Talking Shop with Barbara Benagh

Talking Shop with Barbara Benagh

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our content, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and much more. Barbara has been practicing yoga for 27 years and is the founder of The Yoga Studio in Boston. Her highly regarded lessons are centered on the dynamics of the breath and are infused with imagery—”divert your breath into the muck of the belly”—as well as a comforting, Southern drawl. Yoga Journal: Who has had the most significant effect on your yoga practice?

I knew her from when I lived in England, and when I had reached a point where I was disillusioned with yoga and ready to give up on it entirely, she provided me something that reassured me that I could continue to practice.

When it came to practice, I was a stickler for it, yet I was harming myself all the time.

I was looking for “well” yoga rather than “pain” yoga, and I found it.

  • She had such an impact on me that I couldn’t go back to the way I had been doing yoga before.
  • She steered me in the direction of this inside space from which to move.
  • BB: My style is heavily influenced by the utilization of breath in conjunction with movement.
  • It is, without a doubt, an internal perspective.
  • It is up to you to go within and genuinely observe this inner area, which is what I’m asking you to do.
  • YJ: Do you have a Pranayama class?
  • My job is nearly entirely devoted to determining what your base breath is and treating it accordingly.

I aim to just get your foundational breath to come easily, so that when you’re called upon to breathe more deeply, you’ll respond correctly and naturally, rather than being weary from the effort.

BB: Usually about lunchtime.

If I’m traveling, I’ll practice first thing in the morning while I’m at the destination.

BB:I’m not going to give up my profession to watch the soaps, but life can get in the way sometimes, unfortunately.

I attempted to practice, but found it to be too tough, so I simply meditated and stretched a bit here and there as needed.

BB:The only thing that happened was that I was not present.

When my students arrived for class and I was not present, they asked around to see if anybody had heard from me.

They discovered me unconscious in the hospital and took me away.

They dispatched someone to my house, and when he arrived, he noticed that my front door was open and that my prized bicycle was in the driveway, and he immediately realized that something was seriously wrong.


Because I believe that teaching yoga may be isolating.

The final battle, yet they were right there with me, fighting for me.

YJ: Most teachers have a favorite lesson that they return to time and time again.

BB:My goal is to create in pupils an inquisitive intelligence in their work, and this is what I want to accomplish.

Yoga is a form of preparation for everyday life. It instills a sense of wonder and eagerness for taking part in everyday activities. I really like this phrase by Emile Zola. He says, “You inquire as to my purpose for being into the world.” “I made the decision to live loudly.”

YJ Interview

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our content, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and much more.

Yoga Journal interviews Barbara Benagh.

Despite the fact that she now resides in her chosen homeland of Boston, Barbara Benagh, 60, still speaks with a tinge of her native Tennessee drawl and claims that yoga provides joy to her life on a daily basis. Beginning with the rigorous, alignment-basedIyengarsystem provided Benagh with a technique, while training withAngela Farmer provided her with an appreciation for an intuitive and feminine approach. With this blend of inspirations, Benagh has established herself as one of yoga’s most captivating and distinctive voices.

  1. Barbara Benagh (interviewer): In 1971, I moved to England to express my opposition to the war in Vietnam, and I began to work for the British government as an investigator for fraud.
  2. My back began to suffer, and the only fitness class that was available in the area was a yoga session.
  3. I only desired to get my back healed.
  4. BB: I recall having sensations in my practice and seeking for advice from teachers, who didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about at all.
  5. That’s exactly what I was talking about!” I exclaimed when I met Angela and she mentioned this energy radiating from the belly.
  6. She does not instruct you on how to do yoga.
  7. That was one of the things that had a significant impact on me.

I simply go ahead and do it.

YJ: You are frequently referred to as having a “slow flow” approach.


“But you move like glaciers,” others remark to me.

However, the older I become, the slower I prefer to travel since I think that there is so much to watch when traveling at a slower pace.

I can go to San Francisco in around five and a half hours if I drive slowly.

YJ: What do you aim to convey to students through your presentation?

Students understand what I’m saying. If I can express that to them, remind them of it, and instill confidence in them, I believe their profession will flourish and they will no longer want my assistance. See alsoAsk Our Expert: Barbara Benagh for more information.

