Actor Mena Massoud Discovers a Whole New World in Plant-Based Meals

Actor Mena Massoud Discovers a Whole New World in Plant-Based Meals

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our content, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and much more. Mena Massoud, the actress who won our hearts in Disney’s Aladdin last year, knows a thing or two about vegan dining on the fly. With his latest project, a cookbook-travelguide hybrid that will reach shelves in September, the actor weaves together heartfelt anecdotes, advice, and recipes from some of the continent’s top eateries to chronicle his own path toward meat-free living.

We spoke with Massoud about the health and wellness products that help him stay motivated, whether he’s in the kitchen or watching a movie on the big screen.

Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer in Acai Berry

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Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Garlic Press

The image is courtesy of William Sonoma. “It makes my life a whole lot simpler! Throughout Evolving Vegan, I use a lot of garlic, and this press eliminates the sticky, stinky mess that comes with chopping.” Check out these other recipes: 3 Delectable Dips to Serve Vegetarian, Pescatarian, or Vegan Guests

TriggerPoint CORE Multi-Density Solid Foam Roller

The image is courtesy of Implus. This is something I use every time I workout to release the muscles in my back, sides, and legs. My muscles and joints can breathe and relax as a result of rolling after a session.” have a look at as well Small (but powerful) Self-Myofascial Release Techniques Can Help You Free Your Neck and Shoulders Here’s where to shop.

Gaiam SB 6MM Yoga Mat

Gaiam provided the image. “Stretching before and after a workout is simple with this yoga mat since it gives comfortable support for my joints,” says the author. As a result, I spend a lot of time on my wrists and knees, and this helps me to get in there and stretch properly after.” have a look at as well For your home practice, here are three eco-friendly yoga mats that teachers recommend. have a look at as well Melissa L. Williams, actress and producer, reveals the wellness essentials that keep her energized during her hectic schedule.

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Disney’s Vegan ‘Aladdin’ Actor Mena Massoud Launches Plant-Based Food Travel Show

(This page was last updated on May 14, 2019). Aladdin is a vegan character. At the very least, the actor who will play Aladdin in the next live-action Disney film “Aladdin” is. Ms. Mena Massoud is a well-known Canadian actress who is also the founder of Evolving Vegan, a new plant-based awareness campaign. The next year, following “Aladdin,” Massoud will travel across North America in order to spotlight the most fascinating plant-based chefs and the tastiest vegan dishes, documenting his journey on Instagram along the way.

  1. It was during a little respite from his travels that he spoke with LIVEKINDLY about his experiences as a vegan actor, his journey to becoming a vegan, and, of course, sampling a continent’s worth of delicious vegan food.
  2. It was by chance that he and his companions became interested in the animal agriculture sector, which led them to learn about the harmful effects that animal products have on human health, environmental health, and the welfare of animals.
  3. This ideology lies at the heart of the Evolving Vegan movement.
  4. To put out their best effort and do all in their power to exclude animal products from their diet.
  5. “I believe that everyone who minimizes their animal consumption as well as their environmental effect is gaining an advantage.” Massoud did not get this type of assistance throughout his own transition, and he stated that he believed there was no gray area in his situation.

He went on to explain that “if you were not a very adherent, 100 percent vegan, then there was no time or space to expend on informing or integrating you into the group.” Evolving Vegan is Massoud’s response to what he calls a “elitist mindset” among certain vegans who are unaccepting of people who are transitioning to veganism.

  1. He approaches this acceptance from a philosophical perspective.
  2. However, despite the fact that the initiative is still in its early stages, Massoud told LIVEKINDLY that “people are responding really well.especially non-vegans.” Moving on to his personal achievements and life as a vegan actor, Massoud went on to share his thoughts on the subject.
  3. “Even if I’m desiring a juicy, fatty burger and I get one from, say, Monty’s, I’m still eating something that is entirely composed of plants,” he reasoned.
  4. Donna Jean in San Diego, for her ‘artistically culinary cuisine,’ Souley Vegan in Oakland, Calif., for its superb southern comfort food, and Pena Pachamma in San Francisco, for its vegan Bolivian food, were among the restaurants that he singled out.
  5. During his 14-hour days on the set, he depends on both craft services and carrying his own meals in order to maintain a balanced vegan diet and fuel the tough exercises that follow.
  6. Adler claims that his colleagues actors have expressed an interest in his way of living, and many have expressed surprise at just how much may be accomplished in a day.
  7. “I believe that people are just astonished,” Massoud reasoned.
  8. Again, it is our responsibility as members of that community to dismantle those preconceptions.” Despite the fact that both his job and Evolving Vegan need him to eat out, Massoud is a passionate home cook.
  9. When asked about a favorite culinary memory from his youth, he recalls Sunday morning breakfasts at home with his parents and two sisters, among other things.
  10. TheEvolving Veganbook includes recipes provided by each of the “top plant-based eateries” from around North America, as well as dishes from the restaurants themselves.

