Pumping Iron, Practicing Yoga

Pumping Iron, Practicing Yoga

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our content, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and much more. It is my yoga mat that I bring with me to Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, rather than my usual gym bag. The walls are covered with black-and-white images of past Mr. and Ms. Olympias, and I’ve never seen so many exercise equipment in one location before. I make my way through the rubber-floored maze of rooms, passing through a dense swath of exercise cycles, Stairmasters, and elliptical trainers; spaces crowded with exercise balls; and lanes of grunting, counting, and sweating brawny gym rats.

Finally, I come across two glass doors that lead to the yoga studio.

However, instead of having polished wood flooring and soothing music, it’s just a small room with a high ceiling and three white walls, one of which is mirror-clad.

When I arrive, I am greeted by the teacher, a gentle former actor by the name of Michael Angelo Stuno, who instructs me to take one of the thick foam mats stacked in the corner (no one else had brought their own) and begin some forward bends to warm up, while the faint smell of sweat rising from the mat floats into my nose as I await the start of my first health club yoga class.

  1. However, this inconsistency is only another illustration of the discipline’s pervasiveness in mainstream health club culture, as previously stated.
  2. fitness centers now offer yoga.
  3. Howland recalls a time when individuals went to the gym in order to get the perfect figure.
  4. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular at fitness centers, according to Carol Espel, general manager of Equinox Fitness (which has 17 sites in New York, California, Connecticut, and the Chicago region).
  5. Making a splash on the club scene With millions of members on their books, health clubs have evolved into one-stop shopping destinations for fitness enthusiasts.
  6. On the other hand, yoga studio devotees think that the essence of the practice is lost in the competitive and distracting environment of a gym, and they value the single-minded attention on the practice that can only be found in a studio setting.
  7. When it comes to determining whether to practice in a studio or at a gym, it appears that personal inclination, rather than a clear and fast rule, governs the decision.
  8. This is my first impression of the place.
  9. “I didn’t feel scared at all when I went to my first yoga session at the gym,” says Katie Popp, a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The fact that many starting yoga students, like Popp, have been gym members their whole adult lives means that they are accustomed with the environment and know what to expect–whereas a yoga studio, with its strange sounds and odors, has the potential to turn some people away from the practice.

  • “People are introduced to yoga at health clubs, and if they want to enhance their practice, they’ll go to a yoga class,” says the author.
  • (Fireside, 2000).
  • ‘Student levels at gyms may kind of put you in a permanent beginning class,’ says Nikki Granner, a business manager in San Francisco.
  • She feels that the solution is to locate a gym that offers enough classes for all skill levels and that employs trained instructors who are capable of teaching students of all skill levels at the same time.
  • Increase Your Pleasure by a Factor of Two.
  • In Popp’s opinion, one advantage of gym yoga is that because you just pay a single cost to utilize the facility, if one instructor turns out to be a dud, you can simply switch to another without losing any money.
  • In a single studio yoga class, the cost is approximately $15, which means that four classes per week for a month could cost $240.

Bruce Collins’ normal workout routine involves swimming laps in the pool, participating in an hour-long yoga session, and then hitting the weights at the gym.

This way, you’re not simply sitting around doing nothing between sets; you’re actually doing something, according to Collins.

This wide choice of activities is particularly appealing to baby boomers, who tend to be more adventurous.

These individuals are looking forward to some variety in their daily routines–as well as some relaxation for their weary joints.

A number of people are searching for alternatives.

Sound Effects are used in this video.

It is impossible to concentrate on yoga when there is a cacophony of noise from televisions or stereos, whirling Stairmasters, and clanking weight machines in the background.

When I was taking lessons there, individuals frequently arrived late and went early, allowing the continuous buzz of the gym world to permeate the space.

The teacher, for whatever reason, chose to wear clogs during the whole lesson.

It seems like the room itself would never be able to completely quiet down.” Then there’s the yoga room decor, which is frequently less than inspirational.

Heartbreak is a common occurrence.

And, because health club yoga cannot be done in a different location, it is the teacher’s responsibility to divert the class’s attention away from the surrounding activity.

Students, according to Rigamonti, have a difficult time distinguishing between the two mentalities as a result of the lack of direction.

In addition, Sterios explains that students must be taught that they may go deeper and really embody a position even when they do not feel euphoric or like they have reached a breakthrough.

When they ask for strength, I tell them, “Go upstairs and train with the barbells,” she says.

