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Meet Giselle — Giselle Mari Yoga

Giselle’s introduction to yoga in the early 1990s was a logical evolution from her gymnastics/dance background, her love of music, and her colorful childhood, which included being raised by a bohemian flamenco dancer as well as other eccentric figures in her life. All of these factors have shaped her teaching style and overall approach to life.


Giselle is an E-RYT500 and YACEPC-IAYT who infuses her courses with a dash of sass, grit, and passion. In her light-hearted yet thorough teaching style, she blends together yogic philosophy, Sanskrit, anatomy, skilled hands-on aids, funky diverse music, and an unapologetically real approach to yoga. In addition to encouraging you to move, sweat, and think about what you’re doing, her offers are intended to stimulate courageous inquiry, improve self-acceptance, reconnect you to your humanity, and inspire spiritual activation—all while maintaining your sense of humor.


As a student of Sharon GannonDavid Life of the Jivamukti Yoga system, Giselle has had the privilege of training under their direct supervision and assisting them for a number of years. As a senior teacher with advanced certification, she went on to serve as a faculty member for their prestigious international teacher training program and as a member of the board of directors for their advanced certification examination. Additionally, Giselle expresses gratitude to Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Jai Uttal, Jill Miller, and her Sanskrit/philosophy instructor Manorama, whose lessons have enlightened her journey in ways that cannot be expressed in words.

  1. She is also a certified yoga teacher trainer and mentor.
  2. Among her many other appearances are Kathryn Budig’s bookWomen’s Health: The Big Book of Yoga, Linda Sparrowe’sYoga at Home, and Stephanie Spence’sYogaWisdom: Warrior Tales Inspiring You On and Off Your Mat, as well as the films What is Real?
  3. The Story of Jivamukti Yoga and the Director’s Cut of Cowspiracy are two films that I recommend.
  4. When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband and daughter, as well as their two pit dogs and two frogs, who are all rescues.
  5. Check out the press page for more information.

Giselle Mari – Take Classes with Giselle Mari

In the early 1990s, Giselle Mari began practicing yoga as a natural progression from her gymnastics and dance background, her love of music, and her upbringing by a bohemian flamenco dancer. Giselle Mari is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher and E-RYT500 who began practicing yoga in the early 1990s. She was initially drawn to the Jivamukti Yoga approach since she was a bit of a wild youngster. In the following months, she began her intensive study with her gurus Sharon Gannon and David Life, with whom she worked gladly for about five years as a volunteer around the western United States.

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Giselle is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but she travels the world to teach at studios, festivals, and conferences, among other venues.

She is an ambassador for Gaiam, a writer for Origin magazine, a member of the advisory board for The Art of Yoga Project, and has had the distinction of serving as a mentor on the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training Faculty. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Mira Podcasts

It was reported in The New York Times that when poet Gwendolyn Brooks writes “from the depths of her heart,” “from the depths of her rich and alive past,” and out of “her very real skill,” she “induces almost excruciating enthusiasm.” Brooks spent her whole life, from her “headquarters” in Chicago, penning poetry on the pleasures and difficulties of the African-Americans she encountered on the streets surrounding her.

  • A coworker. When you don’t hold the same political beliefs as them, people get hostile.
  • Allow individuals to do them until they discover that their method isn’t all that it’s made up to be, or until they discover that their way has worked for them.
  • I’m comfortable with telling someone that everything is fine, that I’m fine, or that you are fine.
  • Newly nominated for a BAFTA and an Academy Award, the star of Spielberg’s West Side Story joins me to talk about working with the original Anita (Rita Moreno), singing “Tonight,” dancing “the Mambo,” and getting to know Stephen Sondheim.
  • Jason Flemyng talks about his experience working in the British ind.
  • Contributed by Voices of the Middle East and North Africa Rev.
  • He presently works with the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation as the Director of the Volmoed Youth Leadership Training Program, which was established by the Tutu family.

This program, co-hosted by Khalil and Malihe, will explore the incredibly diversified and interesting realm of culture and politics in the Middle East and North Africa.

It’s time to conclude on a high note!

From dealing with a firm that took me for granted to a weekend of hair-pulling, everything was a learning experience (lackthereof for me).

Then the Circumvallate Placentaperipheral band signal is broadcast, and the listeners are encouraged to share donor egg resources.

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This particular episode.

PLUS, we provide an early peek of our talk with Professor Mira Sundara Rajan, who has curated a collection of essays on the history of science.

