Editors’ Must-Haves: 5 Yoga Products We Can’t Resist

YJ Editors’ Must-Haves: 5 Products We Can’t Resist

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Here are a few products that didn’t find their way into the pages of the magazine, but that we think you’d love to know about, too.

As part of our new monthly tradition, we’re showcasing a few things we came across while researching the issue and believe you’d be interested in learning about as well, but didn’t make it into our pages. Every month, keep an eye out for our editors’ must-haves in the magazine and on our website.

1. Two Moms in the Raw Cayenne Cacao Truffle

Completely delectable, and you can feel good about the ingredients because they are all natural. ($5,twomomsintheraw.com) INTRODUCTIONCLEAN EATING

2. Jade Harmony Mat

In particular, I was pleased by their environmentally friendly and charitable activities, such as their “Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree” campaign and their “Color Cause” program (in which $5 from the sale of each teal mat is given to ovarian cancer research). ($75,jadeyoga.com) ALSO CONSIDERED 39 Eco-Friendly Yoga Essentials to Help You Green Your Practice

3. Buddhibox Yoga

Several of their environmental and charitable initiatives, such as the “Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree” campaign and the “Color Cause” program (in which $5 from each teal mat sold is donated to ovarian-cancer causes), have piqued my interest. ($75,jadeyoga.com) ALSO READ Practice Yoga in an Environmentally Friendly Way: 39 Eco-Friendly Essentials

4. Fibre Tibet Collection Kawa Luri Indigo shawl

At the Yoga Journal LIVE! Yoga Market, I fell in love with this piece and wanted to help the Nepali women who crafted it after the earthquake in Nepal. ($125,shop.fibretibet.com). AS WELL AS 7 YJLIVE! Editors’ Picks from the past week Yoga Market in New York City

5. Chattra Divine Yoga Gear bolsters

At the Yoga Journal LIVE! Yoga Market, I fell in love with this piece and wanted to help the Nepali women who created it after the earthquake. ($125,shop.fibretibet.com). ALSO SEE7 Editors’ Choices from the YJLIVE! Market for Yoga in New York City

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RS Recommends: The Best Yoga Gear to Add to Your Practice

If you make a purchase after clicking on a link on our website to a product or service that has been independently vetted, Rolling Stone may get a commission. Today more than ever, it’s simple to discover an alivestream yoga session online, lay out a yoga mat, and just slip into downward dog at home. However, if you do not have the necessary tools or equipment, you may find it more difficult to replicate the intense stretch (and sweat) that you used to experience at your local gym or yoga class.

This list of the best yoga supplies includes everything from strong yoga blocks to moisture-wicking workout clothes to help you master even the most difficult postures at home.

Yoga Gear Buying Guide

The finest yoga equipment is adaptable and effective, and it can be used for a variety of regular exercises, from at-home Pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Not all yoga practices, however, are made equal, and introducing other equipment into your practice, such as yoga blocks or straps, might provide you with more possibilities for your practice. In order to replicate the sensation of hot yoga, for example, you’ll need a mat that grips better the more you sweat and possibly even a special towel to drape over it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re committed to someday returning to a yoga class, you’ll eventually want a gym backpack or yoga straps to transport your new equipment.

What Are the Best Yoga Accessories?

The finest yoga accessories are ultimately designed to help you ease into your routine by providing a means to zero in on your form or decrease tension by allowing you to concentrate more on your breathing than on whether or not you’ll slide on the mat throughout your practice. Here are some of the top yoga mats, fitness attire, and yoga gear to consider for your next workout session.

1. lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat 5mm

Lululemon Do you feel like you need a little additional comfort when doing your at-home workouts? Lululemon’s thicker, textured mat is a great investment since it makes transitioning between poses as simple as possible, which is ideal for beginners. However, despite the fact that it was designed primarily for yoga, I’ve discovered that it is also excellent for meditating either laying down or sitting. The top layer includes a 3D-textured surface to help you feel safe as you move through different stances.

