Budokon – A mix of Yoga, Martial Arts and Calisthenics

Budokon yoga is a unique yoga style developed by renowned yoga teacher Cameron Shayne that combines yoga with elements of martial arts, calisthenics, and animal locomotion to help improve mobility and strength. Budokon yoga was created to help improve mobility and strength by combining yoga with elements of martial arts, calisthenics, and animal locomotion.

What Does Budokon Stand for?

The name Budokon is made up of the phrases BU, which stands for warrior, DO, which stands for path, and KON, which stands for spirit. It is a combined movement practice and philosophy taught in a belt-ranking system that incorporates yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts, animal locomotion, mobility, calisthenics, and cognitive studies. It is divided into three categories: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Established in 2001 by Cameron Shayne, Budokon is comprised of six life sciences: movement, intellect, emotion, connection, nutrition, and environment.

Developing muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and joint mobility are the goals of the Budokon physical component.

To put it another way, physical effort strengthens the body, while mental work strengthens the mind.

What Are the Principles Behind Budokon?

In the words of Cameron Shayne himself, “Every action is straightforward.” We don’t observe any complicated movement; instead, we witness just simple things done with such skill that it appears we are seeing something otherworldly. It goes without saying that many types of movement exist based on the surroundings, differences in human structure and capacities of individuals. He, on the other hand, finds any shortcoming in movement to be a lack of imagination. To put it another way, ” We are tool builders “, which means that we construct particular items and develop a connection with them, resulting in various methods of moving with, around or against them.

  • Cameron Shayne, the inventor of Budokon yoga, and his wife Melayne Shayne pose for a photograph.
  • Another significant component of Budokon is animal movement, which is defined as moving like a quadruped or walking on two legs.
  • Changing the number of limbs utilized for mobility can consequently result in a change in anatomy, which may be beneficial for persons who have spinal abnormalities or movement difficulties, as well as for those who want to rebalance their body’s physical structure.
  • Budokon, according to Cameron Shayne, is the world’s first fully codified movement pattern that examines and utilizes primal movement in order to aid in the restoration of human anatomy and function.

Young Ho is offering a free online workshop. Kim WHAT MAKES (MY) YOGA EFFECTIVE My Favorite Exercises for Combating Bad Posture and a Bad Mood

The Budokon Primary Series

In the words of Cameron Shayne himself: “Every action is straightforward.” We don’t witness any complicated movements; instead, we observe just simple things done with such skill that it appears we are seeing something otherworldly. It goes without saying that many types of movement may be found based on the surroundings, changes in human structure, and personal talents. His view is that any lack of movement, on the other hand, indicates an absence of imagination. To put it another way, ” We are tool builders “, which means that we construct specific items and form a relationship with them, resulting in various methods of moving with, around or against them.

  • Cameron Shayne, co-founder of Budokon Yoga, and his wife Melayne Shayne pose for a photograph together.
  • Another significant component of Budokon is animal movement, which is defined as moving like a quadruped or walking on four legs.
  • Those with spinal abnormalities, movement problems, and other physical impairments may benefit from changing the number of limbs used for locomotion because it can alter their anatomy.
  • Apart from that, this type of integrated movement helps to restore balance to the relationship between the pelvic girdle and the shoulder girdle, as well as to create new neuronal pathways, which in turn help to improve the interaction between the right and left brain.
  • Young Ho offers a free online workshop.
  • Bad Posture and a Negative Mood: My Favorite Exercises

Who Is Budokon for?

Budokon yoga is a practice for people who want to move and who want to achieve the maximum level of mobility. Although intended to promote mobility, it also aims to improve agility, flexibility, and strength in addition to these benefits. As a result, it is critical to recognize that mobility is not synonymous with flexibility. Mobility is not the same as strength. It’s more of a synthesis of the two. “Mobility is not synonymous with adaptability. Mobility is not the same as strength. It’s more like a synthesis of all of the above.” Cameron Shayne is a writer and actor.

  • As a result, it is ideal for anybody who enjoys yoga, martial arts, dancing, or calisthenics and who want to improve in any of the aforementioned areas.
  • As a beginner, you could choose to start with quadruped locomotion, such as crawling and climbing in a variety of ways, which you might be able to include into your regular movement routine later on.
  • If we’ve piqued your interest, our ten-day transformative program with Cameron Shayne is an excellent chance for you to give it a try and be in the greatest condition of your life.
  • A combination of strength and endurance exercises, as well as yoga periods for healing and stretching, make up the workout schedule.
  • Start your 10-Day Budokon Yoga Transformational Program with Cameron Shayne on TINT to get the most out of your practice.

