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On December 11, 2004, the product was reviewed in the United States. This CD is fantastic! It is a more leisurely paced flow that allows you to fully immerse yourself in each posture. A booklet with photographs of all of the stances is included with the game. The instructor’s voice was relaxing, and her directions were easy to understand. On this one CD, you’ll get three different workouts. A more demanding 70 minute sequence follows, which includes sun salutations, standing postures, backbends and forward bends among other things.

Finally, there is a 45-minute practice that consists primarily of relaxation and deep breathing exercises.


Purchase that has been verified Especially for individuals who are new to the practice, these CDs serve as a wonderful replacement for a live teacher.

  • Her emphasis on receiving what we need “today” out of our practice is particularly beneficial for those of us who struggle with perfectionist tendencies.
  • The article was reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2006.
  • There are three CDs in all, each of which has a distinct practice.
  • However, after injuring my shoulder a few months ago and having to take a hiatus from physical practice, I decided to do this pranayama exercise every day for a couple of weeks, and it left me feeling amazing, calm, and clean.
  • According to the title of the second CD, Enlighten, it is a more benign kind of psychiatric treatment.
  • After doing this, I always feel rested and rejuvenated.
  • This is the exercise that I engage in the most frequently; I really like it!

During this practice, I truly feel like I’m able to focus on my breathing since the positions appear to be held for just the proper length of time.

For example, steadily bringing your legs together from halasana (plow) to shoulder stand requires grace and power on your part, which I find appealing.

Though I keep coming back to it because it makes me feel so amazing when I do it.

She is obviously spiritual in her approach to yoga, which I don’t mind.

Given the lack of detailed instruction on proper alignment, I would suggest this book to both experienced yoga practitioners and those who are new to the practice.

I created this exercise to assist you in going even deeper “in” to your heart, to the root of your soul, via your Hatha Yoga practice.

While the physical advantages of these practices will always be felt, I believe it is past time for us to take our Yoga to a higher level.

Yoga poses that produce more vivid space throughout your body, more radiant health in all of its functions, and a deeper, quieter serenity in your mind are available to you.

Even the most skilled yogi will benefit from including the Gentle practice into their routine on occasion, since it will soften and round their practice.

I am very pleased with the third CD, Pranayama for Meditation, which I produced.

Here are 40 minutes dedicated to “taking a deep breath.” In this package of three CDs, you’ll find a lovely, rich tapestry of Indian and Western instruments played in a very enchanting style by excellent Maui musicians in a most magical setting.

It is my great pleasure to make this set available to you for use at home or on the road for your meditation practice.

Om Shanti Om is a Hindu chant.

DIVINE YOGA FLOW is an essential addition to the library of every home yogi.

This package of three CDs provides the listener with three separate Yoga practice sessions that include a variety of postures and foci.

The Enlighten CD is a peaceful flow influenced by Integral/Sivananda philosophy.

This CD set is ideal for tourists as well as those who like to practice at home.

With the aid of these CDs, I have been able to delve deeper into the “meditation in action” that is my Yoga practice.

These techniques do more than simply tone and expand the body; they also have an impact on the soul.

A combination of excellent studio images and lyrical writing beautifully illustrates each stance in the practice. Infused with spirit-filled photos of foreign countries and Ateeka’s ability for words, the entire booklet is a work of art!

Top reviews from other countries

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product 声のトーンや話し方にも癒されます On December 17, 2005, the Japanese media published a review of the film. Purchase that has been verified アマゾンUSAで高く評価された、アティーカのヨガのレッスンです。 3枚組のうち、1枚が届かなかったので、EmpowerとEnlightenの2枚についてコメントします。 Empowerのほうが、やや難度が高いですが、スポーツクラブなどでヨガの経験がある人なら、おなじみのポーズばかりです。 両方とも、呼吸→ウォームアップ(座って背伸び。背骨のストレッチ。太陽礼拝)→立ちポーズ(三角のポーズ。Empowerには戦士のポーズもあります)→マットに寝てポーズ(Empowerではブリッジと魚のポーズ。Enlightenでは弓のポーズ。 鋤のポーズは2枚とも入っています) →ストレッチ→リラクセーションという流れです。 太陽礼拝は、Enlightenのほうは、片膝を床につく姿勢が入ります。 CDケースの中に、ポーズを写した冊子が入っているので役立ちます。 (Uttanasana, or forward bend while standing up) サンスクリット語にふれる機会のない私には新鮮でした。 BGMは、最初に「お鈴」の「チーン」の音。 ちょっと驚きました。 続いて、シタールらしき音。 インドっぽいのかと思うと、そうでもなく、その後は、弦楽器が邪魔にならない程度に流れます。 アメリカにはカリスマ的なインストラクターが多いですが、アティーカの特筆すべき点は、声質やトーンそのものに癒し効果があるということと、レッスンの最後に「今、この瞬間、自分が存在することを感謝 する」という気持ちがわいてくることです。初めてCDを聞き終えた後は、知らないうちに涙が流れていました。

