4 Fun Yoga YouTube Channels for Kids

4 of Our Favorite Yoga YouTube Channels for Kids

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our content, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and much more. How do you pique your child’s interest in yoga without making it seem overly difficult? Go to YouTube and watch some videos! It is a fantastic resource for child-centered channels that make yoga and meditation approachable, as is the widely used video-streaming service YouTube. Even though there are a plethora of good yoga videos to pick from, the yogis featured here make fitness enjoyable and teach mindfulness and meditation in a way that will have your child looking forward to sitting motionless or moving on their mats every day.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga, one of the most well-known names in the industry, has more over 1 million subscribers and distributes new content on a weekly basis. Jamie and Martin Amor, as well as a group of friends who drop in from time to time, strive to make yoga and mindfulness fun for children by leading them on experiences that include yoga postures peppered throughout the journey. If you don’t want to watch the classes on YouTube, you may download a Cosmic Kids Yoga app.

Bari Koral: Kids’ Yoga, Music,Mindfulness

Bari Koral blends her yoga videos with music and stories, allowing your child to feel like they’re a part of the action even though they’re just sitting in a chair. This award-winning recording artist engages children during each session by playing music that is both fun and educational. Furthermore, her films are often fewer than 5 minutes in length, making them palatable for smaller children who may be a little restless throughout the show.

Go With Yoyo—Fitness Fun for Kids

Yoga, mindfulness, general fitness, affirmations, and other topics are covered in Go With Yoyo so that your kid may start their day with confidence. Whether they’re sitting down to study about Bee Breath or bouncing for pleasure with a Bunny Hop exercise video, Go With Yoyo makes living a healthy lifestyle both fascinating and exciting for kids and adults alike!


When it comes to teaching yoga and mindfulness to children, Giselle Shardlow ofKidsYogaStories takes a unique approach. While reading aloud on camera a varied variety of children’s books to transport viewers to far-away countries, she also provides materials for parents to assist get their children interested about settling down for a practice. For further information, see: Getting Children Started with Yoga. Instruct your child in this meditation for generating positive energy and remaining open-minded.

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20 Yoga For Kids Youtube Channels To Follow in 2022

Kids-friendly yoga, mindfulness, story-telling, and relaxation films created just for them in the United Kingdom (UK). All throughout the world, people use it in their homes and schools. Interactive experiences that help children develop strength, balance, and confidence – while also introducing them to yoga and mindfulness at an early age!

Children’s screen time should be used to get them exercising, relaxing, and learning easy principles for a successful life. youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsY.+ Follow 1 video every week from May 2012 forward View the most recent videos and request an email address

Bari Koral

USBari is a multi-award winning child and family music artist as well as a well-known children’s yoga instructor. Bari has trained more than 20,000 instructors (and counting) to teach kids yoga using her award-winning songs and activities, and she is still going strong. Thousands of children utilize her songs for kids yoga, music, and movement on a regular basis, and she has received several awards. youtube.com/user/barikoral/v.+ Follow 1 video every month starting in April 2009. View the most recent videos and request an email address

Yoga Ed.

Honolulu, Hawaii is a city in the state of Hawaii. Founded in 2010, Yoga Ed. is a non-profit educational organization devoted to transforming education through the practice of yoga. It is our objective to use yoga to empower school communities in order to promote health and wellbeing among children and teenagers. Professional Institutes, Professional Development, and Educational Resources are offered by Yoga Ed., which provides educators with the skills they need to incorporate yoga for children and teenagers into their classrooms using evidence-based practices and methods.

View the most recent videos and request an email address

Karma Kids Yoga

New York City is the capital of the United States. Children are encouraged to ‘play’ yoga at the Karma Kids Yoga studio, where they can learn about how their breath and body work together in a fun-filled environment. Kids are provided with a wide range of yoga tools that they may take away from yoga class and put to use throughout their lives according to the Karma Kids Yoga concept of teaching yoga to children. Karma Kids Yoga provides a comprehensive pre/postnatal curriculum, as well as several teacher trainings, conferences, and special events for children and their families.

View the most recent videos and request an email address

Kidding Around Yoga

Saint Petersburg, Florida is a city in the U.S. state of Florida. Children’s yoga sessions and three-day children’s yoga teacher trainings are offered by Kidding Around Yoga, a worldwide children’s yoga organization based in the United Kingdom. Music plays an important role in what we do, as evidenced by the fact that we have three CDs of original songs that have been professionally produced and are full of wildly enjoyable music. Some of which may be used as activities and games in addition to being decorative!

mixed in with high-intensity workout and a slew of amusing activities youtube.com/user/kiddingarou.+ Follow1 video every week starting in August 2012View the most recent videosGet Email Contact


Boston, Massachusetts is a city in the United States of America. Yoga books for children that incorporate movement, entertainment, and adventure.

With my yoga-inspired children’s books, I hope to spread happiness by incorporating learning, movement, and playfulness into the storyline. youtube.com/user/KidsYogaSto.+ Follow1 video every quarter beginning in March 2013View the most recent videosGet Email Contact

YOYO Kusters

USFitness offers children’s yoga and workout activities that are entertaining and educational. Develop your motor skills, strength, balance, coordination, and mental capacity by playing with a yoyo! youtube.com/user/fitnessfunf.+ Follow 1 video every month starting in February 2010. View the most recent videos and request an email address

Yo Re Mi

New York, United States Yo Re Mi is a musical yoga program for children and families that incorporates song and movement. Children gain self-confidence, attention, strength, communication skills, and awareness of their own body and mind as a result of our unique blend of music, movement, and mindfulness instruction. School-based music and yoga enrichment programs are also provided by Yo Re Mi, which also develops and implements early education programming for thousands of children in New York City area schools and childcare institutions.