The rising demand for lessons has resulted in a rise in the number of people who are squeezed into a “open class.” Open courses welcome students of all skill levels, but they can be dangerous for novices who attempt to practice at a level they are not yet ready for simply to keep up with the group.

According to Beryl Bender Birch, “I believe the danger of damage is too considerable.” There is an increased danger of someone getting harmed if others stroll in and observe others standing on their heads, even if an instructor may try to offer distinct directions for different levels.

Come together as a community.

In the words of Bay Area yoga instructor Amy Cooper, who has taught in both gyms and studios, “a yoga center almost has a communal vibe inherent in its nature.” “It is a gathering area where people may get together and assemble.” The nature of a health club, on the other hand, is to just pass through.

“From the perspective of a teacher, it might be challenging to teach in such a transitory environment,” Cooper explains.

Experienced yogis can usually tell whether an instructor is unskilled from the first few Down Dogs, but for novices, this is not always the case.

Some believe that the number of inexperienced instructors is increasing: A worry about having enough instructors arises as a result of health club yoga’s consumer-driven orientation, according to Birch.

As a result, it is not uncommon for gym management to recruit Spinning, step aerobics, or Pilates instructors who are interested in becoming yoga instructors and then send them for a weekend certification course, or for these group-ex instructors to attend a few yoga classes before beginning to teach.

  1. Yoga certification is not required at the 24 Hour Fitness in Kansas City, Missouri, which needs primary certification from an organization such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), or the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).
  2. Potential teachers at the West Hollywood Crunch must fill out an application, pass an interview, and then audition by teaching a yoga session to a group of other gym instructors who are invited but do not know who they are teaching.
  3. Because there is so much variation–and because gyms tend to pay less than studios–the quality of yoga instruction can be variable.
  4. As Nikki Granner explains, “I’ve been fortunate to live in yoga-rich locations such as Boston and San Francisco where the teaching skill is plentiful, so you can find wonderful teachers in fitness clubs.” The time has come for the future to arrive.
  5. When it comes to yoga classes at Life Time Fitness, for example, the company’s offerings increased by 300 percent between 2000 and 2003, “as a direct result of our members’ interest and demand,” says spokesperson Jason Thunstrom.
  6. In 2011, the Bay Club opened a MindBody Center in an 11,000-square-foot space adjacent to the club’s main building, which is connected to the rest of the club by a staircase.
  7. Yoga props abound in the newly constructed yoga room at the Equinox in Darien, Connecticut, which features a cherry-wood floor, a fabric-covered ceiling, and paneled (rather than mirrored) walls, among other amenities.

“From a practical viewpoint, contemporary health club design facilities have gotten quite complex,” says Bill Howland of the International Health and Racquet Sports Association (IHRSA).

Getting on the mat and finding the yoga in any venue, whether in a studio or a gym, is possibly the most important part of the practice.

While in the standing postures of a gym yoga session, two students next to me were talking about their workout, and I’ve been in courses where a highly experienced instructor guided me into the most solidHeadstandI’ve ever done.

If you find yourself in a class that does not fulfill your expectations, consider turning it into a practice in which you examine your resistance, competitiveness, and capacity to embrace the present moment completely in its whole.

As the universe does, either you must see all settings as equally sacred and flawless, or you must constantly be aware that there is some minor annoyance waiting around the corner.

In the Himalayas, even if you discover a wonderful cave, you can come into a bear. ” Nora Isaacs, the managing editor of Yoga Journal, is a member of the YMCA of Greater Philadelphia.

From Pumping Iron to Pumping Prana

When a new student walks into my yoga class, I’ve noticed that he or she occasionally does a double take. The people who come to my yoga class are expecting a tall, slender, Zen-looking yoga instructor, but what they get instead is a strong juggernaut with a somewhat foul vocabulary. Allow me to state unequivocally that I am not your typical yoga instructor. Despite the fact that I’ve been teaching yoga for more than a decade, I’m a Marine, a bodybuilder, and a head-knifer at heart. As a small, 170-pound adolescent who had survived foster care and worse, I was weary of being knocked around by life — both physically and metaphorically – and decided to leave it all behind.

