Corning Gorllia Glass Presents: How Yogis Bounce Back from a Bad Day

4 Ways Master Yogis Bounce Back from a Bad Day

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No one is immune to having a terrible day, but everyone has the ability to do something about it. That’s what I discovered when standing in the heart of the Navajo Nation in the middle of the Southwest on a once-in-a-lifetime journey organized by the Corning® Gorilla® Glass crew. I’d been fortunate enough to receive an invitation as the founder and CEO of FitFluential. We arranged a day excursion to Alstrom’s Point, where we’d photograph the sapphire waters of Lake Powell, which we were provided with a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.

It was then when our guide proposed that we take a UTV trip to Paria Overlook instead, that I snapped out of it.

  • The pictures were taken with a smartphone.
  • In the creation of Gorilla Glass 4, Corning scientists had to overcome several challenges of this nature.
  • They dropped test devices a total of 16 miles to learn how and why glass fractures.
  • The wisdom of Patanjali’s 2,000-year-old Yoga Sutra, the ultimate guide to yoga, may not always come to your rescue, but it will be there when you need it the most when life throws you a curve ball.
  • Practice (abhyasa) is the unwavering pursuit of a calm and collected mind.
  • They are a dependable pair: In the meanwhile, rigorous practice will guide you in the correct direction, and non-attachment will work like a discerning nightclub doorman, gently inspecting distractions such as pain and pleasure before turning them away.
  • This is how they go about it.

4 Ways Yogis Turn Bad Days Around

Do you continuously question the direction you’re going in? In order to determine if their words, ideas, and behaviors are guiding them in the correct way, master yogis tap into their inner compass. Perhaps your partner caused you to become enraged, resulting in a much-needed honest discussion. But what if your flight is canceled? Will you be dissatisfied and continue to negatively charge your mental space in the face of a circumstance you have no control over?

You might perhaps read that book you’ve been wanting to read and spend the night in a hotel to get away from it all. When your emotions aren’t helpful, it’s empowering to just stop doing them all together.

2. They Lean Into Their Practice

Your employer makes you feel embarrassed in front of your coworkers. On the metro, someone jabs you in the ribs. When it comes to practicing discipline and nonattachment, you are not limited to eucalyptus-moist studios with bamboo flooring (although it is quite lovely when it works out that way). Master yogis can deploy a meditation anywhere, even in a drab conference room or on a crowded train, without anybody knowing. Try this mini-visualizationmeditationincorporating breath the next time your mind starts to whirl around: Close your eyes or direct your attention to the ground in front of you and take a few deep breaths to focus yourself.

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Continue for 4 to 8 rounds, or even longer if you have the opportunity.

Return to your breath, gently bring your awareness back to your body, and then open your eyes and.

3. They Have a Standby Mantra

Mantras provide a vibration that is soothing to the body and mind, as well as calming distracting thoughts that come in the way. Choose a meaningful phrase to use as a go-to reminder (such as “All Will Be Well” or “Hari Om,” which refers to a spirit that eliminates impediments to waking) to serve as a constant reminder that following negative reactions down the rabbit hole is pointless. For a few moments, close your eyes and focus your concentration inward on your breathing. Begin by chanting your mantra slowly and deliberately, paying attention to the sound it makes.

For example, you might speak half of the sentence on an inhalation and the remainder on an expiration, or you may pronounce the entire phrase on each inhalation and exhalation.

See also Kathyryn Budig’s Rise + Shine Mantra Meditation for further inspiration.

4. They Jump Into the Fire

Yogis who are masters of their craft teach themselves to remain in tough, unpleasant positions because it serves as a coping technique when life throws them into similarly challenging and uncomfortable situations. Dare yourself to hold a demanding posture for 8 to 10 breaths, such as Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II Pose) or Plank for a few minutes. As your thighs or core begin to burn, maintain a steady breath and stay with the sensations of burning, stretch, and shakiness that are occurring. Once the position is done, direct your breath to the places of your body that could benefit from it, and exhale what is no longer needed.

Gorilla Glass Victus

In fact, we’ve conducted the study, polling approximately 90,000 customers over the course of many years. The findings are unambiguous. You’d like your smartphone to be a little bit more scratch-proof. Furthermore, you require improved protection against the harm that might be produced when these gadgets are dropped. However, it is not a case of one or the other – you want both. This is the first time ever in the Gorilla Glass family, Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® is the strongest Gorilla® Glass ever, with considerable improvements in both drop and scratch performance, and it is the toughest Gorilla® Glass available.

When competitive aluminosilicate glasses from other manufacturers are dropped from 0.8 meters, they frequently shatter and shatter.

