Menstrual Essentials

Top 10 Period Essentials Kit

Your period occurs once a month; make sure you’re prepared to have your greatest period ever by following our guide to period basics.

1. Women’s Perfectly Cozy Notch Collar Pajama Set

Not sure about you, but being comfortable during our period is something we look forward to. Say welcome to the most comfortable pair of pajamas you’ll ever put on your person. This is a serious question. Is there a limit to how many times you can wear them in a row before they get uncomfortable? Answer: No (spoiler alert: it’s not true!)

2. ClaryCalm Monthly Blend for Women

Emotional? It’s all right! This essential oil mix is like relaxing magic in a roller bottle, and we love it. Throughout the entire cycle, you’ll see us slapping ourselves in the face.

3. Huggable Uterus Cooling + Heating Pad

Oh, hello there, sweetie! Meet our favorite hot pack, the Snuggly Hot Pack. Cuddle up with this pad and watch as all of your negative energies are melted away.

4. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Okay, Justin’s, we see what you’re saying. THIS IS A FOOD WE CANNOT STOP EATING. With these scrumptious peanut butter cups, you can satisfy your period cravings. They’re made from natural materials. Which implies it’s essentially the same as eating a salad, correct?

5. Ballet Slipper Throw Blanket

There is just one term for it. HEAVEN. Until the day we discovered this blanket, we had never wrapped ourselves in such luxurious comfort. Saranoni, we are completely smitten with you.

6. 24 oz Standard Mouth Hydro Flask

It’s critical to remain hydrated while cycling, and having a decent water bottle on hand may make all the difference. Drink enough of water so that you may wave goodbye to period pains and bloating!

7. The DUO Pack Saalt Menstrual Cups

During your period, this will be your greatest buddy! The following product should be your first choice if you had to pick only one period necessary product! Aside from being quite useful, salt cups are also really attractive. We are firm believers in the period cup.

8. Saalt Wear Leakproof High Waist Brief

Period underwear that provides complete covering, complete comfort, and complete protection. Comfort and freshness are guaranteed thanks to the smooth, soft, flexible body fabric of this pair of Saalt Wear! This will quickly become your new favorite pair of pants!

9. Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray

We may have gone a little far with the hand sanitizer metaphor. However, we’re rather certain that we can’t live without it. The cleanliness of one’s hands is quite important around here!

10. Curad Alcohol Prep Pads

The quickest and most convenient method to clean your cup on the move! Make use of these alcohol wipes to keep your menstruation cup sparkling clean!

10 Things That Make Periods Easier Than Ever To Deal With

CosmoWomen are kicking asses and taking names in greater numbers than ever before. Dealing with the difficulties of periods, both big and small—surprise leaks, disruptive PMS symptoms, feminine product waste, to mention a few—has never been simpler owing to a bevy of industry-changing products. In rare instances, you may be able to totally eliminate them. Continue reading to find out. Thanks to Clue1of10 for the image. Apps that track your movements in real time Clue began out as a period-tracking app, but it has evolved into a website that offers a wealth of information on menstruation and vaginal health education tools.

  • For example, I’m scheduled to receive mine on my birthday.
  • At the very least, I’ll be ready!
  • Stains are unavoidable.
  • Clorox 2’s Totally Spot-Less has been specially developed to eliminate blood spots from your garments and other fabrics.
  • There are no stains at all.
  • Escape the monotony of black leggings and inject some color into your wardrobe with these bright and colorful options.

Designed to be worn for 12 hours, Flex is a disposable menstruation disc that won’t get in the way of sex—literally.

(Sorry.) The Flex Company is a company that specializes in bending and bending-related products.

PantyProp5of10Leak-Protecting Swimwear is available for purchase now.

Bathing suits from the company are available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to enjoy the beach or pool without having to worry about leaving any form of trace.

(I’ve been there.) Lola is a subscription business that allows you to tailor how many tampons, pads, or liners you believe you’ll need each month based on your personal preferences and expectations.

Kits start at $8 per box and go up from there.

With a cup, you can go through the day – 12 hours — without having to count on your fingers (like I do to determine how many tampons to pack).

This reusable cup may need to be inserted a few times, but once it is, you can relax since there will be no leaks or smells (because the blood will not be exposed to oxygen outside your body).

Lily Cups start at $25 in the SHOP.

A drug-free approach of relieving menstrual cramps, which is really cool and contemporary, is used to treat these cramping symptoms.

