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” Doctor’s Orders ” is a song written by Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway, and Geoff Stephens that became a hit in the United Kingdom in 1974 for Sunny of Sue and Sunny; in the United States, the song became a hit for Carol Douglas in 1975.

Sunny version

“Doctor’s Orders”
from the albumDoctor’s Orders
B-side “It’s Only When You’re Feeling Lonely”
Released January 1974
Recorded November 1973
Genre R B,Soul
Length 2: 48
Label CBS
Songwriter(s) Roger Cook,Roger Greenaway,Geoff Stephens
Producer(s) Roger Greenaway
Sunnysingles chronology
” Doctor’s Orders ” “”A Warm and Tender Romance””

As part of the Brotherhood of Man,Tony Hiller brought in Roger Greenaway, Sue and Sunny, as well as Roger Cook, who had been writing songs together since 1965 and recording asDavid and Jonathan. Greenaway and Cook were both house writers for Hiller’s production company at the time of the group’s formation in 1969. By 1973, the Brotherhood of Man’s founding members had opted out of the group, and although Sue and Sunny had generally recorded as a team, Sunny recalls that at this time they were working as individuals “Sue made the decision that she wanted to spend some time with her children, so I was left to deal with the situation on my own.

  1. Anyway, I walked over to meet him after hearing the song and thinking it could be able to help him.” Roger Greenaway produced the tune, which was recorded in November 1973, with Chris Gunning providing the arrangement and conducting the performance.
  2. “Doctor’s Orders” eventually made it into the UK Singles Chart on March 30, 1974, where it peaked at number 42 before falling to number 7 on May 4, the following year.
  3. (number 16).
  4. “Maybe The Morning,” a song by the Brotherhood of Man, appeared on the album, as did Sunny’s performances of the Drifters’ popular song, ” Like Sister and Brother ” (co-written by Cook and Stephens), and White Plains’ hit song, ” My Baby Loves Lovin ” (co-written by Cook and Greenaway).
  5. Leslie’s “Don’t Come Back,” and “Lean On Me.” “A Warm and Tender Romance,” which was issued as a follow-up single to “Doctor’s Orders” and was accompanied with “Don’t Come Back,” failed to chart as a result.

Chart performance

National chart w/ peak position (1974)
Australia 46 South Africa 16
Ireland 4 UK 7

Year-end charts

“Doctor’s Orders”
SinglebyCarol Douglas
from the albumThe Carol Douglas Album
B-side “Baby Don’t Let This Good Love Die”
Released November 1974
Genre R B,soul,disco
Length 2: 58
Label Midland International
Songwriter(s) Roger Cook,Roger Greenaway,Geoff Stephens
Producer(s) Ed O’Loughlin
Carol Douglassingles chronology
“I Don’t Mind”(as Carolyn Cooke)”(1965) ” Doctor’s Orders “(1974) “A Hurricane is Coming Tonite”(1975)

It was recorded forMidland International, who placed an ad inShowbizmagazine particularly to hire a vocalist to cover Sunny’s UK hit for the US market: the winning candidate, Carol Douglas, was an experienced performer who had remained an unknown recording artist up to that point in her career. During her initial audition, Douglas remembered that she was informed she had a good voice “I had a fantastic voice, but it was too dark. On the radio, producers were interested in capturing my more melodic pop/commercial tones, which, unavoidably, made me seem “white.”” Despite the fact that Douglas had doubts about the song itself – (quote) “”I actually wanted a more soulful song,” she explained, adding, “I knew the minute I heard the music that it was going to be something, and hearing my vocal on the track made it even more fantastic.” When they played me theversion, it did threw me off a little.

As a result, I had to tackle things in my own manner.” Douglas’ version, which was recorded at Groove Sound Studio in New York City, was produced by Meco Monardo, but due to contractual problems, the production credit was given to Midland International vice-president Ed O’Loughlin instead of Douglas himself.

The positive response to Douglas’ “Doctor’s Orders” from New York City discos in late 1974 led to the track’s rush release that November, with 100,000 units sold in the first week — mostly in the New York City area — and sales of 200,000 reported by 30 November 1974, the date of theBillboardHot 100chart, on which Douglas’ single debuted at number 79 to appear on the Top 40 that December, on its way to a number 11 peak (number 11, December 1974 Aside from that, “Doctor’s Orders” peaked at number 2 on the disco chart, which Billboard had newly introduced.