It’s finally here: Gorilla Glass Victus, the robust device glass you’ve been yearning for. We look forward to assisting device makers in delivering this level of robustness on your future product. See the Product Information Sheet for further information.

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The newly established Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (ITRA), which was officially launched by the Prime Minister through video conference, has been designated as a “institute of national significance” (INI). ITRA, which is located on the campus of the Gujarat Ayurveda University in Jamnagar city, was established lately by an Act of the Indian Parliament.

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According to the Prime Minister, the newly founded Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (ITRA), which he opened through video conference, has been designated as a “institute of national significance” (INI). Recent legislation in Parliament established ITRA, which is based on the campus of the Gujarat Ayurveda University in Jamnagar.

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The Department of Promotion of Industry and Trade will have its first multi-ministerial consultation on the program on Wednesday, according to a press release from the department. The tentative action plan assigns duties to nine ministries in order to increase India’s part of the global toy market and instill a shift in people’s attitudes toward purchasing Indian toys over foreign toys.

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Yoga, which literally translates as “joining” or “uniting,” aims to bring about a harmonious union of the mind and the body. It is a science that places a focus on balance, poise, elegance, serenity, peace, and harmony among its practitioners. Prime Minister Modi summed up the significance of yoga as a ‘invaluable gift’ from ancient Indian culture when he proposed to the United Nations in 2014 that the world observe an International Day of Yoga.

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To benefit health-conscious individuals in the United States, well-known yoga guru Baba Ramdev is scheduled to conduct a virtual session on common yoga protocol, which will include posture (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation, as part of an online event organized by the Indian Consulate in Houston in collaboration with various community organizations.

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The 39-year-old Congresswoman from Hawaii stated that the world is in a state of chaos, and that no one can predict what will happen tomorrow with confidence. “However, through the practice of Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga, as given to us by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, we discover clarity, strength, and tranquility,” Gabbard told the ‘Class of 2020 for Hindu students’.

US state legislature lifts yoga ban but says no to namaste

The Alabama Board of Education decided in 1993 to prevent yoga, as well as hypnosis and meditation, from being taught in public schools in the state, in response to pressure from conservative groups. While removing the ban on yoga, the Alabama House of Representatives barred the use of the salutation namaste.

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World’s first yoga university outside India to start classes later this year

The United States will host the world’s first yoga university outside of India, which will begin offering postgraduate courses later this year and doing research into the ancient Indian discipline.

Dr. Sree Sreenath, a Professor at Case Western University, has been appointed as the president of Vivekananda Yoga University (VAYU), with Indian yoga teacher H R Nagendra serving as the university’s chairman.

Apple Ceramic Shield vs Gorilla Glass Victus: Which one is tougher? –

The United States will host the world’s first yoga university outside of India, which will begin offering postgraduate courses later this year and doing research into the ancient Indian tradition of yogic philosophy. Dr. Sree Sreenath, a Professor at Case Western University, has been appointed as the president of Vivekananda Yoga University (VAYU), with Indian yoga teacher H R Nagendra serving as the university’s chair.

What is Ceramic Shield on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro?

The world’s first yoga university outside of India will open its doors later this year in the United States, where it will also conduct research into the ancient Indian discipline. Vivekananda Yoga University (VAYU) has selected Sree Sreenath, a Professor at Case Western University, as its president, and Indian yoga expert H R Nagendra as its chairman.

Ceramic Shield vs Gorilla Glass Victus: Drop Resistance

When comparing the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 11, Apple promises a fourfold increase in drop resistance (which had a custom Corning glass deemed tougher than Gorilla Glass 6). However, these advantages should not be attributed just to Ceramic Shield, but rather to both Ceramic Shield and the design, in which the glass is flush with the extremely sturdy stainless steel side frame. The Gorilla Glass Victus has somewhat better drop resistance, with a 2-meter drop resistance rating as opposed to 1.6-meters for the Gorilla Glass 6.

Many reviewers have been dropping and stress-testing their iPhone 12s, and while these tests aren’t scientific in nature, they all agree that the new iPhones have considerably greater resilience over their predecessors.

Ceramic Shield vs Gorilla Glass Victus: Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance, on the other hand, is not the same as drop resistance. It is indeed true that as glass becomes more durable and drop-resistant, it tends to become softer and less scratch-resistant. Gorilla Glass Victus is said to be twice as scratch-resistant as Gorilla Glass 6, yet minor scratches begin to appear at level 6 in Zack Nelson’s (Jerryrigseverything) Mohs Hardness Test, according to the manufacturer. The iPhone 12 also starts scratching at the exact same level as the Gorilla Glass Victus, so don’t expect to see a significant gain in scratch resistance over the previous generation of iPhone.

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