YJ Readers Share Their Outside Practice Pics: Yoga Photos in Gardens

In Focus: Yoga Photos In Gardens

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No need to keep yoga indoors. Get inspired by these readers who took their practice outside to make the most of the season.

I selected to do Crow Poseat Chicago Botanic Garden with my eight-year-old son, Aidan, as a family activity. “It’s the first arm balance I ever taught him,” I explain. —Melissa Gall, in a statement Chicago, Illinois is a city in the United States of America. See also Yoga in Front of Public Art: A Closer Look. The photo makes me think of my life going full circle, which it does. I grew up just a few blocks away from this neighborhood, which is now a part of my backyard. It’s an excellent location for meditation.” —Kristin Polenz et al.

Additionally, see In Focus: Yoga with Animals.

  1. Stanfordville is a town in the state of New York.
  2. My happiness might be expressed beautifully in the Lord of the Dance Pose.” —Kristina Zujkovic, a journalist Montreal, Quebec, Canada In addition, check out the Most Inspiring Yoga Pics on Instagram in 2014.
  3. West Newbury, Massachusetts is a town in the U.S.
  4. Check out these 6 Instagram-Inspired Pose Variations as well.

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10 UK retreats to re-energise mind, body and soul

Schumacher College, located on the ancient Dartington estate in the South Hams, provides a variety of short getaways focused at assisting individuals in deepening their relationship with nature. Gardening as a Spiritual Practice, which will take place in July, will be conducted by Emma Clark, a specialist in Islamic garden design, and Satish Kumar, a former monk who was also a co-founder of the institution. Participants investigate the link between gardens, civilization, and the human soul through seminars and garden time in the park.

Small, single rooms with communal bathrooms are available.

Stretch out in Suffolk

The ‘Igluhut’ at Blyth Rise is still standing. A new yoga retreat, Yoga on a Shoestring, is now available at Blyth Rise Stays, which comprises wooden huts and lodges – each with bright interiors– set around a lake and wildflower meadow near the village of Laxfield. Yoga on a Shoestring is a project of Yoga on a Shoestring. On the outdoor wooden platform or beside the lake, there is twice-daily yoga, and meals are served in a tipi. During the downtime, visitors may go for walks in the surrounding countryside or explore neighboring beaches.

Yoga instructor Sunita Devi will lead the class on August 30th through September 3rd, and yoga teacher Tania Brown will lead the class on September 3rd through 6th. Starting at £725 per person for three nights all-inclusive, yogaonashoestring.com

Dance with your tribe in Berkshire

At Wonderment, there is a cacao ceremony. Photograph courtesy of Scott M. Salt Wonderment is a wellness festival that takes place in a wooded glade on the Wasing Park Estate near Aldermaston in September. It is open to everyone and is family oriented. A daytime program of wellness activities transforms into a nighttime event complete with live music, cabaret, and DJs. Every activity, from dance to drumming to yoga to wild swimming in the lake, is intended to elicit introspection, connection, and creativity in those who participate.

Everything is entirely voluntary, and there is even a forest school for children to attend.

16-19 September, from £350pp, 7-18 years £90, under-6 free, 16-19 September, from £350pp wondermentretreats.com

Treat yourself in North Yorkshire

This tranquil boutique hideaway, located in Hartwith, near Harrogate, is run by a not-for-profit organization that donates its profits to cancer patients and their families. But anybody wishing for real relaxation and quiet may attend day retreats, pop-up events, or overnight retreats at the retreat center. Nidderdale’s undulating fields provide for picture-perfect views, and all guests have access to the hotel’s sauna and steam room, as well as the option to schedule massages. Healing Day Retreats are held on a regular basis and include yoga, visualizations, and gong baths, as well as access to the spa facilities.

Recharge and remotivate in Kent

Stede Court private fitness retreat, located in the countryside near Biddenden, provides solo and private bubble getaways designed by A-list personal trainer Kathryn Freeland, who has worked with celebrities and athletes. Each retreat is tailored to the requirements of the participants and might include activities such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga and meditation, sauna treatments, swimming in the pond, and plenty of rest and recuperation time. The meals are nutritious, and the accommodations are in a charming Grade-II historic property.