Yoga Journal Newsletter

Increase the effectiveness of your practice, improve your understanding, and keep on top of the newest news. AM/PM Yoga for Beginners : Barbara Benagh, Michael Wohl: Movies & TV

verified purchaseReviewed in the United States on July 1, 2018Reviewed in Canada Benagh’s DVDs are among of my favorites. I purchased two of these, and I really like this one over the other since she not only narrates, but she also performs the yoga poses herself. The yoga is performed by another individual on the other DVD. Benagh is not a child, and I would have preferred to see a more adult woman perform the positions, but they are both fantastic. Every day, based on your time constraints and fitness level, you may tailor your workout to meet your needs.

  1. Even though I’m over 60 years old, I used to suffer from lower back discomfort and stiffness, but that is no longer the case.
  2. Despite the fact that her voice is so calming and encouraging at the same time, This DVD is fantastic.
  3. On July 22, 2019, a review was conducted in the United States.
  4. It was quite beneficial in terms of progressively adding flexibility.
  5. I bought this again for a friend who was interested in getting into yoga, and she enjoys it as much as I do.
  6. If you’ve been thinking about trying yoga but have been reluctant to attend to a class (like I was), this is the perfect option to do so at your own speed in the comfort of your own home.
  7. On January 27, 2013, a review was published in the United States, and the purchase was verified.

Ms.Benaugh is a patient and compassionate educator who issues vocal instructions in conjunction with attractive graphics in a lovely soothing voice, which makes learning a pleasure.

There are a variety of programs available in the mornings and nights.

You only have 10 minutes, or twenty minutes, or thirty minutes, or even forty-five minutes to devote to a session?

Not only has my energy level increased dramatically, but so has my overall sense of well-being, and I have seen a significant reduction in my stress level as a result of using this DVD as well.

This is something that older people, and especially elders, can accomplish without risking physical harm.

It is risk-free.

I acquired my book in the middle of December 2012, and I have already begun to shout its praises.

Purchase that has been verified Pro: – a low-cost approach to experiment with yoga (much cheaper that classes).

– 10 routines, the least of which is 15 minutes and the longest of which is 45 minutes; you will not need to spend 2 hours as you would if you were to attend a class outside.

It is possible to perform it at any time of day.

You might notice a difference in your back posture.

A more flexible body is perceived, with less feelings of “heavy legs” or “tight muscles” or similar sensations.

(I sit in front of a computer for eight or more hours every day.) Cons: – Yes, there are instances when the “voice” speaks too much, but this is rare.

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What I do with it: Depending on how much time I have in the morning, I either do the “wake up the spine” routine (35 minutes) or the “get up and go” routine (15 minutes).

In the evening: mostly the “Good night sleep,” with the “unwind muscles tension” being a rarer occurrence.

Every other evening is a work night for me (more or less).

It’s my back that’s bugging me right now.

I hadn’t done any yoga before, and I’d been inconsistent in my fitness efforts in general.

It was fantastic.

In addition to providing adaptations for those of us who aren’t as adaptable as Barbara Benagh, she also gives straightforward directions.

She is also a very calming presence. After doing one of the activities on this DVD, I noticed a significant improvement in my overall health. As I get back into shape, I’ll be utilizing it more frequently as well.

Top reviews from other countries

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Yoga DVD that is beneficial to both the mind and the body On November 2, 2017, a reviewer in Canada expressed satisfaction with their purchase. This yoga DVD was quite beneficial to me. I had recently given birth to a child and was looking for anything that would allow me to restore my flexibility. This DVD is excellent for calming the mind while also assisting in the restoration of strength and flexibility. I appreciate that there are numerous exercises with varying time requirements, so you can do a short 15 minutes or a longer session if you choose.

  • I would highly suggest it.
  • On September 23, 2011, a review was published in Canada.
  • I’m not very well coordinated.
  • However, I really, truly enjoy this DVD.
  • That’s where AM and PM come into play.
  • I can work for 10 minutes or 40 minutes at a time and never grow tired doing the same thing again and over.
  • I also loved that it was divided into morning and evening routines since, as previously stated, I don’t have much expertise with yoga and I want someone to provide me with pre-set energizing or relaxing routines to help me get the most out of my practice.

