6 Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Ideas

6 Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Ideas for Your Holiday Gifts

25 million tons of rubbish were generated. If you look at the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, you’ll see that there is far more garbage generated than you would expect. While there are several things you can do to help minimize this figure, choosing environmentally friendly wrapping paper is an excellent place to start. Wrapping paper isn’t always recyclable, and a lot of material ends up in the garbage as a result of this. Instead of purchasing roll after roll of wrapping paper this holiday season, consider using eco-friendly wrapping paper options that are healthy for the environment.

If you’re searching for eco-friendly wrapping paper ideas to help you reduce your waste, we’ve compiled a list of sustainable alternatives to get you started.

7 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s frequently a lifesaver to use an old or thrifted scarf to make your present wrapping lovely and eco-friendly while still staying within your financial constraints. Not to mention that repurposing what you already have or purchasing secondhand has a good influence on the earth. Furoshiki is a store-bought choice if you prefer something quick and easy. It is possible to use the traditional Japanese wrapping cloths for many years to come, and there are a variety of funfuroshiki wrapping techniques to learn and practice.

2. Use a Mason Jar

Instead of wrapping your present in paper, just place it inside a Mason jar to protect it from damage. There are several methods to decorate the outside of your home to make it appear festive. You may paint it, decorate it with stickers, or do whatever else you want with it. The possibilities are unlimited. Furthermore, they may utilize the jar as an artistic cup or as a propagation vessel for their plants thereafter.

3. Have Fun with Newspaper

Newspapers make excellent gift wrapping paper, as do magazines. Apart from the fact that they are recyclable, they are also a fantastic way to make present giving more personal. For example, if the present recipient enjoys a good chuckle, he or she could enjoy browsing through the comics department. Alternatively, if you come across an item that reminds you of them, make that the focal point.

4. Put Your Gift in a Reusable Tote

You probably have a few extra cotton totes laying around, so why not use some of them to wrap gifts in an environmentally responsible manner? Aside from helping your present recipient avoid using plastic bags and shopping in a more environmentally friendly manner, it can also help you keep the gift a surprise. As opposed to accumulating dust under your sink, you’ll be giving a present inside a gift by participating in our contest!

5. Support Small Businesses and Their Wrapping Materials

Instead than purchasing rolls of wrapping paper from big-box retailers, look for environmentally friendly options from small, locally owned companies.

Many of these enterprises provide handcrafted choices, such as stamps or decorations that they create themselves. These selections are more distinctive than what you’ll find elsewhere, and by purchasing them, you’re helping to support local businesses in your community.

6. Get Creative with Plain Kraft Paper

When it comes to eco-friendly options for those who enjoy doodling and creating their own wrapping paper, brown kraft paper is a fantastic alternative to white wrapping paper. You may even embellish it with ribbon or little pine branches from a tree in your area to give a splash of color and elegance to the arrangement. Hello, there! Want to contribute to making the world a better place every day by sharing simple, doable, and environmentally friendly ideas and tricks? Sign up for the Brightly Spot and become a part of our growing movement of over a million changemakers worldwide.

9 Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Ideas

The holidays are a time for gift-giving, but if you’re wrapping your gift, you’re most certainly also gifting rubbish to the environment. After the holidays, Americans discard 38,000 miles of ribbon, which is enough to wrap the whole planet in a single ribbon bow. However, the most important present we can offer the world is to reduce our trash (especially since household waste usually increases about 25 percent this time of year). One way to contribute to this reduction is to use more environmentally friendly gift wrap.

  • It is not recyclable if it is glossy, sparkly, foiled, or has a plastic liner in it.
  • Remember that recycling is the last line of defense when it comes to protecting the environment.
  • Using gift boxes and ribbons over and over again has been a long-standing custom in my family for decades,” Walters explains.
  • We’ll also show you a few techniques farther down the page.
  • Construction paper is an excellent choice for little presents since it is lightweight and available in every hue of the rainbow.
  • For those who aren’t comfortable painting on their wrapping paper, consider adding texture by pleating the material before wrapping the gift or gluing a simple paper bow to the top for a monochromatic effect.
  • Save the eco-wrap packaging from your shipments and use it as gift wrap instead of throwing it away.

Nothing has to be purchased; simply preserve these throughout the year from grocery shopping and deliveries, and then decorate them anyway you see appropriate with stencils and stamps, freehand designs and even Wite-Out.

Magazine advertisements and editorials make excellent wrapping paper for modest presents.

Gifts are customarily wrapped in square cloths in Japan (where this is referred to as furoshiki) and Korea (where this is referred to as bojagi) according to tradition.

While this approach is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, you are not need to purchase specific clothing to participate.

The cardboard rolls from your paper towels and toilet paper may be recycled into adorable pillow boxes for modest presents or stocking stuffers.

Score each end of your cut roll in half-circle shapes, insert the present inside the roll, and tuck the ends of the roll together. Close the pillow box with packing tape and decorate it with remnants of wrapping paper and string to finish it.

15 Eco-Friendly and Zero-Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas

There are a variety of environmentally responsible ways to wrap gifts that are not only less expensive than standard gift wrapping methods, but are also completely free. The reuse of products and the usage of materials that you may already have around the house are among the eco-friendly gift wrapping options featured here. Typically, when it comes to gift wrapping, the most popular way is to start with a beautiful piece of wrapping paper and then tape it together. It is, however, quite wasteful, and the expensive types of wrapping paper and plastic tape used are not recyclable at all.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping methods will be shared in this blog article, with everything being either biodegradable, reusable, or extending the lifespan of present wrapping materials.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I may get a small compensation at no additional cost to you.