In addition, Massoud intends to leverage the Evolving Vegan platform to develop a free vegan community this summer, which will be accessible to anybody. Mena Massoud and Evolving Vegan are to thank for the image. Become a member of CLUBKINDLY now!

Aladdin star Mena Massoud takes readers on a food-based journey in Evolving Vegan

A vegan and plant-based living were discussed in depth with Shelagh Rogers by the Canadian Egyptian actor and producer. Mena Massoud has written a book titled Evolving Vegan. (Alexi Lubomirski and SimonSchuster, respectively) The Following Chapter10:34 Mena Massoud on the Evolution of Veganism Disney’s live-action picture Aladdin, starring Canadian-Egyptian actor Mena Massoud, is set to be released in theaters on December 19. He may now claim to be an author as well, according to the publication of his bookEvolving Veganthis year.

His pre-pandemic road journey throughout North America, documented in the book, was filled with culinary adventures and discoveries for the gastronomy enthusiast.

Born-again vegan

“I was adamantly opposed to vegetarianism as a child. My faith is Coptic Christian Orthodox, and as such, we, like the Greeks, Russians, and Armenian Orthodox, refrain from eating meat for around three months out of the year.” That was something I grew up doing and truly despised. Growing up, I never thought of it as veganism; it was simply a part of my religious beliefs. After that, I went to college — I graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto — and was living with my two roommates at the time.

Growing up, I never thought of it as veganism; it was simply a part of my religious beliefs.” That was the beginning of everything.

First and foremost, I eliminated red meat from my diet.

(Photo courtesy of Daniel Smith/Walt Disney Studios)

Calling my mother’s bluff

“Throughout my life, I’ve taken my parents by surprise quite a few times. Obviously, they desired that I become a doctor, and I was on my way to achieving that goal. Following my undergraduate studies in neuroscience at the University of Toronto, I pursued a master’s degree in theatre at Ryerson University. When I told my mother that I was turning vegan, she believed I was joking about with her. “I recall that we were concluding our fast and that we had just finished three months of being vegan for Easter supper when I recall this.

‘Make your best supper,’ I instructed her.

” I said to myself, ‘OK, well, I guess I’ll just have some rice.’ She burst out laughing when she realized that I was only eating rice.

But, sure enough, it’s midnight, Easter supper is on the table, and all I’m eating is a bowl of rice. She bursts into tears. It appeared like she was taking a shot at me and calling my bluff, but I wasn’t bluffing.”

Beyond meat

“I’ve consumed every organ and portion of an animal that you can imagine. My mother used to cook liver and kidney stews, chicken hearts, cow hooves, stomach lining, and whatever else you could think of. I’ve eaten and tried just about everything she cooked. Anyone who claims that meat does not taste nice is not being really truthful with you, in my opinion. However, we now live in an era in which it is no longer necessary.” As far as I’m concerned, beef is delectable. It is for this reason why we consume it.

However, we now live in an era in which it is no longer necessary.

Aladdin star Mena Massoud calls Markham, Ont., home

During the international premiere of Aladdin, we accompany Mena Massoud, who plays the title role, back to his hometown of Markham, Ont. Three minutes and thirty seconds later, Mena Massoud’s words have been adjusted for length and clarity.

Aladdin star hits the road and serves up wide-ranging recipes in Evolving Vegan

Reviews and suggestions are completely neutral, and goods are carefully chosen by a third party. Postmedia may get a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the affiliate links on this page. Just before to the COVID-19 epidemic, Mena Massoudreprepared vegan dinners for his pals in his Los Angeles home on a daily basis. Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it. They typically say the same thing after they’ve enjoyed a meal, according to the Egyptian-born and Toronto-raised actor who will appear in the big-budget 2019Disneylive-action movie version of Aladdin: “If only they could cook like me, and prepare the cuisine I was placing on the table,” he says.

