Celebrate International Day of Yoga in the Florida Keys

FLORIDA KEYS FULL MOON PARTY – The Premiere Yoga Festival in Florida

As we celebrate the Full Moon in Marathon, Florida, we invite you to join us in paradise in the magnificent sun-soaked Florida Keys as we celebrate the Full Moon with a community celebration. True to its nickname “The Aspen of the East Coast,” we have our own international airport, million-dollar mega-mansions scattered amid local fishermen and lobster divers, palm palms, and miles and miles of magnificent coastline. It is a moment for the community to get together and honor Mother Earth at this monthly meeting.

During the night of the Full Moon, we will be holding a guided yoga and meditation session.

Please bring your drum and ready to set up on the back wall of the mural if you are performing as a musician.

If you choose, you may bring a diary and an essential oil of your choosing with you.

Please visit Eventbrite for further information.

Florida Keys Full Moon Party -Florida Keys Full Moon Party %

As we celebrate the Full Moon in Marathon, Florida, we invite you to join us in paradise in the magnificent sun-soaked Florida Keys as we celebrate the Full Moon with a community celebration. True to its nickname “The Aspen of the East Coast,” we have our own international airport, million-dollar mega-mansions scattered amid local fishermen and lobster divers, palm palms, and miles and miles of magnificent coastline. It is a moment for the community to get together and honor Mother Earth at this monthly meeting.

  1. During the night of the Full Moon, we will be holding a guided yoga and meditation session.
  2. Please bring your drum and ready to set up on the back wall of the mural if you are performing as a musician.
  3. If you choose, you may bring a diary and an essential oil of your choosing with you.
  4. If you would like to attend this FREE monthly event, please register in advance on Eventbrite.
  5. The Tea Lounge Zone is the only location where you can talk.
  6. Children are encouraged to attend.
  7. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

SCHEDULE: 6 to 7 p.m.

Mix and mingle, Tea Zone 6:30 p.m.

Singing bowls, drumming, singing, dancing 8:30 PM Ecstatic Dance Performance Fireworks Display at 8:30 p.m.



Food trucks?

Sponsorship opportunities?

Tarot Card Readers and Henna Artists are in high demand.

More information may be obtained by texting Sam at 561.506.1108. YOGA CLASSES FOR THE COMMUNITY IN MARATHON FLORIDA: Ashtanga with Evan 9 a.m. on SundayWednesday- YOGAShape with Sam 9AM Thursday – Ashtanga with Evan 9AM Friday – YogaShape with Sam 9AM Saturday – Ashtanga with Evan

International Day of Yoga

With his 2-year-old daughter, Eli Wolff, a former USA soccer Paralympian and sport for development instructor and advocate, practices yoga on the left; Germán A Bravo-Casas, President of the UNSRC Yoga Club, on the right. Photo courtesy of Anne Hartkemeyer. Photo courtesy of the United Nations Development Programme and E. Wolff.

2021 Theme: Yoga for well-being

The Day will be observed at a time when the COVID-19 epidemic is still wreaking havoc on people’s lives and livelihoods around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting influence on physical health, but it has also aggravated psychological distress and mental health problems like as sadness and anxiety, particularly in nations where pandemic-related restrictions remain in various forms. This has brought attention to the urgent necessity to treat the pandemic’s mental health dimension in addition to its physical health dimensions.

  1. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of individuals throughout the world who practice Yoga to keep fit and revitalized as well as to combat social isolation and sadness.
  2. It is very beneficial in calming their concerns and anxieties.
  3. The United Nations provides yoga materials to its workers and others through the Wellness component of the COVID-19 site.
  4. According to UNICEF, children may engage in a variety of yoga postures without putting themselves in danger and reaping the same advantages as adults.

2021 virtual event

We cordially welcome you to join us for an online celebration of the 7th annual International Yoga Day on June 21, 2021, from 8:30 am to 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time (EST). The event will be aired live on the United Nations WebTV channel. A message from the President of the United Nations General Assembly and from the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations was read out before demonstrations of Yoga exercises (asanas) designed to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as an interactive panel discussion on “Yoga for Well-Being” were held.

What is Yoga and why do we celebrate it?

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline that has its roots in India and has been around for thousands of years. Yoga is a Sanskrit term that literally translates as “joining” or “uniting,” and it represents the connection of the body and awareness. Today, it is practiced in a variety of forms all across the world, and its popularity is growing all the time. Recognizing the widespread appeal of yoga, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 69/131 on December 11, 2014, designating June 21 as International Day of Yoga.

