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Details on how to set up and play on the HappyLand Testnet

Become a farmer

In HappyLand, players will immerse themselves into the role of a farmowner who cultivates crops, breeds pets, and takes care of his or her property.


The agricultural system, the city system (including shopping malls and entertainment venues), and 3D characters are all included. In HappyLand, our 3Dcharacters will enhance the user’s experience while they are enjoying themselves in the gaming environment.

crops to earn

It is in farm order that players may trade things in exchange for experience and tokens. It is necessary for participants to make a particular number of items all at the same time in order to sell in this market. HappyLand is a Blockchain-based gaming platform that was inspired by the Texas countryside in the United States. In HappyLand, players will take on the role of a farm owner who will cultivate crops, raise pets, and otherwise look after his or her property. From then, each player will take part in the construction of a multi-farm metaverse with a variety of distinct custom styles.

crops to earn Revolution

If a person wishes to become a farm owner in HappyLand, he or she must first register an account that is linked to a wallet (Metamask), after which the user’s data will be kept in the HappyLand system. When the player first enters the game, he or she will be in possession of a house and a warehouse. In HappyLand, land may be purchased through the shop, or it can be traded with other players in the HappyLand Market Place. This site has the potential to be utilized for tree planting. Have a good day at the farm with your friends!


The total amount of money available is 400,000,000 dollars. 28 percent of HPL players make money when they play. 22.5 percent of the total is through private sales. 1.5 percent of the total proceeds from the public sale 12.5 percent for the team Marketing The partnership has a 15 percent equity stake and 1.25 percent liquidity (DEXCEX). The ECosystem Reserve is 9.25 percent of the total. 6.25 percent of the stakes are rewarded. 3.75 percent of governancefarm improvements are recommended. P2E incentives StakingmarketplaceNFTs payment is made using PayPal.

Phase 1: Q3/2021

The following tasks are required: – Market research, brainstorming, team formation- Graphic designs for HappyLand- Website and game proof of concept- Smart Contract development

Phase 2: Q4/2021

• Private sale, airdrop campaign, IDO listing • Game demonstration • Marketing partnership • Testnet launch • Testnet launch (December)

Phase 3: Q1/2022

In January 2022, the first version of the game will be released. -Marketing, partnerships, and onboarding additional people will follow. Market entry, marketplace launch, and NFT sale are all part of the investigation into many chains.

Phase 4: Q2/2022

Improved graphics and user experience Marketing, partnerships, and onboarding more users Marketing, partnerships, and onboarding Additional mini-games have been added to the game’s second version.

Phase 5: Q3/2022

– The launch of the entire HappyLand Metaverse.

– The release of Game Version 3: 3D, Player Avatar CreationMultiplayer, Tech lab Fusion, and new genesis seeds for Techlabupgrades. – The marketing, partnership, and onboarding of additional people. – The launch of the entire HappyLand Metaverse.

Phase 6: Q4/2022

– The launch of the entire HappyLand Metaverse. – The release of Game Version 3: 3D, Player Avatar CreationMultiplayer, Tech lab Fusion, and new genesis seeds for Techlabupgrades. – The marketing, partnership, and onboarding of additional users.- The launch of the entire HappyLand Metaverse.

stani kulechov ceo of aave

Aave is the founder and CEO of the company.


INVESTOR SPECIALIZING IN THE INTERsection between defi with the web3 metaverse.

kieran warwick ceo illuvium

co-founder and chief executive officer ofilluvium



Happy Land fire – Wikipedia

Happy Land fire
Investigation of the club on the day after the fire
Location West Farms,The Bronx,New York City,New York,U.S.
Coordinates 40°50′35″N73°53′09″W / 40.8431125°N 73.8859465°W
Date March 25, 1990; 31 years ago3 a.m.EDT
Target Happy Land social club
Attack type Arson,mass murder
Deaths 87
Injured 6
Perpetrator Julio González
Motive Argument with ex-girlfriend

The Happy Land fire, which occurred on March 25, 1990, was an arson attack that resulted in the deaths of 87 individuals. In the illegal Happy Landsocial club, located at 1959 Southern Boulevard in the West Farms neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City, United States, 87 people were killed and dozens more were injured. Young Hondurans enjoying Easter, many of them belonging to the Garifuna American community, comprised the majority of the deaths. Julio González, a Cuban exile whose previous girlfriend worked at the club, was apprehended shortly after the fire and subsequently convicted of arson and murder in the case.