$153SHOP for the Livia kit Thanks to Lunapads, we have 9 of 10 Planet-Saving Pads available right now.

They’re made to keep you dry even on the wettest of days and to keep your garments safe from leaking water.

Lunapads start at $12 in the SHOP.

Thinx underwear is available in a variety of colors and styles.

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Tampons, Pads, and Other Period Supplies (for Teens)

Whenever you get a period, you’ll need to use something to soak up the menstrual blood that will come with it. There are a plethora of various items available on the market. Some experimenting may be required to determine what works best for you. The majority of females employ one or more of the following:

What Are Pads?

Pads are rectangles of absorbent material that are attached to the inside of a girl’s underwear and capture her menstrual blood while she is on her period. They’re also referred to as sanitary pads or sanitary napkins in some circles. Some pads contain additional material on the sides to protect the user’s hands. It is necessary to fold these “wings” over the borders of your underpants in order to keep the pad in place and prevent leaks from occurring. Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the following: Some girls experience more menstrual flow than others, and some girls experience less menstrual bleeding.

Pads are available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies.

It may take a little bit of trial and error to find the correct pad for the different stages of your cycle, so be patient.

However, in some females, they might irritate the vaginal area or even induce an allergic response.

How Do You Use Pads?

Even if you have a light flow, it is recommended that you change your pads every 3–4 hours. Regular changing helps to avoid the growth of bacteria and the production of odor. If you have a higher flow rate, you may need to change your pads more frequently to ensure that you do not leak. There are two sorts of pads that perform the same function but are applied in somewhat different ways.

  • Pads that are disposable. On the underside of most pads is a sticky strip that holds the pad in place. You next push the pad into the crotch of your underwear after peeling away the paper strip that covers the glue on the pad. If the pad has wings, you should wrap the wings around the bottom of the crotch to secure it. To take the pad out of your underwear, just unstick it from the underwear and wrap it in toilet paper. Place it in the trash can or in the specific disposal box that can be found in most restroom stalls to avoid contamination. Never attempt to flush a pad down the toilet since the toilet may become clogged, resulting in an enormous mess. Pads that can be reused. After each time you use these pads, they are thoroughly cleaned. They may be found at natural health stores as well as on the internet. These types of pads are attached to a girl’s underwear by means of a snap or clip. Girls may choose to use these pads because they believe they are more environmentally friendly or because they want to save money. Ultimately, it is a question of individual choice.

What Are Tampons?

Tampons are used to absorb blood from the interior of the vaginal canal. Similarly to a pad, a tampon is constructed of absorbent material that has been compacted into a short tube. Tampons are available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies to accommodate both heavier and lighter periods. Tampons can also be purchased with or without deodorant built in. Tampons do not require the use of deodorant, however, because changing tampons on a regular basis typically eliminates any unpleasant odor.

Some tampons come with an applicator to make application easier.

Other tampons are inserted with the help of a finger.

An applicator with a rounded tip might be extremely useful for those who are just starting out. When you use a tampon for the first time, aim to do it on a day when you have a lot of flow. This will make it simpler for the tampon to glide in.

How Do You Use Tampons?

An applicator or a finger is used to insert a tampon into the vaginal canal. Following a thorough washing of your hands, thoroughly read the instructions that come with the tampons and take time to relax. It is critical that you replace your tampons every few hours and that you use the absorbency kind that is appropriate for your situation. Tampons should be changed every 4–6 hours or whenever they become soaked with blood. Tampons have a thread tied to one end that is kept outside of a girl’s body when she is using them.

  1. Wrap it up in toilet paper and toss it in the garbage can.
  2. In some plumbing systems, even though the package specifies that a tampon can be flushed, tampons might still cause complications.
  3. In the event that you neglect to change your diaper, you may have spotting or leaking on your underwear or clothes.
  4. The tampon is still in its original location.
  5. It may take a minute or two to complete since the string may be difficult to hold on to.
  6. It is not possible, however, for this to occur.
  7. Tampons should be changed on a regular basis.
  8. A girl, on the other hand, may have a discharge, an odor, or an illness.
  9. Girls are placed at risk for a rare but extremely serious condition known as toxic shock syndrome when they do this (TSS).