While a meditation cushion may be preferable if you want extra lower back support for mindfulness practice, this yoga mat can assist you in finding balance in all types of yoga, from Vinyasa flow to hot yoga.

2. Yeti Rambler Vacuum 36 oz Bottle

Staying hydrated during a yoga session (or any activity, for that matter) is one of the most underappreciated aspects of the practice. If your water is still ice cold towards the middle of your workout, you’ll be more inclined to drink more of it, and YETI does an excellent job at keeping your liquids at a pleasant temperature for extended periods of time. It includes an extraordinarily robust, transparent “Chug Cap,” which allows you to easily flip it open and top-off with water without fumbling about and interrupting your flow.

Because it is made of insulated stainless steel, your drink will stay cold (or hot) for the entire 36 ounces it contains, making it one of our favorite durable bottles for yoga or working out.

3. Hylete Luna Tight

HELETEWhether you’re returning to a traditional yoga classroom or simply want to practice your movements in the park, you’ll need some high-quality clothing that’s designed to withstand sweating. The Luna Tights by HYLETE have a simple style, but they contain enough intelligent functions to keep you active while on the run. The tights are made of a seamless, circular knit fabric that conforms effortlessly to the curves of your body, whether you’re lying down on the floor or posing with a yoga block in your hands.

Because the fabric has a slight amount of compression, the tights will stay in place and move with you no matter how much you sweat.

Also included is a high waist that provides additional covering at even the most flexible of moments in life. What’s the best part? These tights may be thrown into the washing machine immediately following your workout sesh. Purchase:Hylete Luna Tights for $88

4. Manduka Yoga Towel

Amazon When it comes to staying dry and grounded throughout even the most intense yoga practices, the Manduka Yogitoes towel is our preferred choice. When you lay your mat on top of it, the little silicone nubs on the bottom grab your mat and keep you in position. The towel is ideal for hot yoga or any other very sweating practice since it is hyper absorbent, rapid drying, and sweat-wicking, which helps to minimize slipping as the poses get more challenging. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport to any location, including the beach or the gym.

The woven texture of this product, which is made of recycled plastic bottles, is pleasant to the touch and machine-washable.

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel is available for purchase for $43.74.

5. Toesox Half Toe Grip Non-Slip Socks

Amazon These yoga socks from ToeSox will keep you firmly planted on the ground, owing to a special non-slip sole that provides greater traction during your practice. Because its fitting heel shape lies just below the ankle, you won’t have to worry about your socks bunching up and twisting throughout your yoga practice. The organic cotton material is extremely soft, and the open-toe design ensures that your feet remain comfy even during the most prolonged of postures. When you use socks instead of bare feet, you will be able to spread your toes more naturally and grip the mat better, all while maintaining a more sanitary environment.

6. Manduka unBLOK Recycled Foam Yoga Block

REI For those who wish to go a step further with their yoga postures, including a yoga block in your practice can give the additional support you want while you deepen your stretches. A more comfortable, curved form that is less stiff makes the Manduka unBLOK an excellent choice for those who practice more balanced-based postures since it relieves strain on the hands. With its smooth texture, which is both slip-resistant and simple to hold, it provides support for even the most difficult positions.

It’s also rather lightweight considering its 9 x 6 x 4 inch dimensions, so you can easily put it away or carry it around with you when you want to practice yoga while on the go.

7. lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0

Lululemon Of course, when you’re performing yoga, you can always wear your favorite simple t-shirt. Lululemon’s Metal Vent Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0, on the other hand, is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for something that’s more breathable and moisture-wicking, especially if you know you’ll be sweating a lot. Because of the seamless structure and increased stretchability of this shirt, it is as suited for yoga as it is for running and other more strenuous workouts. Incorporating Silverescent technology, the tank actively prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing on its surface.