It was also the deadliest fire on American soil since the Dupont Plaza Hotel fire in Puerto Rico in 1986.


Happy Land had been forced to shut in November 1988 due to construction code breaches. This was prior to the blaze. Fire exits, fire alarms, and a sprinkler system were all missing, among other things. There was no documentation of any follow-up by the fire department. When Julio González deserted the Cuban Army during the 1970s, he was sentenced to three years in jail in the island nation. In 1980, he created a fictitious criminal record as a drug dealer in order to obtain entry into the Mariel boatlift.

He had broken up with his long-term girlfriend, Lydia Feliciano, six weeks before the fire.

He was two weeks late on the rent for his room at the time of the fire, and the proprietor of the boarding house where he was residing stated of him, “From what I understand, he was down to his last hope.”


González had gotten into an argument with his previous girlfriend, Feliciano, who was working as a coat checkworker at the club the night before the fire, asking her to resign. She stated that she had had enough of him and that she did not wish to have anything to do with him in the near future. The bouncer expelled him from the club about 3:00 a.m. His inebriated promises to “shut this place down” were overheard by bystanders. He also allegedly said, “I’ll be back,” according to reports. Feliciano attempted to warn everyone around him, fearing that González might do something drastic.

  • He then ignited the gasoline by spreading it at the base of a stairway, which served as the only entrance to the club at the time.
  • The bodies of nineteen people were discovered downstairs, with the remaining bodies discovered above.
  • An effort to escape was made by several of those who were imprisoned by punching holes through a wall to an adjacent union hall.
  • The deadly smoke filled the room so swiftly that several of the victims were discovered with their drinks still in their hands.
  • A total of 150 firefighters were dispatched to the blaze, which was brought under control in five minutes.

Among those there were Feliciano, the wife of the club’s proprietor, and disc jockey Ruben Valladares. Valladares was taken to the hospital in critical condition with second- and third-degree burns covering more than half of his body.


Julio González
Born Julio GonzálezOctober 10, 1954Holguín,Oriente Province, Cuba
Died September 13, 2016 (aged 61)Plattsburgh, New York, U.S.
Criminal charge 87 counts of arson 87 counts of murder
Penalty 25 years to life

Gonzalez came home after starting the fire, removed his gasoline-soaked clothes, and promptly fell asleep in his bed. Police detectives interrogated Feliciano the following afternoon and learned of the previous night’s altercation, which led to his arrest the following afternoon. After being informed of his legal rights, he confesses to being the one who started the fire. González was charged with 174 crimes of murder, two for each victim, and was found guilty of 87 counts of arson and 87 counts of murder on August 19, 1991.

For each offense, he received the maximum penalty of 25 years in prison plus a year of probation.

A parole denial was issued to González in March of this year.


Despite the fact that the Bronx District Attorney determined that they were not criminally liable, the New York City Corporation Counsel brought misdemeanor charges against DiLorenzo, the building owner, and Weiss, the landlord, in February 1991, claiming that they were negligent. These allegations alleged that the owner and landlord were liable for building code breaches committed by their tenant, which were found to be true. In May 1992, they both entered guilty pleas, agreeing to conduct community service and contribute $150,000 to the establishment of a community center for Hondurans in the Bronx.

It was resolved in July 1995 for a total of $15.8 million, or $163,000 for each of the plaintiffs.