What Is a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is put into the vaginal canal in the same way as a tampon is. Instead of absorbing blood, the cup captures it just as it is about to flow out of the vaginal opening. Menstrual cups are composed of flexible materials such as rubber or silicone, which allows them to be worn comfortably. When the cup is full, you won’t be able to tell, so empty it (or, in the case of disposable cups, toss it away) multiple times during the day. This is explained in detail in the cup’s accompanying instruction manual.

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A menstrual cup, on the other hand, does not prevent pregnancy.

How Do I Decide What to Use?

It is entirely up to you the form of period protection you choose. Tampons are popular among certain women since they are small and convenient to carry in a handbag or pocket. Tampons and cups are especially useful for females who participate in sports such as swimming, because you are not permitted to use a pad in the water. Some females like pads because they are simple to use and it is simpler to remember when to replace them because you can see the pads become drenched with blood as you use them.

In addition, some women who have heavy periods use tampons in conjunction with pads or pantiliners to provide additional protection against leakage. Many young women alternate between the two based on:

  • Their position, where they’re going to be, their menstrual flow, the time of day (day or night covering), and other details.

Their current circumstances; where they intend to go; their menstrual cycle; the time of day (day or night coverage); : period essentials

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Microwavable Moist Heating Pad – Reusable Warming Compress Bag for Your Joint Pain, Aches, Cramps, Arthritis, Earaches, Lower Back, Sinus Headaches, Tennis Elbow, TMJ, Eye Styes, and Menstrual Pains

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14 Period Essentials For Women

Medical Daily provides links to things in order to assist our readers in discovering interesting products. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission. Here are the terms and conditions. Please see this link for licensing information. It’s unpleasant to be on your period. That is a universally acknowledged fact among women. Mood swings and the like are common side effects of menstruation, in addition to the bleeding, cramps, irritability, bloating, and other symptoms.

  1. Lena Menstrual Cup (picture courtesy of Lena) Lena’s Menstruation Cup is a reusable menstrual cup that captures the blood flow that occurs once a month.
  2. It is suitable for menstruation users of all ages and may be worn for up to 12 hours at a time without discomfort.
  3. 2.
  4. This menstrual cup delivers up to 12 hours of leak-free protection while remaining tight, comfortable, and convenient.
  5. This menstruation cup has received over 5,295 positive ratings and is a perfect alternative to pads and tampons.
  6. The Menstrual Cup from Pixie Cup Without ever using chemicals, the Sterilizer is able to remove 99.9 percent of hazardous bacteria and germs in your menstrual cups and tampons.
  7. It is simple to use, tiny, and lightweight, and it is an excellent method of keeping your menstrual cups clean.

DivaCup DivaWash (Image courtesy of DivaCup) In addition, DivaCup’s DivaWashesis a 100 percent plant-based menstrual cup cleaner that has a naturally pH-balanced composition that is mild and fragrance-free, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

Its concentrated recipe helps you lessen your carbon footprint, making it an excellent choice for those who care about the environment.

These pads provide exceptional menstruation and incontinence protection for women by providing three benefits in one: dryness, comfort, and odor control.

These pads are available in two different lengths: Long Length and Regular Length.

Photo courtesy of Rael Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads These pads are made from organic, natural, and healthy materials.

They are created with hypoallergenic, breathable sheets that help to eliminate unwanted smells and discomfort while also offering the greatest levels of period protection available on the market.

wegreeco Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads (picture courtesy of wegreeco) reusable sanitary pads comprised of a waterproof outer layer of cotton sanitary napkin and a softer, bamboo inner layer by wegreeco are a great option for women who want to save money on sanitary products.

The fragrance of these reusable sanitary pads is neutralized in addition to absorbing fluids.


Summer’s Eve’s Cleansing Cloths are presently on sale for 33 percent off, with an extra 15 percent discount if you sign up for their subscribe and save program for the first time.

You may use them all day long because they are carefully developed for your external vaginal region and are intended to help you keep and feel fresh and clean all day.

Cora Body Cloths (picture courtesy of Cora) Cora’s Body Cloths are made of 100 percent bamboo and are infused with coconut oil, lavender essential oil, aloe vera, chamomile water, and red raspberry leaf to provide a luxurious bathing experience.

This product’s special combination of essential oils has natural cleaning effects, and the plant-based moisturizers it contains help to prevent irritation and drying.

Vagisil Anti-Itch Medicated Wipes (picture courtesy of Vagisil)Vagisil’s Anti-Itch Medicated Wipes are now on sale at a discounted rate of 42 percent.