  1. After my first competitive event in 1986, I was already a regional-level bodybuilder who had won (and then quit) from the sport.
  2. After relocating to Los Angeles, I began to use my newfound strength to moonlight as a bouncer on the side.
  3. Despite the fact that I was unable to exercise as often as I would have liked, I continued to go to Gold’s gym.
  4. Since then, my life has never been the same.
  5. Since then, I’ve been putting my skills to the test.
  6. Bodybuilding is an extremely exact art, and in order to make it work, you must be intimately familiar with your own body.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out what my yoga instructors were talking about when they said things like “Hug your muscle into the bone” or “Draw your right hip in.” Yoga may be a valuable addition to any training regimen, regardless of your previous experience or preferred method of exercise.

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Injuries are reduced when joints are in good health.

Because of the way yoga works, spinal fluid flows up and down the spinal column, keeping it physiologically young no matter how old you are in chronological terms.

To summarize, take it from this former (and present) gym rat: yoga is the best-kept secret in the world. Rudy Mettia is the originator of Yoga Warrior 365 and the founder of the online yoga community Udaya.com. Follow him on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pumping iron able to provide a type of meditation in motion

In my imagination, when I think about meditation, I get an image of tranquility — a wide-open space, a person sitting cross-legged on a mat with their eyes closed and their mind calm. Meditation conjures up images of tranquillity, calmness, silence, and stillness in my mind. Because of this, seeing enormous biceps, dripping perspiration, and a barbell smashing to the floor doesn’t exactly mesh with the image in your head. Upon closer examination, however, it becomes clear that the discipline of weightlifting has a great deal more in common with the skill of meditation than initially appears.

  1. Many people assume that meditation can only be accomplished by sitting quietly and cleansing the mind of all distracting ideas.
  2. While it comes down to it, meditation may be as easy as keeping your mind focused on a single point of reference, even when distracting ideas keep popping up.
  3. The organization provides support to celebrities and business executives who are seeking to overcome drug, alcohol, and other addictions.
  4. “Meditation is simply the decompression of thoughts and clearing of the mind from any unwanted, negative threats or harmful ideals that can sabotage your success,” said Estes, who believes that exercise is an excellent tool in both personal and professional life.
  5. In order to shield herself from what she terms “self-hate” and substance misuse, Janelle Tank, 23, began weightlifting three years ago.
  6. “Up until that moment, my life had been.
  7. I quickly realized the benefits that could be unlocked through grunting, repping, and sweating more than I thought a 5-foot-4, 150-pound woman of 30 should ever sweat, and I was hooked.
  8. Weightlifting, I’ve discovered, serves as a form of meditation.

According to Larissa Hall Carlson, 41, a yoga, mindfulness, and ayurveda specialist at the Kripalu Center for YogaHealth in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, “Consciously directing the attention of the mind is the backbone of meditation.” “Any action can be done consciously; what transforms an ordinary workout into a potent and benefit-rich type of meditation is one’s awareness and purpose.” “Any activity can be done mindfully,” says the author.

A workout can be transformed into what Carlson refers to as “meditation in motion” by paying complete attention to the lifting of weights and indulging in the sensations of muscles contracting and releasing, sensing the roughness of your skin against the weight in your hands, noticing the sweat trickling down your back, and connecting breath with movement.

With the use of her Stoked approach, which she developed in New York, Stokes instructs her clients to pay attention to every muscle contraction, a mindfulness practice she encourages them to perform throughout the day.

“You become more conscious of how you’re feeling on an average day: ‘Do I need to take a break?’ ‘Do I require some fresh air?’ I inquire.

I am really protective of my meditation-in-motion time.

The reason I began lifting weights was that I wanted to feel stronger at a moment in my life when I was feeling the most vulnerable. And it is via weightlifting that I have discovered my inner power, which has come from the most unlikely of places — within myself.

Beef Up Your Yoga Practice

Authored by Janet Hennard, E-RYT500 and C-IAYT When you think about yoga, you probably don’t think of the flowing, contemplative movements that occur during the practice. However, the health advantages of yoga with weights, which are flexible for people of any age, may persuade you to include this hybrid fitness trend into your yoga practice as well.

Strengthen Everywhere

Many yoga postures will assist you in maintaining your strength as you age, but nothing beats the benefits of include weights in your yoga regimen to maximize muscle-building. For example, while performing a warrior posture with dumbbells, you will not only tone your arms and shoulders, but you will also more strongly activate your core and legs, which will help to keep you steady.