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Yoga Education Resources

Castlemaine is a town in the state of Victoria, Australia. Welcome to Yoga Education Information, where you’ll discover resources on children’s yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation. Teachers, parents, and therapy workers can all benefit from this resource. Experiment with the health benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation wherever you are, whether it’s in your living room or classroom, in your garden or in the studio. Encourage children to have a healthy relationship with their bodies and brains, to gain confidence, strength, and attention, and to allow their imaginations run wild.

Rainbow Yoga Training

Everywhere in the globe! Some of the most well-known and well-loved yoga speciality teacher training programs in the world are offered by Rainbow Yoga. Come and learn from us how to share this unique form of participatory and enjoyable yoga with the rest of the world, which celebrates life and unites people. Step away from your own yoga mat and into the company of friends and loved ones to explore and nourish your bonds. youtube.com/user/RainbowKids.+ Follow19 videos per year starting in July 2010.

YogaKids International

Yoga for Children is a groundbreaking network that empowers children all around the world via yoga. YogaKids is the first and most comprehensive training program for children’s yoga teachers, as well as the main distributor of yoga goods for children, parents, and teachers. Follow us on YouTube at youtube.com/channel/UCZSL.+ View the most recent videos and request an email address

Stacey Nelson Yoga

Maroochydore is a town in Queensland, Australia. Stacey Nelson Yoga provides KidsTeen Yoga Teacher Training Classes in addition to other services. On the Sunshine Coast, we offer one-day retreats and two-hour Reconnect courses. Follow us on YouTube at youtube.com/channel/UCqVn.+ View the most recent videos and request an email address

Go Go Yoga for Kids

Iowa, United States Everything related to yoga with children! Sara is a children’s yoga instructor at a nationally recognized health and fitness facility.

Join us for kid’s yoga courses, lesson plans, live kid’s yoga events, yoga games, yoga postures, partner poses, yoga challenges, and a whole lot more fun! youtube.com/channel/UCuKH.+ Follow 2 videos every year starting in September 2016 View the most recent videos and request an email address

Bala Shala

US Welcome to Bala Shala, the yoga channel dedicated to children. We are overjoyed that you have here, and we can’t wait to go on adventures, breathe deeply, dream, move, and play beside you. This series of movies will teach us to discover, share, maintain balance and calm, increase in strength, concentrate, and even have a little fun. Not everything in life is simple all of the time. School may be challenging at times, and friendships can be confusing and unpleasant at other times as well. View the most recent videos at youtube.com/channel/UCMBp.+ Follow4 videos a year in March 2019Get Email Contact


California KiDo Kids Yoga is a great way to get the kids moving! Weekly videos for online learning are as follows: Warrior Yoga may be practiced from infancy through adolescence. Our very own preschool yoga lessons are the source of this image. Our teachers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas foster healthy communities in students ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Heather Kamala, daughter of Asian American actor Victor Wong and sister of Ashtanga Yoga Master Duncan Wong, is the founder and director of KiDo Kids Yoga (teacher to greats like Madonna and Sting).

View the most recent videos and request an email address

Peaceful Poses Kids Yoga

Camp Hill is a town in Pennsylvania, United States. Pose for Peaceful Thoughts Kids Yoga is a mobile Kids Yoga business that travels to clients. We provide Kids Yoga Programming at daycares, preschools, public and private schools, as well as other venues. We provide mats, props, and yoga courses that are specifically tailored for children! Yoga for child athletes, yoga for those with special needs, trauma-informed yoga, and yoga sessions for toddlers to adolescence are all available. youtube.com/channel/UC4Fe.+ Follow 1 video every year starting in February 2018.

7 Best Yoga Videos for Kids on Youtube 2020 (#3 is AMAZING)

US city of Camp Hill in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Positions of Calm It is a mobile Kids Yoga business that provides services to children. Daycare, preschool, public and private institutions are all places where we bring our Kids Yoga Programming to you. We provide yoga mats, props, and yoga courses that are specifically intended for children and their families. Trauma-informed yoga workshops for children and adolescents are also available. We offer yoga for young athletes, students with special needs, and children and adolescents.

Our Roundup of the Best Yoga Videos for Kids

To help your children relax before bedtime or at any other time during the day, watch this short and sweet 9-minute kids yoga video.

  • Because the movie is brief, even children who are not very interested in yoga will be able to watch it. The stances are interesting and have catchy names (for example, seashell pose versus child’s pose).
  • The instructor doesn’t appear to have much experience with children, as seen by her use of terms such as “utilize the core.” The sound quality isn’t really good

2 Fun Yoga for Kids

It is extremely clear that this movie is aimed for children between the ages of four and seven. It’s a lot of fun for your kids when they have an instructor that is a little bit like your somewhat off-kilter English great-aunt!

  • There are ten youngsters engaged, which encourages greater participation from your child. ‘Sammy the Sun’ will lead your child through the sun salutations
  • ‘Sammy the Sun’ will guide your child through the sun salutations
  • In order for even untrained youngsters to follow along with the poses, the instructor works carefully through them.
  • Adults may find the background to be a little distracting, but children do not appear to be bothered by it
  • The instructor’s cheerful demeanor belies the fact that she has memorized a script, and her directions seem a little robotic
  • This class is 52 minutes long, which may be a little too lengthy for younger yogis.