The teacher was already on the next posture in earlier DVDs, which left me feeling continually behind and unaccomplished.

The parts on this DVD make me feel confident in what I’m doing, and that confidence transfers into improved attention and relaxation after watching them.

This is the one that I would recommend to all of my acquaintances.

These yoga programs have assisted me in regaining flexibility and strength, and as a result, I now appear ten years younger (I am in my mid forties).

This DVD proved to be really beneficial, and I continue to refer to it on a regular basis.

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product This is a fantastic way to start your dayReviewed in Canada on June 18, 2014Verified Purchase It’s great that there are numerous levels and lengths to choose from.

There is something for everyone on this DVD!

This was an excellent purchase for someone who is new to yoga.

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product A yoga mat is a piece of equipment that is used to practice yoga. On June 20, 2020, a review was published in Canada, confirming the purchase. It’s a hit with my girlfriend, who has been using it on a daily basis. Yoga for Beginners DVD: 8 Yoga Video Routines for Beginners. Includes Gentle Yoga Workouts to Increase Strength & Flexibility : Barbara Benagh: Movies & TV

One of the most intelligent and perceptive professors you’ll ever meet. Yoga Journal is a publication dedicated to yoga. Excitement, inspiration, and encouragement will be provided for you on your road to healthy and balanced life. Description of the Product YOGA FOR BEGINNERS is the ideal approach to become acquainted with the practice of yoga, and it will assist you in exploring and experiencing the myriad advantages of yoga. A total of eight exercises are included that will assist you in increasing your strength and flexibility, improving your health and energy, and transforming how you look and feel.

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS was recorded on location in Half-Moon Bay, Antigua, which is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful and serene beaches, adding to the overall feeling of serenity.

An evergreen title with strong sales potential There are eight distinct workouts.

There is a tremendous lot of substance and value (240 minutes) a conversation with the professor Half-Moon Bay, Antigua was the location for this film.

Since 1979, yoga instructor Barbara Benagh has been studying, practicing, and teaching the ancient art of yoga. Yoga was introduced to her while she was living in England, and she began teaching there shortly after. She relocated to Boston in 1980, when she established The Yoga Studio on Beacon Hill. Barbara also conducts yoga seminars in the United States and worldwide, in addition to her local courses. She is a regular provider of essays to the Yoga Journal magazine, among other publications.

  • She also has several audio CDs of live classes available.
  • What distinguishes these DVDs from other yoga instructional DVDs?
  • As opposed to other products, which provide a single routine that is “one size fits all,” these DVDs provide a variety of options, allowing the user to adapt and alter their yoga practice to meet their own needs.
  • Not only do people have varying physical requirements, but they also have varying time restrictions.
  • The sheer quantity of yoga sequences available on each of these DVDs is a first in the yoga industry.
  • How did you manage to enlist the assistance of the Dalai Lama?
  • Because we have been earnest practitioners for a long time, having a 30-minute talk by the Dalai Lama explaining how to meditate on theYoga for Stress ReliefDVD was a wonderful fit for our needs.
  • The titles provide a decent indication of what will be on the DVD and serve as an excellent guide.
  • We worked hard to make the sequences as accessible as possible to as many individuals as possible, regardless of whether they were beginners or experienced practitioners.

Every Body’s Power Yoga is a little more difficult, bringing you from the beginner’s level and progressively rising to far more difficult exercises.

Down Under Yoga instructors try to steer students away from commercialism and other distractions

Since 1979, yoga instructor Barbara Benagh has been studying, practicing, and teaching the ancient art of yoga. While living in England, she found yoga and began teaching it there. The Yoga Studio on Beacon Hill was established by her in 1980 when she relocated to Boston. Barbara also conducts yoga seminars in the United States and abroad, in addition to her local sessions and workshops. She contributes articles to the Yoga Journal journal on a monthly basis. The Dalai Lama speaks about meditation during a segment of her Yoga for Stress Relief DVD.