Divine Yoga Flow with Ateeka

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our content, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and much more. Terra Entertainment, (310) 268-1210; 181 minutes; 3 CDs. Terra Entertainment, (310) 268-1210; 181 minutes; 3 CDs. This ambitious package, which has proven to be a highly successful endeavor, contains two 70-minute asana sessions–”Empower: Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Core Practice” and “Enlighten: Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Yin Practice”–as well as a 40-minute breathing-based practice, “Breathe: Pranayama for Mediation.

  1. Each one begins with a five-minute sitting breath-awareness practice to bring awareness to one’s breath.
  2. The Sun Salutation series are divided into two categories: A and B.
  3. A sitting forward bend, two backbends, Shoulderstand and Plow Pose, a reclined twist, yoga mudra (a forward bend in Lotus with the hands wrapped behind the back), and relaxation are all performed after this point.
  4. A few easy warm-up movements are performed before doing a modest Sun Salutation to kick off the asana training once again once the introductory breathing exercise is completed.
  5. The third CD serves as an excellent accompaniment to the asana practice.
  6. There are no ambiguities in her precise, thorough directions, which are accompanied by some remarkably lyrical pictures and all of the required precautions.

All levels of pupils, from seasoned beginners to expert students, can benefit from these techniques. Yoga Journal has been publishing Richard Rosen’s articles since the 1970s, while he was teaching in Oakland and Berkeley, California.

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Increase the effectiveness of your practice, improve your understanding, and keep on top of the newest news.

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Ateeka – Yoga With Ateeka: Divine Yoga Flow

Empower: Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Core Practice 1:10:00
1-1 Empower 4:51
1-2 Empower 7:50
1-3 Empower 9:01
1-4 Empower 18:57
1-5 Empower 6:46
1-6 Empower 4:01
1-7 Empower 7:28
1-8 Empower 12:42
Enlighten: Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Yin Practice 1:10:00
2-1 Enlighten 5:18
2-2 Enlighten 10:05
2-3 Enlighten 9:40
2-4 Enlighten 12:29
2-5 Enlighten 4:40
2-6 Enlighten 8:51
2-7 Enlighten 7:31
2-8 Enlighten 9:37
Breathe: Pranayama For Meditation 40:00
3-1 Untitled 41:29
  • Tod Levine masterminded the project, with Rodolfo Chiostrini serving as designer. The performer, Mark Ciaburri, was photographed by David Cimoli-Weiss, who also served as art director. Ateeka produced the project, with Krishnakanti das recording and mixing it.

Tod Levine masterminded the project, with Rodolfo Chiostrini serving as designer. The performer, Mark Ciaburri, was photographed by David Cimoli-Weiss, who also served as art director. Ateeka produced the project, with Krishnakanti das recording and mixing the music.

  • 1-893792-41-2, 1-893792-41-2, 1-893792-41-2, Matrix/Runout(Disc 1):CDV/CA 03-0747 CDR0302116, Matrix/Runout(Disc 3):CDV/CA 03-0405 CDR0302117, Outro(IFPI Code, Manufacturing, discs 1 and 3), 1-893792-41-2, 1-893792-41-2, 1-893792-41-2, 1-893792-4

Audio — YogaSOMATICS

Outro(ISBN):1-893792-41-2; Matrix/Runout(Disc 1):CDV/CA 03-0747 CDR0302116; Matrix/Runout(Disc 3):CDV/CA 03-0405 CDR0302117; Outro(IFPI Code, Manufacturing, discs 1 and 3):IFPI LJ86; Outro(IFPI Code, Manufacturing, discs 1 and 3):IFPI LJ86; Outr


Now is the time to download and listen in digital format. In less than 30 minutes, you may relieve yourself of mental strain and concern. A highly powerful and simple meditation is guided by Ateeka, who uses inner listening, breath, touch, sounds, and tiny inner motions to help you relax. A profound inner meditation for melting into a state of heightened awareness and lightness in mental function. Additionally, it is accessible on iTunes and Spotify. Ben Leinbach composed the music for Ateeka 2008.