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1959 In 2020, a new building will be constructed on Southern Boulevard. During its period as a Happy Land club, the building was operated in part by Jay Weiss, who was at the time the husband of actress Kathleen Turner. Turner was cited in the New Yorker as stating, “The fire was sad, but it could have happened at any McDonald’s location.” According to the Bronx District Attorney, the building’s owner, Alex DiLorenzo III, and leaseholders Weiss and Morris Jaffe were not legally liable since they attempted to close the club and dismiss the tenant before the incident occurred.

Colon perished in the fire.

It had been planned to begin on March 28 that Colon’s eviction trial would begin. Although Colon escaped the blaze, his eviction trial would have been irrelevant due to the fact that the building that housed the Happy Land Social Club was condemned and razed within 24 hours of the blaze.


In honor of the victims, the roadway in front of the old Happy Land social club has been renamed “The Plaza of the Eighty-Seven” in honor of them. One hundred and five of the casualties were students at nearby Theodore Roosevelt High School, which held a memorial ceremony for them in April of 1990. The names of all 87 deceased were written on a memorial that was created right across the street from the previous institution. The Happy Land fire served as inspiration for the scenario of theLaw and Orderseason 2 episode ” Heaven.” In addition, the band Duran Duran created the song “Sin of the City,” which debuted on the band’s 1993 self-titled album and was inspired by the fire, which was released in 1993.

In the Jay-Z song “You, Me, Him, and Her,” he raps, “The fire I spat burned down Happy Land/ Social club, we unapproachable gangsters,” about a fire that he spit that destroyed Happy Land.

The Oakland fire also happened in a location that was being used for parties in violation of the law and the lease agreement, as was the case in other cities.

See also

  • A list of fatal accidents and natural disasters, sorted by death toll
  • A list of catastrophes in the United States, sorted by death toll The following is a list of fires: a list of fires that have occurred in buildings or structures
  • Fires at nightclubs are listed here. The Blue Bird Café fire in Montreal in 1972, which was also caused by expelled guests who lit gasoline on the stairwell that served as the sole entrance and exit, was similar. An upset patron refused admittance to a club in Denmark Place in 1980, which was illegally run and patronized by Caribbean immigrants
  • The fire was ignited by an enraged patron. Since this tragedy, the worst fire in New York City has occurred at a Bronx apartment building in 2022.


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External links

  • In addition to the Happy Land fire, there are photos of the Happy Land Fire Memorial on the web sites Bridgeandtunnelclub.com and GenDisasters.com. In addition to the Happy Land fire, there are other disasters on the web sites.

the geographic coordinates are 40°50′35.5′′N73°53′9′′W / 40.843194°N 73.88583°W

Happy Land (1943)

The film takes place in Hartfield, Iowa, which is a typical American Midwestern city. Lew Marsh (Don Ameche) is the proprietor of a pharmacy. Everyone is familiar with Lew and his grandpa, old “Gramp” Marsh (Harry Carey), who had died away a few years before. When a telegram from the Navy Department arrives one evening, Lew and his wife, Agnes (Frances Dee), are reminiscing affectionately about their son, “Rusty” (Richard Crane), when they learn that “Rusty” has been killed in battle. Lew has a harsh disposition, avoids social situations, and refuses to go near the family drugstore.

This journey into the past helps Lew to overcome his animosity, and he finally understands what it means to be an American.

  • This is a wonderful story of two individuals who discovered themselves only after they had believed they had lost everything! (Print advertisement in the Ludington Daily News ((Ludington, Mich.)) on July 15, 1944.)

What is the basic story structure for Happy Land (1943) in the English language? Answer

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New York, N.Y.| The fire was the worst in New York City since 1990, according to authorities. Photo courtesy of Krulwich/New York Times The Bronx fire that claimed the lives of 17 people on Sunday was the deadliest in the city since a fire at a Bronx nightclub claimed the lives of 87 people in 1990. That fire, which was started by an arsonist after he had a fight with his fiancée, happened at theHappy Land Social Club, which was an illegal establishment that lacked sprinklers, fire alarms, and fire escapes, according to the police report.

