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The lawsuit was filed in the United States on July 27, 2012. The purchase was confirmed. The thought of purchasing another flute for meditation CD made me cautious at first, especially after experiencing such disappointment with previous purchases. My most common criticism about other flute CDs is that one can hear the player’s inhalations, which becomes distracting and irritating. Everything about this CD is flawless-flowing, with a serene breath and a subtle vibrato that is both gorgeous and captivating.

I prefer the solo flute for meditation, but they are both incredible in terms of harmony, peace, and tranquillity, and I recommend them both.

The first day of April in the United States was designated as a federal holiday.

I primarily listen to the second CD (Duets), which is one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard.

  1. The transaction was completed in the United States on May 31, 2015.
  2. The music on this album, as well as “Satori,” another Riley Lee record, is usually playing in the background of my energy work sessions at my house.
  3. Not only is it fantastic music, but it is also an outstanding value for money, considering that it is a 2-disc package.
  4. The purchase was verified.
  5. They come highly recommended by me.
  6. The jewel box is not very nice; the middle posts are quite tight, making it extremely difficult to remove the CDs.
  7. The first day of August in the United States was declared a federal holiday.

My earbuds are in my ears when I sleep.

It was officially declared legal in the United States on July 13, 2014.

Yoga and meditation are made easier with this mat.

On the 22nd of July in the United States, a lawsuit was filed.

It’s incredibly peaceful.

Purchase that has been verified This CD is fantastic!

I purchased it in order to assist my teenage daughter in relaxing before night because she has difficulty falling asleep. The soothing sound of the gongs and horns has put her to sleep on a number of occasions. There are two CDs included, so I can unwind as well! Very well done.

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5.0 stars out of 5 stars Exceptional value for money wonderful for meditative purposes It was officially declared legal in the United Kingdom on March 12, 2008. Purchase that has been verified This is a fantastic CD. Get two CDs for the price of one is a great bargain. Shakuhachi solos are included on CD1, while shakuhachi duets are featured on CD2. Both CDs have music that is calm and introspective, making them suitable for meditation. The music, like Tony Scott’s record, produces a sense of spaciousness and calm inside the listener.

  • It’s not in the least bit “New Age” or gimmicky in appearance.
  • 4.0 stars out of 5 stars Music for the bamboo flute performed by a Grand Master.
  • Purchase that has been verified If you enjoy Tony Scott’s CD ‘Music for Zen Meditation,’ you should definitely check out this release as well.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 stars El 17 de septiembre de 2014, el ZenCalificado fue certificado en Reino Unido.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 stars Perfect for relaxation, meditation, and self-care.
  • The purchase was verified.
  • The patients like the refined side of the experience, which includes the use of a genuine shakuhachi flute rather than a synthesized sound.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 stars I’ve already purchased several CDs from this musician.
  • He was officially recognized in Canada on February 13, 2015.
  • I really like the sound of this flute.
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Riley Lee – Music for Your Mindful Moments site

Here’s some music that I composed a long time ago. Please provide me with your mailing address so that I may send you one of my CDs. Here’s a sample of music from my most recent CD. Since 1971, I’ve been a Shakuhachi player. Since 1980, he has held the title of Grand Master. Since 2010, he has been a grandfather. Riley Lee has been playing the shakuhachi for almost 50 years and is still going strong. His musical interests are diverse and include a variety of musical styles.

This website is exclusively devoted to music that might assist you in being more attentive of your precious moments. “Keep in mind the lips from where the wind-breath emanated, and make your notation as explicit as possible.” Don’t attempt to put an end to it. “This is to serve as your note.” Rumi

quotes fromthe Press:

In the words of the Sydney Morning Herald, [Lee’s] sound is “astonishingly pure”: it hurts with the grief of loss as well as with the melancholy of wisdom, thrills with the joy of being alive, and whispers of an elegance that seems almost too foreign to be true. “Affecting, moving, and commendable, the performance methods required, particularly the breath control, beggar belief,” according to the International Herald Tribune. “.atmospheric, even spellbinding music,” “Echoes of everlasting time.haunting,” according to the New York Times.

  1. “.
  2. “.a brilliant pianist as well as an imaginative and prolific composer,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald.
  3. Custom Music may be found at this link.
  4. If so, please let me know.
  5. Or your child, for that matter?
  6. Tell me who the music is for, what type of atmosphere you want to create, what the occasion is, and anything else that would be useful in helping me produce something specifically for your needs.
  7. Please email me one or more photographs to be used in a slide show or film if you are pleased with what you have heard.
  8. Alternatively, you may delegate everything to me.
  9. Once everything is finished, the music and accompanying photo or slide show will be shared on my YouTube account, or you can choose to keep it completely private.
  10. Every time someone across the world listens to your music, you or your loved one will be remembered and honored.

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Riley Lee performs alongside Christina Leonard on saxophone and Elena Kats-Chernin on piano in this collaboration.

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Honkyoku is a traditional solo shakuhachi piece from the Zen meditation repertory, performed by a single shakuhachi player.

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Riley Lee’s shakuhachi and Andy Rigby’s harp are featured in this performance. Take a ride on the ‘ocean waves’ of your most treasured memories.

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Riley Lee plays the shakuhachi, while Matthew Doyle plays the digiridoo. From the oldest landmass on the planet.

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Riley Lee performs a mix of classic and modern songs.

Relax and meditate while listening to the soothing melodies of the Zen flute.

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Honkyoku is a traditional solo shakuhachi piece from the Zen meditation repertoire performed by a single shakuhachi player.

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Riley Lee is a solo shakuhachi performer. Zen music is used to calm the mind, relax the body, and concentrate.