The draft resolution establishing the International Day of Yoga was sponsored by India and approved by a record number of member nations, 175 in all, according to the United Nations.

A holistic approach is beneficial to our health and well-being on many levels.

As part of this effort, the World Health Organization has urged its member countries to assist their citizens in reducing physical inactivity, which is one of the world’s top ten leading causes of death and a major risk factor for noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

In the words of the late B.


Now that many of us are forced to work remotely full-time, must care for young and elderly family members during working hours, feel stuck or isolated, are separated from loved ones, and have fewer opportunities for regular physical exercise and social activities, we must think differently and creatively about how to maintain our physical and mental health.

Many of us find it difficult to engage in the types of physical activity that we are accustomed to.

However, during a time like this, it is critical for individuals of all ages and abilities to engage in as much physical activity as possible.

It is important to educate the public about important concerns, organize political will and resources to confront global challenges, and commemorate and reaffirm the successes of mankind on international days and weeks, which are held every year.

International days have existed since before the founding of the United Nations, but the organization has embraced them as a potent lobbying tool in its own right. We also observe other United Nations observances.

Florida Keys Full Moon Party

The state of Florida has a full moon party. As we celebrate the Full Moon in Marathon, Florida, we invite you to join us in paradise in the magnificent sun-soaked Florida Keys as we celebrate the Full Moon with a community celebration. As the “Aspen of the East Coast,” Marathon is indeed “The Aspen of the East Coast,” with its own international airport as well as million-dollar mansions nestled amid local fishermen, lobster divers, palm palms, and stunning beaches. This monthly meeting is getting started for the first time, and we believe it has the potential to become an amazing community event.

  1. Following Covid’s attack, we are ready to band together as a community and rise to the occasion!
  2. Explore our beautiful reefs, several diving sites, the Turtle Hospital, the Dolphin Aquarium, or hire a private boat for a day on the sea with your family or friends.
  3. There will be drumming, dancing, intention setting, estatic dance, sound healing, flow artists, and creative movement among the many activities on the schedule.
  4. Yoga and dance should be done in comfortable clothing.
  5. (There will also be oils available for purchase.) In addition, there will be a Tea Zone.
  6. Reservations are not essential, but they are strongly encouraged so that we can have an estimate of how many people will be attending and plan appropriately.
  7. There are no exceptions.

RULES: No drugs are permitted.

The Tea Lounge Zone is the only location where you can talk.

Children are encouraged to attend.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

COST:FREE – Donations are not needed, but are always gratefully received in order for us to promote this event more widely in our community by advertising, serving tea and snacks, and other means.

Interested in being a vendor?



Henna artists?

Get in touch!

The following amenities are available on site:- Free Parking – Toilets and showers -Tea Zone featuring a variety of delectable teas.


We ask that you please be respectful of the staff and facility at Marathon Community Park, which is our host location for this FREE COMMUNITY EVENT.

** If you are found to be having or doing any of the behaviors described below, you will be arrested.

-Alcohol- Illegal Substances Not taking over the dance floor and dancing with strangers without their consent are examples of unconscious, aggressive, or sexual conduct.

Comfortable blankets, decorative items, or pillows.

– Additional water and a refillable water bottle.

– Dancing shoes are required.


THE EVENT WILL BE POSTPONED DUE TO EXTREMELY BAD WEATHER. For the latest information, visit YOGAFUNDAY.COM. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY TO PERFORM, TEACH, PHOTOGRAPH, SELL GOODS, OR PLAY MUSIC, please contact Sam at 561.506.1108 or Ramona at [email protected] for further information. –

Houstonians celebrate International Yoga Day with Sun salutation, breathing exercises – Times of India

On the International Day of Yoga, people are seen doing yoga. (PTI) HOUSTON: Using brightly colored yoga mats to bend and twist their bodies into intricate positions, deep breathing exercises, and worshiping the Sun Thousands of yoga aficionados in Texas and the neighboring United States states of Arkansas, Kansas, and Colorado celebrated the 7thInternational Yoga Day, both indoors and outdoors, on a steamy but overcast evening. A wide range of activities for yoga enthusiasts were offered during the week-long free events, which began with webinars last week and included everything from interactive sessions and live demonstrations to collective yoga sessions for harmony and peace, which included asana (yoga postures), relaxation techniques, pranayama (practice of breath regulation), and meditation.

For many, it was their first outdoor yoga practice after being placed on Covid restriction.

We were unable to go owing to Covid limitations last year “Ishya K, a college student who traveled more than two hours to attend the event, agreed.

