8 Times American Presidents Sounded Like Yogis

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Although the materials appear to be of high quality, it should be noted that they do not constitute a comprehensive course.

Elizabeth Warren sounds like a presidential candidate ready to get back in the fight

From Oklahoma City, I’m reporting on the situation. While speaking before an audience in her home state of Oklahoma, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s hand motions became more expressive and her faint Southern accent became more noticeable as the Massachusetts Democrat approached a crescendo in her speech. She railed against the culprits, who included billionaires, multinational businesses, greedy politicians, and a crooked system. “Yeah, we’ve got a fight on our hands,” she said, eliciting applause from the predominantly female audience, which was already on its feet.

  1. “They have a lot more money than we do,” she says.
  2. But here’s something I want you to consider: there are a whole lot more of us than there are of them.
  3. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a centrist independent senator, rushed in to seize control of the party’s left flank, while Donald Trump claimed populism for the party’s right flank.
  4. She appeared to use the word “battle” at least once per minute during a recent 30-minute address to teachers’ union activists and a subsequent 20-minute interview with the media.
  5. Her words in Holyoke were, “Time is up,” and she promised to make a decision after the Nov.
  6. The fact that Warren had done everything short of putting up a billboard to imply she was running for president before Saturday’s announcement was a dramatic contrast to her previous position, in which she claimed she was not running for president on many occasions before 2016.
  7. It also seemed a little bit like a personal rediscovery expedition to some extent.
  8. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, speaks at her alma mater, the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, Oklahoma.
  9. This was Warren’s first public address in the city where she grew up since she was elected to the Senate in 2013.

In her adult life, she was a low-profile Republican who transitioned to being an East Coast liberal in recent decades, which coincided with her rise to prominence as a Harvard Law School professor, critic of big banks and consumer advocate who rose to become a top aide in President Barack Obama’s administration.

Because of the controversy that erupted during her 2012 Senate campaign over her undocumented Native American ancestry, Warren’s modest upbringing among the oil derricks and flatlands of Oklahoma — the source of her connection to the heartland’s working-class voters and a potential selling point in a national campaign — has been clouded by her undocumented Native American ancestry claims.

When Warren graduated from Northwest Classen High School 52 years ago, she was known as “Liz” to her classmates and as “Betsy” to her family.

“Hello, Okies!” she exclaimed, prompting a chorus of applause from the unions who had transformed her former school into a progressive haven in a state that had overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.


Due to their residence in the affluent section of town, students at the public high school were affectionately referred to as “silkies.” Warren, on the other hand, has stated that her family battled on the “ragged border of the middle class,” with her father suffering a heart attack and her family unsure whether or not they would be able to maintain their house.

Among the little collection of presents gathered by her aides was a patterned blanket that had been given to her by the governor of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, according to her aides.

Her employment records were made available to the Boston Globe for a story last month, and the publication spoke with dozens of people who were engaged in hiring decisions throughout her career as a result of her cooperation.

Warren has also made public her income tax records for the past ten years, in response to Trump’s refusal to do the same.

According to her aides, she has given $5,000 donations to each of the 50 Democratic state parties this year, spoken out in support of candidates in Nevada, Ohio, and other states that are critical in the presidential election, and raised $15 million for Democratic candidates since taking office.

  1. She has backed efforts to eliminate the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, backed proposed environmental legislation, and pledged not to accept payments from government lobbyists.
  2. They admire her fundraising success, her ability to maintain control over the party’s activists, and her ability to transform a routine committee hearing into a viral event on social media.
  3. Warren has occasionally irritated her Democratic colleagues, leading to charges of grandstanding against her.
  4. In 2014, she led the government to the verge of shutting down over a similar issue, but ultimately decided to back down.
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(Photo courtesy of Olivier Douliery / TNS) The senator would be a major player in an intense internal party battle between those who, like her, want to see the party go to the left and those who feel they can win over Republican moderates and even some Trump voters with a more centrist approach.