3 Yoga for Kids: Volume One “The Standing Poses”

Despite the fact that the film is 16 minutes long and is voiced by a woman, it is visually driven by a small cartoon kid.

  • The audio instructions explain to the young yogis how each standing position is beneficial to them and helps them to become more physically strong. In order to expose children to a foreign language, the postures’ Sanskrit names are employed. The whole sun salutation, which is the foundation of every yoga practice, is demonstrated in this video.
  • This may be too much for young children due to the large number of microadjustments
  • The narrator speaks about “toning” muscles, which is a concept that will be beyond the comprehension of most children.
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4 Star Wars: A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

This Star Wars-themed yoga session is appropriate for children of all ages!

  • The presenter has a great rapport with the children. My own interest was piqued
  • The Star Wars tale will appeal to both boys and girls, particularly those who have grown up in a Star Wars household
  • The postures are imaginatively linked to the Star Wars universe. Taking the light saber duel as an example, it goes through a sequence of dancing warriors.
  • Some children who are not fans of Star Wars may not be as fascinated by this galactic adventure as those who are.

5 Popcorn the Dolphin: A cosmic Kids Adventure

This delightful undersea experience blends your child’s love of the sea with his or her interest in yoga.

  • The adorable little animated dolphin assists your children in their yoga postures by guiding them through the poses. In more challenging poses (such as dolphin position), the instructor advises the small yogis to take deep breaths and remain optimistic. There’s plenty of movement to keep your youngster active, as well as enough calmer motions to let them unwind and rest.
  • For children above the age of eight, the narrative may come off as a little condescending.

6 Frank the Frog: A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

With this adorable little adventure, you and your children will go on an exploration of a beautiful small wetland. ​

  • In order to provide some diversity, the instructor plays a couple of his or her favorite tunes. Jumping allows your children to burn off surplus energy
  • As she transitions between roles, the teacher employs a range of voices to keep your children engaged.
  • This is one of the shorter Cosmic Kids Adventures, clocking in around 17 minutes.

7 Namaste Yoga’s Yoga for Kids

Especially beneficial for pre-bedtime rituals, this low-key class.

  • This lesson is quiet and slow-moving, so even children as young as 2 or 3 years old might do it
  • It appears that the instructor is pretty peaceful, and she would be excellent at calming even the most boisterous child
  • The video and audio are both of terrible quality
  • The video is particularly bad. Because the lesson moves at such a leisurely pace, it will most likely be uninteresting for older students.

You are not need to find a yoga studio that specializes in children’s yoga in order to introduce your children to the practice. All you need is an internet connection, YouTube, and a large enough floor space for your family to practice yoga together while watching their favorite kids yoga videos on the internet. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive offering, have a look at our compilation of yoga DVDs for kids or consider joining an online yoga class like Grokker.

Best FREE Kids Yoga Videos on YouTube

Each of the children’s yoga videos on this page will motivate your children to get off the sofa and to stretch their brains as well as their bodies. As a yoga instructor and mother, I’m looking for free yoga videos for kids that my daughter can use to learn fundamental yoga poses and sequences on her own–and that I can use to practice with her as she learns them. Furthermore, this collection of free kids’ yoga YouTube videos may assist youngsters (and their carers) in moving and getting the fitness they require–even on rainy days or in cramped quarters.

This is the place to be if you are a parent, caregiver, or educator seeking for kid-friendly yoga videos to provide to children at home or in the classroom; you have arrived at the correct location.

Children as young as toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, grade school students, and teenagers can benefit from the free children’s yoga videos provided in the list below.

Best Kids Yoga Videos on YouTube

Children will undoubtedly like this collection of fantastic FREE yoga videos for kids. First, if you don’t already have a yoga mat, pick one from the ones shown in the photo. After that, select a children’s yoga video from the list below to play. After your children have tried a few children’s yoga videos on YouTube, ask them to choose their favorite children’s yoga exercise video from the list below.

Best FREE Yoga Videos for Kids

Check out this collection of the top free kids’ yoga videos available on YouTube. It may be used to assist in the introduction of youngsters to the age-old practice of Yoga. Encourage children of all ages to utilize the videos on this list to practice yoga at home or in the school, and to pass the list along to their friends. In addition to helping children increase flexibility and reduce stress, daily yoga practice may also enable them to strengthen their bodies and minds.

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga Channel

Yoga for Kids is a YouTube channel that is a fantastic resource for kids’ yoga, with a large collection of free kids’ yoga videos! ” Betsy the Banana ” is my daughter’s favorite Cosmic Kids yoga video on YouTube, followed by ” Squish the Fish ” and ” 10 Yoga Poses for Kids.” You may see a simple yoga video from Cosmic Kids that is specifically made for toddlers in the video player below.

A collection of songs, nursery rhymes, and basic stories are included in this lively kids yoga DVD for toddlers and preschoolers. Inviting youngsters to copy, sing along, and have a good time is a great idea!

2. Yoga class for Kids with Sophia Khan

Follow along with this entertaining and family-friendly introduction to yoga. With this kids’ yoga video, you’ll get to warm up, practice breathing and postures, and relax at the same time.

3. We Heart Yoga kids yoga video

In this quick and simple introductory yoga sequence that Jessica and Ava have prepared for toddlers and up, you’ll learn the basics of yoga from the ground up. As shown in this children’s yoga video, plank postures and twists may help children gain strength and balance, while the animal-inspired poses remind them that they are a part of something greater than themselves.