Aseem Mahajan, Consul General of India in Houston, remarked, “It gives us great joy to bring together such a big number of various Houstonians and institutions to commemorate the 7th International Day of Yoga in a meaningful way.” “Yoga for Wellness is the topic for this year’s International Day of Yoga, which takes place on June 21.

  • “Given my own experience as a yoga practitioner, I encourage Texans and residents of other states that we serve, such as Arkansas.
  • Kansas.
  • Oklahoma.
  • and New Mexico, to engage in the practice, as it aids in the improvement of respiratory and immune systems as well as the treatment of lifestyle-related diseases, stress, and the pursuit of a healthy and balanced lifestyle,” Mahajan continued.
  • Lorenzo Cohen, Director of the Integrative Medicine department at MD Anderson Cancer Center, expressed his best wishes for everyone on International Yoga Day in an email to the MD Anderson community.
  • “We would also have less violence and more peace if more people followed a yogic way of life.” Yoga therapy has been available at MD Anderson for more than a decade to cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones.

In a webinar titled ‘Relevance of Yoga and Ayurveda in Everyday Life,’ David Frawley, a Padma Bhushan awardee and eminent yoga, ayurveda, and astrology expert, stated, “Yoga provides the key to right living on all levels of body, mind, and consciousness.” Frawley is also the author of the book “Yoga for Everyone.” “Yoga helps people achieve wellness, tranquility, longevity, and self-realization via meditation and asana practice.

During a webinar hosted by CGI Houston on June 17, Frawley, who is also the Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, stated that “we should all learn to access the power of Pranayama for healing the body and purifying the mind, as well as its Ayurvedic support practices.” Frawley is also a yoga instructor.

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Subhash Kak, a Padma Shri awardee and expert in Indian vedic studies, suggested on June 16 in another webinar titled ‘Yoga and Science’ that yoga groups in India should take the initiative in forming alliances in order to lobby for insurance coverage for yoga therapy.

Subhash Kak is a Padma Shri awardee and expert in Indian vedic studies.


Exciting Yoga Experiences for International Yoga Day and Beyond

International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21 every year since 2015. It is a celebration of the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of the practice and has been observed since 2015. Hotels, resorts, and retreat centers all around the world are celebrating this auspicious day by offering intriguing and unique yoga experiences. Many establishments will be presenting special experiences on June 21 that will allow visitors to celebrate both on-site and virtually, while others will be marking the event with exciting items that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Morning Yoga: RiseShine Flow atMacArthur Place HotelSpa(Sonoma, CA)

MacArthur Place is offering a weekly Morning Yoga: RiseShine Flow class led by certified yoga instructors Jes Williams, Andrea Bogart, and others, with the goal of promoting wellness among its Wine Country guests. The class is designed to get guests out of bed in the morning and inspired to live a day filled with intention and ease. The lively vinyasa session, which takes place on the West Lawn of the renowned Sonoma property, is gratis for hotel guests and $10 for Sonoma locals and visitors.

Online Yoga withThe Art of Living Retreat(Boone, NC)

With The Art of Living Retreat, you can commemorate the International Day of Yoga. A two-hour online yoga session with 108 sun salutations as well as wisdom and meditation will be held on June 21 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. EST by Girin Govind, Dinesh Kashikar, and Swami Paramtej to commemorate International Yoga Day. Esperanza is commemorating International Yoga Day with its FlowRestore package, which is available through the end of April.

FlowRestore Yoga/Massage TreatmentatEsperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection(Los Cabos, Mexico)

The atmosphere of Los Cabos’ exclusive private beach resort is unlike anywhere else in the world. With a two-hour vigorous yoga and spa session, the resort will be commemorating the occasion. FlowRestore ($305) is a private yoga session in the treatment room that is followed by a full-body massage to restore balance to your body and raise your overall wellness.

SunriseSunset Yoga atChileno Bay ResortResidences, Auberge Resorts Collection(Los Cabos, Mexico)

Guests of the elegant resort may enjoy complimentary group yoga sessions from dawn to dark on International Yoga Day, which takes place on June 21. Start your day with a dawn yoga session at Mirador Point, which offers stunning views of the Sea of Cortez, or unwind with a sunset session in the kids’ pool, where the fiery colors of the sunset reflect off the ocean.

Wine YogaatLa Concha Resort(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

From dawn to sunset, guests of the stylish resort may take part in complimentary group yoga sessions to start or conclude International Yoga Day.