RETURN TO CENTER: Guided Meditation with Ateeka CD

Now is the time to download digitally It is a profound relaxation that allows you to slumber profoundly in a peaceful state of mind. Ateeka leads you through a 30-minute reclining meditation that will assist you in releasing tension in the diaphragm, pelvis, and reproductive organs, among other areas of strain. While it is acceptable for everyone, it is particularly useful for women, aiding in the optimization of your natural cycles and overall life energy. This meditation makes use of inner listening, breathing, touch, sounds, and tiny inner motions to achieve its results.

Ateeka 2008 is also available on iTunes and Spotify, among other places.

DIVINE YOGA FLOW:3 Guided Vinyasa Practices with Ateeka

Now is the time to download digitally CD 1 EMPOWER – Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Core Practice: This is the foundation of the practice. This 70-minute Practice will help you access your inner power and essential life force energy. During this class, you will experience sitting warming postures and pranayama, followed by Dynamic Sun Salutations, a powerful “Enlightened Warrior” standing asana sequence with Heart Opening Backward bend, Meditative Forward Bends, Inversions, and Deep Guided Savasana. Allow yourself to re-connect with Spirit and Divine energy in order to breathe new life into your practice and give it a greater significance.

Warming Postures, gentle Sun Salutations, classic Hatha standing poses, energizing backward bends, meditative forward bends, inversions, and deep guided Savasana are all included in this 70-minute practice, which is appropriate for all levels.

CD 3 BREATHE – Pranayama for Meditation: This 40-minute guided breathing and meditation exercise will help you to awaken prana, oxygenate the cells, and clear your mind.

When you listen to the holy melody of your breath, you will be guided back to a place of deep faith and surrender in the Divine that flows within you at all times. Ateeka 2002 is also available as an MP3 download through iTunes and Spotify.

MOON CYCLE YOGA:Guided Gentle Yoga Practice with Ateeka

Now is the time to download digitally In the lunar cycle, menstruation occurs. It is a holy period of contemplation, purification and rejuvenation. A gentle guided practice that includes asana and pranayama to relax and support the body, mind, and emotions is MOON CYCLE YOGA. With gentle guidance, Ateeka leads you through a series of asanas that help to release and balance energy in the spine, hips, lower belly, and reproductive organs. A profound relaxation posture known as Savasana brings the exercise to a close.

BLISS: Guided Relaxation with Ateeka

Now is the time to download digitally A profound state of relaxation with lovely music playing in the background. Ateeka brings you into a state of profound release. a state in which deep healing takes place inside the rest. It’s also available on iTunes and Spotify as Ateeka 1999.

ATEEKA: Exquisite acoustic music for deep relaxation and dreaming

Now is the time to download digitally ATEEKA is the name of the band that composed the music for the video YOGA WITH ATEEKA, which was released in 1998. Acoustic instruments are used throughout, including contributions from musicians from all around the world. A collaborative effort including over 15 artists who each listened to the foundation track and then improvised for an hour on top. the music is rich in contemplative tones and healing energy. in 1998, for the Yoga with Ateeka DVD, written and directed by Mark Ciaburri Additionally, it is accessible on iTunes and Spotify.





Home to Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healings

Mahanraj Singh and Mahanraj Kaur have done so much for me that I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently. I often attend Kundalini courses, both my own and those taught by others. Without a doubt, these two distinguish out as great educators in the field. They put in the time and effort necessary to establish a good class that will support me and all of the other students in our efforts to live a higher quality of life. I appreciate their efforts. Their understanding of Kundalini and commitment to live what they teach results in a whole experience that is truly wonderful and life-changing.

  1. -Penelope Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the privilege of participating in Kundalini Yoga courses, seminars, and teacher training with Mahanraj Kaur, aka “Marcia.” I’m grateful for the opportunity.
  2. Her profound grasp of Kundalini Yoga, as well as her ability to express what is occurring in the cosmos via insightful storytelling, has been very soothing for me.
  3. When I think of the trips I’ve been on as a result of Marcia’s instruction, I’m overwhelmed with appreciation and happiness.
  4. is a freelance writer based in New York City.
  5. “Marcia” is really ‘out of the box,’ which distinguishes her and her lessons as being both distinctive and entertaining!
  6. Her authenticity, sincerity, and heartfelt nature distinguish her from the crowd.
  7. Thank you so much, Marcia Frescura.
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This training was clearly a labor of passion on the part of the organizers.

-SatNam, Linda Cerra, and others Smiles, laughter, tears, strength, breathing, dancing, all of these things.

Marcia Frescura is a fictional character created by author Marcia Frescura.

I’d want to express my gratitude for the personal healing, spiritual progress, and family-like yoga community that is shared at the heart of yoga.