4. Sun Dance Kids Yoga video by the Bari Koral Family Rock Band

Invite children, toddlers, and older children to dance and sing along to a simple yoga sequence presented in the shape of a music video. We enjoy listening to this yoga video for kids as part of our morning ritual, which includes getting out of bed and getting ready.

5. Yoga video For Beginners: 20 Minute Kids Yoga Class by Yoga Ed

Children as young as preschool age can benefit from this beginner yoga video, which includes a variety of poses. It teaches children the fundamentals of breathing methods as well as yoga positions or postures, known as asanas.

6. Children’s Yoga Video by Yoga Ed for Manduka

Here’s a terrific yoga session for kindergarteners and school-aged children that starts with easy relaxation postures and progresses to more challenging poses. Enlist the support of your children to flow through this basic yoga practice for children, which will help them become more flexible in both body and mind.

7. Good Morning Yoga Sequence For Kids by Mindful Minutes

Energize your day by beginning it with an easy-to-follow and invigorating yoga sequence for kids that parents, carers, and instructors may all participate in at once. This brief 5-minute video is a great addition to your morning routine because it is quick and sweet. Anyone who needs a little boost or motivation can turn on the radio and press play!

8. Yoga Class for Kids by Yoga Today

This yoga session for kids is a wonderful starting point for young children to learn the fundamentals of yoga breathing methods as well as the fundamentals of yoga poses.

9. Children’s Yoga Class video by Ally Ford

This children’s yoga video is based on the yoga book for kids written by the instructor, titled “Garuda, The Eagle Who Soared With Ahimsa,” and it is intended to be used as a supplement to the book. It promotes non-harming, also known as ahimsa, as well as kindness toward people, animals, and the environment.

10. Animal Yoga Videos for Kids by Smile and Learn

This simple and instructional yoga video for kids, which teaches simple yoga methods that can help youngsters calm down and relax, is one of our favorites. Children will learn yoga positions in this children’s yoga video that will assist them in improving their breathing and breathwork. Breathwork may assist youngsters in learning different techniques to relax as well as teaching them how to detect when they are experiencing stress in their body.

11. Kids Yoga video with Sheila Palmquist

Children are invited to assume the forms of animals and to engage in various playful yoga poses during this entertaining yoga program. It is certain that this kids’ yoga video will keep youngsters amused while they are learning how to practise yoga.

12. 4 Minute Yoga Video for Kids by Fightmaster Yoga

Children are invited to take on the forms of animals and do other playful yoga poses during this entertaining yoga lesson.

Yoga for kids is a great way to keep youngsters amused while they are learning how to practise yoga at home.

13. Yoga Video for Kids | Part 1

As she swiftly displays kid-friendly yoga postures with a couple of youngsters at her side, a physical therapist presents this yoga video for kids. The instructor creates a simple session consisting of kids’ yoga postures that are intended to assist them develop their balance, strength, coordination, and musculoskeletal endurance, among other things. Engage the children in the activity by beginning with deep belly breaths that will stimulate both their thoughts and their bodies as they grow.

A Few More Yoga Videos for Kids

Several more kid’s yoga videos have been discovered by us, which we have put below for your convenience.

  • Yoga for Kids with Alissa Kepa’s – Yoga for Kids with Alissa Kepa’s Invite your children from preschool age and up to participate in this 15-minute yoga lesson designed just for children. Tiny Turtle’s Wake Up Routine Yoga for Kids is a great way to start the day. Children can benefit from a simple yoga lesson for kids that can help them wake up in the morning and stretch up the muscles in their bodies. Bari Koral’s The Yoga Alphabet is a children’s book on yoga. Enjoy this little music video that demonstrates a yoga stance for each letter of the alphabet in alphabetical sequence. Although it is not appropriate for a yoga session, it is a nice song for children to enjoy
  • Fundoola’s Alphabet Yoga for Kids is a fun activity for children. Children will appreciate this entertaining yoga session in which positions are arranged in the shape of the alphabet in a simple yoga flow.

Best Free Childrens Yoga Videos

It is our goal that you will find this selection of the finest free yoga videos for children, ranging from infants to adolescents, to be useful. A daily yoga practice can help youngsters increase flexibility, relieve tension, and lessen anxiety symptoms, all while strengthening the body and mind, according to the American Yoga Association. Don’t forget to check out Everything You Need to Know About Yoga for Kids for more information.

More Fun Kids Activities

  • The following collection of the greatest free yoga videos for children, ranging from infants to adolescents, is provided in the hopes that you may find it useful. In addition to helping children increase flexibility, reduce tension and anxiety symptoms, a daily yoga practice may also help them strengthen their bodies and minds. Visit our sister site, Yoga for Kids, where you can learn all you need to know.

The Best Kid Yoga Videos

Teaching children to do yoga via the use of kid yoga videos is a fantastic resource for instructors and parents.

  • Manage tension, improve their attention, boost their confidence, and even concentrate on gross motor abilities
  • This is what they should be doing.

I’ll confess that I was a little hesitant to go on the kid yoga bandwagon at first. Is it true that it worked? My family and I began practicing family yoga, and my children thoroughly enjoyed it. In order for my daughter to balance on me when we played turtle on the rock, I would squat down and she would lie on her back. As time went on, we began looking forward to our weekly yoga session. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends while still getting in a good exercise and stress relief.

  1. My children like rolling the dice or selecting a card to find the next amusing posture.
  2. It piqued my interest, so I looked into it.
  3. The kid yoga videos were just fantastic.
  4. You may have one sent to your house or classroom – and it’s completely free!
  5. Other yoga videos include music, and some of them are even guided by children.
  6. These three are among my personal favorites.
  7. Yoga Salutations for the Day Good Night Yoga: A Bedtime Story Told Through Pose by Pose ‘You’re a Lion,’ and Other Imaginative Yoga Pose Our morning yoga routine has evolved, and my children can’t wait to discover a new and fascinating video to follow along with.

