your local pawn store. You should still be able to negotiate an acceptable price, and you should be aware of who you’re working with.

Are Sustainable Jewelry Brands Worth The Price?

Absolutely. While it is true that certain high-end ethical jewelry businesses, like as VRAI, offer pieces that cost many tens of thousands of dollars, there is still good value to be discovered if you look around.

Is Cartier Ethical Jewelry?

In the words of Chelsey Grasso of Remake, “Cartier has chosen to play a pioneering role in developing the ethical standards in the jewelry sector.” Cartier purchases diamonds from suppliers that share the firm’s principles, and the company demands a Statement of Warranty for every diamond-related invoice they receive.”

Does Pandora Use Blood Diamonds?

According to the BBC, Pandora has stated that it would no longer sell mined diamonds and will instead concentrate only on lab-grown diamonds.

The Final Word

So. That’s all there is to it. I hope that this post has helped to demonstrate that eco-friendly jewelry does not have to be expensive or harmful to the environment. Both in terms of figuratively and figuratively speaking. There are a plethora of eco-friendly jewelry manufacturers that provide pieces to suit every taste and economic range. The finest sustainable jewelry businesses do more than merely employ environmentally friendly materials. They make certain that everyone involved in the supply chain (from the mine/laboratory to the store) is treated properly and receives the compensation they are owed.

Spending your money on a few high-quality, long-lasting pieces of jewelry is one of the most effective ways to lessen the environmental impact of your fashion choices.

Jewelry that is timeless will never go out of style! Finally, I’d want to express my gratitude to my better half once more for her contributions to this paper. Always a pleasure to work with you. It appears like I may have to return the anniversary scarf that I had bought!

Get In Touch

Where do you get your environmentally friendly glitz and glam? Is there a sustainable jewelry business that I’ve forgotten about? Please send me an email to let me know.

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling

a little bit about Raven + Lily Raven + Lily are inspired by the beauty of nature. In addition to feeling inspired, you’ll look and feel good in pieces from the Austin, Texas-based brand. These fair trade items, which include earrings, bracelets, and rings, reflect their commitment to making a positive social and environmental effect. They bring these principles to life via their exquisite fair trade products. Raven + Lily’s Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Business Practices Materials: Are you looking for ethical jewelry businesses that use precious and semi-precious stones in their designs?

  • They use brass that has been hand-polished and is 100 percent recycled for the metal.
  • The organization provides support to 520 craftspeople and 10 artisan partners in over 100 countries, many of whom are members of underrepresented socioeconomic groups.
  • Each and every person (yes, every single person) is entitled to a livable salary, flexible working hours, paid maternity leave, and fair working environments.
  • Their jewelry is also built to last.
  • Raven & Lily was chosen by Remake as one of the ten brands who are “paving the way” in terms of their environmental activities.
  • At its headquarters, which is 100 percent female-led, the company fosters diversity and inclusivity at all levels.
  • Giving to charity causes in the community: In addition, one percent of the company’s revenue is donated to groups such as Reclaim the Block, the NAACP, the SAFE Alliance, and the Women’s Fund at the Austin Community Foundation, among other causes.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, we may receive a small compensation. We only ever include brands and goods in which we have complete faith. Traditional yoga mats are often not environmentally friendly, since they include chemicals and polymers that are harmful to both you and the environment. Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or simply looking for something to stretch out on at home, if you’re interested in selecting a sustainable yoga mat and the appropriate gear to go with it, you’ve come to the correct spot.

These companies are revolutionizing the yoga business by manufacturing mats from natural, environmentally friendly materials and assuring a fair-paying, ethical supply chain for their employees.

It is a wonderful way to practice yoga with real peace of mind, both on and off the mat, to support any of these businesses.

Why Aren’t Traditional Yoga Mats Sustainable?

In order to make them sticky and easier to clean, yoga mats are often manufactured of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic. Unfortunately, PVC is a highly poisonous form of plastic that should be avoided at all costs. We shouldn’t be breathing this during our everyday yoga practice since it’s not only bad for ourselves, but it’s also bad for the environment. Yoga mats are constructed of plastic, and as a result, they are not biodegradable and take years to decompose completely. This leads to extra pollution and makes it hard to dispose of your yoga mat in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • These toxins are then absorbed by us throughout our practice.
  • When it comes to where their resources are acquired and whether or not their supply chain includes fair-wage employment and safe working conditions, there is sometimes a lack of openness on the part of the manufacturer.
  • Extortionate labor and synthetic materials are used in the production of several major yoga gear companies, which are produced in sweatshops.
  • Eco-friendly yoga mats, gear, and sustainably created yoga attire are excellent ways to help the environment while also protecting your personal health and well-being.