Thanks to Kundalini Yoga and my incredible instructors Marcia “Mahanraj Kaur” and Tony “Mahanraj Singh” Frescura, I have undergone a profound mental and spiritual transformation!

Recognizing that physicians and medicines had been of limited assistance to me in the past, I looked for an alternate “prescription.” I had read that Kundalini Yoga may be beneficial, so I looked online and discovered videos by a sassy, turban-wearing gal named Marcia, and I knew I had to give it a try.

  1. A week later, I participated in The Manharaj’s 3-Day Intensive Workshop, which I much enjoyed.
  2. Retreats lasting three days.
  3. Spiritual, amusing, strange, emotionally tough, but ultimately life changing has been my adventure with Kundalini.
  4. Please accept my gratitude for the lessons, advice, and support you have provided me over the last year, as well as for the friendships I have gained and the amazing Kundalini community you have established.
  5. -Sat Nam Suzie M.
  6. I opted to participate in the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with the Mahanrajs for a variety of reasons, two of which are quite unique.
  7. I wanted tools that were both practical and long-lasting to help me maintain a sense of balance at home and at work.

It can also help you feel more energized, lucid, and inspired.

Second, I wanted to improve the quality of my job as a mental health practitioner.

As I teach others how to break addictive behaviors and mental patterns, I am witnessing amazing transformations in people’s lives.

My employer has asked me to conduct breathing, meditation, and mindful movement sessions for the team of Psychiatric Doctors, Nurses, and Psychotherapists with whom I work.

The number of opportunities is increasing all the time.

All of the people in my life have benefited from my completion of the teacher training program in a variety of ways.

As I continue to practice the technique and share it with others, I continue to evolve.

With Appreciation, – Katy Joy F.

There are 11 Energy Bodies in all, with the Arch Line being the sixth energy body.

The arc line is a good buddy of yours.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will see an arc of light that spans your forehead in an arc from one earlobe to the other.

A strong Arc line will allow you to get a quick read on your surroundings as well as on the intentions of other people towards you.

Humans are naturally attracted to people who are cheerful and upbeat, and a strong Arc line generates a magnetic field that attracts business chances.

Tips for the year 2022 and your Arc line include: 1.

Respect for oneself results in the creation of a protective order that is immediately registered in the unconscious of another person.

Take good care of your health as if it were a newborn infant.

It’s also time to take care of yourself.


It has the ability to change the tide in a variety of circumstances.

All of these things will be tested throughout the year, so you’ll need to maintain a high level of awareness as you navigate your way through life.

Prayer is your superpower, therefore make use of it! Theyahanrajmethod vistaca powerofprayer kundaliniyoga prayer blessed happy 2022 themahanrajmethod vistaca powerofprayer More information may be found here. Less to SeePhoto

Ateeka [WorldCat Identities]

Works: 8 works in 12 publications in 2 languages and 20 library holdings
Genres: Songs and music
Roles: Author

Ateeka’s most well-known works are those that are most generally owned. Yoga with Ateekaby Ateeka is a fun and relaxing experience ( Visual ) There were four versions produced between 1998 and 2003 in English, and nine WorldCat member libraries throughout the world have copies. The yoga exercise that Ateeka teaches is meant to stretch, strengthen, and relax the body and mind. In 2009, Harold Dull released Tantsu: il shiatsu del cuore in Italian, and it is now held by two WorldCat member libraries throughout the world.

  1. Ateeka has created a moon cycle yoga routine ( Recording ) There was just one edition released in English in 2004 and it is now held by two WorldCat member libraries throughout the world.
  2. Watsu Taking the fundamental and exploratory pathways on land and in water represents the creative involvement of our life energy.
  3. A warm pool and the ideas and stretches of the Zen Shiatsu were the starting point for Harold Dull’s Watsu business, which he started with friends in 1980 while studying with the Zen Shiatsu’s originator on land in Japan.
  4. A basic but comprehensive Watsu is shown in this book, which you may share with family and friends to demonstrate what is learned in their first 50 hours of sessions.
  5. Harold Dull’s Tantsu: a Yoga of the Heart is available on Amazon ( Book ) There was one edition released in 2008 in English and it is owned by one WorldCat member library around the world.
  6. Suitable for what kind of audience Identities that are related
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SPACE Yoga 熱瑜珈, 動瑜珈, 靜瑜珈 給您截然不同的瑜珈體驗

Ateeka www.yogawithateeka.com On the worldwide stage, Ateeka is a Certified Integral Yoga instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher with the YOGA ALLIANCE. She is also a member of the International Yoga Therapists Association. Compassionate, sincere and light-hearted, her approach to Yoga is steeped in the traditions of ancient Raja (Royal) Yoga, Bhakti (Devotional) Yoga, as well as in meditation and mindfulness techniques. She teaches yoga in a “intuitive” method, urging students to tune in to their bodies and listen to their inner messages.