Frozen |

Children’s Yoga Class with Ally FordKIDS YOGA |

Boketto Yoga 4 KidsKIDS YOGA |

Boketto Yoga 4 Kids The Sun Dance Kids Yoga/Music Video by the Bari Koral Family Rock Band is a yoga/music video for children.

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Introducing Kickapoo the Kangaroo, the star of our Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

According to Yoga Today We Heart Yoga presents YOGA FOR KIDS.

Yoga for Children – Gaia’s Spring Yoga For Children Introducing Tiny the T-Rex, the star of A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

itsy-bitsy spider Boketto Boketto Yoga presents a 5-minute yoga routine for children.

Yoga for children: Alphabet Yoga is a fun way to get them moving.


Sheila Palmquist teaches yoga to children.

Children’s Yoga – Sport Yoga for Children Ages 3 and Up (Kick It) Yoga for Kids in 4 Minutes a Day with Fightmaster Yoga Lulu the Baby Lioness | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure with Lulu the Baby Lioness If you have a favorite kid yoga video, I’d love to hear about it!

Yoga Course

You’re interested in learning even more about kid yoga and mindfulness for children. Yogapalooza was founded by Bari Koral, and you may take advantage of her free crash course as well! Katie has worked in the Early Childhood industry for a total of 17 years, including as a teacher, preschool owner, and educational writer. Working with for-profit and nonprofit programs, as well as high-risk schools, she also founded an in-home preschool and an outdoor collaborative pre-kindergarten program. She enjoys being a mother of three children, the youngest of whom is presently enrolled in preschool.

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Kids Exercise Videos to Help Keep Your Family Moving (and Sane)

My 5-year-old and 22-month-old spent more than an hour chasing two balloons around our apartment on day 11 of our shelter-in-place situation. I was exhausted. It was a disorganized mess. It wasn’t anything that was intended. However, it focused their unlimited energy and motivated kids to get moving—a difficult aim to achieve in today’s world of social distance, distant learning, and excessive amounts of time spent at home. “Finding activity and keeping motivated will be one of the most difficult difficulties for adults and children alike,” says Steve Ettinger, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and children’s fitness expert.

In a time when pent-up energy and emotions are running high, and when habits are in flux, including physical exercise into your family’s routine may help to release stress, boost spirits, and restore a sense of normalcy to the situation.

Some professional advice and energetic kids workout videos are provided below to help you kick things into high gear.

Pepped-up play for younger kids

Planning for physical activity can make your child’s day seem more organized, but remember to remain flexible and open to serendipity. In the words of acclaimed yoga instructorAlissa Kepas, who frequently works with children, “the more humorous and lighter the approach from us as adults, the better.” Make time for family activities such as dance parties or walks. If at all feasible, be open to dropping whatever you’re doing to participate in impromptu games of tag. Beyond that, these free web films, which are typically appropriate for pre-K through third-grade children, provide equal amounts of activity and entertainment.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This popular YouTube channel engages children with themed excursions and fantasy settings that are both entertaining and educational. The majority of them last between 10 and 30 minutes. Cute characters (such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Betsy the Banana) and famous stories (such as Frozen) are skilfully incorporated throughout the yoga lessons.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender, which is included in our list of 22 free online fitness choices for adults, offers a 25-minute kids workout that involves motions such as bear crawls and crab walks, as well as activities such as Red Light, Green Light and Jump Rope.

Go Noodle: Good Energy

Go Noodle incorporates both movement and learning. Look for lessons on patterns and handwashing, as well as a workout (which will last less than two minutes) led by tennis player Madison Keys. Some films may be rather amusing, and you may find yourself singing the earworms for weeks or months after seeing them.

Movement for Kids with Jaime

This series (which is a part of the audio fitness appAaptiv’s new collection of family-friendly exercises, which is being posted to YouTube on a regular basis) incorporates vividly patterned yoga mats and themes that are both educational and entertaining. In particular, the video’s seven-minute animal-movement clip, which includes everything from kangaroo kickboxing to froggy Squat-jumping, may inspire some wild actions.

Pancake Manor

Preschoolers will enjoy bopping along with puppets to lively tunes like “Move Your Legs” and “Shake Break Exercise Song” in these bright YouTube videos. The majority of people run for two to three minutes in a brisk manner.

Spiderfitkids PE in your Living Room

In addition to hosting 20-minuteFacebook LivePE courses (weekdays at 11 a.m. Pacific), Spiderfitkidsfounder Brett Klika publishes his classes toInstagram as well. We appreciate that the workouts—which are appropriate for children aged 5 and up—include daily add-on tasks, such as assisting a family member or eating vegetables at dinner.

Fun challenges for older kids

It may be particularly difficult to pry older elementary- and middle-schoolers away from their televisions and video games for physical activity, so it pays to be a little creative in your approach. In order to be active and move in a limited place, Ettinger recommends that people re-evaluate their definition of what it means to be active and move in general. Cleaning up after yourself counts—especially if you make it a point to enjoy it. Encourage children to beat a timer when they clean up their rooms at the end of each day.

“Even if that’s the only thing they do all day,” says Ettinger, “it’s a whole lot better than doing absolutely nothing at all.” You may use these videos (most of which are free) to transform screen time into active time by keeping things light and colorful while including genuine workouts and fitness principles.