What Are Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats and Yoga Gear?

Fashion that is environmentally friendly As the popularity of greenwashing grows, many companies turn to it in order to look sustainable when they are not. Many “eco-friendly” yoga mats are manufactured of PER (polymer environmental resin) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) materials (thermoplastic elastomers). When at all feasible, these materials should be avoided. Although PER is, in essence, a less harmful variant of PVC, further research is required to determine how safe PER is. However, while TPE may be recycled, it is created from a range of synthetic ingredients that are not always mentioned by the producer.

As a result, we may not be aware of the true composition of the mat and may be unable to evaluate its safety if the manufacturer is not completely transparent.

Choosing mats made of natural, biodegradable materials such as GOTS-certified cotton, cork, or grass fiber is the greatest option for the environment.

When determining whether or not a brand is sustainable, another factor to consider is whether or not the company is honest about its supply chain operations.

If they aren’t forthcoming with information about where their products are created, who creates them, or if they are fair-trade, this is typically a red indicator, and the brand is unlikely to be long-lasting.

Now, Our 11 Favorite Brands Creating Affordable Eco-Friendly Yoga MatsGear:

Made in the United States and China Yoga Apparel is the product line that we provide. Price ranges from $40 to $150. Wolven is a Los Angeles-based, carbon-neutral brand that creates some of the most adorable and environmentally friendly yoga clothing available. Wolven manufactures its eco-friendly activewear from P.E.T. that has been certified by OEKO-TEX. Each garment is quick-drying and anti-bacterial, allowing you to use their designs as both yoga wear and swimwear in one outfit. As a collector of their work, I can confirm to the fact that they are of excellent craftsmanship.

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2)Om Matters

Made in the United States of America Pricing varies from $25 to $98 for yoga apparel, yoga accessories, and yoga applications. Matters has a wide range of yoga equipment and accessories, including meditation candles, crystals, yoga cards, and even a yoga software for your smartphone. Besides that, they have a limited, reasonably priced line of yoga wear for ladies that is manufactured from environmentally friendly cotton and biodegradable Lenzing Modal. Everything is made in the United States, where the company is based.

Even the packaging and shipping materials for their items are made from recycled materials.


Produced in Germany and China Yoga Mats, Yoga Gear, Yoga Accessories, and Yoga Apparel are among the products available. Price ranges from $45 to $120. Manduka is one of the most well-known yoga brands on the market today. They feature a large selection of high-quality alternatives available at a variety of affordable pricing. Sustainability is still a work in progress for them; nonetheless, there has to be greater openness. Their conventional mats are constructed of PVC that has been OEKO-TEX certified as “non-harmful” as well as natural rubber, which cannot be called environmentally friendly.

They are constructed entirely of natural rubber and include no PVC, harmful colors, or plasticizers, among other things.

Other Manduka goods are environmentally friendly, such as their cork and recycled foam yoga blocks as well as their unisex yoga wear line, which is composed mostly of recycled polyester and organic cotton.


India is where the product is manufactured. Yoga Mats, Kids Mats, Yoga Props, and Yoga Apparel are among the products available. Price ranges from $60 to $115. Abhinehkrafts, based in India, creates some of the most artisanal, innovative, and environmentally friendly yoga mats and accessories available. Everything is made by hand by women artisans utilizing natural fabrics and a variety of techniques. The majority of their items are created from organic cotton that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Abhinehkrafts mats are made with natural or recycled cotton, grass fiber, jute fiber, and wool that is acquired locally and sustainably.

Each mat is individually handwoven with traditional motifs and a range of thicknesses to suit the individual. They also sell a beautiful, environmentally friendly collection of yoga clothing and props that are very reasonably priced.

5)Inhala Soulwear

Lima, Bali, and Milan are the places where this product is made. Yoga Apparel and Yoga Mats are among the products available. Price ranges from $36 to $130. Inhala Soulwear is a Peruvian firm that is devoted to mindful manufacturing throughout the whole supply chain, including the materials used in its products. They manufacture a wonderfully adorable collection of environmentally friendly women’s yoga wear, as well as some alternatives for men. There’s also a modest range of non-toxic yoga mats made from vegan suede and recycled rubber available for purchase there.

