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Great for loud occasions with more than 30 attendees, and it may be used for any type of celebration.

High Tea Catering

Our selection of high tea products will make for delicious light nibbles for your guests at any event or gathering.


Lunch and dinner delivered to your door. Allow yourself to stay at home and have meals delivered directly to your door!

Daily meals

Food Delivery for Lunch and Dinner Allow yourself to relax at home while having meals brought directly to your door!

Veterinary Acupuncture, Herbal and Tuina Therapy

Conventional Western medicine is excellent in its capacity to detect and treat disease, particularly in the emergency room situation, and it is widely accepted. After two decades of practice in veterinary emergency and critical care, I was driven to the study of veterinary acupuncture and traditional veterinary Chinese medicine by a life-long interest in the subject. I quickly found that Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is equally excellent at producing and preserving high levels of life satisfaction and longevity.

Because of this synergy, I’m even more motivated to combine both health-care modalities and to raise awareness within the veterinary profession and the general public about the significant benefits of utilizing the two in tandem.

-Ilsi Medearis, DVM, CVA, is a veterinarian.

In Home Care​Care is provided in your homeContact Dr. Medearis directly ​Phone: (530) 941-3422email:[email protected] Testimonials​ “Dr.Medearis truly embraces and exemplifies the concept of fusingthe best of Eastern and Western veterinary medicine.” ​ -Paula Garcia ServicesEastern Veterinary service offerings include veterinary acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine,Tuina and food therapy which can be integrated with Western Veterinary therapies.

East West Fusion

Combining the Eastern style of meridian massage and acupressure with the calming strokes of Swedish massage and Deep Tissue methods, this form of massage is very effective. In addition to being efficient, this massage is also calming and therapeutic. Acupuncture stimulates the meridians, which allows it to reach deeper layers of the body and influence qi flow, organ health, and blood movement. Using acupressure, you may alleviate tension, focus on certain organs, and bring the energy system back into equilibrium.

Michelle is an expert at identifying trouble areas, and it is in these locations that deep tissue massage is administered.

Massage that works on the body’s deepest to most superficial layers is performed in this multidimensional, multifaceted manner.

When it comes to overall relaxation and renewal, the East-West Fusion massage is fantastic.

However, it is also ideal for particular issues or aims. There are options for 60 or 90 minutes. Yoga Therapy can be used with acupuncture to provide an additional therapeutic depth to your session. Check Out the Current Rates

East-West Fusion LLC Company Profile

East-West Fusion LLC is a limited liability company. Located in Portland, Oregon, East-West Fusion LLC is a member of the Used Merchandise Stores industry. East-West Fusion LLC was founded in 2004. East-West Fusion LLC employs a total of 12 people across all of its sites and earns a total of $501,970 in annual revenue (USD). (Employees and sales estimates are based on assumptions.) Automobile Dealers, Automobile Parts, Accessories, and Tire Stores, Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores, Book Stores and News Dealers, Building Material and Supplies Dealers, Clothing Stores, Department Stores, and Direct Selling Establishments are some of the types of businesses that fall into this category.

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Spectator stores.

12123.02.44 Read on to find out more

East-West Fusion Acupuncture – White Plains, NY

Route 903 Knollwood Rd., White Plains, NY 10603-0003Directions East-West Fusion Acupuncture, located in White Plains, New York, provides alternative holistic therapy in a relaxing and comfortable location. Get a massage to unwind and calm both your physical and mental state of being. I didn’t like for the atmosphere, and I thought the facility appeared to be filthy! The service appeared to be hurried. The atmosphere was not particularly upbeat. The therapy itself was merely mediocre. Christina is great, and she was a tremendous help to me.

  • Christina Robich is really wonderful!
  • She seemed to have forgotten my motive for getting treatment and condemned me as a result, despite the fact that acupuncture is useful for this purpose.
  • Your health is a serious matter.
  • Acupuncture is a professional treatment that may help you improve your own health and wellness.
  • Visit this facility if you want to receive the best massage therapy possible.

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East-West fusion – Review of Rico’s Est de Comida, Macau, China – Tripadvisor

The elderly lady who works at the restaurant needs to learn how to provide better customer service. A sulky expression and lack of enthusiasm for my business are not indicative of the fact that I am paying with a credit card. I arrived at this restaurant near my hotel many hours after landing in Macau without having any local cash on my person. Before entering, I inquired as to whether credit cards would be accepted. I was told yes, however I was not made aware of any minimum spending requirements for credit cards at the time of inquiry.

I was able to persuade them to accept my credit card as payment.

After I gave over my VISA card, no words of gratitude or farewell were spoken.

However, I had to walk another five minutes to get there. Customer loss as a result of poor service. Regarding the quality of the cuisine, it was excellent, akin to what I had in Lisbon but with a Chinese twist.

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