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Heal post-lockdown trauma in Dorset

Kathryn Freeland’s A-list personal trainer Kathryn Freeland has established a solitary and exclusive bubble retreat at Stede Court private fitness retreat in the woods near Biddenden. Each retreat is tailored to the requirements of the participants and might include activities such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga and meditation, sauna treatments, swimming in the pond, and plenty of rest and relaxation time.

Food is nutritious, and lodging is provided in a charming Grade II listed building. Steedecourt Private Fitness Retreat (www.stedecourtprivatefitnessretreat.co.uk) offers full-day retreats starting at £500 for groups of up to 6 individuals.

Reconnect with yourself in Gloucestershire

Located amid the woodland and open grassland near the 305-metre May Hill, the Walking Your Promise retreat offers a chance to immerse yourself in nature. To educate visitors how to connect to themselves, Danny Shmulevitch relies on his experiences growing up in the Sinai desert and living with the semi-nomadic Sawad tribe. He hopes that guests would learn how to “think” via the heart rather than “over-think” with their brains. It is essential to have a day of fasting and silent reflection before coming, and the lodging is in a secret, illuminated den that faces out onto the forest on one side and is closed on the other to ensure seclusion.

From £295 per person for two days of all-inclusive luxury, dannyshmulevitch.com

Build up your immunity in Northamptonshire

Homefield Grange, a health resort in a converted dairy and sheep farm near Kettering, offers cleansing and relaxation throughout the year. Come to learn more about your body, diet, and nutrition, as well as how to implement a new lifestyle or behavioural pattern. Many other packages are available, including the Weekend Body Detox, which includes rasul-mud therapy and massage, and the Mind Body Restorer, which is supposed to help develop resilience against stress and anxiety while also increasing the immune system’s effectiveness.

With a juice cleanse or plant-based meals included in the two-night Weekend Body Detox, prices start at £649 per person.

Create without judgment in East Sussex

The Curious House, located near Ticehurst, provides a variety of one- and two-day creative retreats with inspirational professors in a boutique pub, The Bell. The Curious House’s mission is to improve health and happiness through the creation of art. Courses in anything from oil painting, collage, and mixed-media to sculpting with wire and painting lampshades will help you hone creative talents and gain confidence in a judgement-free environment. There’s wonderful cuisine, like-minded companionship, and some alone time as well.

For more information, visit curioushouse.net.

Shake off stress in the Highlands

On an unique Yoga and Wilderness Weekend in the Highlands, participants will be able to celebrate their newfound freedom in the great outdoors while being quite comfortable. It includes daily Jivamukti yoga, plant-based meals, and nights spent around a campfire telling stories. There is also time for wild swims in lochs and a four-hour guided climb in the Cairngorms. Guests may relax in the calm riverbank cabins and take use of the hot tub and sauna on the grounds.

Massages are also available on request. From £675 for three nights all-inclusive, reclaimyourself on the 27th-30th of August. co.uk Founder of Queen of Retreats Caroline Sylger Jones is a journalist and a journalist-turned-journalist.

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Meditative Flute: Learn how to play the Native American flute to enhance your Yoga, Meditation, Biking, Walk/Run, Pilates, Tai Chi, Workout, or Feldenkrais practice: Claassen, Dick: 9781478311768: Amazon.com: Books

Exercises such as mantra or breath meditation as well as yoga and Tai Chi, riding, Pilates, and any other fitness discipline may all be considered contemplative activities. These disciplines are so effective that the longer you practice them, the more probable it is that you will wish to add more healthy disciplines to your practice to make it more complete. “Meditative Flute” by Dick Claassen was written in this style, and it is available for purchase online. Because of its wonderful tone, the Native American flute may be a profoundly contemplative instrument when played by experienced players.