Their zero-waste and plastic-free approach is evident in every item they manufacture, including their biodegradable clothing bags.


India is where the product is manufactured. Yoga Mats are among the products available. Price ranges from $99 to $119. Yogasana manufactures lovely, vivid cotton yoga mats in India that are GOTS-certified. The cotton is cultivated and harvested by fair-wage local farmers who are members of the Better Cotton Initiative, and there is no child labor involved in the production or harvesting of the cotton. Each mat is created by hand by local weavers and comes with a 15-year warranty. Their little assortment is reasonably priced, and it comes in a range of colors and sizes to meet the demands of most customers.


Canada is where the product is manufactured. Yoga Mats and Yoga Accessories are among the products available. Price ranges from $21 to $118. Urbivore makes cork yoga mats that are both adorable and non-toxic. They are vegan and non-toxic. Cork is naturally antibacterial, non-slip, and self-cleaning, making it an excellent choice for flooring. There is no PVC or hazardous chemicals used in the manufacture of Urbivore goods. They gather the cork from oak bark in a sustainable manner, employing fair-paying, local labor.

Every purchase you make results in the planting of a tree somewhere in the globe.

8)Jade Yoga

Made in the United States, India, and Nepal Yoga mats, travel mats, yoga props, and yoga gear are among the products available. Price ranges from $15 to $179. Jade Yoga is extremely well-established in the yoga world, having been in the business of manufacturing environmentally friendly yoga mats for more than two decades. My Jade mat was purchased about 10 years ago, and I continue to use it now. They source and manufacture the bulk of their yoga mats in the United States and use natural rubber that has no PVC or hazardous chemicals in its production.

Jade offers a diverse selection of environmentally friendly yoga accessories, including organic cotton canvas mat bags, plant-based mat wash, and recycled cotton blankets. They provide fair-paying, ethical jobs and distribute their products around the world.


The product is manufactured in India and Indonesia. Yoga Apparel, Yoga Accessories, and Yoga Mats are among the products available. Price ranges from $52 to $165. Women-owned and sweatshop-free yoga brand YOGA KONGA is a remarkable BPoC (Business People of Color) enterprise. They make a modest range of eco-friendly yoga gear out of organic bamboo and naturally dyed indigo that is derived from local sources. Their gear is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial in composition. YOGA KONGA also manufactures lovely organic cotton yoga mats that are weaved by artisans.

Kemetic Yoga, African spiritualities, and environmental sustainability are represented through the fabrics and symbols on each piece.

10)Create Flow

Taiwan and Australia are where the product is manufactured. Yoga Mats, Yoga Gear, and Yoga Accessories are among the products available. Price ranges from $25 to $120. Yoga mats and accessories designed by Create Flow, an Australian company, are elegant and made from sustainable materials. Their Mukti yoga mats are constructed from natural tree rubber, jute fiber, GOTS certified cotton, and mineral-based dye that has been collected in a sustainable manner. Each mat is made entirely of biodegradable materials and has no PVC, harmful chemicals, or plasticizers.

Create Flow products are designed in Australia and manufactured locally wherever feasible.


Made in the United States of America Yoga Mats, Yoga Gear, and Yoga Accessories are among the products available. Price ranges from $25 to $179. Yoloha is a great place to start if you’re interested in testing cork-based goods for yourself. All of the handcrafted goods from this company are created from environmentally friendly cork. The cork is gathered from cork oak trees every 8-9 years in a sustainable manner, and it does not necessitate the felling of a single tree because the bark is removed by hand.

All of the mats are not only grippy, but they are also anti-microbial and quick to dry.

12)42 Birds

Spain and Portugal are where the product is manufactured. Yoga mats and yoga accessories are among the products available. Price range: $32 to $1,442 dollars Birds is a brother and sister partnership that designs and manufactures yoga mats and other gear made entirely of cork in a zero-waste production process using sustainable materials. They’ve also joined with 1 percent For the Planet, and the revenue from their sales will be donated to environmental groups like as the Cork Forest Alliance and the National Audubon Society, among other causes.

A complementary cotton mat carrying strap is included with each of their non-slip, environmentally friendly yoga mats. Affordably priced cork bundles, which include a mat and yoga props, are also available from the store.

