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Mystery Shopping Scams

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What’s Mystery Shopping?

Some merchants and restaurants may employ individuals to come into their establishments and test their products or services, then report back on their experiences. This allows them to understand more about their customers’ experiences. These mystery shoppers, also known as secret shoppers, often purchase the goods or service themselves and then receive a reimbursement from the business when they have completed their task. Occasionally, the merchant may additionally provide them with a little bonus for their efforts.

Avoid Mystery Shopper Job Scams

If you are required to pay an advance fee in order to become a mystery shopper, you are most likely being duped. When looking for mystery shopper employment, there are a few things you should keep in mind to prevent being scammed:

  • It is not necessary to pay to labor. Honest firms would compensate you rather than charge you for your services. Regardless of whether they claim that the money is being used for a certification, training, or a promised employment, don’t fall for it. No legitimate employment, including mystery shopping, requires payment in order to be hired. You’ll discover that the certification is meaningless and that there is most likely no employment available
  • Don’t pay for a list of mystery shopping tasks that you’re not interested in. You may have this material for free.
  • Never send money to a mystery shopper as part of a mystery shopping job. Suppose you receive a check for the purchase of merchandise. The scammer instructs you to deposit it and transfer money back to him or her for “taxes,” “fees,” or some other reason. An example of a classic scammer maneuver is this. Wiring money is similar to transferring cash: after you send money through a business like MoneyGram or Western Union, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to retrieve it back.
  • Never deposit checks into your bank account and then send the money back out of the account. What matters is that you do not do it, regardless of who you are dealing with or what they claim is the purpose of the transaction. This is a forgery of a check fraud. As a result, any money removed from your account is your own money because the check is worthless
  • Never deposit a cheque into your bank account and then send the money back out of the account. What matters is that you do not participate, regardless of who you are dealing with. Fake check fraud is what this is. Because the check is worthless, any money that is removed from your account is your own.
  • Don’t react to a job advertisement that claims to be with MSPA. This trade group represents those who work in the customer experience business, such as mystery shoppers and customer service representatives. Mystery shoppers are neither recruited or advertised by the MSPA. The company does, however, maintain a list of service provider firms with whom you may register in order to identify potential mystery shopping opportunities.

Additionally, look for the company’s name in conjunction with the phrases “review,” “complaint,” or “scam” on the internet. Check out what other people are saying about a firm before deciding whether or not you want to seek employment with them. Also, consult with a trusted friend or colleague before accepting the position to gain their perspective.

Finding Legitimate Mystery Shopping Jobs

It is possible to sign up for mystery shopper assignments through the MSPA’s list of service provider businesses.

Report It to the FTC

If you become a victim of a mystery shopper scam or lose money as a result of one, report it to the Federal Trade Commission at ReportFraud.ftc. govand to the state attorney general’s office in your state

7 Best Mystery Shopping Companies To Work For

Syda Productions and contributed to this article. Aside from doing a full-time job, there are other methods to supplement your income. Although you may not have need a car or special talents, some of the better gigs require you to have pricey equipment such as cameras or computer software. It is frequently mentioned that being a mystery shopper is a simple method to earn some more cash. If you enjoy shopping, there is no better way to get some extra money than to be compensated for your purchases.

Many people wonder whether or not it is really a respectable employment in this economy. This guide will teach you all you need to know about the side hustle of mystery shopping, including whether or not you’ll need to invest in items such as a wig and dark glasses in order to qualify as one.

What Is a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shoppers are individuals who are employed by a store or marketing research business to shop at one or more locations and then report back on the overall customer experience they had while there. It’s one of the few career chances where you can rely on your ability to buy for a paycheck. An anonymous mystery shopper may be requested to provide information on the following topics:

  • Mystery shoppers are individuals who are employed by a store or marketing research business to shop at one or more locations and then report back on the overall consumer experience that they had. As a result, it’s one of the few work chances where you can rely on your shopping abilities to your advantage. An anonymous mystery shopper may be requested to provide information on the following topics:.

How Much Do Mystery Shoppers Make?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly wage for a mystery shopping side hustle is $20. Meanwhile, according to Indeed, the average hourly wage is $18.64 per person. The amount of money you may make depends on your degree of expertise, the firm that hires you, and whether you’re working as a full-time, professional mystery shopper or only on occasional projects and assignments.

7 Mystery Shopping Companies To Consider

After studying hundreds of mystery shopper positions, a deeper look at some of the firms revealed that many new workers were dissatisfied with their jobs or were not paid in accordance with the terms of the agreement. When accepting a mystery shopping assignment, it’s necessary to proceed with extreme caution. Before you agree to anything, do your homework on the firm and listen to what others have to say about it. Seven credible mystery shopping businesses are examined in this article.