1. Wrap gifts with brown paper

Use of brown kraft paper for gift wrapping is the simplest and most uncomplicated eco-friendly gift wrapping solution. Wrapping paper and a lot of tissue paper, for example, cannot normally be recycled since they are frequently coloured, laminated, or feature gold/silver patterns or glitter, all of which are not recyclable materials. Plain paper is more environmentally friendly than typical wrapping paper, which is especially important during the holiday season because it can be composted or disposed of in your recycling container.

You may repurpose the recyclable paper to wrap further gifts, or you can use it for crafts, scrapbooking, or creating labels for additional presents.

In addition to being entertaining, it may help spice up the wrapping paper, especially if you don’t fond for the solid brown.

2. Wrap presents with newspaper

If you don’t want to spend money on store-bought wrapping paper, there are a few creative methods to wrap your gifts. Using old newspapers instead of wrapping paper to wrap gifts is a fantastic idea since it is a terrific way to recycle newspaper while also making your gift stand out from the crowd. You don’t care for the newspaper? Use old books, sheet music, periodicals, or a sketch you’ve done that you don’t mind people using as gift wrap to make your present look more special.

3. Reuse wrapping papergift bags

If you don’t want to spend money on store-bought wrapping paper, there are several alternatives. Using old newspapers instead of wrapping paper to wrap gifts is a wonderful idea since it is a terrific way to recycle newspaper while also making your gift stand out from the crowd.

Not a fan of the newspaper? Use old books, sheet music, periodicals, or a sketch you’ve done that you don’t mind people using as gift wrap to make your present look more personal and thoughtful.

4. Wrap presents with eco-friendly tape

Plastic tape will render all of your eco-friendly present wrapping efforts in vain if you use it to seal your package. Scotch tape is the industry standard for putting up wrapping paper for gift-giving, however it is made of plastic and cannot be recycled with other paper-based products. Prior to recycling the wrapping paper, the plastic tape would need to be removed from the surface of the paper. Because it is created from natural materials such as bamboo or hemp, you may use Washi tape that is biodegradable to decorate your home.

5. Don’t wrap gifts with plastic tape

When it comes to gift-wrapping, another ecologically beneficial approach is to avoid using plastic tape altogether. It is not necessary to use tape when wrapping gifts using brown paper or newspaper since the paper or newspaper folds extremely readily. By using the appropriate folding techniques, which you can read about here, and fastening the item with a bit of twine or a piece of fabric ribbon, you can create the ideal gift wrapping that does not require the use of tape.

6. Repurpose cardboard boxes into gift boxes

Using a box you’ve gotten from a purchase you’ve made from a local store or online might be a great solution if your present is unusually shaped and you need a box to put it in before wrapping it. I have a box of boxes in storage that I use when it’s time to wrap gifts for Christmas or birthdays, and they’re always nice to have on hand. It’s an excellent technique to repurpose cardboard boxes while also saving money by avoiding the need to purchase new boxes for gifts.

7. Use decorative gift boxes

Using beautiful boxes for gift wrapping is a fantastic eco-friendly option, especially if you’re in a hurry or feeling lazy. Using ornamental boxes for gifting is a fantastic method to decrease the amount of trash generated by present wrapping. Even better, the boxes may be utilized time and time again, whether for regifting or storage purposes. Boxes are also quite resilient, and with appropriate maintenance, they will survive for many years.

8. Use jars to hold small gifts

Using ornamental boxes for gift wrapping is a fantastic eco-friendly option, especially if you’re in a hurry. When it comes to presenting, using attractive boxes is a fantastic method to limit the amount of wrapping paper used. And the greatest thing is that the boxes may be reused over and over again, whether for regifting or for storing items in. If you take good care of your boxes, you may expect them to last for many years to come.

9. Skip the plastic ribbon

When it comes to gift wrapping, avoid using plastic ribbons if you want to be environmentally conscious and save money. The sticky adhesive doesn’t generally stay very long, and your present may slip off before you get a chance to give it to the recipient. They’re also difficult to repurpose. Alternatively, you may use fabric ribbons that can be re-used year after year, or twine or yarn that can be readily stored and re-used for many years. Twine and other varieties of rope are more environmentally friendly than other types of rope since they are manufactured from natural materials, which makes them biodegradable and consequently compostable if they tear excessively.

Paper ribbons, which are also biodegradable, are another environmentally friendly choice for ribbons.

10. Decorate presents with nature

Nature may be used to design your present, which is an unique and really inexpensive eco-friendly gift wrapping concept. Give your present a touch of nature by using natural components as decorations, such as leaves, branches, flowers, acorns, pine cones, and berries, to add a touch of nature to it. It elevates the appearance of a present, and it is an excellent gift accent for nature enthusiasts, especially when placed under Christmas tree ornaments!

11. Decorate gifts with ornaments

In addition to using little ornaments to embellish your gift, you may use small decorations that the person who will receive your gift can retain and enjoy, or that they can use to decorate their own gifts. You may also just inform them that they should return it if they don’t want it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! The ornament can even be something that they can hang on their Christmas tree and treasure for years to come, adding a wonderful personal touch to any gift. READ MORE: How to have a more environmentally friendly Christmas.

12. Don’t use sticker labels on gifts

Purchase stickers that you paste on the gift and then write the name of the person who your gift is intended for is a typical approach for labeling presents. Those gift labels, on the other hand, are not recyclable due to the sticky glue on the back. To avoid this, use brown or colored paper tags to mark your gifts, and tie these tags to the wrapped item with twine. It’s more environmentally friendly, and, to be honest, it’s lot more attractive!