This flexible yoga wear provides the most range of motion we’ve seen in any flexible yoga wear, yet having a more streamlined fit that will not chafe. Purchase:Lululemon Metal Vent Tech 2.0.for $78.

8. Dr. Infrared Heater Advanced Dual Heating System

Amazon If you’re a fan of hot yoga, there are several methods to replicate the sweaty experience in the comfort of your own home. We advised infrared heaters, which are commonly seen in hot yoga studios since they release heat waves that your body can absorb (similar to the rays of the sun), as opposed to portable space heaters, which just blow hot air about. However, while there are more expensive solutions available, the Dr. Infrared Heater Dual Heating System is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a gadget that can serve many purposes.

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The oscillation feature of the fan spreads heat quickly and evenly, and customers have reported that it is effective for heating tiny rooms.

It also has a 12-hour programmed timer, which is convenient.


9. Gaiam Yoga Strap

Amazon Looking for a yoga strap that can help you accomplish more demanding postures and maintain poses for longer periods of time? Look no further than this dependable yoga strap from Gaiam. These straps, which are constructed of a robust 100 percent cotton fabric that won’t rip or break while you’re in the middle of a pose, will allow you to extend your range of motion. The easy-release cinch buckle secures the strap in place while allowing for a tight grip on the bag. The straps are tough enough to provide support even when you stretch beyond your normal limitations, but they are also available in three different lengths (6, 8, and 10-feet), allowing you to select the length that is most appropriate for your level of flexibility.

These Are the 19 Yoga Pants Vogue Editors Love Most

If you’re looking for the best yoga pants or exercise leggings, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind. Vogue editors agree that the leggings should be flexible, meaning that they should be comfortable for at-home exercises while still being stylish enough for a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. However, no matter what your preferred activity is—hot yoga in the studio or a cycle class in your living room—finding the ideal balance of athleticism and leisure is essential.

One report claims that some are so flattering that they’ll even perform some contouring for you without you having to do any squats at all!

Are you looking for something with a little more personality?

Consider a design that features, you guessed it, flared bottoms—just one of the yoga pants trends that our editors are now crushing on. These are the must-have looks that even Vogueeditors don’t want to take off their shoulders. Below, you can find 19 of the greatest yoga pants.

Steff Yotka, Fashion News Editor

Leggings with a high waist and an ankle length in a classic black color take me from the sofa to the yoga mat on my kitchen floor to my daily dogwalks and everywhere in between.

Girlfriend Collective high-waist leggings

I’ve been wearing them for any and any physical exercise I can think of. Walks in the fresh air, Zoom calls, Tracy Anderson workouts, cooking, relaxing, and reading are all on the agenda. These are the clothes that I wear.

Tory Sport mélange chevron side-pocket leggings

Spanx leggings are one of my favorite training clothes since they make me feel fit even before I start working out!

Spanx Look At Me Now seamless leggings

As much as I enjoy practicing yoga, I’ve never been a lover of leggings, which may explain why I’ve never given much attention to my fitness clothing until recently. It took a pandemic, to be honest, to compel me to abandon the basic (and now tattered and faded) black yoga pants that I’d been wearing for years. Prism2’s leggings are, in the end, the update I’ve been searching for for a very long time. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the jersey-to-stretch ratio, but they’re flattering in a way that no other pair I’ve worn previously has ever been.

The style, which sits high on the waist and combines well with a sports bra, eliminates the need for my droopy old exercise T-shirt.

Prism2 Awaken high rise ribbed jersey leggings

The same Outdoor Voices leggings have served me well for years, and I’ve worn them for a variety of activities like yoga, hiking, jogging, and even performing bicep curls in my bedroom without incident. The cloth is the correct thickness, the fit is flattering, and I adore how brightly colored they are. I’m in love with them.

Outdoor Voices Warmup leggings

Fabletics’ basic black leggings provide the ideal amount of compression and elasticity, allowing you to work from home and exercise in the same outfit without restriction.