Relax with a morning yoga session at Mirador Point, which overlooks the Sea of Cortez, or a sunset session at the kids’ pool, where the sun’s flaming hues reflect off the ocean and make for a spectacular sight.

Mindful MovementatMayflower InnSpa, Auberge Resorts Collection(Washington, CT)

Escape to this gorgeous rural hideaway to discover the art, science, and language of yoga at THE WELL at Mayflower Inn, the resort’s holistic health destination. In celebration of International Yoga Day, guests may empower themselves by participating in an athletic vinyasa-based class, a transformational alignment-focused class, or just enjoying a session while gazing out over the Shakespeare Garden and soaking in the sunshine.

Free Flow Night atMountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale(AZ)

Visitors to this desert landmark, which has its origins in 1950s modernism and history, are invited to its Free Flow Night on the evening of June 21 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., when they may enjoy a FREE free-flow yoga practice in the shadow of Camelback Mountain. While practicing downward-facing dog on the resort’s picturesque lawn, you may unwind from the day’s activities and unwind from your worries.

Private Yoga Sessions atHotel Valley Ho(Scottsdale, AZ)

Visitors may participate in a private yoga session on International Yoga Day that will repair both body and mind by concentrating on movement, mindfulness, and prana (life force energy). Guests may pick from a sunrise session on the Sky Line Rooftop to sunset downward-facing dogs on the gorgeous Palm Court or an inside lesson for the ultimate individualized practice. (75% off for a one-hour session, plus 20% off for each extra participant)

Endless Wellbeing atEden Roc Cap Cana(Domincan Republic)

Guests will be able to take use of the property’s Endless Wellbeing program starting in 2021, which is all new. When taking part in the program, visitors will be directed by the property’s Wellness Concierge, who will tailor the program to meet their individual wellness, exercise, nutritional, and mental-health objectives and requirements. Additionally, the program will include a variety of customized activities and classes such as yoga, meditation, aeroyoga, healthy cooking classes, and a consultation with the property’s natural medicine guru, in addition to overnight accommodations in one of the property’s wellness suites that will include customized in-room aromatherapy and an in-room fitness kit, as well as a customized menu at all F B outlets.

Sunset Yoga + Stargazing atADERO Scottsdale, an Autograph Collection hotel(Scottsdale, AZ)

ADERO Scottsdale will hold a special Sunset Yoga + Stargazing session on the newly launched SkyTop Lawn on June 21 in celebration of International Yoga Day, which takes place on June 21. A one-hour flow will be followed by a presentation by the resort’s on-property “Star Dudes,” who will utilize state-of-the-art telescopes to examine the importance of the celestial shifts that begin with the official start of summer. The location of ADERO Scottsdale provides for the ideal stargazing, and guests may get up up and personal with the night sky from the SkyTop Lawn on the property’s rooftop.

Free-Flow Yoga atMountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale(Paradise Valley, AZ)

On International Yoga Day, the resort will hold a FREE free-flow yoga session on the large, beautiful lawn with views of Camelback Mountain beginning at 6:30 p.m. on the spacious, scenic lawn with views of Camelback Mountain.

Moonlight Yoga is also available at the hotel, where visitors may practice yoga beneath the stars at various times throughout the year, weather permitting. Guests may participate in a range of International Yoga Day activities on the outdoor yoga deck at Twin Farms Resort.

Outdoor Yoga atTwin Farms(Barnard, VT)

In addition to offering an assortment of recreational adventures on 300 acres in Vermont’s Green Mountains, the resort also provides visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural forests while discovering inner peace on International Yoga Day and throughout the year. On the wonderful outdoor yoga deck, the exquisite all-inclusive facility provides a variety of yoga methods, including gentle flow yoga, SMR foam rolling, core balancing stretching, and strength training, all of which are designed to give you a whole body experience.

Sunrise + Sunset Yoga atSugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort(Soufriere, St. Lucia)

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, is set amid more than 100 acres of beautiful rainforest and provides a broad range of activities to let you relax and rejuvenate by the Caribbean Sea. Individualized personal training sessions are available at the resort, including exclusive Sunrise + Sunset Yoga and Mat Pilates classes in private villas, tailored to meet the fitness needs and preferences of visitors.

Yoga on the Bluff atAlila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas(San Diego)

All guests at this premium resort are invited to participate in daily morning health programs that are provided at no additional cost. During their stay, visitors may take advantage of Yoga on the Bluff, which allows them to start their day with a peaceful yoga practice surrounded by the healing symphony of the waves below.