Young Ho Kim is offering a free online workshop. WHAT MAKES (MY) YOGA EFFECTIVE My Favorite Exercises for Combating Bad Posture and a Bad Mood Budokon University and the December 2016 issue of Mover Magazine are two sources of information.

What is Budokon? Learning the way of the warrior

“Not only does it challenge your physical boundaries, but the training sessions also provide ample opportunity to work on your personal growth.” “You walk out of there in a different way than you went in,” she says. Jake Paul White’s full name is Jake Paul White.

What is Budokon?

Put another way, it is a cross between Yoga and Martial Arts in its most basic form. It improves physical strength and endurance, as well as discipline, control, grace, and spirituality. The exercise is similar to a vinyasa flow yoga practice, but it incorporates beautiful tai chi-style motions and has a profound meditative element.

Where did Budokon begin?

Budokon, which translates as ‘the path of the warrior spirit’ in Japanese, was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2000 by Cameron Shayne, a native North Carolinian and martial arts master. Originally from New Jersey, Shayne began his martial arts training when he was 12 years old. He later found yoga when he was in his twenties, and the two eventually became one in his own blended practice of traditional Hatha Yoga, Japanese Karate-Do, Korean Taekwondo, and Brazilian Jiustu. As a result, Budokon was created!

  • In 2004, after growing tired of the Hollywood atmosphere, he packed his belongings and relocated to Miami Beach, Florida, where he formed the Budokon University and developed his life arts curriculum to a higher degree of sophistication.
  • Although both artists and scientists are essential to each other’s work, they are incompatible when they are not working together.
  • Take a look at Camerons Budokon Flow.
  • Jake Paul White adds, “The teacher trainings are interruptive and life-changing.” Despite the fact that I’ve attended a number of yoga teacher trainings, I’ve never experienced as much personal growth and development as I did during this one.
  • “You walk out of there in a different way than you went in,” she says.

Using a six-level belt ranking system, it teaches a six-pillar system (movement, intelligence, emotion, connection, nutrition, and environment) in a six-level belt ranking system.

What does a Budokon class involve?

In a typical Budokon session, the practice begins with 20 minutes of vinyasa-style yoga to warm up the body, followed by a martial arts section that includes explosive, dancing or animal-like movement, and then concludes with a guided mediation. When it comes to movement, Shayne defines it as “perhaps the first totally codified style of movement incorporating the study and application of primitive movement patterns for the rehabilitation of human anatomy,” and it’s quite astounding and lovely to behold!

  • The Budokon Martial Arts System, according to Jake Paul White, “is much more than just yoga; it is also a blackbelt martial arts system.” Calisthenics and animal locomotion are blended with vinyasa yoga to create a physically well-rounded and holistic practice.
  • As a whole, the practice is highly contemporary, and it tackles topics like as diet, health and well-being, as well as relationships, in a non-dogmatic manner.
  • Interested?
  • Do you want to meet Jake Pual White, our Brand Warrior?
  • Ms Alicia Anka, one of our wonderful contributors, has written an article for us.
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Amazon.com: Cameron Shayne – Budokon for Beginners : Cameron Shayne: Movies & TV

Budokon is a stirring blend of fast-paced Ashtanga yoga, explosive martial arts, and life-affirming meditation developed by Cameron Shayne that elevates Eastern disciplines to a new level of sophistication. Everyone who is seeking for a high-intensity workout that also sharpens mental concentration and instills a greater sense of purpose can find it with Budokon on their own terms. The kicks and punches are thrilling, and the meditations are both grounding and eye opening because of Shayne’s own energy and passionate knowledge of all three disciplines.


Although the book’s cover boasts it as “the reunion of martial arts, yoga, and meditation,” Cameron Shayne’s Budokon Beginning Practiceoffers a new, even original approach to a home fitness program for people who have done those disciplines separately but not in combination. Despite the fact that yoga, martial arts, and meditation are all included in this approximately 38-minute program (there’s also a version that’s about 10 minutes shorter), the three disciplines are not actually combined; a fairly traditional 20-minute yoga practice (for creating “power through stillness”) follows by 15 minutes of martial arts (“power through movement”) and approximately three minutes of meditation is included (“power through emptiness”).