  1. She only teaches what she has personally experienced to be true for herself.
  2. Her desire to connect with people on a heart-to-heart level has taken her on extended travels across the world.
  3. “It’s all about the journey,” she says.
  4. Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna, Ammachi, Neem Karoli Baba, and Ram Dass’ teachings have left an indelible mark on her and have had a profound impact on her life.
  5. She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching Vinyasa, Integral Hatha, and Restorative Yoga since 1997.
  6. Ateeka’s art has appeared in a number of publications, including SPORTS ILLUSTRATED WOMEN, REAL SIMPLE, BODYSOUL, and MODERN BRIDE.
  7. She is also a certified yoga instructor.

Welcome to our Ateeka-Yoga

What exactly does the term “Namaste” mean? Aadil Palkhivala, a Yoga Journal specialist and instructor, discusses what the phrase “yoga journal” means and how it came to be. The action was a gesture. Namaste signifies the concept that everyone of us possesses a Divine spark, which is placed in the heart chakra, and that this spark is responsible for our being. An acknowledgement of the soul in one person by the soul in another is represented by the gesture. More information can be found at

How Often Should YouPractice Yoga?

What is the meaning of the word Namaste? In this article, Aadil Palkhivala, an authority in Yoga Journal and a yoga teacher, explains what the phrase means. The action was symbolic. It is believed that everyone of us has a Divine spark that is placed in the heart chakra, which is represented by the word “namaste.” An acknowledgement of the soul in one by the soul in another is expressed by a physical gesture. More information can be found at

What’s So Sacred About theNumber 108?

At the time of the spring equinox, I’ve heard of individuals performing 108 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A) as a kind of meditation. What is the meaning of the number 108 in this context? The meaning of the number is up to interpretation. However, in Hinduism and yoga, the number 108 has long been revered as a sacred number. Malas, or prayer bead garlands, are traditionally made out of a string of 108 beads (plus one for the “guru bead,” or spiritual leader). More information can be found at

A Sequence for Feeling atHome in Every Pose

Yoga studios all around the world are welcoming those with larger bodies who are finding comfort and empowerment there. Make use of these suggestions to assist you or your pupils while they are on the mat. Anna Guest-Jelley had a sense of being separated from her body for decades. But later, while participating in a yoga class in her late twenties, she experienced a glimpse of a connection when the teacher instructed her to feel what was occurring with her right little toe during the pose. More information can be found at

Partner Poses

Learn how to teach this nine-pose partner sequence in a way that promotes balance, strength, and flexibility, while also promoting communication, trust, and playfulness in the participants. – Partner Yoga is a method of exploring traditional yoga positions in tandem with another person, which may seem exciting to some students, but is terrifying to others, depending on their level of fear. Teaching partner poses involves imagination, excellent execution, and a good dose of humor on the side of the instructor.


A modern viewpoint on yoga that is direct, fluid, and experiential has encouraged me to share it with others. There are many instructors, guides, and masters involved in this healing and meditation process, which is imbued with a tantric mindset and graced by many of them. As an alternative to dedicating ourselves to a specific yoga school or lineage, we might claim that the experiential self-development work that we engage in is derived from the “lineage of life!” Because I bridge classical yoga studies with current somatic methods, meditation techniques, and study into consciousness, my courses reflect and support the intrinsic wisdom of your bio-system.

No two classes are same, and each one provides an opportunity to delve further into the movement that is triggered by the body’s fluid systems, which is a lifelong pursuit.

of discovering our evolutionary ancestors as well as our elemental history and energy spectrum.

While fostering a deep appreciation for the knowledge I have gained from my teachers and their lineages, it is my desire that my teachings are as free of doctrine, dogma, and hierarchical structure as is humanly feasible.

My yoga expertise and experience encompasses Ashtanga, Iyengar, Integral, and Kundalini yoga, as well as substantial practice and teacher training in these styles.

Her teachings continue to have a significant impact on my job today.

I’ve created two yoga instructional videos: “Yoga With Ateeka,” which has been translated and distributed in English, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and Spanish, and “Yoga-Anti-Stress: Restorative Yoga with Ateeka,” which has been translated and distributed in English, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and Spanish.

My nomadic soul thrives on the opportunity to travel the world and offer Yoga, Somatic, and Bodywork techniques. And my Taurean side, which has deep roots, enjoys being at home and spending time with my chosen family in the company of nature. www.yoga-somatics.com/meet-ateeka

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