Our Instructors

Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill boasts an amazing group of yoga instructors. This creative and knowledgeable group of individuals comes with diverse backgrounds, accomplished professions and various academic degrees. Many have traveled the world and all maintain strong local community ties. The common bond of this eclectic group is a passion for yoga and the desire to share it with everyone.

-Elizabeth Glover is the proud director and owner of Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill.  She believes strongly in the powerful benefits of Bikram Yoga and also in nurturing the community that has grown within and beyond the walls of the hot room. After completing her Bikram Teacher Training over 10 years ago, she was determined to open a studio in an area under served by the yoga community. She decided on H St, NE. She liked the warmth of the neighborhood and that when she walked down the street people looked her in the eye and welcomed her. Likewise, Elizabeth greets everyone with the same hospitality when they visit the Capitol Hill studio. Before becoming a Bikram teacher and studio owner, Elizabeth graduated from UVA and worked on The Advisory Board Company and the Corporate Executive Board for nearly a decade where she honed her business management skills. Elizabeth teaches with an emphasis on precision but always delivers her instruction with big smile and infinite compassion. It is because of her encouragement and support that many of her students have become Bikram yoga teachers too. Elizabeth also moonlights as a journalist and likes to keep everyone updated on yoga and community news.

-Michelle Ouimet grew up in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, Canada. As a young athlete, she played competitive tennis and skiing and enjoyed local celebrity—though not without her share of injuries. Her experiences with various forms of yoga began 20 years ago. She discovered the therapeutic benefits of Bikram Yoga in Stowe, Vermont, when her old ski injuries were remarkably helped by the practice.  Her powerful transformation with Bikram Yoga inspired her to become a certified Bikram instructor in 2000. Since then, she has dedicated herself to spreading the amazing benefits of Bikram Yoga in over a dozen studios throughout the U.S. and Canada. To compliment her yoga teaching, Michelle is a Feng Shui consultant, optimizing sound interior design and ancient environmental philosophy to create harmonious surroundings in work and home settings.

-LaShone Wilson became a certified Bikram yoga teacher in 2012 after practicing in the hot room regularly for over 6 years. In addition to Bikram Yoga she teaches children’s Hatha Yoga at BYCH and DC public schools. LaShone has star quality and is adored by student of all ages. She believes strongly that “yoga and life are one.” She describes how life reflects yoga as yoga reflects life and that yoga can be used as a tool for fulfillment. LaShone explains, “Yoga helps us to examine our true self, starting and ending with our breath. As we enter the room, the issues of life accompany us and with each posture we open our minds and bodies while recognizing our limits but often overcoming them as we grow.” She has found that alignment through the breath and postures is satisfying but also truly different each day. LaShone’s favorite postures are Standing Head to Knee (Dandayamana-Janushirasana), Standing Bow Pulling Pose (Dandayamana-Dhanurasana), and Triangle (Trikanasana). Her favorite part of the dialog is in Balancing Stick (Tuladandasana), “You have to make up your mind to use 100% of your strength in half of a second. If you’re late it is over.” LaShone feels this line sums up a good Bikram Yoga practice and a successful life in general.

-Mari-Scarlett Hirte moved from Kentucky to Washington DC in 2005 to work on
Capitol Hill. It didn’t take her long to get hooked on Bikram Yoga. She finds the yoga to be a great way to gain energy while sweating out stress, tension, and anxiety.  After four years of practicing, Mari-Scarlett became an instructor in June of 2009 and has been thankful for the opportunity to teach at BYCH ever since. Her charm, friendliness, and subtle southern drawl allow students to sometimes forget how hard they are working in class. Still, she likes to remind her students  “you gotta use it or you’re gonna lose it!”  Mari-Scarlett always gives her 100% effort, and in turn her students reach new heights under her instruction.

-Lara Atella came to her first Bikram class assuming it would be her last as she was not a fan of heat nor of yoga, but it only took that one class to realize Bikram Yoga would be a life-long pursuit and the Capitol Hill studio her second home. Within a month she bought a year membership at Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill, and then she was off to become a certified teacher in 2010. She credits regular practice of Bikram Yoga with healing her body after suffering for many years with rheumatoid arthritis. “I’m now in the best shape of my life,” she proclaims. She loves the Capitol Hill studio because of its diversity, warm community, and thoughtful teachers and staff. Her graduate education and work at Johns Hopkins in neurobehavioral science has helped her to appreciate some of the internal processes of yoga, and she enjoys sharing these things with her students. Lara lives in Capitol Hill with her husband Ken—fellow Bikram yogi, and two delightful children who love back bending!