Fabletics high-waist PowerHold leggings

I can’t get enough of the leggings from Beyond Yoga. This pair of yoga pants is the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, and they provide just the right amount of slimming compression. The high waistline is the ideal complement to the brand’s bra tank shirts, which I also suggest you check out. Consider the following: If you peek inside my training clothing cupboard, you will find a few Beyond’s sets in a range of dark hues!

Beyond Yoga midi high-waisted leggings

It’s easy to fall in love with this high-rise pair of leggings from Tory Sport because it comes with a matching sports bra (and a sweater, too!). When I spread out my yoga mat, something about being dressed in a workout outfit from head to toe makes me feel more prepared to concentrate on the practice at hand rather than on the dozens of emails I might be attending to.

Tory Sport high-rise tie-dyed seamless leggings

Tory Sport’s high-rise leggings are my favorite since they come with a matching sports bra (as well as a matching sweatshirt!). When I roll out my yoga mat, something about dressing in a workout outfit from head to toe makes me feel more prepared to concentrate on the practice at hand rather than on the dozens of emails I could be dealing to at the same moment.

Alo Airlift high-waist leggings

A pair of Lululemon’s super-high-rise flares was sent to me by my sister after they went viral last year. They are absolutely stunning and live up to the hype! As a short woman of five feet four, I was concerned that these would be too long, but they’re actually the right length, especially if you’re sporting footwear with a thicker sole.

Shorter girls may need to hem them, but if you’re like me and don’t want to bother, just get a pair of extra-sharp scissors and snip them yourself.

Lululemon Groove super-high-rise flared pants

I am completely in love with these jeans. They suck into your body like sausages that have been vacuum-packed.

Mai Morsch, Associate Market Editor

I feel like I’ve been looking for these Athleta leggings for the better part of my life! Despite the fact that they are so soft, they strike at the ideal place right above the ankle.

Athleta Salutation stash-pocket tights

My favorite legging style is a cropped high-rise crop (and denim cut by happenstance). My early-morning runs and yoga sessions benefit from them. Even when I wear them immediately after a workout to the playground with my kid before the workday begins, they don’t make me appear schlubby.

Lululemon Wunder training high-rise cropped leggings in black

With my height of five feet three, cropped leggings are ideal for me because they are ankle length on my legs and eliminate the need to have them hemmed! Yoga or a high-intensity boxing class? These Alo leggings are the perfect multifunctional training pant. They look and feel amazing in both situations.

Alo Yoga high waist airbrush capris

Elegant designs by Le Ore have long been a favorite of mine. When I want to practice yoga or just look attractive while sitting around the home, these are my go-to outfits.

Le Ore Corso cutout recycled stretch leggings

Elegant designs by Le Ore have long been a favorite of my. When I want to practice yoga or just look pretty while sitting around the home, these are my go-to clothes.

Port De Bras arrow leggings

Flared yoga pants have been a recent fixation of mine (perhaps owing to the rebirth of the Y2K craze), and these Norba leggings perfectly bridge the gap between the past and the present. They’re as soft as butter and feature a beautiful high-rise waist, and the flare can easily be transformed into a more streamlined leg thanks to the handy-dandy zipper at the side seam. I would highly suggest it!

Chloe Malle, Contributing Editor

At six months pregnant, I’m beginning to transition into the legging phase of my pregnancy, and these seamless, ribbed Hatch leggings are the perfect pair for anything from errands to prenatal yoga and beyond.

Hatch the Body ribbed leggings

I tried on these Splits59 Raquel flared leggings after Corps de Ballet dancer India Bradley of the New York City Ballet suggested them to me, and I’m glad that I did. Despite ordering a size smaller than normal, they managed to stretch and compress in all the correct places without revealing every single crevice of my body as other tights do, which generally necessitate a XXL modesty top in order to be worn with them.