Several sun salutations and forward bends are among the yoga postures that serve as a good stretch and warm-up for the martial arts moves; the latter, with their short, vigorous punches and kicks mostly performed from a traditional “fighting stance,” serve as a contrast to the slower, deeper yoga postures, and the combination of the two is genuinely invigorating.

There’s also a “position guide” feature, which can be accessed both before and during the exercise and is useful for explaining all of the poses and actions in greater depth. Sam Graham is credited with inventing the term “smartphone.”

Amazon.com: Budokon Weight Loss System : Cameron Shayne: Movies & TV

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product a set of two weight-loss DVDs and a book on well-being and the integration of martial arts principles into everyday life Two DVDs for weight loss, as well as a book on well-being and the incorporation of martial arts techniques into everyday life are included. When I opened my package, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it contained not one, but two DVDs as well as a book on well-being and another on martial arts-related internal arts, as I had anticipated (en anglais aussi).

  1. It is well explained and therefore accessible to beginners.
  2. The second DVD is for those who want to learn more about martial arts.
  3. The exercises are simple and effective (they are based on traditional martial arts techniques), and can be done alone or with a partner if you are in a group setting, such as a dojo.
  4. I highly recommend this collection of Cameron Shayne’s BUDOKAN weight reduction DVDs, and I intend to purchase further DVDs from this budokan.

The benefits of Budokon yoga

Do you remember how you used to roam about as a kid? What would it be like to spend your whole day sprinting, jumping, and rolling about and not getting injured because you were fearless and in sync with your body? In Budokon yoga, which is a unique blend of martial arts, calisthenics, yoga asana, and animal locomotion, I’ve been able to reconnect with my childish side by motivating me to move my body in a demanding yet joyful manner. Budokon, which was created in 2000 by Cameron Shayne and may be translated as “the path of the warrior spirit,” is a martial art style.

  • When you mix the purity of martial arts movement with the power of calisthenics, the fun of animal movement, and the fluidity of yoga, the result is an intensive, full-body exercise that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.
  • Take, for example, the transition from Standing Squat to Prayer Squat: you can stroll there, gently hop there, or simply float there.
  • Cameron Shayne recently discussed the advantages of Budokon in a recent interview, stating: The type of strength that a human being is capable of is not required, nor is it produced, by contemporary postural yoga.
  • It has never been, and it is highly unlikely that it ever will be, a system that fosters the development of athletes.
  • I also appreciate how Budokon yoga inspires me to move my body in new and unusual ways, which I find quite appealing.
  • It will immediately make you feel stronger and more in control of your life.
  • Almost all skill levels may be accommodated by the style.

Everyone can find something that they are excellent at, and even better, something that they are interested in learning more about. Keep in mind that you should be having fun when you’re moving around and leaping and crawling and hopping and rolling and swinging!

Try out some Budokon

As part of the Revolutionise Your Yogaprogramme, EkhartYoga members may participate in a series of Budokon courses with Gilda, which will be held at Ekhart Yoga. Come play with us and have a good time!

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Budokon — Henry the Newman

Cameron Shayne, founder of Budokon, says, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” Incorporated in 2007, the Budokon University of Mixed Movement Arts is a professional-level educational institute dedicated to the growth of mind-body arts and sciences. Henry has been exceptionally lucky in that he has been able to train under the system and learn directly from Cameron Shayne, who is widely regarded as the father of mixed movement arts. He also serves as a worldwide ambassador, disseminating information about his work through personal training, workshops, courses, and the internet, among other venues.

Budokon, with its 6 pillars (movement, nutrition, emotions, thoughts, relationships, and environment), successfully unites the essential aspects of well-being and a meaningful life in a single program.


Budokon MMA, abbreviated BDK, is an all-encompassing black belt hybrid mixed martial art system formed in 2001 by mixed movement master Cameron Shayne, who based the system on the ideology of mixed movement teacher Cameron Shayne. BDK is taught as a “non-classical” style, implying that it is derived from traditional Japanese Karate-Do, Korean Taekwondo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but is not tied to any particular school in particular. Budokon, in contrast to more conventional martial arts, does not have a defined striking technique and is primarily concerned with self-defense applications.

When under pressure, movement and thought must be dynamic, strong, and precise.