  1. The nightclub, which was located on the second level of a dilapidated structure, was full with largely Honduran immigrants who were there for Carnival.
  2. He took a three-block walk to a gas station and purchased a one-gallon canister of fuel for $1 from an employee working there.
  3. He was arrested shortly after.
  4. It was one of the most heinous mass killings in the history of the United States.
  5. Gonzalez’s girlfriend.
  6. “I was enraged, the devil got to me, and I set fire to the house,” he told investigators after the incident.
  7. The Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire claimed the lives of more than 200 people in 1911.
  8. Mr.

After serving 25 years in jail, he died in 2016 at the age of 61 at a hospital in upstate New York, where he had been brought after suffering an apparent heart attack while in custody.

HappyLand price today, HPL to USD live, marketcap and chart

A total of $272,984 USD worth of HappyLand was traded in the last 24 hours at the current live price of $0.275759 USD. In real time, we update our HPL to USD exchange rate. In the previous 24 hours, the stock of HappyLand has dropped by 5.45 percent. The current ranking on CoinMarketCap is 3677, with a live market capitalization of not provided. There is no information on the circulating supply, and there is a maximum supply of 400,000,000 HPL coins. Crops to produce money for the Revolution Happy Land requires players to register an account that is linked to a wallet (Metamask).

When the player first enters the game, he or she will be in possession of a house and a warehouse.

This site has the potential to be utilized for tree planting.

Furthermore, NFT fashion collectibles for 2.5D characters, which may be earned through the use of in-game tokens, are intended to encourage players’ dedication.

Amazon.com: Happy Land : Irving Pichel, Don Ameche, Frances Dee, Harry Carey, Anne Rutherford, Julien Josephson, Mackinlay Kantor, Kathryn Scola, Don Ameche, Frances Dee, Harry Carey, Anne Rutherford: Movies & TV

On June 14, 2013, a review was published in the United States, and the purchase was verified. Going into this picture, I had a little concern about it. I was born in the 1960s and have never experienced war, at least not the type that my parents’ generation experienced. A number of these films, which were intended to strengthen the will of the home front during World War II, were fine works for their time, but many would appear obsolete or clichéd now. My apprehensions were allayed by “Happy Land.” Beginning with a father (Don Ameche) grieving the death of his son in battle, the story progresses.

  • He never fully recovers from his loss, but he learns to accept the reality of his situation and moves forward with the knowledge that his kid did not die in vain.
  • The feelings and emotions that are conveyed are accurate.
  • On March 1, 2013, a review was published in the United States, confirming the purchase.
  • It is true that this picture portrays the ideals of an era that is no longer in existence, despite the fact that some may find it antiquated or emotional.
  • Despite the fact that Don Ameche and Frances Dee deliver emotionally charged performances, the plot glides along at a surprisingly casual pace.
  • Be prepared to cry a few tears while you watch it.
  • Good storyline, shot during a time when love, morals, and God were still present in this country.

Purchase that has been verified Why do you ship films from other parts of the world to Europe?

On December 11, 2017, a review was conducted in the United States.

The majority of the stories are dramas with a dash of fantasy.

On September 2, 2019, a review was conducted in the United States.

On September 14, 2014, a review was conducted in the United States.

This item was purchased for sentimental reasons.

Despite the fact that the ending was predictable, the film was enjoyable. On July 7, 2016, a review was published in the United States. Purchase that has been verified It’s a Wonderful Life comes to mind when I watch an excellent movie.

‎Solitaire TriPeaks-Happy Land

Solitaire TriPeaks – Happy Land is a solitaire game. It’s a whole new version of the classic solitaire card game. You should pay close attention to the solitaire tripeaks game if you enjoy playing free online card games. It’s a lot more vivid and a lot more enjoyable! When you’re feeling bored, playing the free solitaire tripeaks game might help you unwind and unwind faster. Solitaire is also a great way to exercise your brain while still having limitless amounts of enjoyment. The first set of rules for the game are as follows: The Basic Rules are as follows: Select any card that is either greater or lower in rank than the lowest displayed card.