  • The book is a colorful, interesting, and unpretentious journey toward veganism, based on recipes gathered while traveling around North America in search of vegan restaurants.
  • Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it.
  • Massoud is currently developing projects for his own production company, Press Play Productions, which he founded in 2011.
  • Vancouver’s Heirloom, Chickpea, Indigo Age Café, Meet Restaurant, and Virtuous Pie are among the restaurants that have signed on to represent the country.
  • Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it.
  • “It was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle,” Massoud remarked of the recipe choosing process.
  • Mena Massoud, a former actor who is now a cookbook author, traveled throughout North America in search of dishes for his new book Evolving Vegan.
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Photo courtesy of Alexi Lubomirski Photo courtesy of Alexi Lubomirski/jpeg However, despite the fact that Massoud can whip up a fantastic vegan omelette with roasted potatoes, fresh mango rolls, and vegetable-packed veggie burgers, he did not grow up as a vegan.

“Because I’m Egyptian, I’ve definitely eaten more animal parts than 95 percent of people in North America, at the very least,” said Massoud, who was born in Cairo and relocated with his family to Toronto when he was three years old.

“I grew up eating everything and everything.

A group of his pals and he made the decision to change their diets in 2015, and it was the beginning of his veganism adventure.

With this new knowledge in hand, Massoud set about making adjustments.

I began by eliminating red meat first, followed by eggs, then chicken, and as I did so, I saw that I was feeling better and better physically and emotionally.

“I had a lot more clarity in my thinking,” Massoud stated.

As a result, I wanted to share my story with others about how I learned to take things carefully.

The bottom line is that it is your diet, and you can do anything you want with it.” Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it.

Consider it the same as beginning a new fitness routine.

A formula for injury and disappointment, to say nothing of a plan for a successful lifestyle change, is presented here.

Start small and build on your triumphs.

Take little (spinach) steps at a time.

You’re going to be completely lost.

Massoud warns that “you’re going to start worrying out because you’re not receiving enough vitamins and minerals and nutrients, which is a genuine issue and a legitimate concern.” When you give up anything, it is best to do it gradually.

Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it.

According to him, maintaining a tiny level of regularity will allow you to pay attention to how your body is responding to the changeover.

According to Massoud, there are 50 vegan burger establishments in the area.

“We are living in a really exciting period for all of these animal alternatives and meat replacements,” says the author.

Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it. “Whether I’m vegan or not, pizza has always been a comfort dish for me,” Massoud added. “There are a plethora of vegan alternatives.” [email protected]

Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Korean Brussels Sprouts and Tofu

PLANTA Yorkville is located in Toronto. After three years of working at a tapas-style restaurant, I’ve learned that the majority of people prefer to eat in groups, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and that this is becoming increasingly popular. Diners like to share their meal and sample the cuisines of others while they are at the table. Forget about asking the individuals at the tables next to me whether they would mind if I tried their meal if it weren’t so forbidden! Even when couples go out to dine, many choose to order a few meals to share, respond to together, and speak about, gaining an understanding of each other’s palates as they go along.

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As a result of its crisp and fresh texture, it is a great accompaniment to beverages, but it may also be served as a complete meal.

Mena Massoud is a young woman from Afghanistan.

1/2 cup (125 mL) gochujang (chinese chili paste) (Korean red chili paste) 2 tablespoons (around 30 mL) white miso paste Cucumbers that have been pickled 1 finely sliced cucumber (about) 1 tablespoon (15 milliliters) white wine vinegar Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it.

  • of (60 mL) safflower oil is a kind of vegetable oil.
  • of (30 mL) Sesame seeds are a kind of seed.
  • 1 bunch of cilantro leaves, finely chopped Few stems from a herb garden Thai basil is a kind of basil that is native to Thailand (regular basil will do in a pinch) a half cup (125 mL) Method for making vegan kimchi Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar has fully dissolved, about 5 minutes.
  • Blend in the ginger, gochujang, and miso until the mixture is smooth.
  • Pickle the cucumbers by tossing them in a medium-sized mixing dish with the vinegar, sugar, and salt.
  • Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it.

To prepare the tofu, slice it 1/2-inch thick and stir it with the remaining 2 tablespoons oil in a mixing bowl.

Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the sprouts are soft and caramelized, and the tofu is golden brown.

Place the Brussels sprouts and tofu on a serving plate and serve immediately.