Splits59 Raquel flared leggings

Following the recommendation of New York City Ballet Corps de Ballet dancer India Bradley, I purchased these Splits59 Raquel flared leggings and am pleased with them. Despite ordering a size smaller than normal, they managed to stretch and compress in all the correct places without revealing every single crevice of my body as other tights do, which generally necessitate a XXL modesty top in order to be worn under them.

The 9 Best Yoga Blankets of 2022

On September 20, 2021, the information was updated. Discover more about our review method here. Our editors independently investigate, test, and suggest the finest goods. We may gain a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. Although regular yoga practice can help you gain strength and flexibility, it can also help you lower your cortisol levels, also known as the stress hormone, prevent the progression of age-related brain decline, and even alleviate persistent lower back pain.

  • Props like as blocks or bolsters can be used to assist in the proper execution of poses, regardless of the type of yoga practiced.
  • In situations when flexibility is restricted, it fills in the gaps by cushioning specific postures (such as shoulder stands) and providing warmth as you slide into Savasana.
  • Here is a list of the top yoga blankets that can provide you with support during your practice.
  • When washed, the low-cost choice becomes softer and more supportive of your asanas, while also giving a bright burst of color.
  • This thick, wool-free shawl gives a lovely elevation when seated, which aids in the loosening of the hips without difficulty.
  • This cotton wrap, which can be quickly folded and used as a bolster, will keep your neck safe when performing shoulder stands.
  • When you combine yoga with this weighted blanket, you’ll have the ideal covering to help you remain calm and collected throughout your next session.
  • This warm and well-made hypoallergenic serape has all of the same outstanding attributes as our budget option, but measures 50 by 80 inches, making it significantly larger than our budget pick.
  • You’ll be pleased with this real Mexican Falsa blanket, no matter which option you choose, because it will withstand the test of time.
  • The material is recycled fibers.
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Even better, this handmade, recycled piece, which becomes softer with each wash, is a part of Benevolence LA’s Fight Poverty Collection, which collaborates with non-profits and donates 100 percent of its profits to help fund projects such as clean water systems, education for marginalized females, and awareness campaigns for human trafficking, among other initiatives.

  • It is made of acrylic.
  • It is three pounds in weight, measures 60 by 80 inches in size, and is ten millimeters thick, making it the ideal complement to any practice setting.
  • • Weighs 3 to 4 pounds |
  • As one of the most substantial options we tested, it offers a thick and firm cushion that will provide you with a great elevation while sat, which will assist you in loosening up your hips more easily.
  • 4.2 pounds in weight |70 x 75 inches in size and material |recycled polyester and acrylic blend The fact that this mid-weight pick is reversible, in addition to its large size (70 by 52 inches), is what we appreciate the most about it.
  • On one side, there are relaxing blue hues, while on the other, there is an earthy portrayal.
  • • Weight:2.16 pounds |

Material:Polyester and cotton • In order to protect your neck when working on shoulder stands, you should have a folded blanket nearby at all times.

Because of its huge 60 x 80-inch form and flat selvage borders, this blanket may be folded evenly to resemble the shape of a yoga block when folded flat.

2.9 pounds |

Being composed of a cotton, acrylic and polyester combination means that this handmade Mexican item is easy to care for and can be placed in the washing machine without hesitation.

We don’t know how much it weighs.

|It is made of cotton, acrylic, and polyester.

Combine that with a weighted blanket (this one weighs 8.5 pounds and is available in nine different colors), which research has shown to be an effective and therapeutic tool for managing anxiety, depression, and fatigue, and you have the ideal covering to help you stay calm, cool, and collected during your next class.

It is 22 by 23 inches.

The material is not disclosed.

The cloth molds flexibly, allowing you to adjust the form to suit any kind of practice—from restorative yoga to a more energetic flow with more dynamic postures.

Furthermore, at 82 by 60 inches, it is large enough to comfortably accommodate two people for usage at a picnic or when lazing about the house. 3.5 pounds | 82 x 60 inches | Recycled wool and synthetic fibers are used in the construction of this rug.