13. Put presents in brown paper bags

If you’d want to package your present in a bag but don’t have any that you can reuse, a brown paper bag would suffice. It’s preferable to purchasing a decorative gift bag that may contain glitter or plastic accents, rendering it unusable for recycling. Paper bags, like brown paper wrap, can be recycled and/or used for regifting purposes in the future. Brown paper bags are also a terrific method to encourage children’s imaginations by coloring them with eco-friendly crayons and markers.

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14. Use fabric gift bags

A excellent zero-waste present wrapping solution, reusable gift bags or even tote bags are perhaps the simplest way to wrap gifts with less trash and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Because the person who receives the present can reuse the bag for more gifts, the bag is considered to be a component of the gift. They are often constructed of fabric, which allows them to be machine washed and hence may be used for a variety of gifts. Reusable gift bags are an excellent way to help the environment by reducing trash.

15. Wrap presents using Furoshiki method

Furoshiki is the technique of Japanese gift wrapping that involves the use of new or old materials, such as a scarf or a handkerchief, to adorn the present being given.

This innovative and minimalist gift wrapping technique uses folded and knotted cloth to create a unique and minimalist look. The cloth can also be kept by the recipient and used again! Marie Kondo demonstrates how to use the Furoshiki method to wrap your present in this instructional video.

Final thoughts on these eco-friendly gift wrap ideas

As you can see, there are a variety of creative methods to wrap gifts without using plastic that are also visually appealing. It’s critical to remember the three “Rs” – reduce, reuse, and recycle – throughout the holiday season, when food, paper, and plastic waste are in abundance, especially around the holidays. If you’re shopping for gifts for holidays such as Christmas, make sure to combine your environmentally friendly gifts with a green Christmas tree! Want to learn more about living a more sustainable lifestyle?

Save these eco-friendly gift wrapping tips or save them for future reference!

The process of giving environmentally friendly presents is less difficult than you would imagine for people who are considering it. Wrapping paper is not the only option available for preparing a present for gifting. When it comes to presenting your gift to a friend or family member while remaining ecologically conscious, there are several options available. For the next time you need to offer a present, consider some of these amazing possibilities. You’ll like having so many unique and environmentally responsible gift wrapping alternatives at your disposal!

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

As ornaments for your present, you can use pine sprigs, maple leaves, pine cones, flowers, sweet gum tree balls, and other natural components such as pine cones, maple leaves, and pine cones. These are excellent substitutes for the glossy, non-recyclable, and slow-to-degrade bows that are commonly used.

2. Japanese Cloth Gift Wrapping

It turns out that the Japanese have had the tradition of wrapping gifts in beautiful cloth for a very long time. In fact, it is referred to as the Furoshiki art form. People at Rapt, a woman-owned firm based in Massachusetts, were the ones who first exposed me to the notion. I really came upon their lovely, environmentally friendly gift wrapping option on Instagram! They supply everything you need for environmentally friendly gift wrapping, including Rapt sheets (which are gorgeous, reusable cloth gift wrapping), embellishments, tags, and matching ribbon.

Whenever feasible, they go “above and above” to lessen their carbon footprint, such as collaborating with local producers and picking up and dropping off packages.

The present and the future are intertwined!” Rapt fabric gift wrap may be reused over and over again, and it is a truly outstanding choice that elevates the significance of a gift to an even higher level.

3. Reuse Gift Bags

Gift bags have been around for a long time, but recycling gift bags is one of the most eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts that I’ve come across. Giving gifts in gift bags allows you to ensure that they are reusable by not writing on the bags. You may also place a post-it note inside the little label on the bag so that they can easily remove it and reuse it as needed. After birthday parties or Christmas, I always fold my present bags and tissue paper and keep them in a container so that they may be used again later.

All of these eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas may, of course, be used at any time of the year and for any occasion, from anniversary presents to father’s day gifts and everything in between.

4. Reusable Tote Bags

Reusable bags at the grocery shop are probably the ones you are most acquainted with. Reusable bags are also excellent for gift-giving occasions. They are sometimes constructed of recycled plastic, while other times they are made of cotton tote bags, depending on the manufacturer. You may get them in a variety of colors and designs, including solids. The present receiver may use the reusable bags for shopping, trips to the library, or even to give to a friend as a token of their appreciation and generosity.

They may be used for a variety of activities such as excursions to the beach or picnics in parks.

Reusable fabric gift bags are an environmentally friendly solution for giving a particular present.

5. Recycled Gift Wrapping Paper

In order to reduce environmental impact, several gift firms are printing on recycled paper and materials. Craft paper made from recycled materials is typically fairly easy to come by. If you are able to get these goods, they are an excellent environmentally responsible alternative to traditional gift wrapping. You may also utilize boxes that you already have at home to place the present in before you wrap it up properly. This helps to reduce the amount of unnecessary clutter in your house while also benefiting the environment.

6. Recycled Gift Tags

You may purchase gift tags that are created from recycled paper, or you can make your own out of gift cards or plain white paper. Make gift tag labels out of thin cardboard boxes by repurposing them. You can even repurpose greeting cards to create charming gift tags for your loved ones!

7. Draw String Cloth Bags

Alternatively, you may make your own gift tags out of gift cards or plain paper, or purchase them premade. To manufacture gift tag labels, repurpose thin cardboard boxes as envelopes. Even greeting cards may be used to create charming gift tags.

8. Make a Box

You may design a one-of-a-kind object that will double as present packing as well as a storage container for later usage in your home. This implies that they will be able to reuse the container in which you delivered the present for other purposes, such as storing paperclips on their desk. This is an excellent method to offer a present while also repurposing the packaging for other use. This video will show you how to build miniature gift boxes out of gorgeous paper. Even selecting attractive gift boxes that can be used is an excellent way to be environmentally conscious.