Alo Yoga Kids YogaMeditation

Alo Gives (the yoga-wear brand’s charity arm) has created over 60 five-minute films geared specifically toward children. We really enjoy the ” Dino Yoga ” video (can you spot the T. rex warrior pose?) and the ” Be A Rainstorm ” film (strategies to stay focused).

Double Time

This eight-session series (from the popularBeachbodyfranchise) contains fun grab-a-partner sequences and lively ball exercises, among other elements (a kickball or soccer ball will do). One Wirecutter worker attempted the workouts and found them to be just as difficult as her 10-year-old son did, according to her.

Family Fitness with Wes

One another exercise video from Aaptiv.com, this 24-minute partner workout is meant for parents and children to complete together, which (nearly) makes burpees and squats a bit more enjoyable.

Obé Fitness Kids(30-day free trial using the code ATHOME at checkout; $27-per-month regular subscription price)

The physical activity application Obé has lately expanded its portfolio to include workouts for children. Children up to the age of 10 will enjoy tons of exciting dancing movements (some accompanied by Kidz Bop music) as well as exercises like squats and planks during the sessions.

P.E. with Joe

Joe Wicks, the well-known presenter of YouTube’s The Body Coach TV, is presently streaming a new 30-minute exercise for millions of kids and parents every daily, according to the company. Wicks’s exuberant passion, some high-energy tunes (he just added music), and fundamental techniques that gym teachers all throughout the world can attest to are all that are required.

Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club “Cool Moves”

Beachbody’s latest product, the high-energy 25-minute “Cool Moves” DVD is half exercise, part dance party, according to the company. In this video, kids join Shaun T and other gym mates to learn routines that are too cool for school, including as the DustWave and the Snake It.

Conditioning strategies for kids who play sports

Children who participate in sports will most likely miss their teammates as much as they would miss the physical exercise if their sports seasons are postponed or cancelled. “We have to admit to our children and teens that this is not enjoyable,” says Robin Gurwitch, PhD, a psychologist at Duke University Medical Center. In the words of Jim Kielbaso, president of the International Youth Conditioning Association, “encourage kids to get outside and participate in things that they love or that they aren’t normally able to do.” Participate to the best of your ability, whether it’s throwing a ball or performing yoga—just remember to keep a cheerful attitude.

Gurwitch recommends using videoconferencing to share training successes with teammates in order to make it more enjoyable and sociable.


This website provides cardio- and strength-building workouts that are applicable to a wide range of sports and recreational activities. To create a hard DIY workout for kids, combine and match these nine full-body exercises for kids.

International Youth Conditioning Association

Exercise demos may be found in abundance on the IYCA YouTube channel. Many of them are set in a gym, however there are some that require little equipment, such as this series of plank-based films, which you can find here. Watch ” Beyond Boring Workouts ” for some fitness inspiration that isn’t boring at all.

StandUp Kids

StandUp Kids is a non-profit organization formed by Kelly Starrett of The Ready State, a renowned mobility specialist. In these brief films, youngsters learn how to execute a squat (there’s more to it than you may think), as well as quick-hit workout combos, all while learning the proper technique for the task at hand.

Tabata Workout from HASfit

Allow your child to join you in the gym if they so choose. A yoga class or this 30-minute Tabata exercise by HASfit are just a few of examples of adult activities that teenagers may participate in, according to Ettinger.

His overall message is that children should be allowed to explore whatever interests them, regardless of whether it is a balloon or an adult-oriented program, according to him. Continuation of Reading

The Best School Supplies

  • Christine Cyr Clisset contributed to this article. The following equipment can help you whether you’re resuming your child’s education, expanding your distant learning opportunities, or preparing for a hybrid of the two

12 Best Yoga Videos for Kids on YouTube

Yoga is an excellent physical activity for children. They are not only encouraged to get out of their chairs and engage their entire body in a focused and yet playful manner, but the concepts of mindfulness and meditation are also instilled in them. Several schools in the United States and the United Kingdom are seeing positive results from the integration of yoga into the school curriculum, and some have even eliminated detention and other forms of academic “punishment” in favor of the establishment of meditation rooms and regular meditation times in their facilities.

Many imaginative yoga instructors have devoted their time to making yoga enjoyable and fascinating for students of all ages and abilities.

Storytime Yoga with Sydney Solis – Sun Salutations

Melbourne-based Sydney Solis is the founder of Storytime Yoga, which combines narration of myths and stories from different cultures throughout the world with yoga postures to create a unique experience. In addition to teaching children about the life-giving benefits and importance of the Sun, she guides them through the poses of the famous Surya Namaskar, often known as the Sun Salutation, while reciting this poem. Her laid-back approach demonstrates how vital it is to allow children to have fun while trying yoga and to let children to be children.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Since 2012, Jaime, a children’s yoga instructor, has been uploading Cosmic Kids Yoga videos to the YouTube channel. He or she has hundreds of movies, with episodes based on animal and letter themes, seasons, and even pop culture allusions that kids like, such as superheroes and Disney Princesses. She also provides guided meditations for kids to help them relax during quiet time. The Cosmic Kids Yoga videos are a combination of live action and animation, which will pique the attention of even the smallest children in the family, who will enjoy watching and imitating Jaime and the other Cosmic Yoga Kids while doing the postures.

Play in the Park – Yoga with Adriene

Thousands of people follow Adriene Mischler’s yoga videos on YouTube and Instagram, and she is a well-known social media yoga figure. In addition to offering adult lessons, she also offers a few yoga for kids DVDs that keep the small ones engaged in the practice as they grow older. At this practice, she and a 12-year-old buddy lay down mats in a park for a 30-minute sequence that has them jumping like frogs, soaking in the fresh air, and most importantly, connecting to their breath and moving in a way that feels natural and wonderful.