13)Bennd Yoga

India is where the product is manufactured. Yoga mats and yoga accessories are among the products available. Approximately $160-$195 in price range Bennd Yoga is a “Ayurvedic Yoga Mat Company” that manufactures items that are medicinally coloured. Everything is handcrafted by artisans in India using traditional methods such as weaving and hand-stitching. 100% ethically sourced raw cotton is used to create their yoga mats and meditation cushions, which are then individually handmade and hand-dyed.

  • Following that, each yoga collection is tailored to address a certain health issue such as digestion or circulation, based on the herb that was utilized to create it.
  • Bennd’s goods, including their packaging, are made from natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable materials.
  • They also provide a donation program.
  • a little about the author: Ms.
  • Having lived abroad as a full-time traveler since 2018, she now maintains her own blog, Learning the Local Way, where she offers advice and guidance on ethical travel.


Our Brand Directory has hundreds of environmentally friendly companies ranging from cosmetics to cleaning supplies, from underwear to shoes. We’ve organized everything by category to make buying easier, and we’ve included exclusive discount coupons just for Sustainably Chic readers.


Lifestyle Paige Annelayne’s Kitchen will be next.

12 Sustainable Jewelry Brands for Some Ethical Sparkle

Natalie Kay Costello JewelryAccessoriesNatalie Kay Costello JewelryNatalie Kay Costello Accessories

12 Sustainable Jewelry Brands for Some Ethical Sparkle — Sustainably Chic

Image courtesy of Washed Ashore Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, we may receive a small compensation. This post is also supported in part by AstorOrion, Arlokea, and Washed Ashore, with further support from others. We only only include businesses and goods in which we have complete faith! Various types of jewelry and decorations have been worn by people for as long as 75,000 years, according to some estimates. Today, however, some jewelry is produced at a high environmental and social cost to both the world and the people who make it.

These eco-friendly jewelry businesses are guaranteed to add just the perfect amount of glitter to your ensemble!

What Makes This Jewelry Sustainable?

Waxed Ashore is a photograph by Full disclosure: We may receive a small compensation if you click on one of the affiliate links in this section and make a purchase after you do so. Also contributing to this post are AstorOrion, Arlokea, and Washed Ashore, all of whom have provided sponsorship. Every brand and product that we introduce is one in which we have faith. Various types of jewelry and decorations have been worn by people for as long as 75,000 years, according to archaeological evidence.

In order to continue accessorizing while keeping sustainability and ethics in mind, we must consider the following: There’s no doubt that these ethical jewelry businesses will add the perfect glitter to your ensemble!

What Sustainable Materials Should Jewelry Brands Use?

There are also a few materials that we really like to hunt for, such as recycled metals and lab-grown gemstones. On our planet, there is enough gold and silver to be able to reuse instead of mining for more, and these businesses are taking advantage of this! Furthermore, because the mining of precious stones is rife with unethical methods, sustainable firms are beginning to produce their jewels in laboratories, repurpose existing gems, or collaborate with Fairmined sourcing organizations (as well as other sustainable certifications).

Now, Our Top Picks for Sustainable Jewelry Brands:

Price ranges from $65 to $4,450. Every once in a while, you come across a brand whose visual appeal immediately draws your attention. It is hard to look away from the jewelry from Washed Ashore, since it has some of my favorite stones – pearls. In their jewelry, they exclusively employ recycled metals, jewels from old jewelry, and keshi pearls, which are a byproduct of the pearl industry. It’s astonishing how jewelry can be created from stones that would otherwise be discarded and still look stunning!

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2)Laura Elizabeth

$65 – $4,450 in price The occasional brand’s look gets your attention right away, and this is one of those times. They employ pearls, which are among my favorite stones, to create their enthralling pieces of jewelry. Keshi pearls, a byproduct of the pearl industry, and jewels from old jewelry are among the materials they employ exclusively. The fact that jewelry made from stones that would otherwise be thrown away can look so lovely is astounding. In this brand profile, you can find out more about Washed Ashore.


Price ranges from $15 to $110 Arlokea’s mission is to employ ethical jewelry to address social concerns such as those relating to health, education, and poverty. Your purchases are contributing to the empowerment of women and small businesses in underprivileged areas throughout the world, including nations such as Vietnam, Ecuador, and Ethiopia. Thank you for your support. They also make use of environmentally friendly materials such as Tagua and recycled bullhorn. Their jewelry is reasonably priced, and the big statement necklaces are very stunning!