9-12. Wrap With Newspaper, Magazines, Sheet Music, or Maps

Old newspapers lying around the home that you are willing to part with can be utilized as present wrapping material if you are creative and resourceful.

Recycling old maps or magazines might create for some very unique eco-friendly gift wrapping! In addition to the item itself, Sunday funnies and cartoons make for an excellent additional gift!

13. Mason Jars

The good news is that basic methods are just as effective. Jars are simple, practical, and attractive when it comes to wrapping little gifts in an environmentally friendly manner. Simply place your items inside the glass jars and use a natural bauble to embellish each jar for zero waste gift wrapping. It is possible to line the jar with organic cotton to maintain the element of surprise if this is preferred.

What is the most eco-friendly way to wrap presents?

In the event that you find yourself rooting through a bin full of suitable gift wrap material from the previous year or the holiday season, you are making a green gift wrap decision! The most environmentally friendly option is the one from this list that you now have in your possession. All but a few of these environmentally friendly gift wrapping solutions may be used for future giving or in other creative ways around the home. Check out these and other environmentally friendly gift alternatives to help you make a difference while also helping the earth.

The best thing is that you can save pounds of wrapping paper from ending up in the trash this year, next year, and every year after that.

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6 Eco-friendly Alternatives to Christmas Wrapping Paper

Consider all of the single-use wrapping paper that is pulled up and thrown away as soon as the presents are unwrapped and opened. It’s a complete waste of time. Over the Christmas season, we consume more than 150,000km of wrapping paper in Australia alone, which is enough paper to cover the whole world nearly four times! Now, I’m not an anti-environmentalist, and I enjoy Christmas; I simply don’t enjoy the garbage that comes with it. So, let’s be careful of our effect this year and identify simple replacements to help minimize trash and plastic use throughout the holidays, shall we?

Image courtesy of Printfresh Take a look around your home; you’ll most likely find a variety of creative methods to wrap your Christmas gifts in a beautiful manner while generating minimal trash.

1. Brown Paper

Consider all of the single-use wrapping paper that is pulled up and thrown away as soon as the presents are unwrapped and inspected. Nothing good comes out of it. Christmas wrapping paper is used in excess of 150,000km in Australia alone, which is enough to cover the whole world nearly four times! Now, I’m not an anti-environmentalist, and I enjoy Christmas; nevertheless, I despise the waste that comes with the holiday season.” In order to decrease trash and plastic throughout the holidays, let’s be conscious of our effect and make simple substitutions.

Printfresh provided the image. Examine the many items in your home, and you’ll most likely come across a plethora of creative methods to tastefully wrap your Christmas gifts while reducing trash. A few of our favorites are presented here.

2. Reusable Christmas Fabric

Christmas-themed wrapping is entertaining and helps you get into the holiday spirit, whereas plain brown paper might be a little monotonous for the youngsters. You may get Christmas themed fabrics at a reasonable price in Spotlight stores; simply cut to size and wrap as you would with paper, finish with a ribbon, and you have beautifully wrapped gifts without the waste associated with traditional wrapping paper. Fold them up and store them away until next year’s festivities. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, there are some fantastic ready-made solutions available on sites like as eBay and Etsy.

3. Stamping Paper

Simply pick paper that can be recycled or composted for this activity and stamp the paper with plant-based biodegradable inks to ensure that it is safe for children to do. Potato stamps were used for this project, which resulted in even less waste, but you can get Christmas-themed stamps at any craft store. Image courtesy of Charlotte Handmade

4. Furoshiki

It is believed that Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese way of cloth wrapping, has been in use for over 1200 years. Furoshiki is distinguished by its particular design, which reflects beauty in multi-functional goods as well as attentive detail in its approach to everyday living. If you don’t have any gorgeous fabric on hand, you may use tea towels, scarves, or other items you already have. You can also check out op-shops, where the scarf area is often full of lovely patterned textiles. This is an excellent resource for learning how to wrap various shaped things.

5. Eco-friendly wrapping Paper

It does exist, believe it or not! Earth Greetings is one of the few locations in Australia where you can get environmentally friendly wrapping paper. They are printed using environmentally safe colours, and the paper may be reused, recycled, or composted when the product has reached the end of its life. The prints are stunning; they are produced in collaboration with Australian artists and depict indigenous fauna. A biodegradable washi tape alternative to sticky tape is also available from this company.

6. Use old Magazines and Newspapers

This lovely design demonstrates how simple it is to transform our old waste into something beautiful. Old magazines and newspapers are something that almost everyone has sitting around; using them to wrap gifts is quite imaginative and artistic. In addition, there is no waste! Image courtesy of Stampington

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas & Tips

As Christmas approaches, it’s possible that some of you are already thinking about what to put under the tree this year. Here are ten fantastic ideas for creating unique, environmentally friendly, and low-cost gift wrapping! On the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction, we would like to share with you our findings on how to save money on materials and waste by following the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) guideline. The 2015 edition of the European Week for Garbage Reduction seeks to raise awareness about the excessive quantity of waste we create on a daily basis, as well as to highlight all of the initiatives and good examples of waste reduction that have been implemented in the last year.

In any case, you are not need to purchase wrapping paper, ribbons, cockade, or other packaging materials at the time of the present wrapping. Take a peek at these incredible gift wrapping ideas:

1. Newspapers

Do you also have a large collection of old newspapers stashed away in a corner of your home? It’s time to put them to good use! A newspaper may be transformed into a lovely present wrap, and the result is guaranteed. If you want to embellish the package, you may use kitchen thread, add dried berries, or even make roses or arosette out of the newspaper.