Morning Yoga atEdgewood Tahoe(Lake Tahoe, NV)

Wellness experiences are provided to all guests at no additional cost on a daily basis at this luxurious resort. At the hotel, visitors may take advantage of Yoga on the Bluff, which allows them to start their days with a peaceful yoga practice surrounded by the healing symphony of the waves below.

Yoga Nidra atThe Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island(FL)

Yoga Nidra, an ancient technique that is sometimes referred to as “yogic sleep,” is available on the grounds of the hotel. During Yoga Nidra, participants establish a goal and remain in savasana (corpse posture) for the duration of the session, while a teacher guides them through the five levels of the self. Practitioners enter a condition of conscious sleep and awaken feeling rejuvenated, de-stressed, well rested, and fully aware of their surroundings. A single hour of Yoga Nidra can be as restorative as three to four hours of sleep, according to some studies.

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Yoga Nidra, an ancient technique sometimes referred to as “yogic sleep,” is available on the premises. When participating in Yoga Nidra, participants establish an intention and remain in savasana (corpse posture) throughout the session as a teacher guides them through the five levels of the self. Practitioners enter a condition of conscious sleep and awaken feeling rejuvenated, de-stressed, well rested, and fully aware of their environment. An hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to three to four hours of sleep in terms of relaxation.

Yoga atSurfSand Resort(Laguna Beach, CA)

SurfSand caters to the requirements of all yogis with complimentary beachside fitness classes offered by some of the region’s most accomplished yoga instructors and wellness professionals. Yoga, Core Conditioning, Gentle Stretch, Beach Boot Camp, AbsGlutes, and other fitness programs are available at SurfSand to commemorate International Yoga Day this year.

There is something for everyone to do to celebrate International Yoga Day this year. For those who celebrate International Yoga Day at Rancho La Puerta, there will be a variety of yoga experiences to choose from, including a morning trek combined with sunrise yoga.

Yoga atRancho La Puerta(Tecate, Mexico)

Rancho La Puerta offers a magnificent wellness experience that allows guests to enjoy a unique reawakening as well as a spiritual and mental vacation. With more than 80 fitness courses and a broad array of yoga programming, including several ability levels, foundations, restorative, sunrise, aqua board, and more, visitors are welcome to experience the 4,000 acres of gardens, mountains, and meadows that the resort has to offer. For those looking to unplug from the outside world and reconnect with themselves while improving their yoga practice, flexibility, and technique on International Yoga Day, The Ranch is the ideal getaway.

Yoga atHalepuna Waikiki(Honolulu, HI)

Long ago, Waikiki was a destination for healing springs, a place where Hawaiian aristocracy would go to the warm natural springs of Loko ‘O’o, “The Lake that was Pierced,” to heal their minds, bodies, and souls. Today, Waikiki is a popular tourist attraction. Halepuna Waikiki, located on the same ancient grounds where nobles previously congregated, provides visitors the opportunity to reconnect with their senses as well as the spirit of relaxation and retreat. A variety of complementary wellness activities are offered daily, and visitors are encouraged to engage their bodies and allow their problems to wash away.

Serenity Yoga Pavilion atRancho Valencia ResortSpa(San Diego)

For International Yoga Day, Rancho Valencia ResortSpa encourages yogis of all levels to rest and pamper themselves at the resort’s spa. All guests are greeted by a 1,000-square-foot Serenity Yoga Pavilion, which is home to extensive fitness programs that include a range of courses and events hosted by renowned fitness and wellness specialists. It is also prepared to provide Hot Yoga sessions. It has a floating dock for the instructor and is designed to elicit a Zen-like ambience via the use of calm décor and natural interior accents, among other things.

On International Yoga Day and every day thereafter, guests at The Del can enjoy complimentary beach yoga.

Beach YogaatHotel del Coronado(CA)

Beachfront yoga classes at The Del allow yogis of all levels to take their practice to the warm sands of Coronado Island and deepen their connection with their bodies and their minds. Discovering inner Zen is made simple at The Del, thanks to the lingering scent of the sea wind and the sound of the Pacific waves breaking nearby. Visitors to The Del are welcome to participate in Beach Yoga, which is offered at no charge to all guests.

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Hilltop Yoga atCarmel Valley Ranch(Carmel, CA)

Carmel Valley Ranch is located on 500 wild acres in the foothills of the California Central Coast, near Big Sur and Monterey, and offers a variety of activities and amenities for guests to experience. Hikers may enjoy the Hilltop Yoga experience year-round, which begins with an energetic trek to the Yoga Platform, where they can take in the spectacular views of the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Additionally, Yoga Power Flow and Restorative Yoga are being added to the already amazing lineup of programs, which is ideal for celebrating International Yoga Day.