What to Look for in a Yoga Blanket

While you’ll discover that yoga blankets are made of durable fabrics—blends of strong natural and synthetic fibers such as cotton, wool, polyester, and acrylic are common—you’ll also find that they’re constructed of a variety of different materials. These tend to be long-lasting, supportive, and color-fast, and they are frequently manufactured from recycled materials to save on costs. The fact that a cloth can be machine washed or is otherwise simple to clean is an additional bonus.


When you’re in Savasana, you’ll want something that’s large enough to completely cover you, so seek for blankets that are at least as tall as you are. A larger blanket allows you to better modify the shape of the blanket while folding or rolling it to meet your specific needs.


A yoga blanket is intended to do more than just cover you; it is also intended to assist you in particular postures by providing additional support. That is, you don’t want anything that is too fluffy or too fragile, but rather something that is firm enough to support your body during your practice without collapsing under the strain. When folded or rolled, some of our best selections can even serve as a substitute for a yoga block or bolster.


Given the fact that you will be leaning on it, sitting on it, and lying beneath it, you want something that is comfortable. Look for one that has a supple (but not too supple) feel. You also don’t want anything that is excessively heavy, making you feel as if you are being crushed, or something that is too irritating, making it difficult to concentrate throughout class.

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  8. 78(1):13
  9. Ekholm B, Spulber S, Adler M. This research looked at the effectiveness of weighted chain blankets for treating insomnia in people with mental problems. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research in the field of sleep medicine.

The 5 Best Large Yoga Mats for Every Body, According to an Instructor

If you’re running out of space on your current little yoga mat, investing in one of these top large yoga mats will make your practice far more comfortable and enjoyable. Featured image courtesy of Kmatta/Moment/Getty Images

In This Article

  • Upgrading to one of these finest large yoga mats will make your practice so much more pleasant if you’re running out of space on your current mat. Image courtesy of Kmatta/Moment/Getty Images.

Some things are simply more enjoyable when they are in super-sized quantities. Yoga mats should be brought. While normal yoga mats are enough for the task, extra-large yoga mats provide additional area to spread out during savasana. A few more inches might be especially beneficial for yogis who are tall or have a larger frame. By upgrading to a big yoga mat, you may avoid having to reduce the size of your postures in order to stay on your mat. And, as soon as you have the freedom to move, your yoga practice will only improve.

We sought the assistance of Natalia Tabilo, a body-positive yoga instructor and the founder of Yoga for All Bodies, in order to bring you the finest big yoga mats available. We selected these goods based on a number of factors, including:

1. Best Overall: Gaiam Athletic Dynamat

  • Super-sized portions of certain foodstuffs are simply superior. Yoga mats should be brought along as well. Even while regular-sized yoga mats would suffice, extra-large yoga mats will provide you with additional area to stretch out during savasana. A few more inches might be especially beneficial for yogis who are tall or have a large frame. You won’t have to downsize your postures to fit on your large yoga mat if you get a larger yoga mat. Your yoga practice will only improve as soon as you have the freedom to move. For those who have tried and failed with little yoga mats, consider investing in one of these excellent huge yoga mats. We recruited the assistance of Natalia Tabilo, a body-positive yoga instructor and the founder ofYoga for All Bodies, in order to offer you the finest big yoga mats available on the market. Based on a number of factors, we selected these items.

This extra-large yoga mat is made by Gaiam, which is one of the most well-known names in the yoga industry. It has a well-rounded set of characteristics that are suitable for yogis of any shape or size. For example, consider the following: 5mm of padding to support your joints, a sticky surface to prevent slipping during your practice, and no latex (which might cause allergies). In addition, this yoga mat is reversible and costs less than $50 dollars. Unless you’re looking for a heavy-duty, extra-large mat that’s also easy on the cash, this one is hard to beat.