In the end, 900,000 copies of “Doctor’s Orders” were sold in the United States, with 300,000 of those sold in the New York City region.

The Sunny original’s popularity in the United Kingdom did not hinder the release of Douglas’ version in the same country in January 1975, despite the latter’s failure.

(number 37). A million copies of Carol Douglas’ song “Doctor’s Orders” were sold worldwide in June 1975, according to Midland International, which recorded one million sales. Bytes from the song were played throughout the NBA telecasts broadcast on CBS.

Chart performance

National chart (1974/or 1975) w/ peak position
Australia 31 Spain 2
CanadianRPMTop Singles 1 USBillboardHot 100 11
France 4 USCashboxTop 100 10
Germany 37 USBillboardDisco 2
Italy 8 USBillboardHot Soul Singles 9
New Zealand 3 USBillboardEasy Listening 42
Regional chart (1975) w/ peak position
Belgium/ Flemish Region 10

Year-end charts

Chart (1975) Rank
Canada 15
New Zealand 39
USBillboardHot 100 63
USCash BoxTop 100 91

Other versions

  • Patsy Gallant’s version of “Doctor’s Orders” was released as a single in Canada at the same time as the Carol Douglas version
  • Gallant’s version peaked at number 83 on the Canadian singles chart. Persian artist Giti Pashaei recorded the song “Owje Parvaz” (meaning: Flying as high as you can) with Persian lyrics in 1975, and the song became a hit in Iran. “Le docteur m’a dit,” sung by Québécois singer Anne Renée, was released as a single in April 1975 in the French language. Rene Angelil, who was then married to the singer, produced the album and delivered the “Allo” heard in the album’s introduction. “C’est le coeur,” a French rendition by Sheila recorded in 1975, which, like the Carol Douglas version, reached at number four in the country’s singles chart. Lea Lavenas’ “Viittiks Tulla Takas” (Viittiks Tulla Takas) version of the song appeared on her 1975 albumLea. “Doctor’s Orders” was covered by reggae singer Pluto Shervington on his 1975 release “Pluto”, which was released by Wild Flower, a subsidiary of Federal Records, Jamaica
  • Van McCoy recorded a version of the song which was featured on his 1975 albumDisco Baby
  • “Doctor’s Orders” was released as a single in the United Kingdom in 1988, reaching number 78 in the country
  • Originally sung by Sabrina on her 1988 albumSuper Sabrina, the song was re-recorded in September 2005 by Girl Talk, which consisted of Barb Jungr, Claire Martin, and Mari Wilson, for their eponymous 2006 album release. A year later, in 2008, Jane McDonaldrecorded “Doctor’s Orders” for herJanealbum, which was then released as a single.

In popular culture

  • The song was used in the episode “Where There’s Smoke.” of the television seriesSex and the City, which aired in 2000
  • The song also serves as the opening theme for the filmLast Days of Disco.


In 2012, a radio talk show personality named April Kauffman was shot to death in her home in a posh neighborhood of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Doctor’s Orders is a three-part documentary series about her death. The majority of the series is recounted from the point of view of Andrew Glick, a former member of the Pagans (or, as their jackets indicate, “Pagan’s”) biker gang, who trafficked narcotics and used violence across South Jersey and the greater Philadelphia region in the 1990s.


The first image is an animated view of tattooed arms clutching a fairly huge bunny rabbit in their hands. Summary: Glick relates much of the narrative as he is having his Pagans (or “Pagans”) tattoo covered up by a New York tattoo artist. By way of testimony and animated reenactments, he tells the story of his introduction into the Pagans — which revolved around a late-night visit to a motorcycle club and the threat of the leader to chop off his nipple — and how Ferdinand “Fred” Augello came to be his spiritual mentor.

  • James Kauffman, who was prescribing oxycodone tablets as part of a pill mill business.
  • James Kauffman was arrested and charged with felony narcotics distribution.
  • Kauffman, he learns that the good doctor will pay them $50,000 to kill his wife April, who works as a salon owner and host of a local radio talk show.
  • The doctor only wanted her to be silent in the event that she ratted him out.
  • To say she lacked confidence in her stepfather would be an understatement.
  • “Are they really so stupid?” Glick inquires of the audience.
  • For Fred, though, the money that is being thrown off by the pill mill is simply too tempting to pass up.