  • They are as follows: +N CardScrolling Levels are available.
  • 2 Card Challenge Completing the given streak and clearing all cards will get you various prizes.
  • No.
  • Collect team points to unlock higher-level team chests, which will allow you to get goodies as a group!
  • The Snack Time Challenge: Save your talon cards for snacks in the level, win three times in a row to gain extra snacks, and collect more snacks to win the rewards in the tournament!
  • There are several types of prizes in No.
  • Collect a particular amount of trophies in order to be eligible to earn a shot at the Lucky Wheel.

Solitaire is one of the most popular free card games available, and we are always working to make it even more enjoyable.

In the card game, you can win and have a good time.

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This free Solitaire TriPeaks – Happy Land game is now available to play whether you know it by the names Tri Peaks, Three Peaks, Tri Towers, Triple Peaks, or simply Solitaire.

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Version 1.1.4 includes 50 brand-new levels that are nothing short of spectacular! – 1 entertaining new episode of Happy Land! – A number of bug fixes and enhancements have been made.

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 stars out of 51.5K total ratings

Fun solitaire!

There are a large number of solitaire games to choose from. However, this game is a lot of fun and provides a lot more variation than the others. The possibility to donate and collect points from friends, as well as the challenge area, are two of my favorite features. I believe you will enjoy this game if you give it a try.

Fun but expensive

This is my second review of the product. I would have given 5 stars, but I am unable to do so for the reasons listed below. The game is entertaining, but the coins and power-ups are too expensive. Not to add that as you go through the stages, wild cards and +5 cards become prohibitively expensive. The rewards do not exceed the amount spent on the extras. I’m aware that you have bargains, but I tried that method and ended up getting ripped off. A few days ago, I ordered a coin/power-up package and was paid twice, but I did not receive what I had purchased.

  1. Should I also note that there is no means to communicate with the game’s creator at all.
  2. Make sure you are careful with your purchases from this game, guys!
  3. Please accept my apologies for delivering you this experience.
  4. We will look into it.
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Fun game

The missions and objectives are enjoyable, and the visuals are excellent. I also love the ability to watch videos in order to gain additional cards or cash. Until you encounter a mistake or a glitch. There is no longer any opportunity to watch videos. A teammate is experiencing the identical problem, however they are unable to access their tasks. I’ve already reached out to support, and I’m waiting to hear back. I’ve been using much too many powerups, and I’m going to have to stop playing for a while until the problem is fixed.

More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

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For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


VIVIDJOAN GAMES SINGAPORE PTE LTD is the seller. Size215.3 MBCompatibility with other operating systems iPhone It is necessary to have iOS 10.0 or later. iPad It is necessary to have iPadOS 10.0 or later. iPod touch is a portable media player that allows you to listen to music on the go. It is necessary to have iOS 10.0 or later. Age Requirement: 12 years and up Violence in cartoons or fantasy stories that occurs only infrequently or mildly Simulated gambling on an infrequent or minor basis Contests that are infrequent or mild VIVIDJOAN GAMES (SINGAPORE) PTE.

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An inset in the above-mentioned pamphlet (inset above) contains most of what is now known about the Happy Land, including a map (shown above) depicting the kingdom’s location in relation to the towns of Tuxedo and Lake Summit. There was a search party, according to the stories: a caravan of liberated African Americans going up from the Deep South in quest of a location where they might embrace freedom, safety, and self-sufficiency—a place where they could set down roots and start a new life. They discovered it in the southern parts of Henderson County, where they created the Happy Land, or even the Kingdom of the Happy Land—as the sources disagree on the specific name—there they lived for many years.