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2. Best Non-Slip: Liforme Yoga Mat

  • Dimensions: 27 inches broad by 73 inches long
  • Thickness: 4.2 millimeters Eco-polyurethane surface
  • Natural rubber base
  • Eco-polyurethane base

This is the mat for you if you have trouble with slipping when you start to sweat. The manufacturer, Tabilo, claims that this is the only extra-large yoga mat that has true grip. The woman explains, “I have sweaty palms, and I tried several other mats before finding this treasure.” Additionally, this highly-rated yoga mat from Liforme has imprinted lines to assist you in aligning your hands and feet during your practice, as well as a layer of super-soft felt in the core for added cushioning. “It also comes in a variety of lovely colors!” Tabilo exclaims.

  • Dimensions: 28 inches broad by 80 inches long
  • Thickness: 8 millimeters Natural rubber is used in the construction of this product.

This Jade Yoga mat is the most costly on our list, yet it does not fall short of expectations. As Tabilo explains, “all Jade mats have excellent grip, and this extra-wide version allows you to take up the amount of space your body requires during practice.” This mat is also the thickest of the group, measuring 8mm in thickness. In other words, if you’re looking for a yoga mat that’s both large and thick, you won’t go wrong with this model. Yoga enthusiasts who care about the environment will also enjoy that each mat is constructed from natural rubber, which is a sustainable resource.

  • 72 inches in width by 48 inches in thickness. 7 millimeters in thickness. PVC is used as a material.

According to the maker, this yoga mat offers enough space for two yogis to practice on it. It has a four-foot-wide and six-foot-long footprint, and it delivers. Additionally, this Gaiam mat has 7mm of joint-friendly padding as well as a textured, non-slip surface that is meant to keep you from sliding around. It’s supportive and strong enough to endure even the most difficult poses and even outside practice without losing its shape or durability. The integrated straps make it simple to transport your yoga mat wherever your yoga journey may take you.

5. Best Budget: DAWAY Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

  • Dimensions: 26 inches broad by 72 inches long
  • Thickness: 6 millimeters Elastomers that are thermoplastic in nature

This mat may be the most affordable option on our list, but it does not skimp on quality or functionality in any way. It has a non-slip surface that is double-sided and has engraved marks to assist you in finding the proper alignment for your hands and feet. Furthermore, the comfortable, 6mm-thick pad ensures that your joints receive ample support. It will also appeal to the environmentally aware yogi to know that this DAWAY mat is constructed entirely of recyclable materials. It also helps that it comes with a carrying bag, which is convenient.

  • The size of your yoga mat will be determined by your body type, personal taste, and the amount of space available for it.
  • If you find that your sides are constricted during your flows, especially when adding yoga props such as blocks, you may want to consider using a mat that is 26 inches or wider than normal.
  • There are ultra-thin types that may be rolled up neatly for travel, as well as plush variants for individuals who need more padding for their sensitive joints.
  • The basic yoga mat is around 3mm or 1/8-inch thick and is suitable for the majority of yoga practices.
  • You may choose from a variety of yoga mat materials, but Tabilo suggests focusing on non-slip choices first.

The majority of yoga mats are composed of PVC, which provides a good amount of grip. Although there are newer, more environmentally friendly materials on the market that will help you stick, natural and recycled rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, and other such materials are available (TPE).

More Great Yoga Accessories

This page was last updated on February 3, 2022 at 15:39 UTC. Yoga newbies in 2022, here’s a list of the top yoga tools and equipment you’ll need to get started. Get your yoga practice off to a flying start with the help of a yoga mat, strap, block, and bolster. No matter if you’re new to yoga or planning to take a class at the gym, or a seasoned practitioner looking to update your gear, here are our yogamust-haves to help you get the most out of your practice this year. Of course, yoga has been performed for thousands of years without the use of any equipment, but the use of equipment can be beneficial.

If you’re looking for a little additional stretch, a strap is the answer.