1. BestMark

BestMark, which was established in 1986, is one of the largest and oldest mystery shopping organizations in the world, employing more than 600,000 mystery shoppers. You will be referred to as a field representative or an evaluator depending on your position. In accordance with Glassdoor, the average hourly wage for a BestMark mystery shopper is $13, however the fee varies depending on the assignment. BestMark does not employ shoppers on a full-time basis. As an independent contractor, you will work for yourself rather than for a company.

Set up an account on the website and submit a job application to become a member.

2. IntelliShop

IntelliShop employs mystery shoppers for a wide range of well-known companies. Following approval, you’ll be able to learn about new possibilities by email and the job board, among other methods. Concentrate on achieving the greatest possible rating in order to boost your chances of being recruited for the most desirable projects available. After each work, you will be graded on whether or not you arrived on time, whether or not you followed the directions, and the completeness with which you completed your reports.

To get started, go to the IntelliShop shopper center and submit an application to become a member of the team.

3. Market Force

When it comes to surprise retail buying, Market Force is a great way to mix things up.

Despite the fact that it has a vast clientele, many of its jobs are linked to food. You may be engaged by one of the firms in the following industries: manufacturing, distribution and service.

  • Restaurants, grocery stores, gas station convenience stores, health and wellness, hotels, fitness, financial services, pharmacies, and other related businesses

An application for Market Force mystery shoppers must be completed prior to being considered.

4. Service Evaluation Concepts

Brands including Aveda, Cartier, Macy’s, Kroger, and Lego benefit from the services of Service Evaluation Concepts, which conducts top mystery shopping for them. Mystery shoppers for the SEC are subjected to two levels of accreditation. Its brand agents are shoppers who have undergone testing and certification in accordance with SEC’s standards and practices. Certified brand agents have also proved an expertise of specific client interactions through their certification. In recognition of their extensive training, accredited brand agents are given preferential employment opportunities and have more earning potential.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pays between $10 and $50 or more each assignment.

Just as with any online job, you should never pay to receive work in advance — and you should never sign up for certification until you’ve established a track record with the organization through earlier projects.

When you apply to be a study participant, you’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your name and contact information.

5. Secret Shopper

For more than 25 years, Secret Shopper has been offering mystery shopping services to businesses of all sizes. On average, Secret Shopper pays between $15 and $25 each task. A free dinner or refund for an item you must purchase is all that some jobs provide in exchange for your time and effort. Despite the fact that it is not the highest-paying service, it may still be worth your time to obtain some experience in the mystery shopping industry, as well as to have the option to visit a casino resort for free or to enjoy lunch at a new café on someone else’s expense.

6. Signature Worldwide

Signature Worldwide offers mystery shopping opportunities for people who like to work from home. If you prefer to work from home, you may still make money as a mystery shopper. According to a recent job listing on Signature’s website, the position pays $10 per hour and is paid biweekly. The company provides telephone mystery shopping services to businesses in a variety of sectors, including, but not limited to:

  • Construction and equipment rental
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Casinos and spas
  • Apartment leasing
  • Assisted living homes
  • Party rental
  • Medical offices
  • Government agencies
  • Restaurants
  • And diet centers are just a few of the industries represented.

Hospitals and resorts, casinos and spas, apartment leasing, assisted living communities, party rental, medical offices, government institutions, restaurants, and diet centers are just a few of the industries represented.

7. Sinclair Customer Metrics

Sinclair provides mystery shopping services to its customers in person, over the phone, and via video. You can be asked to mystery shop a client’s site or one of its rivals in order to gather insight for the company. Sinclair Customer Metrics focuses on the banking, supermarket, restaurant, and retail industries, among others. According to Indeed, one of Sinclair’s mystery shoppers said that they get paid $10 per hour. If you want to be a shopper, you’ll need to fill out an online application for new shoppers, participate in a survey, and learn the conditions and expectations of your position.

Take the Sinclair New Shopper Challenge, which is a questionnaire that verifies that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before continuing.

Mystery Shopper Scams To Look Out For

Scams exist with regard to online employment opportunities, just as there are with any other type of online job opportunity.

Good To Know

Any online shopper jobs that offer you thousands of dollars per month or that claim to send you a check up front should be avoided. In addition, any mystery shopping websites that require you to pay money up ahead are almost certainly a fraud as well. Other helpful hints from the Federal Trade Commission include the following:

  • Don’t send money by wire transfer
  • Stay away from assistance wanted advertising in the newspaper. Companies that demand you to pay for training up front should be avoided. There are no fees to pay in order to view mystery shopping job listings.

Is Being a Mystery Shopper Worth It?

Working as a mystery shopper offers a more flexible schedule than a traditional 9-to-5. You may gain a better understanding of the companies in your neighborhood while honing your observation and customer service abilities. You’ll need to be on the lookout for scammers, but if you put in the effort to learn about and study the finest mystery shopper websites, you could discover a new method to supplement your income. Several people, including Daria Uhlig, contributed to the reporting for this piece.