“Empty your mind. be formless, Shapeless. Like Water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put Water into a Bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, Water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, My friend!”

Bruce Lee is credited with inventing the term “future” in the 1960s.


A modern combination of martial arts and hatha yoga, Budokon Yoga was developed by Cameron Shayne in 2001 as a way to bring people together. Movements that are flowing and forceful help to build physical and mental concentration and precision. This one-of-a-kind and powerful practice is perfect for the athletic yogi who wants to connect with their warrior side. Budokon places greater emphasis on the transitions from one position to another than it does on the maintaining of postures.


Learn how to create, deconstruct, advance, and regress quadrupedal movement patterns by watching this video tutorial. Sequences of varied motions based on yoga, martial arts, animal locomotion, dance, and free-form movement are used to create these sequences.

It is important to note that joint mobility is a major emphasis of this movement training. The ability to move freely allows you to avoid injuries and to continue with your movement practice for many years to come.


Through the perspective of the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts System, participants may expect a thoroughly evaluated program that incorporates Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Interval Training, and Mobility exercises. You may walk like an animal, hang out at a bar and work on your pull-ups and muscle-ups, or you might focus on improving your overall mobility and flexibility. Henry caters to your programming needs, while also increasing your stamina, power, and speed, depending on your present state of affairs.

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As well as being a combat system, Budokon is a philosophy with guiding universal principles, specifically that all mental activity (beliefs, thoughts, consciousness) is subjective and temporary.

We address a wide range of issues under this pillar of our system, including belief systems, perception, critical thinking and ego state, showing up, standing in truth, ethics, and values, among others.


Recognize the importance of protecting the environment, which we rely on to preserve our standard of living. It is our goal to find practical solutions to make changes in our life that will help us minimize waste and consumer-driven habits. We give ourselves the opportunity to make decisions that will ensure our long-term survival as a species.


Create a thought-monitoring strategy that will help you to recognize emotion as a biochemical release when it occurs. Change your perception of reality (your stories) by altering your language, your beliefs, and your personal narratives, among other things.


Develop the ability to convey your demands more effectively and to comprehend the needs of others. Language and its impact on perception are the subject of our research. We learn to be more tolerant of others and to keep our emotions under control until they can be digested and understood more fully.


Learn about the medicinal and poisonous properties of food. We investigate the impact of food on the physical and mental bodies, as well as how to discover which meals are most suited to our specific physiology. We also learn how to pick foods that are in accordance with our ethical principles in terms of content, packaging, and manufacturing techniques.

Budokon Yoga With Vinnie

The Acro Enso team is pleased to introduce you to Vinnie Lucido, a qualified Budokon Yoga instructor who has recently joined the team at Acro Enso. Many of you may already be familiar with this attentive human, since he is one of the long-time founding members of our play community. His werewolf costume and one-wheeled scooter make him a familiar sight around town, and he’s often seen waved down at onlookers from the top of his high stilts at fun events. This multi-talented individual has been doing Budokon yoga for over five years and is looking forward to sharing his primal movement practice with all of you in this class.

  • When we initially learnt about it, we weren’t sure what to make of it, so we asked Vinnie to fill us in on the details.
  • Budokon is a trademarked self-help program based on Japanese principles.
  • Several months after launching his initial program, Dojo Om, Cameron renamed the curriculum Budokon, which means “the path of the warrior spirit” in Japanese.
  • The most important aspect of Budokon Yoga, according to Vinnie, is that it allows one to feel the true nature of the body, the flexibility of the spine, the balance of the warrior spirit and the yogi presence, and the true nature of one’s own body.
  • Vinnie believes that this narrative (which is depicted below) pertains to the human in its most fundamental condition, and that this is what keeps him interested about Budokon Yoga!
  • Thank you for reading, and please check back next week to learn about further teachers joining Acro Enso!
  • Salutation in the Rolling Style Section One – The Awakening of the Spirit Observing oneself, the Warrior prepares for the union of mind, spirit, and body – the most difficult of all wars to fight in one place.

While riding a rolling wave, one may let go of the rigid, grasping mind and surrender to the simple flow of time as it moves from one moment to another.

The floating helps to generate bravery and internal fire, which helps to prepare the body for the war that is ahead of it.

The adversary is bolstered by the Warrior’s refusal to accept the situation as it is currently.

When the archer fires the arrow of truth, the adversary answers by lunging forward with even more deception and lies.