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Riley Lee performs with a shakuhachi solo. Paul Wilson, author of the “Little Book of Calm,” came up with the idea.

Riley Lee: Music for Zen Meditation

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our content, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and much more. Narada,. This new double-CD compilation by Riley Lee is titled Music for ZenMeditation, which is a reference to the ancient art of Zen meditation. Despite the title’s generic connotation, jazz artist Tony Scott produced a famous LP of the same name 40 years ago, improvising on clarinet in the presence of shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) and koto players. Although many are aware with Scott’s historic album (which has recently been published on CD), even those who are familiar with its alluring sound and ambient aim will not be able to confuse it with the deeper, meditative character of Lee’s current endeavor.

Alternatively, the Texas-born Lee, the world’s first non-Japanese grand master (dai shihan) of the shakuhachi, immerses himself in a pure musical meditation, to which the listener may either bear witness or succumb without any sense of cultural distance or alienation.

Derk Richardson is a contributing editor for Yoga Journal, Acoustic Guitar magazine, and SFGate, among other publications ().

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Riley Lee – Music For Zen Meditation

1-1 Sea Breeze 4:41
1-2 Under The Stars 4:13
1-3 Spiritus Lenis/Gentle Breath 4:08
1-4 Divine Ecstasy 4:47
1-5 Dulcet Rhythm 7:07
1-6 Serenity Flows 4:41
1-7 Tranquil Resonations 6:46
1-8 Stillpoint 4:10
1-9 Profound Elixir 6:35
1-10 Elemental Contemplations 4:35
1-11 Inner Quiet 6:43
2-1 Whispers Of Eternity 5:16
2-2 In Time Suspended 4:48
2-3 Echo Of The Sacred 6:00
2-4 Dance – The Angels Of Light 4:54
2-5 Between The Stillness 5:16
2-6 Soaring With The Eagles 3:59
2-7 Fragment Of Memory 0:49
2-8 Journey Across The Night 3:37
2-9 The Tree Of Sadness 5:03
2-10 Cascade 4:06
2-11 Breathe The Fragrance Of Forever 2:38
2-12 Deep Night Blues 4:49
2-13 Silk Thread To The Cosmos 3:32
2-14 Divine Mystery 5:09
2-15 Merging With The Infinite 4:16
  • Matrix / Runout(CD 1):DIDX-234367 1
  • Mastering SID Code(CD 1):IFPI L332
  • Mould SID Code(CD 1):IFPI 7262. Matrix / Runout(CD 2):DIDX-234368 1
  • Mastering SID Code(CD 2):IFPI L328
  • Mould SID Code(CD 2):IFPI 7262. Barcode(Printed):7 24358 16062 8

Music for Zen Meditation – Riley Lee

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The shakuhachi is an ancient Japanese flute made from a single stalk of mandake bamboo. It is played by a single person. Although the instrument was introduced into Japan from China in the seventh century, it is believed to have been utilized as a spiritual and meditation tool as far back as the 15th century. Rice-bearing shakuhachi performances by Riley Lee, the world’s first non-Japanese dai shihan, or grand master, of the instrument, are included in Music for Zen Meditation. A minimalist, thoughtful recording that is well-suited for any type of relaxation, this one is a must-have.

Rather, it features two discs of unadorned shakuhachi performances, which is what the title suggests.

Most Western flutes are equipped with a number of features such as keys, pads, levers, and reeds; however, this instrument just has five finger holes.

Leeturns in performances like this throughout the duration of Music for Zen Meditation. Lee, accompanied only by his own breathing, conjures out dreamy tunes that seem like they’ve been bathed in morning dew. The music selection is shown with a blue accent.

Music for Zen Meditation by Riley Lee (CD, Apr-2003, 2 Discs, Narada) for sale online

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  • In addition to being a contribution from the new age movement, the music draws on centuries-old traditions while also being masterfully performed. Despite the fact that the two CDs have contrasting themes, they may be used as a background for quiet and tranquil meditation or simply sitting in silence during these periods of the Corona virus. If you have never heard of the instrument before, you should consider purchasing it to discover the incredible sounds that a skilled player can produce. They are difficult to come by, but it is well worth the effort if you can get a copy. Purchase has been verified: Yes|Condition:Pre-owned

perfect- just what I wanted.

  • Perfect—exactly what I had anticipated and wished for. Music for total relaxation. When I’m in my sauna, I’ll put it on. The recording is of high quality, and the second CD is an added bonus.

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Shakuhachi Flute Meditations ~ Zen Music to Calm the Mind by Riley Lee

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Home Buddhist and Meditation BooksBuddhist BooksBuddhist MusicShakuhachi Flute Meditations – Zen Music to Calm the Mind by Riley Lee
The shakuhachi flute can be as expressive as the human voice�it canevoke the sound of gentle rain, the quiet rustle of a breeze through abamboo grove, or the soft rush of wings as a heron takes flight. Most ofall, when played by a master, the shakuhachi captures the quality ofstillness �the essence of meditation itself. WithShakuhachi Flute Meditations,Grand Master Riley Lee presents an album of his most soothingselections, with original and traditional compositions to create anatmosphere of spacious serenity. Melodic and tranquil, this music is anideal accompaniment for meditation, the healing arts, t’ai chi�andanyone who wishes to hear the Zen mind expressed in music.1 audio CD.Running time 1 hour 2 minutes.LIST PRICE: $17.98Our Price:$ 15.25(You save $2.73)Stock Status:In StockProduct Code:S-6389 You can help other consumers by sharing your expertise about this product. Be the first to write a review for this product.

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