  1. A few questions from concerning this unusual series of yoga DVDs were graciously answered by Barbara.
  2. My interest in partnering with Bodywisdommedia sprang from the fact that they offer interactive DVDs.
  3. Individual demands differ from person to person; so the opportunity to vary your practice – such as alleviating shoulder stress one day and providing an exhilarating morning wake up the next – is the closest you can go in terms of addressing your own requirements at home.
  4. You can choose a practice that will fit your needs even if you just have 20 minutes, but there are also lengthier practices (some as long as 90 minutes) that cover the entire body/mind link.
  5. It is impossible to overstate how exhaustive they are.
  6. That this effort aligned with the Dalai Lama’s message that modern stress is one of the greatest hurdles to our mental and physical well-being was a natural fit for him.
  7. A deeper collaboration with the Office of Tibet exists as well, and the company is publishing historical lectures, the first of which is titled “A Path to Happiness.”.
  8. In terms of what is on the DVD, the titles are a decent indicator of what will be on the disc.
  9. We worked hard to make the sequences as accessible as possible to as many individuals as possible, regardless of whether they were beginners or long-time students of the technique.

Every Body’s Power Yoga is a little more difficult, bringing you from the beginner’s level and progressively moving to far more strenuous practices.

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Instructors — Soul City Yoga

Dana Gottlieb is a lawyer. Dana began practicing yoga in 2009, when she relocated to Chicago to begin her teaching career as an elementary school teacher at the Chicago Public Schools. After an accident prevented her from participating in her normal vinyasa practice, she began doing Bikram yoga and quickly became addicted to it. Yoga has aided her in achieving a sense of balance, relaxation, and joy in her everyday routine. Dana has regained her love for vinyasa yoga after relocating back to Boston in 2015, when she first started practicing.

During the spring of 2017, she successfully finished her 200-hour instructor training with BarreSoul.

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Dana spends her spare time creating wonderful goodies and spending time with her family in Vermont, when she is not teaching.

In her capacity as a troublemaker, ritualist, teacher, conjurer, Spirit seeker, and child of the Nigerian Diaspora, Mina uses yoga as medicine to create and hold space for change makers, visionaries, and fellow troublemakers to heal and fortify our spirits; to call on our collective and ancestral power to manifest what we desire in the world; to be receptive to divine transmission and wisdom from Spirit; and to gain spiritual, mental, and energetic clarity that we can use to move with I While going through a moment of transition in her life, Mina became more committed to her yoga practice as an outlet for finding clarity and self-assurance.

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in MindBody Centering Yoga opened her eyes to the many advantages of yoga for mental and emotional wellness, as well as the profound potential for spiritual and community healing that yoga holds.

Peter Sacco is a well-known figure in the world of sports.

This is coming from someone who has always liked lifting weights as a kind of physical exercise.

Despite the fact that his relationship came to an end, his profession continued to be a constant in his life.

Pete now considers yoga to be the ideal complement to his weight-training regimen and his whole lifestyle.

Since receiving her 200-hour certification in 2014, Sara has been motivated by her experiences teaching yoga and delivering trainings.

The power of yoga to provide balance, transform perceptions, strengthen relationships, and boost overall mental and physical health is something she is passionate about.

Stephanie HaoStephanie is a vinyasa flow yoga instructor that teaches in the greater Boston region.

Stephanie urges her pupils to cultivate a feeling of self-direction, stating that there is no greater instructor than one’s own inner voice.

Stephanie is grateful for the opportunity to provide a safe environment for her students to experience the transforming practice of yoga.

She has a profound respect for the historic basis of the yoga practice as well as the principles that underpin it.

Camille Serelus is a model and actress.

As an undergraduate, she began taking boxing courses in Cape Town, South Africa, and rapidly fell in love with movement as a way of living.

In 2017 and 2020, she received certifications in both Barre and Yoga, which she continues to practice.

By paying greater attention to the mind-body-soul connection, she feels that everyone of us can contribute to making the world a better place, one pulse at a time.

Michelle ReumYoga has given Michelle a newfound appreciation for the natural beauty that exists in the world.

Her pregnancy, which began in 2008, infused new life into her asana practice, which she used to bond with her child and care to her body’s changing requirements.

Her unquenchable desire for yoga went from acute awareness of her own body to awareness of her surroundings as she continued to practice.