The struggle is still going on.

The Warrior is now engaged in a battle against his or her pride.

Beginning with the rising onto a chair and moving to the crane, then the warrior 2, then the soaring warrior, proud warrior, to the kicking warrior, to the warrior 3, and then the falling warrior.

The conflict evolves into a unified dance of rebirth and renewal.

The dancing dog symbolizes the dance that takes place between the warrior and his or her intellect.

The reverse prayer is a prayer for peace, and it is represented by the word “peace.” Warrior 1 to the coiling dragon depicts how the sword is hurled to the ground by the dragon.

The Warrior has become one with his or her thoughts.

The warrior is now on a quest to find genuine balance in his life.

Animals Section 6 – Keeping Memories The Warrior recalls his or her original condition prior to the division of the mind.

A connectedness with the natural world.

Section 7 – The Death of the Author Rebirth The Warrior has finally made the decision to die.

There is an atmosphere of opening, giving, and vulnerability. Permitting what is to be, to be. The possibility to return from the corpse stance to rebirth, and eventually back to our awareness of ourselves, presents itself. The cycle has come to an end. Acronym for Acro Enso.

The Budokon Mobility System by Cameron Shayne and Xande Ribeiro

As part of our Acro Enso team, we’re pleased to welcome you to Vinnie Lucido, an experienced Budokon Yoga instructor who has recently joined us at the studio. The fact that this attentive individual is one of the seasoned founders of our gaming community means that many of you may already be acquainted with him. During fun occasions, you’ll frequently see him riding his one-wheeled bicycle around town costumed as a werewolf or waving to you from the top of his high stilts. This multi-talented individual has been doing Budokon yoga for over five years and is looking forward to sharing his primal movement practice with all of you in this workshop.

  • Vinnie came to our house to educate us on the subject because we weren’t exactly sure what we were talking about when we first heard it.
  • Budokon is a trademarked self-help program based on Japanese principles, according to Vinnie.
  • Several months after launching his initial program, Dojo Om, Cameron renamed it Budokon, which means ‘the path of the warrior spirit’ in Japanese.
  • He highlighted his appreciation for how Budokon Yoga allows one to feel the genuine nature of the body, suppleness of the spine, and a balance between one’s warrior spirit and one’s yogi presence when we asked him what he enjoyed most about Budokon Yoga.
  • Budokon Yoga is what keeps Vinnie enthused about Budokon Yoga because it corresponds to the human being in his or her most primordial form, according to Vinnie.
  • Thank you for reading, and please check back next week to find out about new Acro Enso teachers!
  • Salutation in Rolling ‘Awakening’ is the first section.

With a flourish, the Warrior rises and begins the salutations in the rolling motion.

The cobra roll depicts the snake shedding its old skin and old way of thinking and embracing the current moment.

Division of the Mind, Part 2 of the Archer Series The Warrior is now prepared to face his or her adversary, who has a dual personality.

The Warrior must fight the need to cling to what has gone before or what may never be, and instead accept what is currently happening in his or her life.

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In defense, the Warrior returns with his sword in hand.

A battle between pride and honor is currently underway.

It is in this dance of union that the struggle ends.

The dance between the warrior and his or her intellect is represented by the dancing dog.

‘Peace be with you’ is represented by the reverse prayer.

After years of fighting, the battle is finally over.

Five-pointed-seventh section – Stability After that, it’s all about restoring and maintaining equilibrium.

After finally uniting and becoming one with the mind, the aim is now to display the harmony and balance that exists between the mind, the spirit, and the body, and to do it successfully.

We are reborn and are returning to our natural condition of one consciousness, which the animals represent.

Death is covered in this section.

There is an element of opening, submitting, and vulnerability.

Making space for what is to be. And with it, the possibility to return from the corpse stance to rebirth and, eventually, back to our observation of ourselves is presented. All of the steps have been completed. It’s the Acro Enso, remember?

So, What’s On This Series?