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Cynthia Paez Bowman is a personal finance writer with degrees in international business and media from American University.

In addition to blogging about personal finance, she also writes on real estate, interior design, and architectural design.

Mystery shopping – Wikipedia

Mysterious shopping (also known as mystery shopper, mystery consumer, mystery research, secret shopper, and secret shopping and auditor) is a technique used by marketing research companies and organizations to assess the quality of sales and service, job performance, regulatory compliance, or to gather specific information about a market or competitors, including products and services. It is also known as mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers are used to evaluate the consistency of consumer behaviors that are significant to a given brand or sector.

Mystery shoppers, who are gig workers or independent contractors, are required to produce thorough reports and comments about their encounters.

Industries and common usage

In addition to basic surveys, mystery shopping assessments and reports may also be created using audio and video recordings. Any industry, from B2C to B2B, may benefit from mystery shopping. B2B, on the other hand, is less common. Among the most frequent consumers of this research approach are retailers, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, and fast-food chains, as well as makers of items offered in retail and e-commerce companies. Banks, petrol stations, automotive manufacturers and dealerships, transportation services, housing, real estate, and property management organizations, health and fitness clubs, and human and pet health care are also covered in this category.


According to a 2005 survey commissioned by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, the mystery shopping sector in the United States had an estimated worth of over $600 million in 2004. (MSPA). Comparing 2003 to 2004, companies who participated in the survey had an average increase of 11.1 percent, while the overall economy enjoyed average growth of 12.2 percent. According to the research, more than 8.1 million mystery shopping were done in 2004 according to the report’s estimations. The research is the first effort by an industry group to estimate the size of the mystery shopping sector.

According to the Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition, there are 1.5 million mystery shoppers working just in the United States of America.

Customer/patient satisfaction is being factored into CEO compensation more frequently as a measure of its relevance to the company.

corporation revealed that more over 55 percent of hospital chief executive officers questioned in 2005 had “some compensation at risk,” up from only 8 percent to 20 percent just a dozen years before.” An organization called the Mystery Shoppers Practitioners’ Group has been formed under the auspices of the Market Research Society in the United Kingdom.

Customers’ willingness to pay more for good service was shown to be strongly correlated with the attention paid by a company’s management to customer service in a 2011 poll by American Express.

A section on this issue was broadcast on CBC Television’s news magazine programMarketplace during an episode broadcast in January 2001.


Several years ago, according to a survey commissioned by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, the mystery shopping market in the United States was valued at about $600 million in 2004. (MSPA). Comparing 2003 to 2004, companies who participated in the survey enjoyed an average increase of 11.1 percent, while the overall economy experienced 12.2 percent growth. According to the research, more than 8.1 million mystery shopping were done in 2004 according to the report’s estimation. As the first attempt by an industry group to determine the extent of the mystery shopping industry, this paper is significant.

  • In Europe, where mystery shopping is becoming increasingly integrated into corporate practices, surveys of a similar nature are available.
  • Based on patient satisfaction, a research conducted by a U.S.
  • Mystery shopping has also grown more popular in the themed tourism business, with healthcare providers and medical facilities use the technology to evaluate and enhance their customers’ overall service experience since 2010.
  • The survey was conducted in 2011.

UK Examples

The Crown Commercial Service of the United Kingdom government From February 2011 until November 2018, the government ran a mystery shopper program, with the goal of providing a channel for suppliers to voice their complaints about public procurement practices in England at that time. Responding to criticism from suppliers and public bodies, the service was re-branded as the “Public Procurement Review Service” in November 2018, after it was determined that the phrase “mystery shopper” did not accurately reflect its position as a procurement review service.

Mystery shopping is also becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, where it is being utilized to offer feedback on customer service provided by local authorities and other non-profit organizations such as housing associations and churches.

See also

  • List of confidence-boosting strategies: mystery shopping
  • Marketing research
  • Observational techniques
  • Participant observation
  • And more.


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6 Best Mystery Shopping Companies to Become a Paid Secret Shopper

For the vast majority of us, going to the shop entails spending money. Unless you’re simply window shopping, plan to open your wallet whether you’re doing your grocery shopping or going to the mall. You might be shocked to learn that some customers are actually compensated for their time spent shopping and evaluating the quality of customer service and product offers at businesses around their community. These shoppers are known as mystery shoppers, and there are thousands of them in the United States and around the rest of the world.

When it comes to mystery shopping, as long as you understand the job criteria and locate the correct mystery shopping firm to work for, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to increase your income by doing some undercover work.

What Is Mystery Shopping?