Yoga atVentana Big Sur(CA)

Ventana Big Sur is a location for discovery, both on the outside and on the inside of oneself. To assist visitors meet the new day and awaken fully in mind, body, and spirit, the resort provides a complimentary yoga session each morning, which takes place in the midst of the wide and magnificent beauty of Big Sur. The Leisure Concierge may assist guests with reserving a parking place. In addition, guests may take a walk in the forest to further calm their minds and restore their sense of equilibrium.

Beach Yoga atWaldorf Astoria Monarch Beach ResortClub(Dana Point, CA)

A destination for discovery both on the outside and within, Ventana Big Sur is an ideal location for you. To assist visitors meet the new day and awaken fully in mind, body, and spirit in the midst of the vast and magnificent beauty of Big Sur, the resort provides a complimentary yoga class each morning. The Leisure Concierge can assist guests with making a reservation. Visitors may also take a walk in the woodland to help them calm their minds and establish their own personal equilibrium. During International Yoga Day and throughout the year, experts will lead you through a time for reflection and mindfulness under a sheltering canopy of redwoods.

Align in the Pines Summer Yoga Series atKeystone Resort(CO)

It’s hard to imagine a finer environment for yogis of all abilities to improve their practice than Keystone Resort’sAlign In The Pines Summer Yoga Series, which takes place in a setting surrounded by thousands of acres of forest foliage, large open spaces, and pure mountain air. Participants may discover their flow under the shade of Aspen trees and embrace their mountain mindfulness during this summer’s series of outdoor yoga sessions at the base of Keystone Resort. One-hour flows will be held every Tuesday morning and Thursday evening this summer.

Summer Fitness Series atHalcyon, A Hotel in Cherry Creek(Denver)

HALCYON’s Summer Fitness Series, which takes place on the hotel’s Rooftop Deck on Mondays from 5:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., is a great way to wind down during happy hour. In this yoga class, hosted by TruFusion, one of Denver’s finest fitness studios, guests may set their objectives for the week ahead while watching the sun set over the Rockies. The class will alternate between vinyasa and fit flow.

Yoga Experiences atThe Meritage Resort and SpaandVista Collina Resort

International Yoga Day and beyond are celebrated at these sibling Napa Valley establishments, which are presenting a range of programs. Participants in Yin Yoga on June 19 will benefit from the tranquil, contemplative practice of lengthy, deep holding of passive positions. Yin Yoga is a practice that is similar to meditation. Yin postures target the connective tissue, nourishing joints, ligaments, and fascia, and supporting the healthy flow of chi. They do this by employing focused muscular relaxation.

A variety of calming self-care options are available, including a therapeutic drum circle, morning yoga in the vineyards, Brazilian dance class, heavenly check-ins and a contemplative meditation, all of which are offered in conjunction with wine tastings and carefully cooked meals.

The “Crusher” Statue atop the hill, which serves as a great photo opportunity, is reached after a 1.5-mile stroll through the vineyard and is open to guests.

Immediately following the trek, participants will be guided down to the vineyard terrace, where they will be treated to a series of sun salutations, stretching exercises, breathwork, and meditation while taking in the breathtaking vistas of Napa Valley.

Shin Shin atBrewery Gulch Inn(Mendocino, CA)

Guests can participate in the Shin ShinIntegrated Mind-Body Experience ($350 per person), which includes a yoga session, a lesson in formulating the optimal herbal tea for their needs, a healthy lunch prepared by the Inn’s chef, a forest-bathing session, and then some downtime before heading to dinner.

Yoga atThe Inn at Newport Ranch(Fort Bragg, CA)

Tuning Forks Vibrational Therapy, Polarity Energy Balancing, Sound Healing, Drum Journey, and Medicine Songs are just a few of the treatments available at the property’s new Redwood Spa. All Rhythms Yoga, which incorporates techniques from Qi Gong, Tibetan Yoga, and Energy Medicine to activate, balance, and nourish your entire body, is also available.

International Day of Yoga – Wikipedia

International Day of Yoga
The United Nations International Yoga Day logo reflects harmony and peace for humanity, which is the essence of Yoga.
Also called Yoga Day
Observed by Worldwide
Type International
Significance Official United Nations promotion of global health, harmony and peace
Celebrations Yoga
Date 21 June
Next time 21 June 2022
Frequency Annual
First time 21 June 2015

The most important facts about International Yoga Day Following its establishment by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, the International Day of Yoga has been observed annually on June 21 since 2015. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline that has its roots in Indian culture. According to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his 2014 speech to the United Nations, the date of June 21 was chosen because it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special importance in many countries throughout the world.