She was finally able to embrace her individuality and understood that she could use her talents to benefit the society by pursuing a career as a high school teacher.

According to her, there is a type of yoga for every student, and that with continual practice, they will be guided to their natural and balanced state of being.

Her sessions are designed to work against the body’s and mind’s habitual and default positions in order to restore mobility and clarity to the student.

Through her physically and mentally rigorous workshops, she intends to assist you in realizing your full potential and potential.

For her journey, for the community, for mentors, and most of all for her greatest teacher, her son, she is thankful.

Marina Hartnett is a model and actress who has been in a number of films and television shows.

They put in her the first precious germ of yogic knowledge.

Since then, the mat has become a second home for her.

Marina completed the 200-hour YogaWorks method training in 2012, and the 300-hour YogaWorks method training in 2015, under the guidance of gurus such as Natasha Rizopoulos and Barbara Benagh, among others.

She will teach you how to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.

It was in Montezuma, Costa Rica, that she discovered some of the Costa Rican yoga poses that she likes to walk you through in her courses.

The joy she receives from sharing her passion, the gift of yoga, with others is immeasurable.

Headstand is her favorite position because it allows you to root in order to rise up, you are quiet in the head and active through the body, and it allows you to balance your lovely being all the way to the top!

Pattabhi Jois once said, “Practice and everything will come to you.” In addition to teaching yoga, she is an avid outdoor explorer, with her most recent journey taking her to the summit of Mount Washington.

Denise began practicing Yoga some years ago in order to stretch her stiff, aching muscles, which had developed as a result of long-distance running, cycling, and swimming.

What she didn’t expect was the beginning of a quiet mind, a thankful heart, and a sense of belonging in a supportive environment.

As a former competitive athlete, it took her some time to grasp that Yoga is most effective when the practitioner concentrates on the process rather than the outcome.

The true purpose of Yoga is an inner experience, and each asana is only a tool to help you become more conscious of your surroundings.

After receiving her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Earthly Bodies Yoga + Movement, she plans to further her education by studying the functional anatomy of yoga, as well as the 8 Limbs of Yoga and other written literature found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.


Louie DePasquale is a professional baseball player.

He holds a RYT-500 certification and considers it a honor and a passion to teach yoga.

He is now a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor.

All of Louie’s current teaching methodologies are informed and inspired by these many ways to practice.

Jenna Hill is a model and actress.

Everyone, from complete novices to seasoned practitioners, will find a place here.

Jenna worked as a social worker in Boston Public Schools and in a residential treatment center for troubled young men before starting her yoga business.

She was a victim of these physical ailments herself.

Instead of sitting and conversing with someone to make them feel better, she is assisting her pupils in making themselves feel better via exercise and breathing.

She considers it a privilege to be able to assist her community via compassionate healing and energizing workshops.

After relocating to Boston and seeking for a new challenge, I began training and competing in powerlifting, where I currently hold the New England squat record and am a three-time national champion.

After completing my 200-hour teacher training at O2 Yoga under the guidance of Mimi Loureiro in 2016, I was introduced to an athletic, dynamic yoga practice that included innovative sequencing and hands-on modifications.

When she isn’t teaching yoga, practicing yoga, or cooking, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Amy Lefave is a writer and actress.

She went on to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training program in 2019.

Amy has participated in a number of anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion seminars, and she believes that equal rights are human rights in and of themselves.

Among the many workshops Amy offers are intention setting, integrating breath with movement, chakra alignment, and other topics.

Instead of teaching or practicing yoga, Amy enjoys spending time with her four children and doing activities such as hiking, reading, doing DIY projects, and advocating for social justice.

Earlier this year, Sam completed her 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Sara Bailey and a small group of other accomplished instructors.

Sam found herself a little disoriented outside of her little village for the first time, but she was able to reconnect with others and reconnect with herself on her yoga mat.

She works as a full-time mental health counselor and enjoys combining her two hobbies to help others in their journeys.

Sam enjoys creating a custom playlist for each session that is geared to emphasize the aspects discussed in the lesson. She hopes that at the end of the class, your mind will be more focused and your physical body will be more revitalized than when you arrived.

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