Increase Bone Density

Given that muscular exercise causes bones to develop, practicing yoga with weights boosts the bone-building advantages that are already inherent in the practice of yoga. Consider striking that warrior attitude once more. To maintain pose stability, your teacher advises you to keep your back leg straight and powerful, as well as your core engaged, and your chest open and raising. Now suppose that while you are keeping that position with your arms outstretched, you are also holding weights. It’s possible that you won’t need those reminders this time since your body has automatically engaged to keep you balanced throughout!

Cultivate Balance, Avoid Falls

Most of the time, when people think about yoga balance, they think of more static postures such as tree pose, a high lunge, or warrior pose. These are just a few of the positions that work well in conjunction with hand weights to help you achieve greater balance. Consider the fact that, in everyday life, falls do not frequently occur in a stable condition, but rather while we are transitioning from one state to another. Flowing through yoga poses with weights while making gentle transitions from one posture to the next develops your body to be stronger and more stable in everyday activities.

Build Confidence

Most of the time, when people think about yoga balance, they think of more static postures like the tree pose, a high lunge, or warrior pose. All of these poses work nicely in conjunction with hand weights to help you achieve greater balance. Additionally, keep in mind that, in everyday life, falls are more likely to occur while we are transiting from one condition to another. Flowing through yoga poses with weights in a gentle transition from one posture to the next helps your body to be stronger and more stable in everyday activities.

Precautions and Safety

  • Consult with your doctor before beginning a yoga with weights program. Begin with smaller weights than you believe you would be able to handle. Water bottles or food cans work well as containers. As you develop, gradually increase the weights you use. Take precautions to avoid being injured. Wear a joint brace on any joints that may be affected, such as the wrists, elbows, and knees. In the beginning, you may want to enroll in a class where the use of weights is optional so that you may reply calmly when your body says, “No thank you, not today.”

Janet Hennard, E-RYT500/C-IAYT

Janet Hennard is a trained yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT500). She offers courses in Dallas, Richardson, and Garland, among other cities. Yoga lessons for those with specific needs are also available, including those suffering from osteoporosis, joint constraints, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis (MS).

You may reach her at [email protected] or on Facebook. Take a look at the most recent issue of our online magazine!

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Men strike a pose in yoga classes just for them

Five or six guys sneaked in the rear door of a spartan yoga studio on the main strip of Westmont in Camden County on a gorgeous November Saturday afternoon when they could have been pumping iron at the gym or hanging out with pals over a couple of pale beers instead. Their bravery and willingness to participate in two hours of yoga had brought them to this place. Not to mention that males were responsible for developing and teaching the ancient Indian technique that linked breath, body, and soul.

  1. According to a research published in 2012 by the Yoga Journal, 82 percent of yoga practitioners were female.
  2. Physiatrist Larry H.
  3. “The psychological and social aspects of the resistance have played a role.
  4. Men in America are also less flexible than women, Chou explained, due to a lack of stretching on the part of the male population in the United States.
  5. According to Alain Benitez, who describes his first yoga lesson as a “humbling experience,” yoga is “a struggle.” “With the exception of the teacher’s boyfriend, I was the only guy in a group of 30 or 40 people.
  6. It was a bit of a humbling experience.” Benitez has dedicated himself to the practice in the five years that have elapsed since.
  7. He became one of a tiny but rising number of yoga instructors who cater primarily to guys when he started teaching lessons last year.

Our thoughts are a little bit more rapid.

He assists them in getting there by communicating in their language.

We don’t want anyone squeezing us.” And he observes that there is something comforting about the fact that more than half of the guys in the room are unable to reach below their knees, let alone palm the ground.

Sidoti, an omni-athlete and former actor, founded his male-oriented yoga practice in the city with a buddy in 2009, and the rest is history.

Broga currently has licensed teachers all around the country, with an additional two dozen on the horizon.

He described the classes as being “minimalist”: “Let’s just concentrate on the breath and the postures and get you through them in a healthy and safe manner,” says the instructor.

We get the heart rate up for the guy who wants a little bit of a workout since push-ups are something that all guys can connect to.” According to him, Broga has been chastised by purists as a result of this.

They are put off by the calming imagery on yoga websites, such as lotus flowers and new-agey language.

Jake Panasevich, who began teaching Yoga for Dudes at Maha Yoga Studio in Center City in August, has amassed a large enough following that he intends to provide a series of seminars on a regular basis going forward.

In his own words, “I was like a gigantic ball of muscle.” Approximately a year after Panasevich graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and relocated to Philadelphia, his fiancée persuaded him to attend a power yoga session.