When they come into touch with extreme itching, they wipe it away immediately.

It also has a proprietary odor block technology that aids in the prevention of odors.

Cora Organic Tampons (Image courtesy of Cora) They are constructed of healthy, comfy, highly-absorbent biodegradable organic cotton and are pesticide, bleach, and fragrance-free.

They are packaged in a BPA-free, completely recyclable plastic applicator with a gentle tip that allows for simple entry into the mouth.

Midol in his entirety (picture courtesy of Midol) Midol’s Complete is presently available at a discounted price of 29 percent.

An extra-strength mix is included, which includes acetaminophen, which is a pain killer, caffeine, and an antihistmine, which helps to combat tiredness and bloating.

Pamprin’s Menstrual Pain Relief is available in a variety of strengths.

a discount on the CrampCareH PMS/Menstrual Cramps Relief Heat Patch (photo: CrampCareHCrampCareH’s PMS/Menstrual Cramps Relief Heat Patch) CrampCareH’s PMS/Menstrual Cramps Relief Heat Patch is presently on sale for 30 percent off.

It has patented side wings that cover a larger region of your lower abdomen than other similar products. Easily connected to underwear and concealed behind clothing, it provides effective pain relief everywhere you go.

11 Products That’ll Help Get You Through Your Period

Few women look forward to their period, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience for them (and if it is, you should check whethersomething else might be wrong). A few well-chosen items might assist to alleviate the discomfort and boost your attitude. Here are some items recommended by Sherry Ross, M.D., an ob-gyn and author of She-ology, that may be able to help you have a less terrible period (and don’t we all want that? ), and that have been authorized by her. 1. Frankincense essential oil This essential oil, which you may apply to your skin or simply breathe in, is said to help balance your hormones and alleviate PMS symptoms in women.

  1. 2.
  2. It can also be used as a nutritional supplement.
  3. Underwear for menstrual periods Pants like those worn during the period For women who have heavy or unexpected periods, Thinx can help avoid leakage, according to Ross.
  4. 4.
  5. “I assume that the fact that it has a high concentration of potent and important vitamins and minerals contributes to its effectiveness as a therapy choice,” explains Ross.
  6. Reusable containers and liners Party in my Pants pads are a favorite of ours because they bring a little bit of fun to the not-so-fun duty of period leak avoidance, and because they’re washable and reusable, they save you the inconvenience (and money) of having to buy new pads every month.
  7. Subscribe to Monthly Gift, which delivers a package of tampons, pads, and “emergency chocolate” to your door every time you receive your period, preventing you from being stranded.

A combination of essential oils The Young Living Dragon Time solution, which combines essential oils of fennel, clary sage, marjoram, lavender, blue yarrow, and jasmine, is one of our favorite products.

Ross has a suspicion With only a limited number of women having tried it, Livia, a wearable gadget that purports to relieve period problems using shock treatment, looks to be too good to be true.

Using heat to relieve aches and pains is usually a smart idea, especially when dealing with chronic pain.


A herbal drink called Moon Cycle Tea from Yogi Teas, which contains dong quai, chaste tree berry, organic raspberry leaf, and chamomile, can help “minimize the moderate stress and anxiety associated with PMS,” according to Ross.

Obviously, if you’re having debilitating periods, these aren’t a substitute for consulting with your doctor. For those who want to avoid the typical PMS symptoms, figuring out which of these works best for them now might spare them years of cramping, leakage, and mood swings in the future.

Period Essentials to Make ‘That Time of the Month’ Easier

September 18, 2017 is a Monday. Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser have rewarded the author of this article for their efforts. All of my opinions are entirely my own. PeriodConfidenceTryTheDivaCupCollectiveBias We women have a lot to deal with. Then there’s “Aunt Flo,” who comes once a month to see us and laugh at our crazy, and often painful, grooming regimens. Some women have relatively easy menstrual cycles, while others have significantly more difficult periods. No matter what you struggle with every month, I’ve compiled a terrific list of my favorite period staples that could just make your ‘time of the month’ a little less stressful, as well.