Yoga Ed. Intro Yoga class

Yoga Ed has been releasing free yoga videos to assist teachers and even new yoga practitioners in delving deeper into their practice and using it to aid children in the classroom since 2007. While watching this 20-minute film, not only do the children get to explore their bodies via various yoga asanas, but they are also encouraged to express their views in response to some questions regarding their relationship to how they breathe and move throughout the class.

Children as young as 3 to 5 years old can benefit from this engaging and participatory activity, which encourages them to consider how important movement, yoga and mindfulness are in their lives at a young age, even if they are not yet aware of the value of these things.

Yoga with Animals (ESL)

Children (and adults) who are learning English as a second language can benefit from yoga since it not only helps them to move, but it also helps them to engage their kinesthetic memory in the process of language learning and vocabulary acquisition. Individuals learn best when they are engaged through various senses and different intelligences, in contrast to the way most schools are now structured, with students sitting in seats for hours at a time while a teacher stands in front of the class at a blackboard.

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In addition to teaching English language learners about various animals, bodily parts, and motions, these yoga for kids videos also educate them to study with a smile on their face and to concentrate on their breathing.

Mindfulness meditation for kids

Many people can’t understand how they would go about persuading their children to sit calm and quiet for long enough to engage in a regular meditation practice. However, studies have shown that children who begin meditating at a young age do better in school and also learn to manage their emotions more effectively as they get older. Meditations for children should be done for only a few minutes at a time, and may be made simpler by using kid-friendly scripts that encourage them to utilize their imaginations while seated with their eyes closed and focusing on their breath.

5 minute body scan meditation for classrooms

More schools are introducing yoga and meditation into their curricula, but many instructors who do not engage in regular yoga practices themselves are still confused of how to include it into their lessons and lessons plans. This five-minute body scan is a simple method to introduce children to a mindful meditation practice by having them concentrate on each body region while closing their eyes. Breathing exercises for children, teachers, and even parents and other caregivers will teach them how to scan their bodies at regular intervals, even if it is only for five minutes.

Cute Kids Explain Yoga

It is common for children to imitate individuals who appear to be having a good time. The adorable youngsters in this Wanderlust film try their best to describe what they’re doing at yoga and why it feels good to them, and it’s a great watch. One or two of the youngsters have grasped the need of allowing themselves quiet time to unwind during the day (no more wrangling over nap time!) While some children just marvel at the fact that they can put their feet in their mouths — which isn’t quite a classical yoga asana, but they are certainly charming nevertheless — others are amazed that they can do so.

Yoga Dance Class

Jugnu Kids created this yoga video to engage children in the festivities around International Day of Yoga. Despite the fact that the movie is in Hindi, children of any cultural background will appreciate the adorable 3D animations and will be able to dance along to the music and moves depicted in the film.

As stated by Jugnu Kids, the yoga videos that they offer assist in focusing children’s attention on growth and development, as well as education, via the practice of yoga.

Teaching Yoga to Children with Autism

Yoga practice on a regular basis can be quite beneficial for children with special difficulties. Additionally, yoga helps to level the playing field amongst children with autism or other differently abled talents, which is beneficial for all of the kids. A yoga sequence is demonstrated in this video from the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD), in which a 7-year-old autistic boy, Roan, leads a session with Coach Dave to demonstrate how yoga may help all children.

Good Night Yoga Book Excerpt

Good Night Yoga is a book written by Mariam Gates that was released by Sounds True. This passage from the book is read aloud by Tami Simon, the founder of Sounds True, and it encourages parents and children to conclude their day in a quiet and attentive manner by doing yoga and meditation together. It is certain to put children into a beautiful dream state when accompanied with sights of birds returning to their nests or ladybugs settling quietly into the night.

Sesame Street Yoga

Sesame Street has been educating children for decades, and they are unquestionably ahead of their time in their approach. In spite of the fact that this video was uploaded to YouTube in 2009, the video quality and the fashion and hair trends that are seen in the film indicate that it was created in the mid-to-late 1980s. Despite the fact that Sesame Street was already teaching children to move and breathe via simple yoga activities, the show continued to do so. For many viewers who have grown up with the program, Gordon is a familiar face on Sesame Street, and he joins the youngsters as they explore their bodies on the mat.


There are many of yoga videos available on YouTube to assist you in getting your children involved in a daily yoga practice. Yoga not only has the potential to be entertaining and informative, but the emphasis on breathing, mindfulness, and body awareness can benefit children greatly in school and as they learn to deal with increasingly complicated emotions, pressures, and even worry as they go through life. These films are the ideal way to demonstrate to your children how much fun yoga can be, using funny stories, vibrant animation, and enthusiastic yoga instructors.

20 Best YouTube Yoga Channels for Gentle Movement

While your local gym or yoga studio may not be offering in-person yoga sessions at this time, you may still get your yoga fix from home by following these steps: You can enjoy your favorite type of yoga class in the comfort of your own home with the help of the top YouTube yoga videos. In an interview with SELF, registered yoga teacherHeather Freeman, the program manager ofYogaXat Stanford University, said that “YouTube yoga is a fantastic choice for individuals during the pandemic because it expands access to yoga.” As a result, whatever we would typically do for our mental health or social connection is restricted to what we can do in our own homes during this period of extraordinary stress, says the author.