Businesses are interested in seeing how their stores perform in terms of providing personalized service. They also want to make certain that things are easily accessible to customers. As a result, companies pay mystery shoppers to provide feedback, which they then utilize to enhance customer service, product availability, and general store management practices. The average annual return on stock advisor recommendations from The Motley Fool is 618 percent. Join more than 1 million other members for just $79 (or $1.52 a week) and make sure you don’t miss out on their forthcoming stock choices.

Now is the time to register.

Additionally, businesses expect that by informing staff that a particular consumer is a mystery shopper, general customer service will improve.

However, there are other typical sorts of mystery shopping assignments, including the ones listed below:

  • Inquiring with a store clerk about a product
  • Trying to locate a certain product
  • If you’re in a restaurant, you may order meals and rate the quality. Photo and video documentation of in-store displays and aisles Testing shop processes, such as attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages without providing identification

Mystery shopping, often known as shadow shopping or secret shopping, is a type of retail activity. A mystery shopper is often compensated for their time, as well as reimbursed for a portion of their purchases, if any are made. Assignments range from the incredibly simple (such as purchasing an item from a deli and noting the level of service received) to the extensive and sophisticated (such as completing a research project on a certain topic) (noting the timing, flavor, temperature, and presentation of every item in a three course dinner).

How Much Do Mystery Shoppers Make?

It is sometimes referred to as shadow shopping or covert shopping when it is done by a professional. Generally, mystery shoppers are compensated for their time and/or reimbursed for a portion of their purchases, or a combination of both. Assigning assignments ranges from the relatively simple (such as purchasing an item from a deli and noting the level of service received) to the extensive and sophisticated (such as researching and writing an article on a certain topic) (noting the timing, flavor, temperature, and presentation of every item in a three course dinner).

  • The following expenses were reimbursed: dining for two people at a mid-range sit-down restaurant: $35 reimbursement
  • Purchasing beer at a petrol station to verify whether they accept a credit card: $8 payment, $2 reimbursement Dining in at a fast-casual sub store requires a $20 charge with no refund. In the grocery store, I purchased an appetizer and a drink to test for carding: $15 reimbursement, $15.00 pay
  • Cleaning and customer service at the petrol station are being evaluated with a $7 pay, $1 gas refund, and $1 candy reimbursement. Payment for visiting an expensive home goods store is $30 reimbursement and $5 pay. 20-dollar incentive for photographing beer advertisements in the afternoon and at night
  • 50-dollar payment for opening a new bank account.

Clearly, the work and the money are very different from one another. Nevertheless, when you break down the hourly wage for covert shopping, you’ll find that many chores are highly profitable. Additionally, mystery shopping is an excellent method to receive free meals or to receive substantial discounts on products that you would have made regardless. Take note, however, that turning mystery shopping into a full-time career is not feasible because you will most likely not have enough engagements to complete a whole work week if you do so.

In the end, mystery shopping may be an enjoyable side business for people who enjoy shopping. If you’re seeking for a more stable source of income, part-time employment that pay well or various gig economy occupations may be of interest.

Who Can Become a Mystery Shopper?

You must be at least 18 years old to be hired for mystery shopping tasks. Furthermore, despite the fact that organizations such as Field Agent operate in a number of nations, North America offers the most potential. Living in a populated city with a significant number of major merchants enhances earning possibilities as well, because huge corporations are often the primary clients of mystery shopping organizations. You’ll almost certainly need a car if you want to optimize your profits. Apps such as Field Agent (below) allow you to use distance criteria to identify jobs in your area, although it’s likely that the majority of them aren’t within walking distance.

Mystery shoppers require a high level of attention to detail in addition to these fundamental skills.

If you fail to achieve the requirements of the work, you will not be compensated, thus it is critical that you strictly follow instructions and offer meaningful comments.

What to Look Out For

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to pay for mystery shopping information. You are not need to purchase a mystery shopping guide or pay to participate as a mystery shopper in order to participate. If a firm requires cash to become a member, it is almost always a fraud. You may also look for firms on the Better Business Bureau’s website or read mystery shopper reviews to learn more about the ones you’re considering. Companies that offer assignments that would allow you to work from home or fully online should also be avoided at all costs, according to the FTC.

Furthermore, if a firm promises that you may earn $50 to $100 per hour or more by working as a secret shopper, you should be wary of signing up with them.

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The Best Mystery Shopping Companies

Over the past decade, the nature of mystery shopping assignments has evolved dramatically. Work as a mystery shopper has become simpler to obtain because to the rise of mobile applications and the gig economy. Additionally, you may utilize a variety of applications to increase the number of job options available to you. Here are a few mystery shopping firms that you might want to consider.

1. Field Agent

Field Agent is one of the most popular mystery shopping applications, with more than 1 million shoppers in seven countries using it every month. This is the app to use if you want to locate mystery shopping jobs in your area directly from your smartphone. It is completely free to sign up for Field Agent. Once you have created an account, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire about your demographic profile in order to enable Field Agent learn more about you. The mystery shopper job may begin as soon as you have completed the form and submitted it.