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2. Sheet music

If you live with a musician, you will almost certainly have a large collection of sheet music lying about the house. The ones you don’t need any more can be recycled to make an outstanding material for a unique packaging design. It’s ideal for present wrapping or as a decorative element: you may make rosettes, little scrolls, Christmas trees, and so on.

3Rolls of toilet paper

A lot of sheet music will be lying around the home if you happen to have a musician in your family! It’s possible that the ones you no longer use may make fantastic material for a unique package. Perfect for present wrapping or as a decorative element: you can make rosettes, miniature scrolls, and Christmas trees, amongst other things.

4. Pages of old books

It’s possible that some people would disagree, however there are books that can be recycled to make extremely lovely tote bags. The technique is quite self-explanatory. Make two wings out of your book page and tuck them within the book to make it more sturdy. Make use of the tape to hold everything together. Finish by closing one of the two ends to create a traditional gift box. To finish, just place the present in the box and fasten it with a clothespin or a bow, which you can make by punching two holes in the top of the box.

5. Box of cereal

If you want to give a larger present, a cereal box will suffice. Remove the tabs from the top of the box and wrap it in whichever manner you desire; you can also use old newspapers. Fold and attach the paper to the base, then glue it to the interior of the base on the other side. Now we have to penetrate both sides of the box, striving to keep them as close to the same distance as possible. After that, insert the string and knot it.

6. Old shirts

You purchased a beautiful organic wine as a gift on your most recent trip, but you are unsure of how to present it in a creative manner. What you need is an old men’s shirt as a solution. Remove one of the sleeves and thread a needle and thread through it. Sew the bottom together and you’re finished! Place the bottle in the sleeve’s cuff and secure it with a safety pin. You may seal the bag with a ribbon, a shirt button, or even an old tie if you have one. Isn’t it a sight to behold?

7. Paper cups

Recently, you had a children’s party at your house, and you purchased a large number of colored paper cups, which you wisely chose not to throw away, instead saving them until the appropriate moment to reuse them presented itself. It’s finally here! It is a packaging that is absolutely unique and it is ideal for a modest gift. Simply cut away the top edge and form 5-6 tabs by cutting perpendicularly to the edge for a few millimeters on each side.

Now, bend the tabs towards the interior, overlapping them one on top of the other and, if required, stopping with a small amount of bioadhesive to hold them in place. The box is complete, and all that remains is for you to customize it!

8. Scarves

It is much better in this scenario because you are not just recycling but also reusing. Use a scarf (preferably square in shape) to package the gift and you’ve created two gifts in one. If you follow the Japanese art of offuroshiki, you will be able to build some very unique packages!

9Paper Bread Bags

The paper bread bags can be used to create a more rustic look. Put them in the centre of your books to help them stay wrinkle-free longer. Place the present in the bag and seal it with wooden clothespins to keep the gift safe. Dried flowers, rosemary sprigs, and chill can be used to garnish the dish.

10. Old fabrics

You’ll almost certainly find old clothes in the house that you don’t use anymore but that have a great plot to them. Wrap your gifts with lace and satin and embellish with other embellishments for a stylish appearance that will wow everyone. You’re stuck on what to put in your Christmas box this year. If this is the case, you haven’t heard about the best deal of the year! There will be no greater present than an eco-friendly stay, which you may provide with Ecobnb!

6 Eco-friendly & Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas for The Holidays — The Honest Consumer

Holidays are notorious for increased waste and overconsumption, which isn’t surprising given the season. As you prepare to celebrate the holidays, I encourage you to think about how much garbage you generate and reduce it. There are a few simple methods to accomplish this, such as repurposing leftover food and using environmentally friendly present wrapping techniques. This blog article contains affiliate links, and we may gain a commission if you decide to make a purchase as a result of clicking on one of these links.

How much waste is produced during the holidays?

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, Americans throw out 25 percent more rubbish over the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday period than they do at any other time of the year. The additional trash equates to 25 million tons of rubbish, or almost 1 million tons of garbage every week! It’s no secret that gift wrapping isn’t always the most environmentally friendly activity. Opening presents that have been wrapped, on the other hand, is a little more enjoyable. So, here are a few suggestions on how to wrap gifts in an environmentally friendly manner over the Christmas season.

1) Wrap with recycled newspapers or brown bags.

Use old newspapers to create a unique present wrap by gluing them together. In addition, it gives the box some personality. Alternatively, tear up those Trader Joe’s or Target brown bags and use them to make wrapper paper. Even a small amount of rosemary or eucalyptus may be used to liven up the packaging and give it an additional holiday air if you’re feeling really creative.

2) Consider switching to washi-tape

While the majority of tapes are made of plastic, Washi-tapei is a decorative adhesive tape produced from traditional Japanese paper that may be used to decorate a variety of surfaces. This paper tape is manufactured from renewable and biodegradable resources, which is a wonderful thing to have on hand. According to Paper Chase, this tape is commonly created from ganpi, kozo, mistumata, or sometimes hemp, although it may be made from nearly any plant, according to the source.

And don’t forget that you can recycle your washi tape! Washi tape is available in a variety of vibrant designs and patterns, making it an excellent choice for adding a splash of color to your brown bag wrapping paper.

3) Save those gift bags people give you and reuse them.

When people give me presents, I want to preserve the bags that they give me. I’ll be able to reuse them this way, and it’ll be free. There is no need to spend money on present wrapping products when you can just recycle items that have already been used!

4) Wrap with fabric.