Organize the ingredients in separate plates beside the wraps and construct the wraps at the table, serving them family-style with the romaine leaves, cilantro, basil, kimchi, and pickled cucumbers.

Vegan kimchi may be available in specialist grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s.

This recipe serves 2 to 4 people.

Copyright2020 is a trademark of Evolving Vegan, Inc.

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Mena Massoud On His New Book “Evolving Vegan”

Mena Massoud: The cities took me by surprise. Washington, DC, took me completely by surprise; it turned out to be the location of two of my favorite restaurants on the whole vacation, something I never would have predicted! When you think of vegan food, you probably think of cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon. Washington, DC, took me completely by surprise. An wonderful restaurant named Fancy Radish is located nearby, and we had a fantastic experience there.

As a result, I think the places, restaurants, and businesses that shocked me the most are the ones who stood out the most.

For those who aren’t familiar with Evolving Vegan or haven’t read the book, can you explain what you mean by being an evolving vegan?

MM: I believe that the way we eat and the diets we follow are constantly changing. Something is harmful for us one day, then the next, “well, it’s excellent cholesterol today,” says the doctor. I believe that the way we eat and our diet is always developing, and as long as we are moving and evolving in the direction of plant-based eating, we are heading in the correct route, in my opinion. So that’s essentially what it means to be an emerging vegan, and that’s also why I established the firm.

Therefore, all I wanted to do was to establish a space where individuals could come and feel included and accepted as long as they were making an effort to go in the direction of plant-based eating.

Speaking of inclusion, how do you feel about representation within the vegan community?

MM: That’s something I discuss in the book as well. Generally speaking, when we think of cookbooks, we tend to picture of elderly, white ladies in their immaculately maintained kitchens. And that’s who we think of when we think of cookbooks, don’t you think? In order to stand out, I decided to do something unusual there. To be more specific, I’m a young Egyptian man who is always striving to create a welcoming environment for those who are marginalized and unheard. In order to make the decision to go vegan, my two best friends and I conducted a little bit of study into the effects of animal products on both our health and the environment.

For me, red meat was first, followed by eggs, and then chicken came on the menu.

So while I never felt like I was being excluded from a vegan community since I was never in one, I was aware that many people had preconceived notions about what veganism was like and what vegan groups were like based on their own experiences.

When it comes to guys and veganism, the Meatless Manifesto was written specifically for them because there is a major misconception around males and meat.

You know, things like “men eat meat” and “men eat burgers” because “that’s what guys do,” and other such nonsense. Alternatively, “veganism is only for women.” Despite the fact that it was a big deal in 2014–2015, there are still large firms who target males with their meat commercials.

What inspired you to include your mother’s recipes in the book? Were they foods from your childhood?

MM: The recipes are unmistakably derived from my youth. Period. My mother is a fantastic cook in every way. Even within our society, she is regarded as one of the greatest chefs among all of the Egyptian mothers, so I knew I had struck gold when I discovered she was pregnant. I’m Coptic–Orthodox, and I’m a Christian, and during three months of the year, like Catholics, we give up something for Lent and something for Christmas to show our love for one another. Orthodoxy requires you to abstain from all animal products, which means you must be vegan in any case.

The fact that they were free of animal ingredients did not qualify them as “vegan.” So I just wanted to include the dishes that I grew up with and that I enjoyed, as well as those that our community enjoyed, in the book as an added bonus.

Looking back to pre-COVID times, what was it like to be a vegan actor working on a Hollywood movie set? Did craft services have options for you, or did you have to worry about what you’d eat on set?

Although Aladdin was a mixture of the two, they were generally accommodating — particularly the chef. To be very honest, my meals on Aladdin were really basic because I was putting in a lot of effort in the gym and hoping to reduce some body fat while still gaining muscle. So my meal consisted primarily of tofu and broccoli, with a small portion of brown rice thrown in. Bean salad was something I like from time to time, although it wasn’t difficult to make. Overall, it’s a really accepting environment.

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For the simple reason that they’re native North Carolinians and don’t really comprehend why or how someone would want to eat in such a manner.

I absolutely had to cook for myself on a few of occasions.

However, I believe that it is becoming more popular and that people are beginning to grasp it.

How has your lifestyle changed in quarantine?