Jobs list the salary, the duties that must be completed, the distance to the store, and any other requirements that must be followed.

Considering that the majority of assignments have a two-hour completion time limit, Field Agent is a helpful tool to have on hand while you’re out shopping. There are various different sorts of Field Agent responsibilities:

  • Mystery Shopping is a term used to describe the act of conducting a mystery shopping expedition. The work entails visiting certain establishments and completing tasks such as finding a product or assessing the quality of customer service
  • Audits. Taking images or videos of retail displays and shelving is part of the job description. Purchase and try it out. Field Agents may compensate customers for purchasing a product or food item in order to get feedback.

After you have completed a job, a Field Agent will examine your submission to confirm that you have satisfied all of the criteria. Following verification, money is deposited into your Field Agent account. It’s not necessary to cash out a minimum amount, and Field Agent will pay you directly into your bank account. At the end of the day, not every assignment is worth your time. You may, on the other hand, be picky about the positions you apply for. If you’re already out and about, Field Agent is a great way to be paid to go about and visit the many businesses in your city with your friends and family.

2. Shopkick

The Field Agent analyzes your submission to confirm that you meet all of the requirements for a task once you have completed it successfully. The cash in your Field Agent account is credited when verification is completed. In addition, Field Agent pays you by direct deposit, so there is no requirement to cash out a minimum amount. The bottom line is that not all tasks are worthwhile. The positions you apply for, on the other hand, are completely up to you to choose. If you’re already out and about, Field Agent is a great way to get paid to go about and visit the many businesses in your city with your friends and colleagues.

  • Initiating contact with retail partners
  • Scanning particular product barcodes
  • In-app transactions
  • Uploading receipts
  • Searching for deals with a connected credit or debit card Watching commercials on television

As a fundamental concept, Shopkick is a rebate-focused app, similar in function to Ibotta. Mystery shopping assignments, on the other hand, include of going into stores and looking for things to scan. If you don’t want to invest any money and are simply interested in these types of gigs, Shopkick still has opportunities for you to pursue. Shopkick compensates you with kicks for completing activities; 250 kicks = $1 in Shopkick credit. Shopkick accepts payments through PayPal and free gift cards, among other methods.

Because Shopkick employees operate in more than 250,000 locations across the United States, there is never a shortage of things to complete.

3. BestMark

BestMark, which was founded in 1986, is one of the oldest and largest mystery shopping networks still in existence. On BestMark, mystery shoppers are referred to as “field representatives,” and this term incorporates a variety of responsibilities, including:

  • A mystery shopper is someone who goes undercover. In order to get compensated, mystery shoppers must evaluate customer service, acquire specified items, and accomplish regular mystery shopper activities. Intercepting Interviewers is a term used to describe the act of intercepting an interviewer. Customers should be asked to take a survey as they leave a store so that businesses may receive vital input. Compliance auditors are those that check for compliance. Determine whether or not the stores are following the retailer’s product price requirements, product placement guidelines, employee processes, and any other regulations that have been set up. Panelists. Make money from focus groups and product testing in an easy and straightforward manner

Candidates must be at least 18 years old and possess great written communication skills, as well as complete Internet access, according to BestMark. To be considered for the position of mystery shopper, you must submit an online application. If BestMark accepts your application, you will be able to apply for local employment and begin earning money in one of the several BestMark positions.

4. Market Force

Market Force, which began operations in 2005, is another top mystery shopping network with a proven track record. Market Force now works with more than 250 customers, including multiple Fortune 500 organizations, and completes more than 100,000 mystery shopping assignments each month on a monthly basis. Market Force registration is completely free. You must first download the Eyes:On app for Android or iOS in order to operate as a mystery shopper. Secret shopping gigs in your region are displayed along with their prerequisites and pay rates.

Market Force workers are compensated with cash or in the form of free meals.

In general, the app is similar to Field Agent in that it makes it simple to find flexible employment as a mystery shopper in order to supplement your earnings.

Due of Market Force’s ability to schedule activities, it is more flexible than other programs such as Field Agent, which typically give users two hours to perform jobs after claiming them.

5. Mobee

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use mystery shopping software that allows you to earn free gift cards, Mobeeis a good option to explore. Once you have downloaded Mobee for Android or iOS, you may begin working right away. Mystery shopping on Mobee is accomplished in three steps:

  1. Find a purpose for your life. Complete Task: Mobee’s app identifies local companies that require the services of a mystery shopper. There are a variety of missions available, including conventional mystery shopping tasks such as snapping photographs of establishments, requesting customer service assistance, and responding to surveys regarding your experience. Whenever you accomplish a task, you will receive Mobee points. Redeem. Mobee points may be redeemed for free gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and many more. The majority of gift cards have a $5 redemption threshold. Mobee provides gift cards electronically within 48 hours after receiving the order.