If you’ve ever visited Lush, you’ve probably experienced firsthand how stunning cloth packaging can actually be. The gift of cloth provides the recipient with an excellent option to utilize the fabric as a towel, scarf, or whatever else their heart wants after receiving the gift. Furthermore, it keeps any unnecessary packaging materials from getting up in landfills. There is some fantastic recycled Sari gift wrap available from Ten Thousand Villages that is both bright and exciting! Excellent for repurposing!

5) Gift in Reusable Bags

There are some really lovely and colorful reusable bags available! Because it’s really a supplementary present, they make excellent gift-giving items. This bag may be used again and again by the gift recipient when they go food shopping! What a wonderful thing! Check out The Tote ProjectorGive a Damn Goods, which I think you’ll enjoy. They have some really cute and reasonably priced cotton tote bags that would make wonderful present wrapping and would also make fantastic gifts!

6) Consider Beeswax Wrap

Beeswax wrap is normally used for packaging leftover food, but you may also use it to wrap your gifts if you so want. The beeswax wrap may then be washed and reused in the recipient’s kitchen. It’s almost like getting another bonus present!

7) If you’re going to buy new, buy recycled or biodegradable.

If you are sending items or need to purchase new wrapping or packing materials, look for products that are manufactured from recycled materials or are biodegradable before making your purchase. They also manufacture biodegradable packing peanuts for shipping purposes. Breakables can be wrapped with recyclable bubble wrap, which can be purchased. In addition, wrapping paper and tissue paper created from recyclable resources are available for purchase. Make a conscious decision! I obtain a lot of my eco-friendly wrapping and packaging for Give a Damn Goods from companies like Noissue, Ecoenclose, and Nashville Wraps.

8) Add some natural elements

Consider utilizing herbs or Christmas plants to add an additional festive touch to your home. This is an environmentally friendly way to spice up your gifts! Check out The Honest Consumer on social media for additional ideas and techniques on living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Green Gift Wrap Ideas

I just learned that wrapping and decorating materials account for over half of all paper utilized in the United States each year. As a result, I’m putting myself on a challenge to wrap all of the gifts I give in a more creative manner rather than with store-bought paper. Eco-friendly, green gift wrap might mean many different things to different people, but for me, it means reusing and recycling as much as possible when wrapping gifts. Here are a few additional thoughts:

1. Use what you already have.

If you don’t absolutely have to, don’t buy any additional present wrapping products.

Take inspiration from items that are already in your home, such as shopping bags, newspaper advertising, and other similar items. Once you begin to consider different types of cloth as potential present wrapping aids, the choices are endless.

2. Reuse as much as possible.

If your recycling bin is overflowing, you have plenty of wrapping paper and containers on hand to use as substitutes. I’ve started putting away my yogurt cartons for future gifting!

3. Buy sensibly.

Whenever possible, choose paper and bags that may be reused and recycled if you must purchase wrapping material.

4. Less is more.

You may find yourself getting carried away with your gift wrapping when you choose unusual materials. You may believe that by over-decorating the wrapped present, you would make up for your odd technique. Keep the wrapping of your presents as basic as possible. A small bow, a photo, or a handwritten greeting on a brown box will go a long way toward making it look sophisticated without appearing to be overly effortful on your part.

Ideas for Gift Wrap

  • You may find yourself getting carried away with your gift wrapping when you utilize unusual materials. You may believe that over-decorating the wrapped item would make up for your odd technique. Maintain a modest presentation for your goods. Adding a little ribbon, a photo, or a handwritten greeting to a brown box may go a long way toward making it look sophisticated without being cheesy.


  • Using unusual materials for gift wrapping might lead to an overzealous approach, leading you to believe that you must compensate by over-decorating the wrapped item. Keep the wrapping of your gifts basic. A little bow, a photo, or a handwritten greeting on a brown box may go a long way toward making it look sophisticated without appearing to be overly effortful.


  • The containers of bottles and tins are ideal for packing tasty treats. Small baby food containers make excellent jewelry storage containers.


Keep the following items on hand for embellishing gift wrap:

  • Crayons (they are excellent for sketching on present wrapping)
  • Small decorations
  • Miniature works of art (to be cut out and glued to gift wrap)
  • Miniature works of literature

A few gift wrapping ideas in action

Cloth is excellent for wrapping things that are unusual in shape. This method has been around for hundreds of years and is still quite popular in the Japanese culture. Photo courtesy of Find out more about furoshiki, the Japanese art of cloth gift wrapping, by reading the following:

2. Brown bags

Brown totes are really flexible. Photo courtesy of My buddy usually sends her gifts in plain brown wrapping with a small ribbon on top, which I find to be charming. Elegant and environmentally friendly.

3. Brown paper from cut-up brown bags

Material bags from Trader Joe’s are in plenty in our household; they make excellent wrapping paper. Photo courtesy of

4. Plain paper with tape embellishments

Plain white paper combined with colorful duct tape that you already have on hand equals a lot of entertainment. Photo courtesy of

5. Children’s art work

Children’s artwork is one of my favorite types of art since it is so unexpected and looks amazing as unique wrapping paper. After you have wrapped the present, the children can help you with the gift wrap. Photo courtesy of Moreover, it’s a fantastic method to repurpose all of the artwork you can’t stand to throw away (a particular hit with grandparents).

6. Bottles with a handmade label

With the addition of a custom handwritten label, it is simple to turn bottles and tins into unique gift boxes. All you need is a few sheets of white paper and a little imagination. Years ago, my spouse got me a jewelry that was housed in this container. Something like this is something I’ll have for the rest of my life.