Price ranges from $195 to $625. All of illi’s beautiful and simple pieces are fashioned from lab-grown gemstones and solid precious metals that have been recycled to a hundred percent. In addition to lab-grown diamond jewelry, this is one of the few firms that provides additional gemstones such as alexandrite, ruby, and sapphire! The necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that they sell have a clean, simplistic look that is really ageless in design. The illi team is dedicated to long-term sustainability and is continually refining its procedures at every stage of the process.

5)Valley Rose

Price ranges from $98 to $1,820. Brittany Groshong, a jewelry designer located in Northern California, has created this gorgeous piece of jewelry by hand in her studio. Each design is created using a lost-wax casting method, which is described below. Among the materials used by Valley Rose are Fairmined gold and traceable conflict-free gemstones, which are of the finest quality and ethically produced.

Inspiration for the collection came from the mystique and splendor of the universe. With the addition of their new zodiac constellation pendants, you’ll have the perfect daily necklace!

6)Astor + Orion

|$98 – $1,820 per month British-born designer Brittany Groshong created and produced this exquisite piece of jewelry in Northern California. An ancient method known as lost-wax casting is used to create each pattern. Using the best quality and ethical resources, such as Fairmined gold and traceable conflict-free gemstones, Valley Rose creates beautiful pieces of jewelry. Awe-inspiring images of the cosmos were used to inspire this collection. It’s the perfect everyday necklace to go with their new zodiacconstellation pendants.


Price ranges from $22 to $102 Each and every item of jewelry in Obakki’s stunning collection is handcrafted by one of their artisan partners. In order to honor the notion of repurposing something old and making it beautiful and functional again, the team at Obakki uses repurposed and locally sourced materials in practically all of their products. Other products available at Obakki include artisanal home goods and small-batch products such as skin care products, organic clothes, and more. You’ll have a great time in this store!

8)Made Trade

Price ranges from $30 to 198 dollars. Almost every aesthetic within jewelry can be found on this internet shopping location, which also includes a large selection of minimalistic design. While browsing through the collection, you may discover everything there is to know about the pieces’ respective valuations. Is it a fair trade product? Is it manufactured in the United States? Is it a property held by POC? It’s a totally unique experience that’s unlike anything else you’ll discover on the internet.

9)Ten Thousand Villages

Price ranges from $5 to 210 dollars. In addition to being a retailer, the market-to-market trend is linking us with some of the most outstanding craftsmen from all over the world. Our purchase immediately contributes to the maintenance of sustainable livelihoods and the preservation of traditional crafts. Every product honors both culture and the environment, ensuring that none is sacrificed in the sake of the other. They have a huge range of jewelry to suit every taste – I am in love with these earrings!


Price ranges from $20 to $120. Able is a fashion company that empowers and employs women in order to assist them in escaping poverty. Initially, the firm provided employment opportunities to Ethiopian women who had previously worked in the commercial sex industry; however, the company has since grown and the jewelry is now manufactured in-house in Nashville, Tennessee. There are various customisable alternatives available in their jewelry line, which is great for everyday wear.


Price ranges from $50 to $4,500. If you are seeking for exquisite gold jewelry at a more modest price, Aurate New York is a terrific jeweler to consider checking out. In addition to being situated in New York, they also employ 7th generation jewelers to manufacture their stunning items.

Their materials, which range from reclaimed gold to high-grade pearls, are all derived from environmentally friendly sources. At addition to having an in-home try-on service, if you reside in New York, you may visit one of their three stores to view all of the beauty for yourself.

12)Aid Through Trade

Price ranges from $15 to $62 This company is the originator of the Original Roll-On Bracelet, and their bracelets are the only ones that I can wear all day without them falling off my baby wrists. They are without a doubt my favorites! Each item of jewelry is lovingly crafted by Nepalese craftsmen using only the finest materials. Every one of the more than 200 artisan women gets paid a fair pay and receives benefits while working in a safe and healthy workplace.


Price ranges from $150 to $1,500. Beyond their stunning range of engagement rings and wedding bands, MiaDonna has a special occasion collection for any event imaginable. These items, which include anything from tennis bracelets to little pendant necklaces, are extremely gorgeous. Only recyclable metals and lab-grown diamonds are used in the production of their products! As you may be aware, diamond mining is fraught with conflict, and wearing a diamond in this manner is a surefire method to do so in an ethical manner.


Our Brand Directory has hundreds of environmentally friendly companies ranging from cosmetics to cleaning supplies, from underwear to shoes. We’ve organized everything by category to make buying easier, and we’ve included exclusive discount coupons just for Sustainably Chic readers.

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