MM: You should know that I constructed a home gym. It goes without saying that the gym and fitness are important parts of my life — as is eating — so I’ve had to start from the ground up and create a home gym from scratch, which has been challenging. Weights are currently more sought-after than diamonds, which is insane to say the least. So, yes, I’ve been doing a lot more cardio at home and working out from home a lot more recently. Due to the fact that I’m working on a fitness series that I’ll be posting on YouTube on my own, I’ve been putting in a lot more cardio.

As a result, I crave takeaway even more!

Although I’m cooking all the time now, I’m finding myself yearning takeout more frequently since I don’t want to cook as much anymore.

BuzzFeed: I completely understand what you’re going through!

MM:true, It’s you’re right! I wanted to go out and support them before COVID because they’re so unique and you want to make sure they’re alive and well and going, but now that COVID has hit, there’s an even greater need to support them.

Aladdin Star Mena Massoud Wants to Change How You Think About Plant-Based Food

One of the reasons Mena Massoud decided to publish his first cookbook was to leave a culinary legacy for his mother, who had passed away. His family relocated from Cairo, Egypt, to Ontario with him when he was three years old and eventually settled in Markham, which is just outside of Toronto. He starred as the eponymous character in the upcoming film Aladdin. His parents did everything they could to provide for Massoud and his two older sisters—his mother worked part-time at a coffee shop for a period, while his father, a satellite engineer by trade, took on odd jobs like as delivering pizza and working at a VHS manufacturer to supplement the family’s earnings.

  • The experience, Massoud says, “has simply entrenched in me a feeling of, not just culture, but also what it means to join together over a meal.” Massoud spoke to MONTECRISTO via phone from his home in Los Angeles, California, about the experience.
  • While a result, cuisine, in addition to the fact that he spoke only Arabic at home, played a significant role in helping him maintain a deep connection to his roots as he grew up in Markham.
  • Because the family is Coptic Orthodox, they annually abstained from eating animal products for around 100 days between Christmas and Easter.
  • It was in 2015 that Massoud’s path toward veganism truly took off, when he began investigating the effects of animal products on human health and the environment.
  • He saw a significant improvement in his entire well-being, becoming stronger and more lively.
  • For example, giving up meat once a week can be a reasonable goal for some people.
  • Alternatively, it might mean simply substituting almond milk for cow’s milk in your tea or coffee.

The vegan activist reveals that he does not wish to convert others to veganism.

“I believe that’s the only way we’ll be able to salvage our world and our health,” she says.

It includes original recipes from vegan restaurants in ten different cities across North America, as well as dishes from Massoud’s mother (such as bamya, an okra-based stew) and some of his own creations (tofu pad Thai is one of the dishes he’s perfected over years).

“One of the most common criticisms leveled towards veganism is that it is inaccessible, as in, ‘Where am I going to eat?’ “Can you tell me what I’m going to eat?” Massoud expresses himself.

He was also interested in finding out where vegan restaurateurs got their protein from and why they made the decision to go vegan themselves.

Each coast had a couple of weeks on each coast, and the cities were carefully picked to include both well-known vegan hotspots like Portland and Vancouver, as well as lesser-known jewels like Washington, DC.

Tiller Press provided the image for this post.

After arriving in Vancouver, Massoud visitedChickpea, Virtuous Pie, MEET, Indigo Age Café, and Heirloom to collect recipes for shakshuka, pizza, an açai bowl and butternut squash soup, among other dishes.

“The gentlemen were wonderful.

The city of Vancouver certainly offers a diverse range of alternatives.” Trilogy Sanctuary, a yoga studio in San Diego that also has an organic café, had an impression on him as well.

“It’s simply a wonderful location,” Massoud says as the conversation continues.

His discoveries along the road enhanced his enthusiasm for restaurateurs who are prepared to take a chance on vegan cafes, and also reaffirmed his devotion to plant-based diets.

ThisEthiopian dinnerfrom New York, which includes step-by-step directions on how to make the crucial ginger-garlic paste, is also a longtime family favorite.

After touring North America in pursuit of plant-based inspiration, Massoud will now shift his attention to the travel series he’s planning to showcase vegan recipes from across the world, which is now in development.

And what do his mother’s feelings about his latest book? “I think she’ll be quite pleased with the outcome,” he said of the situation.