7. Newspaper

Newspaper is excellent present wrapping material in my opinion. For the most elegant appearance, use either the comics section with a simple bow or just the printed newspaper (without color or advertisements) as a backdrop.

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I Tested These 15 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas. Here Are My Favorites!

On Christmas morning, don’t you get a twitch when you see the heaps of plastic ribbons being disposed of in the trash? Alternatively, it may make you feel uneasy to ponder how they produce wrapping paper so dazzling and colorful, who made it, and where it came from. In fact, a lot of the glitzy stuff isn’t even recyclable anymore. Plastics are present in the glittering and metallic sheets, and as a result, they must be thrown away. In certain towns, wrapping paper is not accepted, and tissue paper is frequently created from recycled materials, making it ineligible for recycling a second time, according to the Recyclebank website.

What you really want is for it to seem smart, sleek, and beautiful, but without the waste, exploitation, and environmental effect that comes with it.

In order to fully understand this issue, I decided to thoroughly research it, test out all of the eco-friendly wrapping solutions available on the internet, and then share what I discovered with you, replete with illustrated photographs of the outcomes.

(A special thanks to The Art of Living Simple and Martha Stewart for helping me come up with some of these ideas.) If you could be so kind as to leave input in the comments section on your favorites, it will be really helpful to other readers who are embarking on their own wrapping journeys!

Reusable Fabric Wrap

Furoshiki cloth wraps, which are a Japanese custom, are one of my favorite things. As a quick and easy solution, I used Wrappr’s reusable, biodegradable, zero-waste gift wrap, which is available in a variety of incredibly lovely patterns. I’m not lying when I say it took me less than five minutes to wrap these three gifts. These machine-washable fabric squares are intended to be reused or re-used in a variety of ways. Sand come in three sizes and three fabrics, including one that is made entirely of 100 percent organic cotton.

You may find out more about each artist by clicking on their names.

If your present recipients don’t want to regift it, they can hang it as wall art in their home or workplace, use it as a face mask or grocery bag, or even wear it as a scarf, among other possibilities.

Each piece is packaged with a To/From card that includes instructions on the back so that your recipient may share the love with others.

Vintage Finds

You know that dingy “antique” (read: junk) shop that seems to pop up in every town on the planet? This location is excellent for finding inexpensive and environmentally friendly gift wrapping alternatives. Just having a keen eye for what would make a stylish present accessory is all it takes. When you get there, search for the following:

  • Christmas ornaments, scarves, tea or kitchen towels, decorative brooches, vintage cards, old maps, jars and biscuit tins, and other items

I stopped into Junk in Brooklyn and had a great time sifting through the jewelry, decorations, scarves, and linens until I had a nice collection of wrapping supplies to take home with me. The most costly item was this wonderful map tea towel, which cost $10 and I’m confident will be used again and again by my recipient. They cost $0.25 a piece for the glass icicles and $3 for the jingles bells, which I removed from their cheesy string to make them look more elegant. Everything else cost $2 or less, and all of it can be reused for another gift or put on the tree for decoration purposes.

In addition, you might choose a map that has special value to you.

Save Up Those Odds and Ends

You have various items that you can make use of. As someone who receives a large number of interesting things in the mail, I have a large number of: . things I’ve been painstakingly gathering over the year. As a result of your purchases from sustainable and ethical manufacturers of high-quality items, you will receive some beautiful wrapping materials! I utilized all of these in the process of wrapping my gifts. You’ll also see some glittering wrapping paper that my boyfriend purchased for me last year, as well as some Japanese washi tape that my mother placed in my stocking a few years ago.

An handmade boutique dust bag and some vintage bells were used to create the gift seen below. Tip: To smooth out kinked ribbons, use a hair iron on them. Once you’ve done that, you may use the ribbons as they were intended: to seal packages closed instead of using plastic tape.

Chip Bags

I truly enjoy snacking on potato chips every now and again, but I feel horrible about myself for having done so. Not because they are harmful to one’s health, but because their packaging can never be recycled. You may, however, reuse its packaging because it is silver on the inside — making it ideal for gift wrapping.

Foreign Newspaper

Newspaper is another another excellent wrapping material that is regularly recommended by professionals. Newspapers are produced in the same city the next morning and are 100% recyclable, making them more inexpensive and environmentally friendly than traditional wrapping paper. However, I did stop into a Chinese convenience store in Chinatown and purchased an inexpensive newspaper for $0.50. I no longer receive the New York Times in print; instead, I receive it electronically. The end effect has a worldly appearance while being neutral in content.

I believe that if you tie it properly, it may look stylish, if a little bumpy.

It appears to be a little uncomfortable.

Steal Some Christmas Tree Sprigs

Every five blocks in New York City, you may buy fresh-cut Christmas trees from farms in New York State. I went to one near my flat and asked the guy if I may have some little branches that had fallen from the tree. He said OK. He gave me a strange look, but he assured me that everything was alright. Homemade eggnog with twine, pine tree sprigs, and an antique bird ornament to make a festive holiday centerpiece. You can find my eggnog recipe here.

Local, Sustainable, Ethical Maker

Museum Lab, a stationary artist based in Brooklyn, created this piece (formerly Frances Lab). I picked up the icicles at an antique store, and the washi tape was something I had on hand. Alternatively, you might search on Etsy for wrapping paper that is handcrafted in your region. Alternatively, you may purchase an ethically manufactured scarf or an organic tea towel as a beautiful and helpful alternative to using paper. See myShopping Guide for online ideas on where to purchase one of these items.

Reusable Wrapping Bags

This is one of the simplest methods of gift-wrapping available today. Simply stuff your thing inside, knot it, and you’re done! It was a lovely present. The aspect about it being sustainable is that it will be used again and over again for many years until it ultimately breaks down completely. Bag-location All’s in Manhattan had a three-pack, which I purchased.