Mobee assignments, like those offered by other mystery shopping apps, are often for a few bucks. But if the assignment is located further away from your house and the Mobee validation team determines that your submission is of excellent quality, you may be eligible to earn additional points for your efforts. It is unlikely that Mobee will make you wealthy, but it is a convenient method to earn free gift cards while on the road.

6. Observa

Observa is another another mystery shopping app, with the difference being that Observa compensates consumers via PayPal or Bitcoin. When it comes to crypto-currency enthusiasts, this is the ideal mystery shopping firm for you to join. The Observa app, which is accessible for both Android and iOS, allows you to locate jobs and be paid in the same way as Mobee and Field Agent do. Once you have created an account, you will be able to accept tasks in your local region. You have two hours to complete jobs, exactly like you did with the Field Agent application.

Observa is a new company that has only been in operation since 2016.

According to them, the majority of tasks last 10 to 15 minutes and pay between $4 and $12.

Final Word

Mystery shopping apps are nothing new, but unlike most of them, Observa compensates consumers via PayPal or Bitcoin. You might consider working for this mystery shopping firm if you are a bitcoin enthusiast. With the Observa app, which is accessible for both Android and iOS devices, you can discover employment and be paid much as with Mobee and Field Agent. Create an account and you will be able to accept jobs in your local region. In the same way as with Field Agent, you have two hours to accomplish assignments.

It is only in its second year of operation that Observa has become operational.

According to them, the majority of assignments last 10 to 15 minutes and pay between $4 and $12.

mystery shopper

She mostly worked from home as amysteryshopper, a mystery shopping service. Scam victims, who are typically people with the least financial means, are sometimes forced to forfeit thousands of dollars with no recourse. Try to track down a hotelmysteryshopper who is willing to talk about one of their stays. A mystery shopper program, she explained, will allow people to masquerade as consumers and watch whether or not personnel are still attempting to meet sales objectives. You will never be charged a price to become an amysteryshopper.

You respond to an advertisement and are “hired” as a mysteryshopper by a claimed marketing research organization to analyze the companies of its clients.

A large number of reputable businesses employ mystery shoppers to do business on their behalf.

When mystery shoppers are requested to make purchases, they are typically urged to do so for relatively little amounts for which they would receive reimbursement.

These samples are drawn from corpora as well as from other online sources. Any viewpoints expressed in the examples do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cambridge Dictionary editors, Cambridge University Press, or its licensors, who are not represented by the examples.

How to Spot and Avoid Mystery Shopper Scams

If you like shopping, dining out, and trying out new products or services, the prospect of being compensated for your time and effort to indulge in these pleasures and report on your experiences may be quite appealing. However, when it comes to “secret shopper” or “mystery shopper” work prospects, the consumer should proceed with caution. Many of these are frauds designed to steal your money rather than solicit your comments. A small number of retail and market research businesses actually employ individuals to do field research at retail locations such as stores, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and tourist sites and report back on factors such as customer service, cleanliness, and product mix.

  1. In a true secret shopping job, you’ll get compensated for the money you spend at the businesses you’re reviewing, and you’ll also earn a modest compensation for your time.
  2. Con artists post mystery shopping gigs on employment websites or social networking sites, or they contact targets directly by phone, text message, email, or paper mailers to recruit them for their schemes.
  3. You should expect them to make the work appear much more profitable than it actually is and, more importantly, demand payment up front for training, certification or lists of shop-for-pay prospects.
  4. Once the money has been received in your bank account, you will be required to refund a portion of the cash, either by wire transfer or gift cards, to cover taxes and processing charges.
  5. The date of publication is October 13, 2021.

Mystery Shopping

Your One-Stop-Shop for Guest Satisfaction Measurement Solutions

Who We Are

Business Evaluation Services is a market research, guest satisfaction, and compliance auditing organization that offers a comprehensive range of services. Almost every sector may benefit from our mystery shopping and guest satisfaction evaluation services, which we specialize in. Read on to find out more

Why Choose Us

Since 1996, BES has served as a nationwide mystery-shopper supplier.

What we’ve learned from our years of expertise is what matters to today’s consumers and how to gauge their visitor satisfaction in the most efficient manner possible. As a consequence of our collective experience, we have actionable data on which you can trust. Read on to find out more

Solutions and Clients

When conducting mystery shopping, there are several wp-contentapproaches that may be implemented. In order to obtain a deeper grasp of each client’s existing operations and non-negotiable standards of conduct, BES first works with them to determine what their long-term goals for development and progress are, as well as what their current challenges are. Read on to find out more

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In everything we do, Business Evaluation Services approaches it as a collaborative effort. As a result, we want to make certain that you are entirely happy with our services and that the information you receive is not only accurate, but also actionable. Check out what our customers have to say about us instead of just believing us. Read on to find out more

How To Become a Mystery Shopper And Make Extra Money

I learned how to become a mystery shopper while still paying off my school debts, which allowed me to earn some extra money during that time period as well. Certainly, it did not result in my becoming wealthy, but it did provide me with some additional cash, as well as the opportunity to go out to eat and receive free items that I would have purchased otherwise. In addition, mystery shopping assisted me in paying off $40,000 in student debt in just seven months. When I first heard about the job of a secret shopper, I was intrigued.