  1. When asked about impeachment, she says that Congress should concentrate on protecting special counsel Robert S.
  2. She also says that she does not agree with certain Democrats who have called for impeachment.
  3. “There’s no longer any of that, you know, ‘You’re a good citizen because you show up there and vote once every two years,'” she explained.
  4. Citizenship in the Trump era has shifted dramatically.
  5. Warren has refused to say if she should have jumped into the presidential race in 2016, and whether doing so may have prevented the current Trump administration from becoming what she and other Democrats describe as an existential threat to the country.
  6. “We are where we are, and we have to put all we have into the struggle moving forward,” says the group.
  7. Despite this, in a profession where time is everything, there are some who believe Warren may have lost her chance to make a splash.

Scott Brown, and the leader of an opposition research outfit that targeted her, Republican strategist Colin Reed, agreed Warren had grown as a candidate since her first run for the Senate in 2008.

Although “you only get one chance at this,” he continued, “in 2016, she would have had more of the left-wing populist lane all to herself, whereas in 2020, she would have had to share that lane with Sen.

As Warren recounted the dramatic teachers’ strike, the audience at her high school nodded and applauded enthusiastically.

Warren had a private conversation with a number of candidates running for state and municipal government before she delivered her address.

She also had time to catch up with family.

Elizabeth Warren posed for cellphone pictures for more than an hour, belying a public image that has been described as hard-charging and at times unapproachable.

(The doll’s owner was delighted to see that the doll was dressed just like Warren, with black slacks and a red jacket, as described above.) In spite of the fact that some Warren 2020 fans declared themselves “beyond enthusiastic,” others donned Bernie Sanders T-shirts — one of which said “Talk Bernie to me” — and a few raised reservations about Warren’s age and viability to be president.

“But I think it’s time for us old folks to move aside and give the new crop a chance.” She hailed Warren as a hero, but she also praised two other Democratic senators who are running for president: Cory Booker, 49, of New Jersey, and Kamala Harris, 53, of San Francisco, both of whom are running for president.

Her age, on the other hand, would put her on the elder side of what is likely to be a crowded field.

“I know who I do not want to be president right now, but I am not sure who I do want to be president,” she said.

The prominent AFT president, Randi Weingarten, who presented Warren, stated that, “People don’t feel that the world is normal, or that our leadership is normal” in the Trump age.

Twitter:@noahbierman UPDATES: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. The National Federation of Teachers was wrongly alluded to in the first post. The text has been updated to include the American Federation of Teachers. This article was published at 3 a.m. local time.

Trump unleashes himself from would-be handlers, lashing out mornings, nights and weekends

The following is a report from Washington: As soon as President Trump and Democratic leaders agreed last month to reach an agreement providing legal status to so-called Dreamers who were brought to the United States illegally as youngsters, his chief of staff, John F. Kelly, jumped on board. Another Trump confidant, on the other hand, was not convinced: Trump must take a tougher stance on greater immigration enforcement as a condition of continuing his presidency, according to Sean Hannity, presenter of Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes.

As a result, a list of demands was released late Sunday night, criteria that appear to be destined to scuttle any chance of a bipartisan agreement.

Kelly, a former Marine general, has worked to limit the flow of information and visitors to the president, as well as restore discipline to a disorderly White House and to the way Trump makes decisions.

President Barack Obama has reportedly resisted the restrictions and has continued to act on his own instincts, usually alone in the mornings, evenings, and weekends, using his personal phone lines to contact allies outside the White House and using Twitter to communicate with the millions of supporters he refers to as “my people,” despite the restrictions.

  • He mocked Corker’s height on Twitter, calling him “Liddle” Bob Corker, and said that the senator was “made to seem like an idiot” in a New York Times interview in which Corker warned that Trump may spark World War III.
  • Trump did so while dismissing the reports as false news.
  • “And I can tell you who is going to win,” Trump said.
  • a source close to the White House claimed that the two men had engaged in a series of “shouting bouts” over the past few days.
  • Trump has begun to contact individuals on the weekends, using his smartphone instead of the traditional landline, according to the source, who noted that Trump frequently phones Hannity after the Fox News host’s nightly broadcast.
  • You know he watches MSNBC or CNN, so every time it says, ‘This is the adult,’ you tell him to turn off the television.
  • “It all gets to him.” Lindsay Walters, the White House’s deputy press secretary, questioned Hannity’s portrayal of his involvement in counseling President Donald Trump.

Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was accused of twisting the facts by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at Tuesday’s daily press conference.