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“I attempted to wiggle my way out of it as best I could.

“Strangely enough, I find yoga to be quite similar to wrestling,” he remarked.

There is a certain sweetness to being completely concentrated in this manner.

“It is not always a happy experience.” According to Christopher C.

“Many actions, such as moving sofas and playing football, are made easier with a lot of muscular mass.

“The best method to avoid damage is to gradually increase your strength.

He informed them that when he first started practicing yoga, he was utterly inadequate, despite his physique like that of a ballet dancer and his speech tinged with a little Cuban accent.

It is my hope that you will achieve your goal of striking a posture; however, if you don’t, it’s fine with me.

Share, who was long and slender with a little droop to his shoulders, had never before participated in a yoga lesson.

Brad Oister, a 36-year-old flight attendant with American Airlines, had braved the first row in order to get more experience.

As Oister had previously stated, “the most difficult thing is to quit glancing around at what everyone else is doing.” While participating in co-ed yoga courses, he discovered that his competitive nature had risen to the surface.

“Do you believe that warriors fight in battle without weapons?” Benitez inquired, as he reached for a yoga strap and a yoga block.

Finally, he advised paying attention to your body. “Drop the ego and take a step back,” he said if you are experiencing discomfort. “Have faith in me.” 215-854-2590

How to Properly Refuel After a Workout

Five or six guys sneaked in the back door of a spartan yoga studio on the main strip of Westmont in Camden County on a gorgeous November Saturday afternoon when they could have been pumping iron at the gym or hanging out with pals over a couple of pale beers. Their bravery and willingness to participate in two hours of yoga had brought them to this point. Remember that males were responsible for developing and teaching the ancient Indian technique that connected breath, body and soul. Yoga is considered to be a female-dominated activity in the United States.

  1. The majority of male students are hidden away in the rear corners of the room, where they may stumble through positions without drawing attention to themselves.
  2. Chou of Premier OrthopaedicSports Medicine in Havertown believes that women are no more physically fit to practice yoga than males.
  3. A common misconception was that yoga was less macho than other forms of exercise “Chou, who has worked as a consultant for professional sports teams and as a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Sports Medicine Center’s faculty, explained his perspective.
  4. According to him, people enjoy doing what they are good at.
  5. In spite of the fact that some men benefit from the gender imbalance in yoga courses after class, many men find it disheartening to be surrounded by women who can contort themselves into postures with far greater ease than they can in most cases.
  6. What I discovered was how much ego we all carry around in our bodies.
  7. Benitez began teaching after learning with a number of different instructors.

According to Benitez, 32, whose day job is performing allergy research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “We have unique restrictions.” “It is difficult to maintain equilibrium because of our large shoulders.

Meditation is difficult for us because of our busy lives.” He claims that his students are more calm when they are in the safety of a yoga fraternity.

In cobra stance, he instructs them to lie down prone “The moment has come for any necessary adjustments.

On Martha’s Vineyard, “I see a lot of broken-down males, who are hunched over and have no equilibrium,” said Robert Sidoti, 42, cofounder of the Broga restaurant.

It appears like the idea is working well.

During the month of January at Phoenixville, there will be a teacher training session.

Sidoti explained that, in addition to the fundamental positions, he incorporates some powerful techniques as well.

The way yoga was presented on the surface, however, did not strike a chord with his group of friends, he explained.

The goal, Sidoti explained, was to “repackage yoga.” Yoga for Dudes instructor Jake Panasevich, who began teaching the class in August at Maha Yoga Studio in Center City, has amassed a large enough following that he hopes to offer a series of seminars on a regular basis going forward.

It reminded him of being “a huge ball of muscle.” Panasevich’s fiancée took him to a power yoga class a year after he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and relocated to Philadelphia.

“To get through it, I attempted to force myself.

As he put it: “Weapons-wise, I find yoga to be quite similar to wrestling.” “Your mind must be fully engaged or you will be injured or lost.

In a way, it’s contemplative and demanding at the same time “As he said it “It isn’t always bliss, either.” According to Christopher C.

“Many tasks, such as moving sofas and playing football, are made easier with a lot of muscle.

Similarly, if you’ve never run before, you shouldn’t attempt a marathon.” Benitez attempted to put his pupils at ease before beginning a recent Saturday session at Anjali Power Yoga in Westmont.

The difference between stating intentions and setting expectations, he explained, is that expectations are more difficult to achieve.