Despite this, no one in Atlantic County has even gone close to interviewing or identifying him as a person of interest.

Kauffman, Pack sobs throughout his deposition, which Kim determines to be “crocodile tears.” Pack is awarded $500,000 in damages.

Photograph courtesy of Cain and Abel, LLC/discovery+ What television shows will it bring to mind?

Also not helping to alleviate the discomfort are the animated recreations that make motorcycle band funerals and cocaine-fueled romps appear like something out of an Archie comic book.

In the event of Doctor’s Orders, this is the case.

James Kauffman became greedy, and he believed he could use the motorcyclists in the Pagans to do his bidding, April Kauffman died.

To be quite honest, this is more of a narrative about Glick, whose Pagan nickname was “Chef,” and who went on to become the chief chef at a retirement center, than it is about the Kauffman murder itself.

Because of this, the directors Billy Shebar and David C.

The most dramatic moments in the novel are when the authorities first failed to investigate Dr.

However, by merging the two, neither is allowed enough room to fully breathe, and the only thing we get is Glick with his right arm out, either revealing his Pagans tattoo or covering it up with a bandage.

Final Shot:Police officers stand guard at the door to Dr.

The fact that it’s a hot day means that they aren’t wearing bulletproof vests.

Kauffman departed his office with a pistol in his hand.

It was her description of being with her stepfather during the funeral of her mother that made us feel sorry for her.

The murder of April Kauffman is a captivating narrative, butDoctor’s Orderstells it in the most dull way possible by focusing on the least interesting figure in the story: the doctor.

His writing has appeared in publications such as the New York Times, Slate, Salon, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, and other publications. Orders from the StreamDoctor on Discovery+

Doctor’s Orders

The Doctor
Location Arx
Suggested Level 13-20
Next Quest
Previous Quest

Orders from a Doctoris aQuestinDivinity: The Original Sin II. Doctor Daeva is the strong demon Adramahlikh, who is actually a human. Will you be able to prevent him from succeeding?

Important NPCs

  • Elanessa, The Ancestor Tree, Dr. Adramahlihk, Malady, Lohse, and Jahan are some of the characters in this story.

Doctor’s Orders Objectives

  1. Elanessa, The Ancestor Tree, Dr. Adramahlihk, Malady, Lohse, and Jahan are some of the characters in this story. The Advocate is one of them.

Doctor’s Orders Walkthrough

Elanessa, The Ancestor Tree, Dr. Adramahlihk, Malady, Lohse, and Jahan are some of the characters in this novel.

  • Immediately following the defeat of Braccus Rex in Lucian’s Crypt, the doctor will emerge (killing Lucian and Dallis if they are still alive) and ask you to comply with the terms of the agreement. If you agree to uphold the terms of the agreement, you will be required to murder your comrades. Finale: The Doctor and you will successfully force the God-King from power, thereby establishing themselves as gods over all of creation. The doctor will murder your main character if you don’t comply, and you’ll have to overcome him with the help of your team members.

The Doctor has a predetermined 10,000 Initiative value, making it impossibly difficult to proceed with the procedure. Accepting the deal, stealing the blood, and attacking him to get one hit in before he changes are all options you have. However, depending on whether or not you snuffed out the thousands of candles with Malady in the end, he will either be weakened or unaffected. If you do not kill him on the first round, he will transform into his actual form, the demon Adramahlikh, which will be more difficult to defeat.

Listed below is a comparison of his weaker and unweaponized versions:

  • A predetermined 10,000 Initiative value has been assigned to the Doctor, making it impossible to proceed. You have the option of accepting the deal, stealing the blood, and attacking him in order to get one hit in before he morphs into something else. In either case, depending on whether or not you snuffed out the thousands of candles in the end with Malady, he will be weakened or unaffected. If you don’t kill him on the first round, he will transform into his actual form, the demon Adramahlikh, which you will have to defeat. Adramahlikh will have around 7k life, roughly 11k physical armor, and 13k magical armor when he is first encountered in the game. Listed below is a comparison of his weakened and unweaponized states:

The fact that he and his nurses will not be affected by tossing a deathfog box on them should also be mentioned. When you kill the Doctor and his 6 nurses (the nurse at the counter may be too far away to engage you in fight at times), you will receive 149,850 XP for each of them, for a grand total of 1,048,950 XP. Killing the Doctor will also bring this quest to a close, granting you an extra 134,750 experience points. However, it is vital to understand that, in order to obtain the most XP possible, you really want the Doctor to turn into Adramahlikh, and you do not want to snuff out all of the candles in order to weaken him in order to achieve this.

