Work Study

Work study (ws) students help make BYCH a very special place to practice yoga. WS was created to help those with difficult financial situations and/or students who are planning to attend Bikram Teacher Training. Students in the program are able to attend unlimited yoga classes at BYCH.

Candidates must meet the following requirements before applying to the program:

  1. Are dedicated practitioners of Bikram Yoga and have been practicing at BYCH regularly for two months minimum–we want to make sure our studio is the right fit for you!
  2. Are able to commit to 3 scheduled hours of work per week at the studio for a minimum of 3 months.
  3. Are dependable, hard working, and wish to develop your Bikram yoga practice, and at the same time would enjoy spending more time getting to know your fellow yogis at BYCH!

If you are interested and have the qualities and abilities mentioned above, please download and complete the form. Upon receipt, Lara Atella will be contacting you within the next 2 weeks.