Her remarks were followed by the statement that Trump “has been an exceptionally great leader on foreign policy and national security matters.” Those who are familiar with and have worked with Trump claim that he is not opposed to hearing counsel from Kelly or anybody else in the White House.

“From my personal experience, he appreciates it.

“He just doesn’t like it when people criticize him.” According to Ruddy, the president was particularly irritated by Corker’s criticisms, which included his suggestion last week that Kelly, Tillerson, and Defense Secretary James N.

In the opinion of the experts, it is critical to limit such downtime.

President Donald Trump has been persuaded by advisors more connected with the Republican establishment to refrain from making several actions that may have roiled international friends.

Kelly and others on his team, on the other hand, are frequently dissatisfied.

The president, on the other hand, is said to be dissatisfied not only with the attempts to control him, but also with the recent departure of Keith Schiller, a longtime lieutenant who served as White House director of operations and, perhaps most importantly, a key interpreter and soother of Trump’s feelings.

  • “I can’t think of a president who behaves like he does; there’s really no immediate comparison,” said John A.
  • “I can’t think of a president who behaves like he does; there’s really no immediate comparison,” he added.
  • However, it was only later, under heavy domestic pressure from anti-Vietnam War protesters, that Nixon sank thoroughly into the type of us-versus-them attitude that Trump demonstrated from the very beginning of his campaign.
  • He kept a tightly managed public presence throughout his career.

The City University of New York’s Stanley Renshon, a psychiatrist and political scientist, described Trump as “a man who wears his inner views on his sleeve, for better or worse.” This is the approach Donald Trump has followed his whole life: if someone blusters at you, it’s imperative that you can hold your own,” Renshon said, adding, “He’s spent his entire adult life doing what he felt was best and expressing what he thought is right, and that’s exactly what you see in this.” With each fresh rush of tweets that greets Americans as they awaken in the morning, the question arises as to whether the turbulence increasingly on show is merely the product of a frustrated president’s frustration or an indication of something more serious.

“It may all just be Trump being Trump,” Farrell speculated.

Twitter: @[email protected]|

Twitter: @[email protected] Bob Corker is saying things against President Trump that other Republicans will only mutter about.

Following an alleged’moron’ remark, Trump asserts that he is wiser than Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Trump praises an economic development bill that he claims “nobody knows about.”

Yoga for better sleep

Yoga is a calm and therapeutic method to wind down after a long day at the office. The results of a national survey revealed that over 55% of persons who practiced yoga reported that it helped them sleep better. Yoga was cited as a stress-relieving practice by more than 85 percent of respondents. Supportive props like as bolsters, blankets, and blocks can be used to make postures more comfortable, allowing you to hold the position for extended periods of time while continuing to breathe. The ability to relax in these positions is dependent on your ability to control your breath.

  1. Use a peaceful and relaxing yoga breathing technique called Ujjayi Breath, which is also known as Ocean Breath orVictorious Breath, to help you relax and decompress.
  2. Exhale via your nose while tightening the back of your throat, as if you were saying “ha,” but keep your lips closed to prevent your breath from becoming trapped.
  3. In each of these positions, take a deep and steady breath to help you relax and calm yourself.
  4. Each stance, with the exception of Corpse Pose, requires the use of your Ocean Breath, which returns to normal after the pose.
  5. The more frequently you practice these positions, the more probable it is that you will be able to obtain a decent night’s sleep.
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1. Wide-Knee Child’s Pose (Balasana)

In this resting stance, you will feel a sense of steadiness and peace. If you have hip or knee ailments, proceed with caution.

  • Come to a crouch on the ground and bring your big toes together
  • Separate your knees and hips as far apart as possible, or as far apart as the edges of the mat. Take a deep breath and lower your torso into your thighs. Hands should be free to rest alongside your body, with the palms of your hands facing up and arms pointing to the rear of the room. It is expected that this will relieve shoulder stress by spreading your shoulder blades apart from each other. In order to achieve a more dynamic stance, stretch your hands forward and place them palms down on the mat. Maintain contact with the earth with your forehead. Using your shoulders, gently move your head to either side. This helps to relieve stress in your brow. Taking deep and steady breaths in and out through your nose can help you relax.

2. Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

  • Place your feet hip-width apart and your arms at your sides. Take a big breath in
  • On exhalation, bring your body forward and over the front of your legs in order to lengthen your spine
  • Continue to hold on to your elbows, or allow your hands to rest on your shins or the ground
  • The goal here isn’t to attain a flawless form, but rather to lengthen the spine and relax your neck and shoulders
  • Thus, don’t struggle to reach the floor. You may ease your neck tension while also gently stretching your hamstrings, calves, and hips in this forward bend. If you have a back ailment, use caution. In the event that reaching the floor is difficult or your back is sore, lay blocks under each hand to offer additional support. Slowly and evenly inhale and exhale via your nose, then repeat. Keeping your knees “soft” by bending them slightly allows your chest to rest into your thighs, which is beneficial if you have tight hamstrings. To relax and release your neck muscles, gently shake your head “yes” and “no” to the beat of the music. To get to your feet, carefully roll yourself up to your feet to prevent becoming dizzy.

3. Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttanasana) at the wall

This is another variation of the position, which involves a forward bend while standing. There is a video accessible here.

  • Position your mat so that it is perpendicular to the wall. Place your feet approximately a foot away from the wall. Your feet should be hip-width apart and parallel to the edges of the mat
  • Otherwise, you should be squished together. Put your hands against the wall, palms open at the height of your hips, and press them on the wall. Place your feet hip width apart and drop your body until it is perpendicular to the floor in a flat back position
  • Then repeat the process with the other foot. To extend your back, put your palms on the wall and push it away from you. All four sides of your feet should be pressed inward. Maintain a straight line between your ears and your arms. Make sure your body is at a 90-degree angle to the wall by adjusting your distance from the wall (L shape). Getting too near to the wall will limit the amount of movement your back and arms can make. In the event that you are too far away from the wall, you will be unable to bend forward sufficiently
  • Continue to take deep breaths while pressing your palms on the wall to push it away from you.

4. Reclining Bound Angle (Supta Baddha Konasana)

This position helps to relieve stress in the hips and groin area of the body. If you have a knee, hip, or groin injury, proceed with caution.

  • Spread your legs out on the mat and lay your feet on the floor near to your tailbone. As you bring the soles of your feet together, let your knees to relax away from one another, while placing blocks or solid cushions below your knees on either side to support your hips, do the following: It is possible to reposition your feet so that they are further away from your tailbone or place extra blocks or cushions beneath your knees to provide more height if you have tight hips
  • However, this is not recommended. Arms on the floor, palms facing the ceiling, 45 degrees away from your body, relax your arms
  • It is not necessary to press down on the knees in order to produce more strain. It is already being carried out by gravitational force. In your hips and groin, you should feel a slight stretching sensation, but it should not be uncomfortable.

5. Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Your feet and ankles might get swollen and fatigued at the end of the day, especially if your profession requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time. This straightforward position aids in the recirculation of blood flow.

  • Determine where there is an empty area on your wall and position your mat perpendicular to the wall
  • Position yourself on the mat and bring your left or right side to the wall as near to the wall as you possibly can, such that your side body hits the wall. Remain lying down on the mat and carefully raise your legs up the wall
  • Keep your arms by your sides and your shoulders relaxed.

Optional: You can place a rolled-up mat or hard cushion below your tailbone to provide additional support for your tailbone. Image courtesy of Dangubic/Getty Images

6. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Body position (corpse posture) is the customary last resting pose in a yoga session. In this position, you may let your breathing to return to normal.

  • Relax and take a deep breath. Take a big breath in and tightly hug your knees in towards your chest
  • Taking a deep breath, extend your legs out away from you while maintaining your tailbone firmly planted on the mat. It is best if your feet are hip-width apart and relaxed away from each other, toward the boundaries of the mat. Allow your lower back to become softer and more relaxed. In your lower back, you should not be experiencing any discomfort or tightness. Your arms should be at your sides, with your palms facing upward. Whether your shoulders are slumped, check to see if they are relaxed away from your ears
  • If they are, relax them away from your ears. If you want to be extra safe, place a folded towel over your eyes to keep the light out.

7. Legs on a Chair Pose

This posture is beneficial for persons who have lower back, knee, or hip issues who find it difficult to completely stretch their legs up the wall in the traditional manner. You can watch a video demonstration of how to achieve this stance here.