Butternut squash soup from Vancouver’s Indigo Age Café

Andrew Rowley captured this image. It is with the permission of the publisher,Tiller Press, an imprint of SimonSchuster, that the following recipe from Mena Massoud’sEvolving Veganbecomes available online. Evolving Vegan, Inc. retains ownership of the copyright until 2020. All intellectual property rights are retained. This recipe serves 4 people. The last time I visited Indigo Age Café was during the fall season, when they had lovely squashes, root vegetables, and cranberries in-house. As a result, I was automatically drawn to several of their meals that were perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • It’s warm, soothing, creamy, and very simple to prepare, so you won’t have to spend all day slaving away in the kitchen making a Thanksgiving feast for your guests.
  • Instead of spending hours with your friends and family, it takes away hours of your time as well.
  • If you can’t get butternut squash, Indigo suggests using banana squash, kabocha squash, or pumpkin instead.
  • Do you understand what I’m saying?
  • Ah, never mind!


For the butternut squash soup, use the following ingredients: avocado oil or any neutral oil (around 2 tablespoons) 1 shallot, peeled and coarsely chopped 1 garlic clove, peeled and coarsely minced 1 pound cubed butternut squash, peeled and cubed 1 celery stalk, peeled and cut finely 1 carrot, peeled and coarsely chopped 1 tablespoon freshly cut flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped a pinch of freshly ground cinnamon a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg a pinch of freshly ground cloves Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

1 teaspoon freshly chopped dill, finely chopped For the creamy cashew drizzle, combine the following ingredients: 1 cup raw cashews, soaked for 2 hours in enough water to cover them and drained 1 garlic clove (about) freshly squeezed lemon juice (around 1 tablespoon) one-fourth teaspoon nutritional yeast 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh dill, to serve as a garnish 1 pinch sea salt


Heat the oil in a medium-sized heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium heat until shimmering. Add the shallot and garlic and mix well. Cook, stirring periodically, for approximately 3 minutes, or until the shallot is tender and translucent. Season the squash, celery, carrot, parsley, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves with salt and pepper after adding them to the pot. Pour in 2 cups of water and bring to a boil, then decrease the heat to medium-low and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the squash is very soft.

  • During this time, prepare the creamy cashew drizzle.
  • Blend until the mixture is smooth.
  • Rinse the blender jar well.
  • Blend until smooth, covering the blender jar with a cloth and blending until smooth (be careful of splatter,as soup will still be hot).
  • In each bowl, swirl a small amount of the creamy cashew drizzle.
  • Consider dehydrating your own lotus root for garnishing purposes for an extra-special treat.

Season with freshly ground black pepper, sea salt, and paprika after coating the pan with oil. 325oF for 45 minutes or until the slices are crisp, rotating the pieces halfway through the baking time More stories on localFood and Drink may be found here.

Actor Mena Massoud on Vegan Cooking – Air Canada enRoute

EnRoute What impact has traveling had on your thoughts on veganism? Mena Massoud is a young woman from Afghanistan. Everywhere you look, you will see a vibrant plant-based community. Traveling helps you to broaden your understanding of what might be considered vegan, and the answer is straightforward: everything can be considered vegan. In Japan, I visited a vegan ramen place near Tokyo Station, where I enjoyed a delicious meal. ER What is it about eating more vegetables that causes so many people to struggle?

  • People thought that being vegan was like to becoming a member of a religious order, and that they had to commit completely or not at all.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you eat vegan only once a week; you’re still benefiting the trifecta of your health, animals, and the environment.
  • ERWhich city do you most look forward to returning to for a meal?
  • Ichiza Kitchen, a pan-Asian vegan restaurant in Hong Kong, was one of my favorite eateries while researching for the book.
  • For example, Los Angeles has a large number of vegan restaurants that serve burgers and sandwiches, but they are not as culturally genuine as those in Portland.

Disney Star Mena Massoud Invests In Plant-Based Fast-Food Chain

Approximately 1 minute of reading time Mena Massoud is the founder of the vegan organization Evolving Vegan (Photo: Instagram) Approximately 1 minute of reading time A well-known actor He is most known for his role as Aladdin in the 2019 Disney version, but Mena Massoud has also made an investment in a plant-based fast-food franchise. Massoud, the founder of Evolving Vegan, has announced his participation in the Series A Raise Capital raise for the Plant Power Restaurant Group, which is the parent business of Plant Power Fast Food, as well as his investment in the firm.