The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, attended the Yoga Day celebrations in New Delhi on June 21st, 2015. Yoga was initially suggested as an international day of celebration by India’s current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on September 27, 2014. Yoga, according to him, is an inestimable gift from India’s old culture. It incorporates the integration of mind and body; the connection between thinking and action; the balance between constraint and fulfillment; the harmony between man and nature; and a comprehensive approach to health and well-being.

It is possible to improve our well-being by altering our way of life and developing consciousness.

Following this first suggestion, the United Nations General Assembly accepted a draft resolution, named “International Day of Yoga,” in 2014.

In 2015, the Reserve Bank of India released a commemorative coin worth ten rupees to commemorate the International Day of Yoga.


Shivais often regarded as the founder of yoga; he is known as theAdiyogi, or the “first yogi” (adi translates as “first”). It is believed that the summer solstice marks the birth of the yoga tradition, which gives it special significance in yogic culture. A tale goes that Shiva was sitting in peaceful meditation for years and that many people came to him out of curiosity, but departed since he didn’t pay attention to them. Yoga was given to the public by theSaptarishis, according to legend. Seven individuals, however, remained, and they were so anxious to learn from Shiva that they remained still for 84 years.

He could no longer ignore them once this happened. Shiva transformed into the Adiguru (the first guru) on the following full moon, which occurred 28 days later, and gave the science of yoga to the Saptarishis.

UN Declaration

As the Adiyogi, or the first yogi (adi means “first”), Shiva is often regarded as the founder of yoga. Since yoga is said to have originated with this solstice, summer solstice has a special significance in the yogic tradition. A tale goes that Shiva was sitting in blissful meditation for years and that many people came to him out of curiosity, but departed since he didn’t pay attention to them. Yoga was given to the public by theSaptarishis, according to the narrative. They were so desperate to learn from Shiva, however, that they remained still for an astonishing 84 years.

This caused Shiva to pay attention to these seven entities on the day of the summer solstice, when the sun moved from the northern to the southern hemisphere.

Shiva transformed into the Adiguru (the first guru) on the following full moon, 28 days later, and gave the science of yoga to the Saptarishis, who were there at the time.

In practice

In New Delhi, it is International Yoga Day. It was the 21st of June, 2015, when the inaugural International Day of Yoga was commemorated throughout the world. In India, the Ministry of AYUSH made all of the required provisions. Prime Minister Modi and dignitaries from 84 countries took part in a 35-minute yoga class on Rajpath in New Delhi. It was the largest yoga class ever organized, with the greatest number of participating nations (84), and the largest number of asanas (yoga postures) performed in one place.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day in 2020, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov sent a video greeting to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which was filmed in Bulgaria.


According to a 2015 report by the Associated Press, the inaugural “International Yoga Day” brought together “millions of yoga aficionados” who “stretched and twisted,” as well as Modi and members of his cabinet, to participate. While Modi was speaking of “peace and unity,” other Indians believed that the promotion of yoga was a partisanHindu effort, according to the article. The main thoroughfare in Delhi had been turned into an exercise area for the event, according to the newspaper. It was stated that a sequence of Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) had been removed because Muslims objected to the idea that the sun was the Hindu god of the sun, Surya.

Another point of view was that the money spent on the event would have been better spent on cleaning the roads and sidewalks of Delhi.

It cited as evidence Pope Francis’ 2015 sermon, in which he cautioned Roman Catholics against the notion that yoga could be a path to God; it also noted that Modi had responded to the charge that the Day was intended to promote Hinduism with the words, “It is not intended to promote Hinduism.” “Yoga is not about living a parallel life.

“We’re trying to establish to the world that it’s ours,” said Shripad Yesso Naik, India’s minister of yoga, according to an article published in The Week in 2015.

According to The Week, this was not expected to be successful, not least since numerous varieties of yoga were already being practiced in the Western world, among other reasons.