Take a look around for an useful brick.

This one from Cork Space is perfect for the occasion.

Yoga Mat

In our experience, a decent yoga mat can make a significant difference to your practice, and this Cork Space version has to be one of our favorites. In order to manufacture this 4mm thick long-lasting yoga mat made of natural materials, the family-run company blends environmental methods with a passion for yoga. What’s more, the finest thing is. It actually becomes less slippy the more you sweat, which is almost the polar opposite of every other mat we’ve tried. This means sweaty hands, strenuous sessions, and even hot yoga are not a concern.


Having a decent yoga mat can make a significant difference to your practice, and this Cork Space version has to be one of our top picks. To make this 4mm thick, long-lasting yoga mat from natural materials, the family-run company blends environmental techniques with a passion for yoga. Moreover, the best thing is that it is completely free. It actually becomes less slippy the more you sweat, which is almost the polar opposite of every other mat we’ve tried. This means sweaty hands, strenuous sessions, and even hot yoga are not a problem.

Yoga Strap

A strap – or belt, as it’s frequently referred to – is one of the most simple aids for your yoga practice, and it’s a great assist for beginners, those who aren’t particularly flexible, and those of us who simply want that little additional push. This essential piece of equipment will aid you in reaching deeper or getting into areas where your hands are simply unable to reach due to limitations in their reach. Casall Cotton-canvas yoga strap, $295, available at Net-a-Porter.


A strap – or belt, as it’s frequently referred to – is one of the most simple aids for your yoga practice, and it’s a great assist for beginners, those who aren’t particularly flexible, and those of us who simply want that little additional push.

This essential piece of equipment will aid you in reaching further or getting into areas where your hands are unable to reach comfortably. £25 (Net-a-Porter) Casall Cotton-Canvas Yoga Strap


This buckwheat-filled bolster is one of the most cheap choices available on the market, and it makes for an excellent addition to any kit. A bolster is an excellent addition to Yin yoga since it provides excellent support for the body when maintaining extended postures, allows you to gradually work your way into poses, and gives additional comfort over a basic yoga mat. Although this bolster is heavier than synthetic-filled bolsters, we like the additional sensation of support it provides as well as the fact that it is an environmentally responsible choice.


If you’re wanting to tone up your arms while also increasing the difficulty of your yoga practice, adding wrist weights to your routine may be the answer for you. The Bala Bangles are one of the most popular alternatives available right now. Available in a variety of trendy colorways and a basic design, these unobtrusive training weights are a perfect complement to any fitness routine. – Cult Beauty sells Bala Bangles 1LB Wrist/Ankle Bangles for £49.95.


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Despite popular belief that yoga is not the most demanding type of exercise, maintaining a plank, a headstand, or even a three-legged dog may be quite challenging. Additionally, like with any sort of physical activity, it might become sweaty. Having a decent microfiber towel on hand for a fast wipe down is always a good idea, and it can be folded up for excellent neck support during Shavasana. Amazon has a Microfibre Towel for £12.99.


With so many of us still being cautious with germs, washing our hands, and generally trying to live a little more mindfully, it’s never a bad idea to give your yoga mat a nice scrub every now and again to keep it looking fresh. Tea Tree and Lavender oil are used in this spray, which is antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal in nature, making it particularly good for those of us who go to the gym or group yoga classes for our yoga practice. Yoga Mat Spray by Way of Will, £12, available through Free People


A weighted blanket, which is more of a luxury than a necessity, may be quite beneficial in calming you down and sealing your practice after a particularly challenging session. It’s a terrific tool to use while attempting to enter into a deep Shavasana and meditation since it’s designed to assist reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Furthermore, this stylish grey alternative from John Lewis will complement the majority of couches or may be used as a bed spread when you’re not practicing. £80, John Lewis Partners Specialist Synthetic Weighted Blanket, 4.5kg, John Lewis Partners


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