David Share, a nephrologist from Burlington County, sat in the back of the room, his attention riveted on every word.

A “yoga junkie” who had convinced him that it would be beneficial to him had persuaded him to come, he explained.

He took his place on the mat with self-assurance, sporting black Nike spandex shorts and a muscular T-shirt that revealed the striking black graphic tattoos that spanned his massive biceps.

When you push yourself too hard, you might end up hurting yourself.

The question is, “Do you believe warriors fight in battle without weapons?” With a strap and a yoga block in hand, Benitez put the question.

Then there’s this: listen to your body, he said. “Drop the ego and take a step back,” he advised while experiencing discomfort. In my opinion, “Believe in me.” 215-854-2590

Replace the Hydration You Lost While Exercising

A vigorous workout might cause you to lose more than a pound of water as a result of perspiration. Drinking water before, during, and after exercise will help you to keep your body hydrated and prevent dehydration. It is recommended that you drink around 20 ounces of water 2 to 3 hours before you exercise, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Drink at least 7 ounces of water every 20 minutes during your workout to avoid dehydration. While drinking before and throughout your workout will help you keep hydrated, you need also drink after you exercise to ensure that you stay hydrated.

Drink enough of water to have the greatest outcomes.

However, be selective in your selection since many are heavy in calories and poorly balanced in terms of sugar and salt content.

Eat Protein to Repair Your Muscles

Muscles require protein in order to develop and mend on their own. Protein bars and powders are frequently seen in the gym bags of many people. Unfortunately, a large number of those goods include refined sugar, which is detrimental to maintaining a healthy body. Instead, choose for high-protein whole meals such as the following: When eating at home (or when you have access to a refrigerator), you may also refill your body with protein from the following sources:

Replace Lost Calories with Complex Carbohydrates

When you workout, you want to burn calories as much as possible. Even so, your body need energy in order to heal. So, in order to properly feed your recuperation after your workout, you must consume complex carbs thereafter. Complex carbohydrates can be found in the following foods:

  • Brown rice, quinoa, broccoli, apples, carrots, and sweet potatoes are some of the ingredients.

Simple carbs, such as those found in fruit juice and most packaged meals, should be avoided. Because your body will burn simple carbohydrates rapidly, you will experience a crash immediately after your workout. Exercising is an essential component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Prepare for your next excursion by getting the most out of your workout and replenishing your energy correctly once it is completed.

Pumping Iron II: The Women

Despite the fact that the sport of competitive bodybuilding among women has been established for many years, it has only recently come of age. In the past, organizers usually favored the athletic and elegant appearance of women who were lightly muscled, and the sport came across as a glorified beauty pageant. This aesthetic norm is being questioned now that more women are growing their muscles through power lifting: shouldn’t the sport be based on genuine muscle testing rather than on cosmetic standards?

  1. scripted by George Butler and Charles Gaines, who were also responsible for the 1977 film about men’s bodybuilding that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star, and directed by George Butler.
  2. The backgrounds, personality, musculature, and perspectives on the sport of bodybuilding of the three competitors are all quite diverse.
  3. She possesses the softly muscled appearance that is so tempting to other ladies who are interested in participating in the activity.
  4. In addition to holding several world power lifting records, Bev Francis, from Melbourne, Australia, boasts a physique that is characterized by well-defined muscles in her legs, shoulders, stomach, and chest.
  5. A black lady, Carla Dunlap from the city of Newark in the state of New Jersey, is the only one competing in this tournament.
  6. It appears that Carla is the most articulate spokesman for the sport in general.
  7. The film captures the thrill of the confrontation between these ladies and others in Las Vegas, where the glitz and glam of the city appears to intensify the performance aspect of bodybuilding.
  8. The same problems confront both the judges and the audience: what criterion should be used to determine who wins: symmetry?

Do you have a lot of muscle? Pumping Iron II: The Womenis an entertaining and provocative look at a sport that is at a crossroads in its development and evolution. As a final point of reflection, the video urges audiences to reflect on the ongoing development and evolution of the idea of femininity.

Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seniors should engage in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week. While you may not be interested in lifting weights at the gym or running on a treadmill, you may be interested in other activities. Don’t be concerned! You may achieve your fitness objectives in a pleasant and safe environment by participating in low-impact workouts for seniors.

Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

The words “low-impact” and “high-impact” exercise routines may have come up while you were investigating different types of workouts. These phrases might be deceiving in their meaning! Many people believe that a low-impact workout will have a reduced impact on your body and, as a result, will be less effective. This is not always true. Obviously, this could not be further from the truth! The term “impact” refers to the exercise’s effect on your joints in this context. Low-impact activities will have a less detrimental effect on your joints and will reduce your chances of suffering a significant injury.

According to what you may have anticipated, low-impact activities are frequently the best choice for seniors, particularly those who have joint troubles or other ailments that might be exacerbated by rigorous physical activity.

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What Are Some Low-Impact Exercises I Can Try?

A simple method to tell if an activity is low-impact is to see if it allows you to maintain one foot on the ground at all times. A major impact on your joints is likely if a workout involves a lot of leaping or other actions that keep you in the air for a long period of time, such as running. The following are examples of low-impact workouts that are useful for seniors:


Walking is possibly the most underappreciated type of physical activity. Considering how prevalent this movement is, it’s not uncommon for us to take for granted! The fact is that a fast-paced walk moves your body and gets your blood circulating as quickly and efficiently as other forms of aerobic activity while also causing the least amount of damage to your joint cartilage. Just make sure your speed is a little quicker than normal, and set a time limit of 30 minutes for yourself each day.


Swimming is a low-impact pastime that has been around for centuries. The zero-gravity effect of being immersed in water will protect your joints from the force of your motions, even if you technically do not have your feet on the ground. Alternatively, why not visit your local gym or beach and get in some lap swimming? If you really want to work up a sweat, water aerobics is another option available at many gyms. You will be able to do all of the standard aerobics motions in these programs without putting your joint health at danger.

Chair Exercises

Sitting down might really be a low-impact workout if you’re trying to avoid being on your feet all day! Chair exercises may help you work up a sweat, no matter what your degree of mobility or fitness is at the time. Chair exercises have the extra benefit of posing little risk of falling, and they can be performed nearly anyplace.

Arm movements such as bicep curls and core workouts such as stomach twists can help you gain strength, while faster routines such as toe taps can help you burn calories and get an aerobic workout.


Yoga is generally thought of as a method to unwind, but don’t underestimate its capacity to deliver a good exercise as well as relaxation. Yogis hold their bodies in a variety of positions that allow them to tighten and develop the muscles in their bodies. Please don’t be deceived by the absence of activity! Because muscles get stronger after they have been under strain for a longer period of time In addition, there are over 100 different types of yoga to choose from. Try practicing yoga outside to get an additional dose of vitamin D.

  1. Consider that 150 minutes a weekly goal, and identify the workouts that will assist you in reaching it each week.
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Inner Fire Yoga

“I first learned about Inner Fire Yoga through a Sculpt class,” says the author. Prior to beginning my yoga practice, my major forms of exercise consisted of aerobic and weight training. I’ve never been completely at ease working out with weights or on a treadmill, but yoga has always been a source of anxiety for me. Sculpt appeared to be a nice junction between the ancient and the modern, and that was all the encouragement I needed to take a closer look. I began by enrolling in a large number of Hot and Inner Fire Flow lessons.

The exact opposite reason for my recent shift toward more vinyasa-style flows is that I enjoy the variety and personal features of the sessions.” Inner Fire Yoga currently offers three outdoor courses each week in addition to its indoor classes.

Bakasana Tutorial with Sandra

It was during a Sculpt class that I first discovered Inner Fire Yoga. Prior to beginning my yoga practice, my major forms of exercise consisted of aerobic and weight lifting. Neither lifting weights nor jogging on a machine made me feel at ease, but yoga was a source of anxiety. A good convergence between the ancient and the modern, Sculpt appeared to be the motivation I needed to take a closer look. My first several months were spent attending numerous Hot and Inner Fire Flow sessions. While I loved the intensity and repetition, I also found it motivating to be able to judge my progress from class to class as I worked on developing my fundamental knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

In the class descriptions, you can find out about the many sorts of classes, their locations, their professors, and their safety procedures.

NEW: Teacher Training Scholarships

Everyone who is pursuing their passion should not be limited by financial constraints, we feel. The first $500 and $1000 Teacher Training Scholarships will be awarded this year to students who are interested in our program but do not have the financial means to pay the entire tuition amount. Yogis from underrepresented groups such as BIPOC, LBGTQ, and other minorities are welcome to apply! Previous

August 2020 Staff Spotlight

Michael J. Hoefferle will be the next speaker.