According to the podcast, it was one of those days when I just stated “no, this is not good enough,” which eventually resulted in the destruction of my relationship with the organization where I train.

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Contributed by Voices of the Middle East and North Africa Sonita Gale, a debut filmmaker, talks about the cruel politics and required action around her documentary Hostile; director Garth Jennings walks me through the process of creating a large animated movie musical and explains his admiration for Billy Wilder.

  1. Lee Rosevere composed the music.
  2. That so many people are dissatisfied is mostly due to the corrosive social media culture of comparison.
  3. Thich Nhat Hanh, a lovely human being and monk, is the subject of today’s edition of the Pro You Podcast, which Tom dedicates to him.
  4. Then Tom tells a story about a genuinely huge mother.
  5. Sure, we all know the stories, but do we really know where they came from?
  6. In this case.
  7. Written by Arsenio Buck This program, co-hosted by Khalil and Malihe, will explore the incredibly diversified and interesting realm of culture and politics in the Middle East and North Africa.

I’ve been doing this since January of 2016, and I’m really looking forward to the start of the new season.

Written by Arsenio Buck In addition to being an acupuncturist and healer, Whitney Bird, or Auntie Whitney as she is affectionately called by many, is a genuinely extraordinary human being.

There are binary computer geek aliens, holodeck dream girls, and Benjamin Buttons 2: Space Boogaloo on the docket for this week’s installment.

In Steve’s world, worms are everything.

Who would have guessed.

Written by Arsenio Buck We talk about our week in seclusion after being exposed to Covid.

Alternatively, you can contact us by email at [email protected] or [email protected], or by phone or text at 413-461-BABY.

To save a total of $15.

Do we ingest his poetry as if it were medicine?

Is there anything more wild, more captivating, more alive out there somewhere?

What methods do you use to learn socially?

Written by Arsenio Buck You will go far in life if you are persistent, have strong character, and are a decent person.

Furthermore, Martin is a strong proponent of diversity, social responsibility, and employee involvement for all consumer-facing businesses.

Are you prepared to put an end to your social anxiety?

Written by Arsenio Buck Romola Garai talks to me about making her feature directorial debut with the horror film Amulet, as well as the films that influenced her along the way; award-winning artists Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige share the secrets of their beautiful film Memory Box, talking about their teenage years in Beirut, 80s mixtapes, and the power of food; and a panel of filmmakers discusses their favorite films of all time.

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Nightmare Alley gets a review.

Contributed by Voices of the Middle East and North Africa The importance of impact cannot be overstated.

Let’s get started!

Put an end to your over-analyzing and get started on that new thing!

“Reframing your reality” is the theme of today’s episode, and Tom reveals a word/phrase that he has been using recently with his clients, which also happened to be the title of the show.

The opposite, in Tom’s perspective, couldn’t be more true.

Caution is advised due to the presence of details of intimate relationship violence.

Anna Maria Tremonti is revealing a long-held family secret that has been kept for 40 years.

Welcome to Paradise will be released on February 15th.

Jacke had grand ambitions for this episode, which would be devoted entirely to the poetry of William Butler Yeats.

So, rather of lounging around on the Lake Isle of Innisfree, he returns to the issue of Sophocles and the power of literature, which he first discussed with Bryan Doerries, the Artistic Director, during the talk.

Contributed by Voices of the Middle East and North Africa There are a plethora of businesses out there putting out toxins and expecting to see returns immediately.


Written by Arsenio Buck “Ain’t this the jerk that shot and killed Paul McKinnon?” “Silence and death!” It’s a diversionary fixation.

In addition, there is a disputed way of recovering lost memories.

“Was it that you were expecting for me to just say goodbye?” Alex and his grief counselor, Yvonne, delve into a memory of Paul that Alex has never forgotten and attempt to elicit more memories of Paul from other people.

It’s time for a funeral.

There’s something about this narrative that doesn’t add up.

His mother is in a state of catatonia.

Both are focused on one thing: ensuring that the police department accepts responsibility for what they’ve done to the community.

Now he must tackle the source of the problem.

However, after Paul was killed by a speeding police car when he was 14 years old, Alex almost instantly began to forget about him.

Then he burst out laughing.

But what if those memories were able to be reclaimed?

This week, we’ve got nasty Vaudeville villain twin brothers on our hands, as well as a sexist world populated only by tall females.

Wow. An really challenging week, to which I did not respond well to many of them, to be quite honest with you. In today’s podcast, it’s time to be brutally honest with yourself. Written by Arsenio Buck

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