Besides being handy, these YouTube yoga videos are also free, which makes them an excellent alternative for anyone who are experiencing financial difficulties at the moment, according to the author.

Looking to get your yoga practice off to a good start on YouTube? There are a plethora of options available—what here’s you need to know in order to pick the finest YouTube yoga sessions for your needs.

How to choose the best YouTube yoga channel for you

While your local gym or yoga studio may not be offering in-person yoga sessions at this time, you may still get your yoga fix from home by following these steps: 1. It is possible to enjoy your favorite type of yoga class in the comfort of your own home with the greatest YouTube yoga videos. As Heather Freeman, the program manager ofYogaX at Stanford University, explains to SELF, “YouTube yoga is an excellent alternative for those who are suffering from the flu because it expands access to yoga.” As a result, whatever we would typically do for our mental health or social connection is restricted to what we can do in our own homes during this period of extraordinary stress.

This also makes them a low-stakes option for newcomers who are intrigued about yoga but do not want to commit to a streaming service for sessions right from the get-go.

What you need to know to pick the finest YouTube yoga lessons for you is that there are a plethora of options available.

The best beginner YouTube yoga videos

Yoga instructor (insert title here) The founder of Aham Yoga, Arundhati Baitmangalkar, is an Indian immigrant who was once a Bollywood dancer and choreographer before opening her studio in Washington state. Aham Yoga publishes videos and offers online yoga courses on a regular basis. Those who are interested in yoga may find information on the channel, which includes workouts for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, as well as tutorials to help them improve their postures and learn more about the discipline of yoga.

Adriene Mishler is one of the uncontested queens of YouTube yoga, and she has a large following.

Yoga for Kids : Best Kids Yoga Videos on Youtube FREE

The practice of yoga for children may be a highly helpful activity for people of any age. It is, however, not always simple to maintain children’s attention in organized learning environments. Fortunately, there are several free online yoga videos for children that make yoga enjoyable. The top kids yoga videos on YouTube have been compiled in this article for you to view at your leisure any time.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga offers several advantages not only for adults, but also for youngsters who may benefit from it. Not only has yoga for kids been shown to increase children’s strength and flexibility, but it has also been shown to improve children’s focus, memory, and ability to manage stress and anxiety. Yoga videos may be used at home as an additional means of coping with the stress caused by screen time as well.

We are all aware that children like watching television at any time of day. Instead of passively watching television or playing video games, you can at least be assured that the yoga videos are also enhancing their health and well-being.

5 Fun Yoga Videos for Kids on Youtube

Below are some of the greatest yoga for kids videos available on YouTube that make yoga enjoyable for children. While many of the fundamental yoga postures and practices are included in these yoga videos for kids, many of them also feature entertaining stories and are created in a way that keeps youngsters interested and engaged.

1. Little Yoga Gems

In addition to the Little Yoga Gems channel, which produces free regular kids yoga adventure videos on YouTube that you can practice from the comfort of your own home, we have included a few more YouTube channels that we think you’ll enjoy. With Gemma, from Little Yoga Gems, your child’s imagination will be taken to an entirely new level as they go on their unique and thrilling yoga experiences. They range from travelling beneath the water and communicating with aquatic creatures via their shell phones to going to the farm and meeting the animals there.

2. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is one of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube for children, offering a variety of yoga activities that are specifically tailored to children with short attention spans. These yoga for kids videos are hosted by Jamie, who takes children on a mindfulness trip via entertaining stories, while also teaching them different yoga positions while having a good time. There are beginner yoga videos to teach children the fundamentals of yoga, as well as adventure videos with interactive stories that include some of the children’s favorites such as The Three Bears or Jack and the Beanstalk, but also include a variety of topics such as fairies, sharks, and other creatures.

However, during the yoga videos, kids are always moving and learning new things.

3. Yoga for Kids with Story Hive

With the assistance of two children, Story Hive has produced an excellent yoga film for children. Sophia Khan guides the audience through a family-friendly yoga introduction. This yoga video is more like a class, and it is appropriate for children from the age of three and up. The terminology that is utilized is especially intended to keep young children interested. Kids may work on their breathing and yoga poses while also learning about the fundamentals of yoga. There is a warm-up period and a cool-down period.

4. Karma Kids Yoga

The Karma Kids Yoga channel for kids offers videos that are a bit less formal than the first two we’ve shown you, but are still really engaging and entertaining. Sharon, the presenter, is quite animated and appears in a number of entertaining yoga videos for children.

Several short yoga films are available, each of which includes directions on how to perform particular positions. Longer yoga videos with a whole class incorporating music and tales, as well as props, are also available to keep youngsters involved and learning yoga.

5. Play in the Park Yoga for Kids

Yoga with Adriene is a yoga channel on YouTube that offers a variety of free and entertaining yoga videos for people of all ages. Those in school age and above, as well as those who have a decent concentration span, are the target audience for her unique yoga for kids film, which is situated in a park. Adriene teaches kids yoga with the assistance of a little assistant, using kid-friendly terminology and describing each position in a straightforward manner so that children understand and remain involved.

Fun Kids Activities at Home

Yoga videos for children are a fantastic method to keep children involved while also boosting their health and well-being at the same time. Exercise with your children at home may be be an enjoyable hobby if you practice yoga for kids. Are you looking for extra motivation? See our post on 50Fun Things to Do at Home with Kids for more ideas. and discover new activities to perform with your children at home. You may get more inspiration by following Mum’s Little Explorers on Facebook, and if you live in Melbourne, consider joining the Melbourne for KidsFacebook Group.

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