  • Hover your cursor over the image to proceed directly to the next page!
  • Simply search for the phrase and you’ll come across a plethora of results.
  • You can program them to keep track of a variety of factors, such as when you’ll feel most bloated, queasy, PMS-y, or aroused, among other things.
  • Let’s start with some things that will help your head feel better.
  • Is it just me, or does it seem like comfort food and beverages are the order of the day here?
  • Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to enjoy a little during your period for a few days at a time.
  • You could like an iced coffee or a smoothie, for example.
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Exercise can also be beneficial for stress reduction, although some women find it too painful to do so during their periods.

Take into consideration your individual cycle and do what seems right for you.

Tight waistbands are a source of constant discomfort.

Just be sure you know what you’re going to need and that you have it on hand.

Some nice additions to your pack might be luxurious pajamas, a fuzzy throw blanket, an indulgent moisturizing cream, a cooling mask, and your favorite body spray, amongst other things.

If you do, there are a few items you may include in your kit to make things easier.

If you’re experiencing such symptoms, standard pain medicines won’t be enough to help you.

However, if I have to be on the road, I use capsaicin-based heating patches that are easy to peel and attach to my skin.

*sigh* These are the next best thing to the real thing.

I switched to a vegetarian diet around 7 years ago and haven’t looked back.

Every month, I was essentially confined to my home for a few days at a time.

Once I made the transition, I couldn’t think of any drawbacks.

There were several advantages, including convenience, comfort, zero waste, long lasting, and long wearing.

The product may be found in a variety of locations (find a store near youhere), and I purchased mine at Walmart in the Feminine Care section.

As a result, it will neither dry you out or disturb the pH balance of your vaginal environment.

They are available in two sizes and are appropriate for both girls and women of all ages.

The DivaCup is devoid of chemicals, plastic, BPA, latex, and dyes, and it provides 12 hours of leak-free protection.

You can even keep track of your flow quantities for use with a period app or for reporting to your doctor if necessary.

There are no wrappers or strings to dispose of or flush; you won’t find a more environmentally friendly period anywhere else.

A DivaWash is also available, which is a botanically-based, all-natural cleaner that is particularly developed to maintain the silicone material of The DivaCup, as well as other products.

It may also be used as a daily facial cleanser as well as a shower or bath gel.

They are also easy to transport and come with a lovely drawstring storage case.

It is far more convenient to travel with a soft silicone menstruation cup.

Learn more about The DivaCuphere by visiting their website.

A member of the DivaCup Consumer Care Team is available to address any questions or issues you may have.

This staff is truly the finest to contact, and they are extremely accommodating to their clients’ needs.

PIN ME IF YOU LIKE: I hope this list will be of assistance to you during your period struggles.

If I’ve learnt anything, it is that a new pair of comfortable pajamas and a chocolate bar may go a long way towards making life pleasant again.

Have you ever had a period and utilized a menstrual cup?

Hello, my name is Holly.

I’m a modern Southern mom of two who is obsessed with DIY projects and loves to dress up in fancy clothes and shoes. Our family enjoys spending time together, traveling, and trying new things, and I write about it all on my blog, Southern Mom Loves.

Periods in the pandemic: 9 things we need to know

Lockdowns, restricted borders, and halted companies are just some of the effects of the coronavirus epidemic that is affecting so many people. One of these ramifications is that it affects everyone who has menstrual periods. Here are nine statistics from UNICEF and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) concerning different times of the pandemic:

1. Menstruation is not a sign of COVID-19

Periods are a healthy and natural part of life. It is not a symptom of a medical condition. However, there are other misunderstandings about menstruation and COVID-19 that circulate around the world, including the notion that menstruation is a sign of COVID-19 and that menstrual women are more likely to infect others. Such superstitions have no medical basis, yet they might contribute to the social shame associated with menstruation.

2. Menstrual suppliesareessential items

As a result of economic disturbances, women and girls may find themselves without access to hygiene supplies. Sanitary pads and tampons, menstruation cups, reusable napkins, pain medicine, and soap are examples of items that fall under this category. For the health, dignity, and well-being of all women who menstruate, it is essential that they have access to basic hygiene items. Decision-makers must make certain that these products are designated vital and that they are always available. A clear message is given when menstruation-related items are regarded essential: the health, dignity, and welfare of all persons who menstruate are prioritized over other considerations.

3. People in health care facilities do not have easy access to menstrual hygiene products

The availability of menstrual hygiene products for patients in hospitals and quarantine is a significant problem. Facility managers must address the possible loss of access by ensuring that appropriate supplies are available, and staff members must be educated to respond to these demands in a sensitive manner.