‘Delicious, convenient fast-food’

The following is an excerpt from a statement submitted to Plant Based News by Massoud: “I’ve spent a significant amount of time throughout North America, seeing a large number of plant-based eateries. Immediately, Plant Power Fast Food stood out as a major player in the industry. “They have tremendous goals in the field, and they don’t simply outsource their products like many of the other firms in the marketplace,” says the author. A lot of thought has gone into the details, and we all share the same belief that in order to effect genuine change, we must make plant-based living accessible to the general public.”

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‘The real deal’

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Plant Power, Jeffrey Harris, applauded the actor’s efforts, saying, “We appreciate what he is doing.” He’s the genuine deal, and he shares our worries about the terrible impact that animal agriculture has had on this beautiful world that we all share.” “He’s the real thing, and he shares our concerns about the negative impact that animal agriculture has had on this wonderful planet that we all share.” We’re also motivated by his support for a plant-based diet as a means of improving health and well-being.

Everyone on our team is overjoyed that he has become a member of our investor family, and we are appreciative for his assistance during this stage of our growth.” * In order to correct a quotation from the book, this item was amended on December 18.

Liam used to be the Deputy Editor of Plant Based News, which he left in 2013.

He has contributed to publications such as The Independent, Huffington Post, Attitude Magazine, and others. Also, he is the author of the book titled ‘We’re Concerned About Him.’ Liam Giliver has contributed to this article.

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“Mena Massoud, the actress, has developed a completely new way of looking at and creating vegan food. After scoring a major role in Disney’s live-action Aladdin, Massoud channeled his passion for food into an exhilarating road journey to discover the most diverse, approachable, and ground-breaking cuisine from the most celebrated plant-based eateries across North America. When Massoud founded his company Evolving Vegan in 2018, with the mission of introducing people to plant-based living and assisting them in their journey toward that lifestyle at their own pace, he had an end goal in mind: he wanted to write a book that documented his travels, discoveries, and way of life.

EVOLVING VEGAN, with its 80 worldwide dishes and helpful ideas for both longtime vegans and those who are transitioning to veganism, is destined to become the cookbook that everyone will be talking about and cooking from.

From breakfast to dinner, snack time to dessert, your taste buds will be tantalized by dishes such as Ethiopian Dinner from Brooklyn’s Bunna Café, Cast Iron Mac + Cheese from Donna Jean in San Diego, Jackfruit Flautas inspired by No Bones Beach Club in Seattle, Orange Cauliflower Bites from Red Lentil in Boston, Peruvian Potatoes from DC’s Fancy Radish, No-Bake Maple Pecan Pie from Toronto’s Sweet Heart Kitchen, and an Ice Over the past decade, there has been a significant shift in the way plant-based food is prepared.

Permit Mena Massoud to take you on a tour of the vegan future, which will be packed with inventive, inviting, and delectable food that everyone may enjoy!

Mena Massoud is perhaps best known as the actor who brought Disney’s main character from Aladdin to life on the big screen.

“Evolving Veganis.

Buzzfeed writer Whitney Jefferson says “In addition to gorgeous photos and delectable recipes inspired by the incredible people he met on his travels, Evolving Vegan also celebrates the incredible cities he visited, the different cultures he encountered, and Mena’s personal journey towards plant-based living with heartfelt stories, advice, and some of the actor’s favorite recipes,” the book’s description says.

—Vegetarian World Magazine “In Disney’s Aladdin, Mena Massoud, who won our hearts last year, knows a thing or two about eating on the road while following a vegan diet.

It is easy to re-create wonderful dishes like Spicy Dan Dan Noodles and Boston Cream Pie-Cake from the book Evolving Vegan: Deliciously Diverse Recipes from North America’s Best Plantbased Eateries—for Anyone Who Loves Food, which is available on Amazon.” —Megan Johnson, from the Yoga Journal “Mena Massoud’s latest cookbookEvolving Veganis a wonderful place to start if you’re interested in adopting a plant-based diet.” Recipes acquired on a North American restaurant road trip form the basis of this book, which is vibrant, lively, and unpretentious in its approach to veganism.

Cooking styles are diverse, drawing on Egyptian, Ethiopian, Taiwanese, Indian and Chinese cuisine among many other cultures.

Purchase for this reason: Actor Mena Massoud takes you on a trip through his conversion to veganism, his mother’s Egyptian cooking, and his vast travels across North America in quest of different (and ever-evolving) plant-based food. —Buzzfeed

About the Author

Mena Massoud was born in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. He and his family moved to Toronto, Canada, when he was three years old, along with his parents and two sisters. He is the creator of Evolving Vegan, a firm whose mission is to make veganism more accessible to all individuals. Aside from that, Mena has established his non-profit, the EDA Foundation (the Ethnically Diverse Artists Foundation), as well as his production company, Press Play Productions. Press Play Productions is currently developing a number of projects, including Evolving Vegan the series, which will document Mena’s journey as he seeks out some of the world’s best vegan establishments.