Given the large number of enemies and their proclivity to congregate near Adrahamhlikh for some reason, a Thunderstorm spell is extremely effective in this situation; it will constantly stun and damage the large number of enemies on every turn, making the fight easy and providing you with a large amount of free XP.

  • If this is the case, spells such as Superconductor and, to a lesser extent, Supernova will be sufficient to complete the task.
  • The apparent remedy to this is to kill Adramahlikh as soon as possible, however owing to his high armor values and persistence talent, this may not always be achievable.
  • As a result, the most straightforward method of preventing Lohse from getting possessed is to ensure that she is dead; once she is dead, Adramahlikh will cease casting his Demonic Possession spell instantly.
  • Following his unsuccessful attempts to channel it for a few turns, just kill Lohse and his spell will be reset, preventing him from gaining possession over Lohse.
  • The next time it is Adramahlikh’s turn, he will attempt to channel his spell once more, thereby squandering each and every one of his turns.
  • Alternatively, you may use teleportation to lure the nurses out of the mansion, starting with the nurse closest to the entrance and then engaging in fight with her, following which you should engage in discussion with the Doctor while finishing out the rest.
  • This will cause him to be knocked out, but he will still be able to communicate with you.

He is not going to teleport back.

The mission will be completed in the usual manner.

To put it another way, defeating Adramahlikh, his six nurses, and four Nemesis monsters will win you an incredible total of 1,798,200 XP.

XP gained by murdering nurses and the demon form Adramahlihk appears to have been halved in the Definitive Edition, as shown above.

You can also use Spirit Vision to communicate with the ghosts of the nurses, who will reveal that they were once humans who attempted to track down the Doctor but were unsuccessful and were subjugated to become his minions.

He was taken because he misjudged the Doctor, and he will be one of those captured.

Regardless of the circumstances, you can access the magically sealed cabinets in the lowest portion of this room and pilfer a variety of unusual things, including the armor sets of Lord Ruaney and Kvyn.

There are also a number of Eternal Artefacts and Plates to be found.

An Elven Apparition will arrive shortly after you leave, praising you and claiming to be the spirit of Eleanessa, the ancestral tree that formerly stood on Bloodmoon Island. She will reward you with a ghostly mace and a choice of Divine-quality gear if you successfully complete the quest.


  • In Arx, you will receive 149,850 XP for each of the three ambush encounters, for a total of 599,400 XP
  • 19,400 XP for each plant minion and 116,350 XP for Thorny Suncaller in Kemm’s Garden, for a total of 193,950 XP
  • 19,400 XP after the Elven messenger appears and invites you to visit the Doctor
  • 19,400 XP if Lohse When you enter the Black House, you will receive 26,000 Exploration XP
  • When the front door opens for you, you will receive 96,950 XP. If the Doctor accepts the deal, you will receive 19,400 XP. Killing the Doctor (human form) earns 149,850 XP, while killing Adramahlikh (demon form) earns 299,700 XP
  • Killing each of the Nemesis monsters earns 149,850 XP, for a total of 599,400 XP
  • Killing each of the nurses earns 149,850 XP, for a total of 899,100 XP
  • 134,750 XP is earned upon completion of the

Following doctors orders

They may be referred to as suggestions or guidance by your doctor. Those phrases you hear at a normal checkup: “I’d like to see you drop a little weight,” or “Please let me know if you’re having any problems with this medicine,” come to mind. Despite the fact that they sound like a kind reminder, your doctor is serious when he or she makes advice of this nature. Most physicians would agree that their orders should be taken seriously at all times, and they would hope that this is the case. However, there are three sorts of commands that they will insist you do since your life may be in danger if you do not:

  1. Medicine safety
  2. Follow-up appointments
  3. Reinforcing healthy behaviours

Medication safety margin

Doctors put their faith in you to take your prescription medications exactly as directed by the manufacturer. Read the literature that comes with a drug (which is recommended before starting any new prescription) and you’ll notice that there are specific guidelines for how to take the medication. The frequency with which you should take it, the time of day when you should take it, and any limitations that may be associated with taking it should all be discussed with your doctor. Depending on the drug, your doctor may prescribe a certain number of days or weeks that you should take it.

  • Follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Don’t forget about your follow-up appointment.
  • If you’re feeling better, don’t try to play doctor on your own and think that you don’t need to go to the doctor.
  • In order to ensure that you do not have any hidden issues or that the initial diagnosis was right and that nothing else is going on, a follow-up appointment (or possibly a series of follow-up visits) may be necessary.

Good habits and the “I know” syndrome

The first thing we think when the doctor says, “You need to quit smoking,” it’s, “I understand.” While physicians will never be able to completely replace our moms, they do know a thing or two about what it takes to keep people safe and healthy. Even while your doctor’s mannerisms make such recommendations appear kind and nonthreatening, he or she has a wealth of knowledge and experience about what occurs when individuals don’t live a healthy lifestyle. Asking your doctor for suggestions on how to take significant actions toward that objective is preferable to receiving a “I know” response.

Following the Doctor’s Orders

It is referred to as medical adherence when someone follows a doctor’s orders. A surprisingly large proportion of patients do not adhere to their doctor’s recommendations, which can be extremely dangerous to their health. Not following directions can encompass a variety of behaviors such as failing to fill a prescription, failing to take medication as prescribed, failing to attend or schedule a follow-up visit, and failing to make a lifestyle adjustment as prescribed. Considering that many diseases are curable, preventative, or treatable, it is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions in order to achieve and keep good health.

Patients who do not adhere to their physicians’ orders, particularly those with chronic diseases, may incur health issues, fast disease progression, lower quality of life, and even early death as a result of their actions.

Tips for Patients

Medical adherence is the act of adhering to a physician’s orders. Patient noncompliance with doctor’s recommendations is unexpected, and it may have serious consequences for their health. For example, failing to fill a prescription, failing to take medication as prescribed, failing to attend or schedule a follow-up visit, and failing to make a lifestyle change as prescribed are all examples of not following orders. It is critical to follow your doctor’s directions in order to achieve and maintain excellent health, especially when many ailments are curable, preventable, or treatable.

Inability to comply with medical directives, particularly in the case of patients suffering from long-term diseases, can result in health issues such as fast disease progression or diminished quality of life, or even early death.

  • Seek clarification as soon as possible for anything you are unsure about. Instruct your family and friends to support you in adhering to the instructions that your doctor has provided you with
  • Create health-care objectives for yourself, and include treatment and drug administration into your strategies for reaching those objectives
  • A. Discuss with your doctor any potential obstacles that may prevent you from complying with his or her orders, and brainstorm strategies to overcome those obstacles. Make sure that your medical regimen is tailored to your everyday activities and way of life. Using dedicated pill containers for your prescriptions and putting them next to your toothbrush might be as simple as that. Inquire with your pharmacist about sending refill reminders by email, text message, or phone. Organize your calendar and set reminders for yourself to prevent forgetting to take your medicine, get your regular exercise, or check your insulin levels.

TrueNorth is here for youevery step of the way

For anything you are unsure of, get clarification as soon as possible: Recruit the assistance of family and friends to aid you in adhering to the instructions that your doctor has provided you; Identify your own health-care objectives, and include treatment and drug administration in your strategies for reaching those objectives. Identify any potential obstacles that may hinder you from following your doctor’s directions and brainstorm methods to overcome these obstacles with your doctor. Make sure that your medical practice is tailored to your everyday activities and way of thinking.

To receive refill reminders by email, text, or phone, ask your pharmacist to send them to you.

Doctor’s Orders

Seek clarification as soon as possible for anything you are unsure of; Instruct your family and friends to support you in adhering to the instructions that your doctor has provided you; Create health-care objectives for yourself, and include treatment and drug administration in your strategies for accomplishing those objectives; Identify any potential obstacles that may keep you from following your doctor’s directions and brainstorm methods to overcome those obstacles with your doctor.

Make sure that your medical practice is tailored to your everyday routine and lifestyle.

To prevent forgetting to take medicine, perform your regular exercise, or check your insulin levels, set up reminders for yourself.

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