Swing by the Florist

I didn’t get any, but a spray of Christmas berries from the florist may provide the finishing touch to hundreds of gifts and make them look much more festive. While you’re there, pick up some natural and biodegradable packing material so that you don’t have to rely on packing peanuts or bubble wrap to protect your belongings.

Eco-Friendly Basics From the Art Store

In the midst of all this antiques, newspaper, scarves, and excess ribbon, you’ll need some neutrals to balance things out. I recommend purchasing plain white paper or brown kraft paper, sometimes known as postal paper, from your local craft or office supply store. The advantage of choosing plain paper is that, although glossy paper has a tendency to slip and requires tape, postal paper does not require tape and may be held in place with only a piece of ribbon.

In addition to white chalk or a tiny pair of charcoal crayons to mark the gifts, you might pick up some brown or white twine or a basic white or red fabric ribbon while you’re at the art supply store.

Use One of the Thousand Totes You Probably Already Own

I’ve already discussed my reusable tote bag dilemma, as well as the possibility that they are not as environmentally benign as we believe. The likelihood is that you already have a large number of them stashed away in your closet, so you could pick one that is particularly attractive and use it as a gift bag. It’s possible that the receiver will utilize your gift again!

Make Your Own Custom Wrapping

When it comes to going the additional mile, you can make your own personalized eco-friendly tissue paper, stickers, and tape withnoissue by following the instructions below. Because noissue was designed for small enterprises, its minimums are extremely cheap, making it accessible to individuals as well. Simply upload your own design, wait for your product to arrive in 2-3 weeks, and watch your friends and family become even more pleased. More information on noissue may be found here. Use the code ECOCULT10 to receive a 10 percent discount on your first buy.

6 Festive Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Options ~

Wrapping your gifts with environmentally friendly gift wrap helps to make the Christmas season even more enjoyable. Not only does it contribute to trash reduction during one of the most wasteful periods of the year, but there are also lovely techniques for wrapping presents that use environmentally friendly materials. My family is full of gifted gift wrappers, and while I am baffled as to how they manage to fold such wonderfully crisp corners, I enjoy coming up with creative ways to deliver my gifts to family and friends.


Here are my favorite eco friendly gift wrap options!

Image courtesy of Seedy Cards

Plantable Holiday Cards

These eco-friendly holiday cards are such a unique and enjoyable concept! They may even be considered a gift in and of themselves. These aren’t your typical Christmas cards wishing you a happy new year; instead, these cards include seeds that may be planted. Instead of discarding this Christmas card when the holidays are over and you begin putting down your holiday decorations, you could plant it! Seedy Cards, a firm that makes seedy cards, has inserted seeds in the paper that will allow you to produce wildflowers.

Take a look at the plantable cards.

Seeded Gift Wrap Kit

It’s no surprise that this kit is one of the most popular environmentally friendly items on Amazon. It’s the ideal addition to your eco-friendly gift wrap kit this holiday season to have this blooming seeded gift wrap kit on hand. There are six gift tags included in the package, which is made entirely of 100 percent recycled paper embedded with thousands of wildflower seeds. There is also plenty of natural raffia. The wrapping paper is available in three gorgeous colors: pink, blue, and yellow, and it is suitable for every occasion throughout the year.

Take a look at this embellished gift wrap.

Recycled Wrapping Paper

This wrapping paper, which was developed in Washington State and created by local artists, is composed entirely of recycled newspapers.

With hundreds of entertaining and distinctive patterns that are printed in Washington State, Wrappily will make your eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas the talk of the town this holiday season! Take a look at the wrapping paper.

Cotton Gift Bags

Under the tree or on a gift table, these reusable cotton tote bags are a charming addition. They are gorgeous, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they make gift-wrapping a cinch to do. Furthermore, they are far more environmentally friendly than ordinary wrapping paper. The cotton gift bags are available in a variety of colors and designs that will make anybody who gets them feel warm and fuzzy inside. These cotton bags are strong and come with a built-in knot to keep them closed. Is it possible that I just placed an order for some while writing this?

Take a look at the gift bags.

Polka Dot Wrapping Set

Honestly, I’m shocked that I don’t see this deluxe wrapping set on Amazon all over town when it comes to the holidays! A stretchable fabric that is environmentally friendly has been developed to provide a no-fuss manner of gift wrapping. This set comes complete with built-in bows and requires no additional materials—no tape, scissors, or anything else! This awesomewrapping saves time, protects the environment, and helps to decrease paper waste in the process. Furthermore, it is available in a variety of beautiful designs!

Custom Gift Box

Giving a present is a wonderful experience, but giving it in a unique gift box is quite remarkable! As a result, this handmade gift box from Daisy Petal Organics made it onto our shortlist. Your gift will be presented in the most beautiful way possible thanks to their efforts. They take an environmentally friendly wood case and transform it into a work of art. Take a look at the present box.

Biodegradable Tape

Gift wrapping tape is one of the most significant components of the process! The availability of environmentally friendly tape solutions is limited, but kraft paper tape is both recyclable and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice. Additionally, it can be used as an eye-catching accent color on earthy gift wrap. Take a look at the paper tape.

There are so many eco friendly gift wrap ideas out there, and these are just a few of my favorites! I hope this guide has given you some wrapping inspiration for a festive and waste free holiday.

Check out all of my eco-friendly gift recommendations for more ideas on what to give as a present. Please keep in mind that some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I would never promote something that I did not genuinely believe in, and any money I make from this site goes towards keeping it operating and free for everyone.

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