  • Place a chair at the far end of your yoga mat so that it faces you
  • This will serve as your prop. Stack a folded towel or blanket on the chair’s seat for extra comfort. Depending on the height of the chair, you may also want a couple folded blankets beneath your sacrum to provide additional support. Near the distance between you and the mat, and your seat should be close to the front of the chair Lie down on one side with knees bent in fetal position. Squeeze yourself into the center of the mat
  • Roll onto your back with your knees bent, allowing your calves to rest on the chair’s seat. A 90-degree angle should be formed between your thighs and shins throughout this exercise. Maintain a comfortable position with your arms at your sides and palms facing up.

For the benefit of our readers, Harvard Health Publishing makes our archival content available to them via a secure website. Please include a note of the date of the most recent review or update for each article.

No information on this site, regardless of when it was published, should ever be considered as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained healthcare professional. Commenting on this article has been disabled for the time being.

Doug Emhoff is Still New at This

It’s a bright and sunny October day in New Jersey, and Doug Emhoff is back in his hometown for the first time since becoming Second Gentleman of the United States. “It looks surprisingly the same, except for this beautiful city walk we’re on, which is incredible,” he says, gesturing to a riverside pathway that sits across from a set of dumpsters, a pile of old mattresses, and an ambulance parking lot. “It looks surprisingly the same, except for this beautiful city walk we’re on, which is incredible.” “It’s like coming home,” says the author.

  • “How’s it going?” he said of pupils at a Newark high school in the first instance.
  • His next stop was this gorgeous road in Elizabeth, where, after enjoying lunch at an outdoor picnic table outside a cafe, he went to meet with young environmental cleanup workers and talk about the climate components of Vice President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan.
  • He will occasionally look down at a rectangular note card and remark something along the lines of, “What does a space like this accomplish for your community and your peers?” Emhoff arrives to East Side High School in Newark, where he will be studying.
  • Emhoff should be given some leeway if all of this is unfamiliar territory for him.
  • While he does not refer to his wife as “Kamala Harris” when she is not there, he is the first ever male spouse of a Vice President, as well as the first Jewish person to be a member of one of America’s two most prominent political couples.
  • Emhoff has proven to be quite capable in this seemingly impossible task.
  • According to a party spokeswoman, party fundraising emails sent out under Emhoff’s name perform on par with those sent out by high-profile congressional Democrats, and Emhoff was one of the party’s top five email fundraisers in September.
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Most Popular from TIME

I was curious as to what it was like for an ordinary person to suddenly find himself as one-quarter of America’s most powerful double date. I decided to find out. Few people have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the all-encompassing political apparatus that surrounds the President and Vice President; even fewer have the opportunity to do so with fresh eyes, unclouded by decades of cautious political maneuvering. Having been pushed into an unsettling environment of continual observation and increased security in the span of a little more than a year, Emhoff has had to adjust quickly.

Students from East Side High School in Newark pose for a photo with Tammy Murphy, the state’s first lady, and other guests.

Are there any moments when Emhoff wonders how he went from being a guy who is trying to get his wife to like Radiohead and who has named his fantasy football team “Nirvana” to becoming someone who is protected by earpieced bodyguards and who receives birthday gifts from the President of the United States.

  • Emhoff works from a corner office at the end of a shining hallway in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is next to the White House and overlooks the Washington Monument.
  • A snapshot of his first trip on Air Force Two, a map with pins for every place he’s traveled as Second Gentleman, and a gift from star quarterback Tom Brady’s visit to the White House are all tucked away in the trunk.
  • Then I said, ‘Who are you again?’ at the end of the conversation.
  • Emhoff was born in Brooklyn in 1964 and reared in Old Bridge, New Jersey.
  • Former colleagues remember him as fiercely competitive when it mattered, but also as someone who had a reputation for looking out for his younger colleagues.
  • Mitch Evall, a close friend of Emhoff’s, describes him as a “nice guy to sit next to.” “He’s a brilliant observer of human behavior,” says the author.
  • Cole and his sister Ella used to ridicule Emhoff for forcing them down black-diamond slopes on family ski excursions, which they dubbed “Evil Daddy Ski School.” Cole and Ella were right to mock Emhoff about it.