Beginning with a session on the 5 major postures of bodily mobility, in which Shayne explains in detail how to CONNECT SEAMLESSLY to each one from the other, you’ll go on to the next lesson. A variety of actions, such as inverting, the gorilla walk, and the half-squat, will be demonstrated and explained to assist you better understand these vital principles while also providing you with MORE EFFICIENT METHODS OF MOVEMENT. As a BJJ world champion Xande Ribeiro, he will take over the second half of the four volumes and train you on how to apply the concepts and techniques you’ve learned about mobility to your own jiu-jitsu practice.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • After that, you’ll get a tutorial on the 5 major postures of bodily mobility, during which Shayne will demonstrate in detail how to CONNECT SEAMLESSLY to each one from the other. As a way to further hammer home these vital concepts and give you with more EFFICIENT METHODS OF MOVEMENT, he will demonstrate and discuss numerous actions, such as inverting, the gorilla walk, and the half squat. As a BJJ world champion Xande Ribeiro, he will take over the second half of the four volumes and coach you on how to apply the concepts and techniques you’ve learned about mobility to your own jiu-jitsu training. Several of his most relied-on jiu-jitsu ideas, such as how to guard the four corners of the body, will be shared, along with some HIGH PERCENTAGE TECHNIQUES that will assist you in making the connection between increased mobility and jiu-jitsu.
  • Inversions, squatting, and the Gorilla Walk are all possible. The Gorilla Squat, also known as the Half Squat, is a variation of the gorilla squat.
  • Side Winder
  • Transitions from seated to squatting
  • Transitions from seated to half squat
  • Half squat to inversion connections
  • Transition chains Applying Movement Concepts in BJJ – Scissor Sweep
  • Maintaining Elegance
  • Breaking The Superhold
  • The Diamond (Protecting The Corners)
  • And many others.
  • Efficient Inversions, the Hip Switch, and Half Squat Takedowns are all possible from the elbow position.

So, What Does It All Cost?

In the mixed movement arts community, Cameron Shayne (creator of Budokon) is regarded as the father of the culture. Cameron’s technique has been termed the “Hot Hollywood Workout,” and he has utilized his unique fitness approach to coach celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Rene Russo, and Meg Ryan. Cameron has also trained actors such as Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Rene Russo, and Meg Ryan. Acqualina was thrilled to have Cameron Shayne present a Budokon session at the resort in December, as part of the resort’s monthly Health & Wellness series, which was held at Acqualina Spa by ESPA.

Immediately following the lesson, we met down with Cameron to discuss his influences, life philosophy, New Year’s Resolution and other topics.

What exactly is Budokon?

After 20 minutes of yoga sun salutations to lighten and expand the body, a typical Budokon session will proceed with an intense, dance-like martial arts phase before concluding with another 20 minutes of yoga sun salutations.

What drew you to movement, martial arts, fitness, and yoga was the story of how you got started.

You could not withdraw into anything other than literature or your imagination because there were no current technology gadgets or social media platforms available.

I discovered martial arts when I was twelve years old, mostly as a result of my enraged father, who was a well-known street fighter, and the fact that I was surrounded by fairly violent guys.

That’s when I met Paul and Dan Harmon, who would go on to become my first professors.

Throughout high school, I participated in a variety of sports at a high level.

In my late twenties, I discovered Yoshukai Karate, at the same time as I discovered Rickson Gracie, who would become my first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teacher.

Because of your involvement in mixed movement arts, what life lessons have you taken away from your experience?

The genesis of significant moments of movement begins with an idea that your body isn’t quite able to actualize at that moment.

As a result, the vast majority of individuals are content to perform only what they are currently capable of achieving.

Places where instantaneous success is unusual, if not completely unattainable.

If you can learn to embrace failure, you will reap enormous rewards.

There is no sophisticated movement, simply basic things done with such mastery that it appears we are witnessing something supernatural.

In this case, any variation that occurs within movement is the outcome of unbridled intellectual curiosity and imagination.

We make items with which we form interactions, which in turn leads to novel ways in which we move with them, against them, or around them (see Figure 1).

By combining several movement art systems, I’ve come to realize how interconnected all movement is and how quickly you can adapt to any circumstance if you have excellent mixed movement basics.

The way you go about your business is the way you go about your life.

What influenced your decision to relocate and create a studio here?

Miami has a small and close vibe about it.

In comparison to other places I’ve visited, Miami has a stronger sense of community and teamwork.

Each New Year’s Day is a chance to reflect on the previous year’s accomplishments and shortcomings.

What did you miss doing last year that you didn’t get around to doing, and why didn’t you get around to doing it?

Despite how cliche it may sound, the most effective strategy to improve your self-esteem in the next year is to do more of what makes you happy. Do you want to see more of Cameron Shayne? To keep up with him on Instagram, click here.

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