4. Health workers, like everyone else, need menstrual health supplies

Women account for approximately 70% of all healthcare employees. They must labor long hours under severe pressure in order to properly respond to the epidemic. Not only do they require access to period hygiene products, but they also require the time and resources necessary to manage their menstrual health properly. This is especially true for front-line health professionals who are required to wear personal protection equipment (PPE) while on the job (PPE). Inability to quickly change menstrual hygiene materials due to the time required to put on and remove personal protection equipment (PPE) results in women bleed into protective suits, control menstrual flow through the use of oral contraceptives, or even lose days of work.

5. Poverty makes it harder to access menstrual hygiene supplies and care

People who live in poverty already experience challenges in acquiring menstrual hygiene products and other relevant health services, much alone obtaining them. They are now confronted with even greater challenges, as businesses and public transportation are disappearing, expenses are rising, and the economy is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Women have also reported being compelled to put food and water above personal care goods, according to reports.

With each passing day that passes during this epidemic, the susceptibility of individuals living in severe poverty and crisis situations grows, while access to sexual and reproductive health treatments and information diminishes.

6. COVID-19 threatens the rights and health of vulnerable people who menstruate

Time may be turned into a period of hardship and shame if there is gender inequality, extreme poverty, humanitarian crises, or detrimental customs in place. As access to sexual and reproductive health treatments and information continues to dwindle as a result of the epidemic, these vulnerabilities will only grow in severity. Persons with impairments, people in jail, refugee and migrant women, and occupants of shelters are all at risk of suffering from shortages and diminished privacy as a result of the lockdown situation.

7. Preventing COVID-19 goes hand-in-hand with good menstrual hygiene

In addition to contributing to the overall pandemic response, providing water, sanitation, and hygiene services to individuals in displacement camps, informal settlements, and disadvantaged communities is beneficial. While these services are more necessary than ever, they are also more vulnerable than ever to being jeopardized. These areas are now experiencing a scarcity of soap, cleaning supplies, and maintenance personnel. All of this will have a negative impact on both the COVID-19 response as well as the health and rights of women and girls who are menstruating.

8. Information about menstrual health and hygiene is hard to come by in the pandemic

In the same way that education and health services have been affected, the flow of fundamental knowledge regarding menstruation health and cleanliness has also been hampered. More than ever, we must come up with new and innovative ways to educate people about menstruation – to debunk myths and promote positive, factual information about menstruation, both to raise awareness and to eliminate stigma and shame associated with the period.

9. Harmful menstruation traditions leave people vulnerable to the pandemic

In certain cultures, it is customary to send menstruation women to a’menstrual hut’ or to a relative’s house, which may impair a menstruating woman’s capacity to engage in physical distance activities. Other detrimental practices forbid women from cleaning their genitals or touching their genitals when they are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some believe that women who are menstruation might contaminate water supplies or restrooms. The taboos and customs associated with menstruation lead to marginalization and vulnerability even in normal conditions.

How we’re responding

Some customs dictate that menstruation women should be taken to a’menstrual hut’ or to a relative’s house, which may impair a menstruating woman’s capacity to participate in physical distance from other people. While menstruation, certain detrimental customs forbid women from cleaning their genitals or touching their genitals. People who menstruate have been accused of contaminating drinking water supplies and restrooms. The taboos and customs associated with menstruation lead to marginalization and vulnerability even under normal conditions.

  1. Organic Cotton Cover Pads: Pillowy soft for a comfy, leak-free amount of time
  2. Organic cotton cover pads Heating Patch: This patch provides therapeutic heat to relieve period cramps. Fresh Feeling Natural Feminine Wipes: flushable wipes for on-the-go use that leave you feeling clean and fresh
  3. Natural Feminine Wash: Clean, natural ingredients help to maintain a healthy pH balance in the vaginal area.

Pillowy soft organic cotton cover pads provide a pleasant and leak-free time. Using a heating patch, you can get relief from period pains. Fresh Feeling Natural Feminine Wipes: flushable wipes for on-the-go use that leave you feeling clean and refreshed; With pure, natural ingredients, Natural Feminine Wash helps to maintain a healthy vaginal PH balance.

Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps: What Works?

Essential oils have been used to treat a range of illnesses for hundreds of years, ranging from headaches to heartburn to indigestion. In today’s society, as more and more individuals seek alternative therapies, these strong plant oils are regaining in favor. Aromatherapy is made possible by the essential oils of plants, which emit a pleasant scent. When essential oils are diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the skin, they are known as carrier oils. It is not recommended to take essential oils internally.