Aladdin’s Mena Massoud Talks Will Smith, Fitness and Plant Based Eating With Men’s Health

Men’s Health Issues: Aladdin is a legendary role, and it is an honor to play it. A great deal of strain and worry is naturally associated with this situation. In what areas did you have the most concerns and worries? Or did you know from the beginning that you were going to ace the interview? Mena Massoud: I’d want to thank you for your time. Yeah, to be really honest with you, I didn’t have much time to think about it. I found out that I had gotten the role on a Wednesday, and I had to go over to London the following Friday to begin filming for the project, which would take seven months.

I can’t say that I was nervous, but I am well aware of the magnitude of the duty that I was entrusted with.

Have you taken a new strategy this time?

That is correct; we’ve just done our best to bring this world to life, as live action implies that actual human beings are involved, as well as realistic sets and other such elements of the production.

We’re simply attempting to make it a reality.

That sounds like it’s something that you took on in this film.

That’s exactly what I did.

Then I continued to sing for approximately a year and a half beyond that point.

Yeah, I believe Guy, by his actions, taught me to be myself and not to attempt to change for anyone else, and I believe Will taught me the same thing.

And I’m not only talking about his creative profession; Guy has a remarkable ability to surprise people at every turn he makes in his life.

Every day, there were new things I discovered about Guy that I had no prior knowledge of since he either doesn’t talk about them or doesn’t boast about them.

Basically, he simply walked me through everything and explained how he coped with it.

Do you know how much of it made it off screen?

That’s a difficult topic to answer since I believe that is at the heart of what acting is all about.

I hope that we executed it brilliantly and tastefully in such a way that people can appreciate the youthfulness and the difficulties that young people go through in this world.

Naomi, I agree that this is what we tried to do with Aladdin and Jasmine.

It’s something I went through in high school, and I get it.

When it comes to your training and nutrition, you’re quite devoted.

Yeah, I switched to a plant-based diet around four years ago, almost five years ago now, and it has completely transformed my life, dude.

I started to feel a little lighter.

I think vegans have kind of created this discussion where being vegan means you have to give up everything and change everything about yourself and the way you live, and I didn’t want that to happen.

If this means that you eliminate meat from your diet twice a week, that’s fantastic; you’re progressing toward being a vegan, which is beneficial to both your health and the environment.

We went around North America and will feature over 50 restaurants in the book.

As someone who has taken on roles such as Aladdin and started movements such as Evolving Vegan, it’s clear that you are concerned about your health.

Because of all of the choreography and live action, this is a physically demanding part, and you must maintain a ravenous appearance throughout.

Yes, yes, without a doubt.

I mean, for starters, one of the things I try to do with my characters is make them as genuine as possible, and I wanted to accomplish that with Aladdin in a big manner.

There were a lot of calisthenics, to put it simply.

I obviously wanted to gain some muscle, but I also needed to lose a significant amount of body fat, so me and my personal trainer focused our efforts on getting my body fat down while also attempting to increase my muscle mass, which is extremely tough to achieve at the same time.

I performed a lot of cardio and leg exercises to help burn some of the fat off a little bit.

I believe that towards the conclusion of the shoot, I was the heaviest I had ever been for a project that was so slim.

I had the benefit of working out with a trainer six days a week while filming, which allowed me to put my whole attention into it.

Yes, I have worked out with Marwana on a few of occasions.

Will was actually the one who requested that they build a gym for us, so he and his team were in there, and Will travels with his personal trainer, which is incredible to see.

Naomi was training really hard as well.

*Cliché question alert* If you found a lamp and you had three wishes, what would you ask for and why?

It’s not just about entertainment.

I would hope that the world finds itself in a better place tomorrow when we wake up than today when we go to sleep because we have a lot of work to do and a lot of things to work on for future generations.

Especially for young people.

Our film has a great diversity in the film, but also there’s not a lot of films that come out about young people and people in their adolescence trying to find their way in life.

The way Superbad did that and all these other films, this also is a story about two people trying to find their way. Aladdinis in cinemas now.

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