  • We were never told who the mystery shopper was, but we were given the opportunity to read their report after the fact.
  • I studied more about mystery shopping shortly after hearing about it, and I eventually became a mystery shopper myself not long after.
  • Many of you have recently written me with the inquiry “what is mystery shopping?” in their subject line.
  • I thought that it was time to talk about how to become a mystery shopper again because it had been a long time since I had done so, back in 2012.
  • So, in today’s secret shopper review, I’ll be answering some of your most often asked questions and guiding you through the process of becoming a surprise shopper.
  • What kind of money can you expect to make as a mystery shopper
  • Is the mystery shopper position legitimate? What is a mystery shopper’s job description
  • What is the process of becoming a secret shopper?

If you are unfamiliar with mystery shopping, today’s post will teach you all you need to know about it, as well as how to discover mystery shopping positions. Related articles on how to generate additional money include the following:

  • Listed below are 12 work from home jobs that might earn you $1,000 or more each month. 75+ Creative Ways to Earn Extra Cash
  • 30+ Money-Saving Strategies to Implement Every Month
  • How I Built a Successful Blog That Earned Over $1,000,000
  • Learn how to get extra money by renting a booth at a flea market. 24 of the Best Work From Home Positions

How to become a mystery shopper and find secret shopper jobs.

I understand that many of you may be thinking that this is too good to be true. Is it truly just a matter of getting paid to go shopping? That would seem to be the ideal world, wouldn’t it? You will be required to put in some effort when mystery shopping – you will need to keep track of your receipts, complete a survey, and report back to the mystery shopping business about your shopping experience. This assists the store, auto dealership, restaurant, and other establishments in improving the shopping experience of their customers.

This is my favorite mystery shopping business, and it was the only one I used when I first started learning how to be a mystery shopper a few years ago.

Mystery shopping is beneficial since it allows you to earn a little more money while working on your own schedule, as well as receive free items and meals at restaurants.

Secret shopping, on the other hand, may be a fun way to earn some extra money on the side, which can help you pay your bills on time, save more money, and meet your financial objectives a little bit sooner.

How is a mystery shopper paid? How much do secret shoppers make?

For those of you who are curious in “How much money do secret shoppers make?” then this section is for you. As you learn how to become a secret shopper, you will need to understand how you will be compensated as well as the average compensation for a mystery shopper. Typically, there are three methods in which a mystery shopper gets compensated for his or her work:

  1. Cash and reimbursement (you will be compensated for your time while performing the mystery shop and will also receive the service or product for free)
  2. Paying in cash when you don’t make a purchase (for example, a phone call mystery shop where you don’t make a purchase)
  3. Reimbursement (for example, a restaurant assignment, which is normally unpaid except for the provision of complimentary meals)

The payment for secret shopper tasks is typically received within 2-4 weeks after the completion of the mystery shop and can be sent by direct deposit, cheque, PayPal, or gift card. Following the completion of a mystery shop, I was always paid on time. When I went mystery shopping, I received a cheque in the mail.

What are legitimate mystery shopping companies? Are secret shopper jobs legit?

Payment for secret shopper tasks is typically received within 2-4 weeks after you finish the mystery shop. Payment options include direct deposit, cheque, PayPal, and gift cards. After doing a mystery shop, I was usually reimbursed within a few days. I received a payment as a result of my mystery shopping efforts.

What types of secret shops are there? How do you become a secret shopper?

So prepare yourself for the plethora of different sorts of mystery shops that are available to you. Above is a screenshot I captured of the Bestmark hidden store listings within the mystery shopping applications, which you can view in the gallery. The listings you see above are all secret shops that were available just one month ago, and there are a TON of more hidden shops that you may join in addition to those you see above. All you have to do is sign up to be a mystery shopper by visiting this page.

The mystery shopping firm will contact you as soon as possible to determine whether or not you will be able to participate in the mystery shop.

As a result, it is quite simple!

  • Food and beverage establishments – mystery eating assignments were always delectable
  • Electronic stores (such as Best Buy), salons, car dealerships, movie theaters, and make-up counters are examples of businesses that cater to women. Phone calls (to gauge the expertise of the person who answers the phone and their knowledge of the business or restaurant)
  • Visits to the store or restaurant Exchange mystery shopping for real-world experience

And even more! In addition, using mystery shopping sites, the top shoppers are offered more and more hidden stores to complete as their skills improve.