  1. The histories of the Happy Land have proven to be as diverse as the roads that led those once enslaved people to their final destination.
  2. Unearthing the kingdom is a research project that involves tracking out and assembling information from rare and distant sources.
  3. Located in Tuxedo, a state road sign for Kingdom Place is one of the few remaining reminders of the Happy Land’s existence today.
  4. In 1957, the late Sadie Smathers Patton, a Henderson County writer and local history enthusiast, released a 20-page monograph, The Kingdom of the Happy Land, which became the first source for this project.
  5. Because of this, as well as the overall scarcity of public material on the issue, her version has become one of the most frequently quoted; also, the broad strokes of her telling are comparable to the few other versions that have been published.
  6. As they proceeded through Alabama and Georgia, their numbers increased as news spread that they were looking for an idyll in an undiscovered northern location, which they eventually found.
  7. There, they learnt from others who had recently been emancipated that white people in the Lowcountry had long sought refuge.

Serepta Davis, widow of Col.

After realizing that she needed help to cultivate the property, the white woman decided to transfer a piece of the Davis land to the Black immigrants in return for labor, and eventually sold them 180 acres at a price of one dollar per acre.

After welcoming the group of freed slaves, Serepta Davis (above left) sold them 180 acres on which they could build a home.

A study of the Happy Land, completed by Patton when he was one year old, was delivered to the kingdom in 1873.

Patton estimated their initial numbers to be between 50 and 200 people, although he recognized that this was only a best guess.

Who, precisely, was in charge in the Land of the Happy?

Robert Montgomery, a local inhabitant who lived in the 1870s, emerged as the king, with his sister-in law, Louella Montgomery, serving as Queen, according to her writing.

In his writing, Patton described Louella as “appearing to have been the dominating and driving spirit in the little community hamlet of this era.” She worked with the youngsters and led the residents in worship and song on a regular basis.

Surplus food items produced on the new farms were sent to market, and women who were not employed for cleaning, cooking and serving meals found work in the care of sick or small children.

On top of that, it became known as a source of medicinal therapies such as Happy Land Liniment, which may be used to relieve rheumatism and other ailments, as well as “herbs with healing powers.” For at least a few decades, the kingdom flourished as one of the only independent enclaves of its kind in the American South, if not the world.

Local historian Ronnie Pepper tells the fascinating account of the Kingdom of the Happy Land, which is a little-known chapter in Henderson County’s Black history.

You may listen to an audio recording of his presentation at conservingcarolina.org.

Maintaining its viability According to Patton’s account, the coming of the railroad in the 1880s marked the beginning of a long era during which “the kingdom split up.” As this new mode of transportation and trade transformed the whole region, it also uprooted the little economy and way of life that had existed in the Happy Land.

As their numbers decreased, white families purchased the few remaining pieces of the kingdom, and by 1900, only the skeletons of the business were left standing.

Because there are so few written documents of the kingdom’s existence — only a few, difficult to decipher deed and genealogy records — what we know about the Happy Land today is pieced together from scattered, recent interviews and other sources.

This project included months of research and fieldwork, including visits to the old location of the Happy Land as well as interviews with relatives of inhabitants and others who took their places.

As Mims explained to the pupils, “the strange thing about it was that my grandma would come visit, but no one would want to be attached to the Kingdom of Happy Land.” He was concerned that his involvement with the organization would be a source of embarrassment.

Despite this, the story of former slaves searching for, and for a while discovering, their own earthly paradise has retained a powerful hold through the years.

For the sake of future generations, the local charity Conserving Carolina recorded his story for posterity in 2019.

After all, the white supremacist regime did not dissipate with the end of the American Civil War, as many people believe.

The problem was that you had a set of individuals who were free, but who weren’t informed about the law, and who weren’t paying taxes.” … Consider what would happen if they were required to go pay their taxes and someone said, ‘Wait a minute.

You have a piece of land, don’t you?

As Pepper explained, “that’s exactly why we have to keep it alive and keep talking about it and remembering it.”

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