Outdoor Classes!

Yoga of the Inner Fire

Yoga Classses In Stamford

Yoga classes in Stamford, Connecticut, can help you achieve your fitness goals, reduce weight, or simply relax after a long day at the office. The relaxing effect of yoga and its capacity to rest and soothe the mind are well-known. However, yoga is capable of much more than that. In the event that you are unsure of what yoga entails, there is no one correct response. There are many distinct sorts, and there are many various levels of severity associated with each form of treatment. Breath control, meditation, and bodily postures are all part of what was originally considered a Hindu spiritual practice.

All types of yoga have some things in common.

Whether the yoga entails a strenuous workout or is only for relaxation, there are several aspects of yoga that are universally applicable. The first is that the approaches are designed to assist you in relaxing and dealing with stress. Mindfulness is at the heart of each of these practices. The fact that it helps people lose weight no matter how tough the workout, is due to the fact that it promotes awareness. It’s also not for the typical weight-loss reasons, as some may believe. Some experts believe it happens as a result of a greater awareness of one’s own physical body.

All yoga increases flexibility.

Because the positions demand stretching, your range of motion will be increased. While all styles of yoga involve stretching, this does not imply that you must be extremely flexible in order to participate in sessions. In fact, it is one of the common misconceptions that prevents individuals from ever attempting it. All yoga styles promote flexibility, although some techniques place a greater emphasis on it than others. It is common for people to undertake yoga positions to stretch their muscles in ways that are not typical of their everyday life.

Yoga improves strength and circulation.

Because the poses demand stretching, your range of motion will be improved. Yoga provides stretching in all forms; nevertheless, this does not imply that you need to be extremely flexible in order to participate in courses or workshops. People are often discouraged from even attempting it because they believe they will fail because of this skewed perception. The flexibility gained via yoga is achieved through all types, but certain styles place greater emphasis on it than others. Muscles are stretched in ways that are not normal in most people’s daily lives when they are performing yoga positions.

Yoga Vs. Weight Training — Elite Core Fitness

Yogain is in the blue zone, and Weight Training is in the red corner in today’s clash. These are two of the most popular types of exercise available today, yet the issue frequently arises as to which is preferable. Those who believe that Yoga is the only thing that can be done to maintain a healthy-looking and flexible body disagree, with others believing that lifting weights maintains the body youthful and powerful. Does one, on the other hand, actually outperform the other? That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at today, and you might be shocked by my response.

It provides me with even more motivation to assist others in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle as a result of this.

The thought alone is enough to make your mind spin.

Anyway, thank you very much again, and let’s have a look at the first candidate.

Every Yin has an equal and opposite Yang.

In every up there is an equal and opposite, in every brightness there is darkness, and in every group of men there are women.

Let me begin by emphasizing that yoga is not for the faint of heart!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, they heat the room to around 97 degrees.

She tried her best to warn me, but I was too busy thinking about stretching in a hot room.

As soon as the session ended, I looked like I’d just gotten out of a swimming pool and felt like I’d just been high off some freshly picked herb.

I was really exhausted, so I went home and had a three-hour nap.

When practicing traditional yoga, the goal is to bring Yin energy into the body.

It has a relaxing, soothing, and healing effect on the body.

In other words, when was the last time you found yourself becoming annoyed because your iPhone (or Android) launched an app 2 seconds slower than usual?

As physical creatures (by nature), it is critical for us to have functional strength in order to execute the many tasks that we face on a daily basis.

So, let’s have a look at the second contender: weightlifting, shall we?

It has just lately gained popularity among women, and this is mainly because it is becoming more widely available.

So, if Yoga is Yin, what is it?

Exercising with weights and resistance would constitute Yang energy since it has the opposite effect on the body as running or swimming does.

So, which one is the best form of physical activity to engage in?

What is the significance of performing the polar opposite of what you are now doing?

In the case of a guy or woman who is currently just utilizing weights and has been doing so for a long period of time, it is important to balance that Yang energy with a practice such as Yoga.

I’ve been saying for a long time that women should lift more weights and that guys should do more yoga.

People, in my opinion, should have physical and functional strength, as well as flexibility and a strong link between the body and the mind.

In both cases, there are appropriate times and places for both, and neither should be overlooked. All that remains is for you to put it to the test:) Jim, best wishes for your well-being. To receive your FREE Healthy Lifestyle Strategy Session, please click HERE.

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