What does a mystery shopper do?

The typical operation of a mystery store is as follows:

  • You become a member of a mystery shopping organization, such as Bestmark
  • Through the site, you may apply for mystery shopper jobs and locate mystery shopper employment. If you are authorized, you must then read the job description (including what they want you to seek for) and ensure that you understand the secret shopping criteria. Complete the mystery shopping task, regardless of whether it is done over the phone, online, in person, or in another manner. If you are required to purchase something, be sure to preserve your receipt since you will need it to complete the questionnaire that will be sent to you
  • If you are not required to purchase anything, make sure to keep your receipt. Send in your answers to the mystery shopping questions, together with your ratings of the customer experience and any supporting documentation they may request. Get compensated for your mystery shopping work

Finding mystery shopping opportunities does not have to be difficult. Join mystery shopping services such as Bestmark, and you’ll be presented with a large number of different secret shopper jobs to choose from and try out on your own time.

Do secret shoppers keep what they buy?

Yes, the items purchased by hidden shoppers are theirs to keep. I used to conduct mystery shopping assignments on a regular basis only for this reason. In order for me to be eligible for free restaurant meals, free cosmetics, free clothes, free oil changes, and other benefits.

Do mystery shoppers get paid upfront?

In most cases, mystery shoppers are not compensated up front. You will often be required to pay for the item, and then the firm will repay you upon the completion of your mystery shopping evaluation.

Companies do this so that the employee does not know that you are a mystery shopper, and so that the firm knows that you will actually walk into the store and finish the mystery shopping task, rather than simply taking the money and running, as is the case with some people.

What were my favorite mystery shops? – My mystery shopping review

When I first started out as a secret shopper, I had no idea how many various sorts of mystery stores there were to choose from. First, I took any and all jobs that came my way because I wanted to earn as much money as possible to go toward my student loan debt. Even though I made a lot of money, I finally became exhausted from having to fill out so many reports. Some of my favorite mystery stores were as follows:

  1. Shop on the internet or by telephone. These were appealing to me since I didn’t have to travel and spend gas or time getting to and from a location. These often involve giving feedback on the website, phone call customer service, and/or the condition of an item once it has been delivered by mail. Being an online mystery shopper was incredibly convenient
  2. If I had to go to a mystery shop, I preferred those that were close to my house or place of employment
  3. I like mystery shopping at cosmetics counters since I enjoy complimentary makeup. I received a substantial amount of complimentary cosmetics! These were some of my favourites because I was confident in the quality I was purchasing
  4. Restaurant stores, since I had to eat at some point
  5. And gift shops, because I like to shop for gifts.

Surveys might take as little as a minute, or as long as an hour, depending on the complexity of the questions. In general, restaurant shops take a bit longer to complete than other types of businesses since you are evaluating every aspect, from the cleanliness of the building’s outside to whether or not you were provided a dessert. If you are studying how to become a mystery shopper, you may be curious about the many sorts of mystery shops you may participate in. Here are some examples of mystery shops I have participated in:

  1. Surveys can take as little as a minute, or as long as an hour, depending on the complexity of the question. In general, restaurant shops take a bit longer to complete than other types of businesses since you are evaluating every aspect, from the cleanliness of the building’s outside to whether or not you were given a dessert. As a beginner mystery shopper, you may be curious about the many sorts of mystery shops you may participate in. Here are some examples of mystery shops that I have participated in myself:
  • Surveys might take as little as a minute, or as much as an hour, depending on the complexity of the questions. In general, restaurant shops take a bit longer to complete than other types of businesses since you are evaluating every aspect, from the cleanliness of the building’s outside to whether or not you were provided a dessert. If you are studying how to become a mystery shopper, you may be asking what sorts of mystery shops you may participate in. Here are some examples of mystery shops that I have participated in:

Retail. I mostly worked for Estee Lauder hidden stores, and I’ve completed a large number of them. I’ve gotten free products such as foundation, lotion, toner, face wash, concealer, lip gloss, and other cosmetics. These aren’t even sample quantities — I received over $200 in free cosmetics in addition to paying around $10 for each mystery shop.

  • Retail. Secret shops for Estee Lauder were my specialty
  • I’d done a lot of them. It has been wonderful receiving complimentary products such as foundation, lotion, toner, face wash, concealer, lip gloss, and so on. These aren’t even sample quantities — I received more than $200 in free cosmetics in addition to paying around $10 for each mystery shop.

Retail. I mostly worked for Estee Lauder hidden stores, which I’ve done a lot of. I’ve received free products such as foundation, lotion, toner, face wash, concealer, lip gloss, and so on. These aren’t even sample quantities — I received over $200 in free cosmetics in addition to paying roughly $10 for each mystery shop.

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