  • This book, together with the attached simplified tablature, requires no prior music training.
  • It also includes well-known songs such as “Amazing Grace” and “Wayfarin’ Stranger,” which can help you reach a level of enjoyment from your daily practice that you may not have before experienced.
  • Even if you don’t follow any religious or spiritual practices on a regular basis, the Native American flute will still be your spiritual companion.
  • This book does something that no other book has.
  • According to the author’s knowledge, no other Native American flute technique book has gone into this style in any depth.
  • Additionally, 85 MP3 AUDIO FILES of each track in the book are provided, all of which may be played on any computer or mobile device.
  • It’s the ideal book to read in conjunction with “Meditative Flute.” DICK CLAASSEN has written a number of other how-to music books, including: In this book, you will learn how to play the Native American Flute and you will also receive an instructional pamphlet about the flute.
  • Traditional, blues, folk, songs for children, romantic, contemplative, and classical music are all included in this thorough how-to book.
  • In addition, there are sample tracks from the book that may be played on any device.
  • In addition, there are sample tracks from the book that may be played on any device.
  • In addition, there are sample tracks from the book that may be played on any device.

“Hot and Wild!” on the 5-String Banjo is a detailed how-to book that teaches you how to play complete solos and backing in the folk banjo style of Pete Seeger. In addition, there are sample tracks from the book that may be played on any device.

Yoga: Weight Loss Plan Through Diet and Yoga to Simply Lose 1-2 Pounds Per Week: Ferguson, R Thomas: 9781539586586: Amazon.com: Books

A little excerpt of the material is available; double tap to view the complete excerpt. Double touch to view the abbreviated content if the full material is not accessible. Hello. I’ve been a fitness fanatic my entire life, and I like assisting others! Through my books on fitness, diet, and other self-help topics, I hope to inspire, encourage, inform, and reach as many people as I possibly can with my message. Self-help books have assisted me in making significant changes in my life, and I want to help others achieve their objectives in the same way that so many others have assisted me.

  • Yes, I do make mistakes from time to time.
  • I’m a genuine person with real problems and real diversions.
  • I’m responsible for five children in all.
  • Despite the fact that I have a full life, I still place a high value on my health.
  • What I wish to reach are ordinary individuals who live their lives in the present.
  • I would much appreciate hearing from you!
  • I am also an ardent outdoorsman who spends much of his time tracking down and photographing animals.
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Can I ever beat the misery of long Covid?

Q I contracted Covid last autumn, and I’m still experiencing a range of symptoms, including excessive exhaustion, migraines, insomnia, and sometimes dizzy episodes, to name a few. I’m 51 years old and have only received one immunization. I was feeling a little under the weather at the time, but the aftermath has been far worse. I’ve had to give up my part-time work because I’m so fatigued; some days it’s difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning. I’m a shell of the person I used to be, and I yearn to return to normalcy.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a terrible time with the Covid symptoms that have persisted.

An anonymous 51-year-old resident of the United Kingdom claims that they were forced to quit their employment owing to the symptoms of long-term covid.

Covid symptoms are tracked by Professor Tim Spector of the University of London’s King’s College London using the Zoe app.

Chest aches or palpitations, tingling, weakness, or soreness are some of the other signs and symptoms.

Sore throats, fatigue, and aches and pains are all classic symptoms of the flu.

There have also been several reports of depression and anxiety.

The most important thing someone can do is to ensure that they are completely vaccinated.

Among the recommendations made by Clare Bailey (pictured) was to avoid junk food and to attempt Graded Exercise Therapy.

Find a health provider who will listen to you, who take your concerns seriously, and who will not just attribute your symptoms to stress.

The evidence in favor of low-calorie diets continues to accumulate, while weight continues to decline.

Nearly 2,000 persons with Type 2 diabetes lost an average of 13kg (over two stone) in three months while following a 900-calorie soups and shakes diet program, according to the National Health Service.

My excitement at learning that this initiative has been such a success that it is now being expanded to 11 other regions in England is well-deserved.

Begin with five minutes of mild stretching and gradually increase the amount of time and effort you put in over time.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can assist you in learning to interpret signals in a different manner, allowing you to alter your behavior in a way that will help you minimize your symptoms more effectively.

Because of this, the immune system goes into overdrive and begins to fight the body.

All of those who were given a mixture of blood thinners said they felt better overall.


An ounce of extra-virgin olive oil As someone who consumes olive oil in large quantities, I am glad to learn that individuals who consume it perform better than those who do not.

It even has a 17 percent reduction in cancer risk. So instead of spraying it, glug it! If you have any questions, you can contact Clare at [email protected] or at the Daily Mail, Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT

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