  • Although the majority of medical research supports the use of essential oils as an aromatherapy treatment, just a few studies have indicated that they can be beneficial in other ways.
  • Essential oils are often found in cosmetics and some foods, and they have several applications.
  • Only a few oils, on the other hand, have sufficient clinically meaningful studies to warrant its use as a medical treatment in addition to aromatherapy.
  • It is possible that the following essential oils would be beneficial in alleviating menstrual cramps:
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In addition to treating a range of illnesses, essential oils have been used to alleviate headaches and heartburn for ages. Today, as more and more individuals resort to alternative therapies, these strong plant oils are regaining in favor. Aromatherapy is provided by the essential oils of plants, which emit a scent. If you dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil, you can use them topically on the skin. It is not recommended to take essential oils orally. Some of them are harmful to the environment.

Learn all you need to know about using essential oils to alleviate menstruation cramps in this comprehensive guide.

They’re also well-known as effective aromatherapy techniques for reducing tension and anxiety levels.

It is possible to discover some support for the use of these oils as alternative medicines if you go through the research that has been done.


Although cinnamon is best known for its culinary applications, the pungent spice has also been utilized for ages in alternative medicinal therapies such as pain relief.

Cinnamon has long been recognized for its ability to alleviate inflammation in the body. Massage your lower abdomen with cinnamon essential oil may help to decrease inflammation and the feelings of menstrual cramps, according to research.

Oil blends

In addition to its culinary use, cinnamon has been utilized in alternative medicinal remedies for millennia, according to the American Herbal Products Association. Cinnamon has long been recognized for its ability to alleviate inflammation in the human body. Massage your lower belly with cinnamon essential oil may help to decrease inflammation and the feelings of menstrual cramps, according to some research. These oils were added to the almond oil to make it more flavorful. The oil mixture was to be massaged into the abdomens of the women participating in the trial.

  • If you’re wanting to utilize essential oils to ease menstrual cramps, rubbing the oils into the afflicted region is generally believed to be the most effective method of treatment.
  • When used in conjunction with powerful oils, carrier oils serve to stretch the potency of the oils while making them easier to apply and utilize during a massage.
  • Take a look at: How using birth control can have an impact on cramps « Prior to massaging your entire lower abdomen with these essential oil products, test a tiny patch of skin with each product to ensure that it is safe.
  • If you suffer any irritation or pain while using the oils, you should discontinue usage.
  • No of whether or not your doctor has prescribed this therapy for you, sharing information with your doctor about the therapies you are receiving is always a good idea.
  • Inform your doctor about all of the medications and supplements you are taking so that they can keep an eye out for any interactions or problems.

Pain relievers

Menstrual cramps are often relieved with over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pain medications. However, there are some exceptions. Beginning a low-dose pain reliever a day or two before your estimated period start date is a good time to start. This may prevent you from experiencing uncomfortable cramps. Continue to take the tablets for another two or three days into your period, or until the cramps subside completely.


When it comes to managing menstrual cramps, over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pain medications are typically effective. Starting a low-dose pain medication a day or two before your expected period start date is a good time to start.

This may assist you in avoiding unpleasant cramps in your legs and feet. You should continue taking the tablets for another two or three days into your period, or until the cramps have subsided.

Hormonal birth control

The use of birth control is not limited to women who are attempting to avoid pregnancy. Menstrual cramps can be alleviated with the use of birth control. In certain situations, birth control can completely eliminate the need for menstruation. Consult your doctor if over-the-counter pain medications or birth control methods are not effective in alleviating your symptoms. They may recommend a drug that is only available by prescription. If you’re thinking about using essential oils to relieve your menstrual cramps, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Find a trustworthy supplier

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States does not regulate essential oils. The FDA maintains a list of essential oils that are “generally regarded as safe,” but they do not check or test them for purity because they do not make any claims about their effectiveness as a therapy. For this reason alone, it is critical that you choose an oil firm that you can rely on to provide you with pure oils. Many of these oils may be rather costly, especially in bulk. Don’t squander your money on a lower quality product.

Do your research

Once you’ve discovered an oil you can rely on, it’s critical that you feel comfortable utilizing the item. Consult with an aromatherapist or your doctor to learn more about the correct application of these oils. You should be able to get assistance and answers to your queries from the business or website where you buy your essential oils.