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Indian Embassy in US celebrates International Yoga Day 2021

Also mentioned by Sandhu was the fact that India and the United States have stood side to arm in the fight against the epidemic. As part of the celebrations, a joint Yoga protocol session (India in the United States/Twitter) was done. The seventh International Day of Yoga (IDY 2021) was held in the India House on Sunday, with the theme “Yoga for Wellness” by the Indian Embassy in the United States. As stated in a news release, India’s Ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, greeted the participants and emphasized yoga’s ability to deliver both health and pleasure through enhancing people’s physical and emotional well-being, particularly in light of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

  • The celebrations included a communal Yoga routine session that was open to all participants.
  • All five Indian Consulates in the United States, including those in New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and San Francisco, are also hosting a variety of events to commemorate IDY 2021.
  • The event, which was held in conjunction with IDY 2021, focused on holistic wellness.
  • In Chicago, the Consulate marked IDY 2021 in Grant Park in conjunction with Yoga groups from the Midwest region, and there was a flurry of activity both online and in person to mark the occasion.
  • Throughout addition, the Consulate conducted events in Florida and Puerto Rico to commemorate International Day of Youth in 2021.
  • Yoga Day activities are being held in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, as well as Distinguished Speaker sessions by Vivekananda Yoga University in Los Angeles and a Yoga quiz broadcast on FM radio.
  • Celebratory events are being organized around the country with the active involvement and support of American citizens, including community organizations and yoga aficionados, according to a press statement from the organization.

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A Sustainability Dive + Yoga Retreat

The retreat will take place from July 15th to July 18th, 2021. Pricing begins at $1,550 per person and includes accommodations, diving, yoga, two meals each day, and other activities. Wander Women has a few surprises in store for you along the route. Three nights’ stay in a boutique hotel on the beachfront Four boat dives with a professional guide aboard a private dive boat The PADI Coral Reef Conservation Specialty certification is a great way to learn more about coral reef conservation. There will be three breakfasts, two lunches, and one dinner provided.

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  1. After that, it’s time to put our newly acquired knowledge to the test at a coral nursery!
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It is recommended that flights be booked during the afternoon in order to comply with the 24-hour no dive fly restriction.

Where We’ll Stay

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What We’ll Eat

The Gratitude Cafe, a local favorite, will serve wonderful smoothie bowls to us every morning, eliminating the need for trash. Lunch and supper will be served at a variety of local restaurants or catered on the beach at our resort. For meals that are not included in the package, we will normally eat together as a group, though you are free to dine anywhere you like. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dietary restrictions may be readily handled, and we’d be pleased to offer you with menus in advance if you have any questions or worries about your meal.

How to Get to Key Largo

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Dive + Downward Dog With Us

You’ll be traveling with Wander Women Retreatsfounder Alex Baackes, who will also serve as your host and yoga instructor on this trip. Alex is a PADI Divemaster and Ambassador Diver, as well as a grant recipient and associate member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame. A former underwater cameraman and writer for publications such as Sport Diver and Scuba Diver magazines, she is also the founder of the Wander Women Retreats brand. Also, she holds the certification of Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (RYT 200), Buti Bands and Sculpt teacher, as well as a long-time yoga practitioner with over a decade of experience.

Join Us

This retreat has a limited number of spaces and is expected to sell out fast, so make your reservation as soon as possible to prevent disappointment. To book your position, a $500 non-refundable deposit is needed, with payment options available for the remaining balance. Because there is a minimum number of people who must sign up for this retreat, please do not book your flights until it has been confirmed. Can’t make it to this event? Don’t be concerned! If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll be the first to know when registration for future retreats opens.

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What is the policy on refunds? The balance of the bills is payable 90 days before to departure. The $500 fee required to reserve your participation is non-refundable under any circumstances. You will be given the option of receiving a full refund or transferring your purchase to a future trip in the event that the trip must be postponed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control (for example, a worldwide pandemic outbreak!). Why is it exclusively for women? PADI Women Divers Hall of Fame and Women’s Day Dive are both being celebrated this week!

Is it necessary for me to be proficient in yoga?

The concept of being “excellent” in yoga isn’t something we believe in either.

You’ll get the opportunity to try out a variety of different yoga techniques, and you may participate in as many or as few courses as you’d like.

This is your getaway, and we want you to customize it to your precise specifications!

Additionally, if you wish to get the PADI Coral Restoration certification that is included, you must complete all four dives as well as both classroom sessions.

Is it necessary for me to purchase travel insurance?

Fortunately, World Nomads provides both at extremely low prices – I recommend theirscuba diving insurance as well as theirtravel insurance, which will compensate you in the event of a flight delay or medical emergency, among other things.

In most cases, we ask guests to be 21 years old or older.

Is there a waiting list for this service?

If the retreat is already filled, please send an email to [email protected] and we will put you on the waiting list for the next available retreat.

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