-Natalie VanEman became a Bikram teacher in 2010 because as she attests, ”I love this practice that has changed my life, and I only want to share it with others.”  She believes in Bikram Yoga as a system built on wisdom and that “the more a student practices, the more a student can glean!” Natalie is precise both in her practice and in her teaching, and she expects the best from her students. She likes to quote Bikram “If you can, you must.” At the same time she wraps these expectations in a nurturing, thoughtful approach. Natalie also works full time as an RID certified Sign Language interpreter.  With BYCH and Gallaudet University in close proximity, she enjoys sharing Bikram Yoga with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and looks forward to building closer bonds between the Capitol Hill studio and Gallaudet. When she is not in the hot room or working as an interpreter, she enjoys practicing how to use her new DSLR camera and trying new recipes.

-Pierre Wright, our very own doctor, became a Bikram teacher in 2011 after several years of practicing Bikram and working as a professor of psychology at Howard University. Although he continues to work for Howard, Pierre teaches yoga regularly too, and the BYCH students are grateful for that! Bikram Yoga has changed Pierre’s body, mind and spirit. The discipline of the practice has improved his self-awareness and personal interconnectedness in addition to facilitating tremendous weight loss, muscle strength and flexibility.  He attests to the benefits of Bikram Yoga on the regulation of internal systems—body and mind. He feels the hot environment is always a unique challenge and that bodies constantly adapt and improve with each class while detoxifying with just the right amount of physical, mental and emotional release. He reminds his students to focus in full-length mirror to help connect the mental and physical power with intention and meditation.  Pierre feels strongly that Bikram is special gift and he shares it wholeheartedly with everyone who enters his class!

-Daniella Maor discovered Bikram Yoga four years ago while she was a graduate student in Berkeley, CA. She immediately fell in love with the practice and soon started organizing her academic schedule around yoga class times. In her own practice, Daniella strives to achieve a balance between being kind and patient with herself while also working at her personal edge. Her experiences inside the hot room have helped her to become more skillful at practicing acceptance in all areas of her life and at “trusting the process.”  She graduated from Bikram Teacher Training in 2012 and loves teaching. Daniella is inspired by the warmth, diversity, good humor, and work ethic of the BY Capitol Hill community. As a teacher, she is compassionate and precise in her instruction of the postures. She tries to help students find their edge while also keeping class light and focused. As a practitioner, her favorite postures are all the ones that involve back bending. As her day-job, Daniella works to address food security issues in developing countries around the world. Daniella is originally from New York City. She has lived in DC on-and-off for ten years with a few breaks in Madagascar, California, and New York.

-Rebecca Burns loves being a certified Bikram Yoga teacher! Before finding yoga she went to Russia to study at the Moscow State Academy of the Bolshoi Ballet. Although an amazing experience, over time dancing took a toll on her body especially her knees. She credits Bikram Yoga with healing her knees after two surgeries and for enhancing her overall quality of life! Rebecca became a Bikram Yoga teacher in 2011 and continues to train and deepen her knowledge and practice through special classes, workshops and seminars. Rebecca returned to Bikram Teacher Training in 2012 to work as a volunteer staff member and help others who were preparing to become Bikram teachers. Rebecca received a graduate degree in International Affairs, worked as Budget Analyst for the government, and—as a hobby—became a certified Master Gardener volunteering at our National Arboretum. Rebecca also participates in the USA Yoga Competition that helps spread the appreciation and understanding of yoga in the US and around the world. Rebecca’s innate gifts and continued hard work to reach her full potential translate into a wonderfully balanced teaching style that benefits all of her students.

-Tania Pascault was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2006.  She fell in love with the Bikram community and yogis who she found to be genuine, honest and adventurous. It was these yogis who led her on a journey first to Peru for a yoga retreat, then to Mexico for Bikram Teacher Training in 2008 and finally to Malta for Advanced Teacher Training in 2010.  Bikram Yoga continues to take Tania to new places. Although she has taught yoga to students on different continents with different cultures she has found that all yogis have one universal commonality: “we simply want to be healthier and balanced in mind, body & spirit.” Tania sees Bikram Yoga as a way of life, not just an exercise; “This is why I love to teach Bikram Yoga, “ she explains. “As I teach, I sometimes take a look around the room and say to myself, these people’s lives are changing for the better and I am a small part of that.” Tania has found more peace, calmness, truer friendships and better physical health through Bikram Yoga! Tania also teaches a “rockin” class!

-Rajesh Sharma came to Capitol Hill after finishing his Bikram Teacher Training in 2012. Before becoming a yoga teacher Raj trained extensively as a Bikram student in India. Raj is a fast learner and has keen eye for alignment and postural integrity. He constructively challenges his students to help them realize and reach their full potential. He also works hard in his own practice, as he believes teachers must be model students, serving to inspire by example. Students and teachers alike truly value his practical and precise approach to teaching. Although Raj’s grew up in India, the Bikram Capitol Hill community is delighted he has made DC his second home.