Watch for side effects

Given that essential oils haven’t been well investigated, it’s conceivable that certain negative effects aren’t yet well-understandable. If you begin to experience any strange symptoms after taking essential oils, discontinue usage of the product immediately. Contact your doctor and have them look into what could be creating the problems for you. More information may be found at: Use of birth control to avoid your menstruation in a safe manner »

First period: Starter kit

Stages of Life The thought of getting your first period might be stressful, but we’ve prepared this guide to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way on that day. Preparing for your first period is essential if you want to have less anxieties when it finally arrives. Here is our first period beginning package, which will allow you to relax and be prepared for what is to come.

When will I get my first period?

Stages of life You may feel overwhelmed when you get your period for the first time, but we’ve prepared you with all you need to know about your period before it arrives. If you can plan ahead for your first period, you’ll have less concerns once the time comes. So that you can relax and know what to anticipate, we’ve put together our very first period starting package for you.


The Stages of One’s Life When you get your period for the first time, it might be daunting, but we’ve prepared this guide to help you understand all you need to know.

Preparing for your first period is essential if you want to have less concerns when it finally arrives. Here is our first period starting package to help you relax and prepare for what is to come.

  • The development of breasts
  • The appearance of pimples
  • The growth of underarm and pubic hair

After your first period, you may begin to experience PMS, although the severity of the symptoms may vary from person to person. Some women are completely unaware of it, while others may feel symptoms such as stomach pains, bloating, mood swings, and headaches before or during their periods. What exactly is PMS? More information may be found here.

Exercising on your period

When you get your period, you are under no need to stop doing the things you enjoy. If you want to keep active throughout your cycle, there are several possibilities. Consequently, no matter what you enjoy doing, you may discover the appropriate feminine hygiene products to assist you; swimming; hiking; tennis; you name it! Furthermore, exercise can aid in the relief of period discomfort and can even aid in the speeding up of the passage of your periods.

Starter Kit checklist

When you first begin menstruation, it is possible that your periods will be erratic. You will not always be able to forecast when the next event will occur, in other words. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry a tiny period kit with you wherever you go, so that you are not surprised by the arrival of your period kit. Here’s a list of things you can bring with you to feel prepared: What to bring with you:

  • The following items are required: tampons, menstruation cups, pads, or panty liners (your option)
  • Baby wipes, extra underwear, and a moderate pain killer are all good ideas.

Dealing with leaks

During the first few days of your period, it’s normal to be concerned about your period leaking or showing through your clothes. Most women will be able to relate a tale of a time when she didn’t anticipate a leak and had to deal with it, so know that you are not alone in this! Make sure you’re happy with your choice of period products and that you always have a pad on available to boost your self-confidence. Don’t be afraid to confide in a female teacher or a school nurse if you’re having problems at school; they’ll be more than pleased to assist you.

Safety tips

While starting your period, it’s normal to be concerned about your period leaking or being apparent through your clothes. Most women will be able to relate a tale about a time when she didn’t anticipate a leak and had to deal with it, so know that you are not alone in this experience. Be confident in your choice of period products and keep a pad on hand at all times to give yourself greater confidence. Don’t be afraid to confide in a female teacher or a school nurse if you’re having problems at school; they’ll be pleased to assist you.

When to ask for help or to talk to a doctor

Your first period will bring with it a slew of new symptoms that you will be unfamiliar with, making it difficult to determine whether or not what you are feeling is typical. However, while the majority of ordinary problems may be alleviated with medicines, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to suffer in silence if you are experiencing extreme pain, mood changes, or excessive bleeding. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor or inform an adult you trust:

  • Severe discomfort (to the point of collapsing)
  • There is a lot of bleeding
  • Early in life (before the age of 9) or late in life (beyond the age of 15)
  • Acne on a grand scale
  • Severe melancholy and debilitating sensations surrounding your menstrual cycle

It is possible for your doctor to assist you in finding relief from problems that are preventing you from attending school or engaging in everyday activities. Even while having your period might be a little uncomfortable at first, you’ll grow used to it quite quickly. Furthermore, your menstrual cycle is a fascinating process that may teach you a lot about yourself and help you understand yourself better.

Take solace in the knowledge that millions of individuals have gone through their periods before you, resulting in a plethora of technologies to make this time of the month as stress-free as possible.

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