Make sense of what’s going on in the nation’s capital.

Brief daily email here.

He fell head over heels in love with her right away.

“He’ll be like, ‘She’s home!'” adds Evall, “and there’ll be a blank screen on the other side of the room.” When the pair met, Harris was the attorney general of California, a position that was challenging but did not require Emhoff to completely upend his life.

Emhoff became a partner at the legal firm DLA Piper, but he retained his anonymity, allowing him to go to the grocery store, watch Dodgers games, and otherwise lead a very ordinary life.

Since their divorce in 2008, Emhoff and his ex-wife Kerstin Emhoff have remained close friends and co-parents; he served as her lawyer and business counsel until he decided to shut his legal firm just before the Inauguration in January.

In spite of this, Emhoff has matured since his previous marriage.

“Of course he’s a better spouse now, and that’s wonderful,” Kerstin says of her husband.

Being the spouse of a presidential candidate, on the other hand, necessitates a different degree of encouragement.

Former campaign staff members say that he was more technologically aware than other of Harris’ advisers, and that he was frequently the first to notice a certain Instagram post or a tweet concerning the campaign.

His obvious delight in his wife’s successes earned him the title of America’s favorite Wife Guy, in part because he appeared less closed-off than other political spouses, according to Time magazine.

“However, he would notice me walking down the corridor and he would call my name above the din of hundreds of people.” After being announced by expected Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as his running mate during a campaign rally in Wilmington, Delaware, on August 12, 2020, Sen.

Harris takes a step back and leans on her husband Doug Emhoff.

Sandys/Getty Images for The Washington Post and The Washington Times When Biden selected Harris as his running partner in August 2020, Emhoff says that his life “shifted on a dime, with little time to breathe or contemplate.” Reporters were suddenly packed outside his condo, and he had no idea why.

  • “It was just like a rocket ship,” says the author.
  • For example, at Vice President Biden’s inauguration, Emhoff temporarily became famous for forgetting where he was supposed to stand as he and Harris ascended the Capitol’s stairwell.
  • “And I was completely overwhelmed.” Once again, he went viral at the President’s first address to a joint session of Congress, this time for waving to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and blowing kisses to his wife as the two women waited for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the chamber.
  • “I’m simply thinking, ‘Okay, nobody saw it,'” says the author.
  • However, while Emhoff has garnered prominence for his clumsy enthusiasm, his term as Second Gentleman has been mostly free of grammatical errors.
  • The words that come out of my lips have been something I’ve been quite conscious of.

In response to my question about what he misses most about his previous life, he crosses his eyes and smiles, as if to suggest, “a great deal.” Emhoff makes a stop to an East Side High School vaccination clinic in Newark to support the Administration’s plea for Americans to be vaccinated against COVID-19, which is now in the news.

If Emhoff’s newness provides him with an unfettered vision from inside the White House bubble, it is his maleness that will go down in history as the turning point.

When Jill Biden became Second Lady, she had already gone through two presidential campaigns and spent decades as a Senate spouse; Karen Pence had been Indiana’s first lady before becoming Second Lady of the United States.

The vice president remarked that Mrs.

Emhoff claims he is currently “learning about wallpaper” in order to achieve this goal.

“However, I’m married to Kamala Harris, and she’s going to have some thoughts about china and wallpaper,” he continues.

“I’m doing things that I probably wouldn’t have done,” he admits, “for a couple of reasons: one, it’s part of my work.” And two, it is beneficial to her.” Continue reading:2021TIME 100: Kamala Harris.

As part of his New Jersey excursion, Emhoff stops by a gym class full of high school students who are practising yoga postures in their school uniforms after seeing the gorgeous Elizabeth river walk in Elizabeth.

What he’s thinking is, “Should I downward dog this thing, or what?” And he joins them in an awkward tree position while the cameras snap away at them.

“Who?” they exclaimed in a nearly unified chorus in response.

— With contributions from Julia Zorthian Correction received on November 9th. The year of Emhoff’s divorce was incorrectly mentioned in the original version of this story. It was 2009, not 2008, when the incident occurred. For further information, contact Charlotte Alter at charlotte [email protected] com.

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