6 Sustainable Activewear Without Microplastics

Your Microplastic-Packed Gym Clothes Are Polluting the Oceans. These Sustainable Activewear Brands Want to Help.

You are well aware that plastic straws and single-use water bottles are detrimental to the environment. However, even if you’ve been drinking from a Nalgene for the previous five years, you might be contributing far more to plastic pollution than you realize. Your environment contains microplastics, which are little plastic particles measuring five millimeters or less in size – so small that you can’t even see them. Exercise clothing such as yoga pants, bicycle shorts, and sports bras frequently contain these plastics, which represent a significant threat to the food chain and sensitive ecosystems.

This cycle will be perpetuated up the food chain if the pollutants collect in their stomachs, as larger species consume the smaller creatures.” While some clothing companies have cleverly begun producing fabrics made from ocean plastic in an effort to upcycle trash that already exists, this practice does nothing to alleviate the microplastics problem because, once the clothes are washed, the recycled plastics simply end up back in the ocean.

First and foremost, if you want to limit your microplastic pollution footprint, you should carefully check the labels of each clothing you are thinking of purchasing.

Instead, choose for natural textiles such as linen, cotton, bamboo, and hemp, which are environmentally friendly.

Tencel, a fabric derived from wood that has been responsibly harvested, is another fabric to keep an eye out for.

Furthermore, the process of converting wood into fiber consumes less energy and water than the manufacture of cotton fiber.

Rolsky, “fortunately, we’re seeing a good trend in the correct direction with manufacturers that are putting out significant effort to identify acceptable fabric substitutes that are still light and breathable.” “Any amount of inventiveness and imagination is welcome in order to achieve a gradual transition to more sustainable alternatives,” says the author.

However, the brands listed below can help you start your search for environmentally friendly activewear.

Sustainable Activewear Brands for Reducing Your Microplastics

Aktiv, a Scandinavian-designed company, creates garments that are long-lasting rather than throwaway in nature. With a blend of Tencel and linen, it’s Vile Tee will keep you feeling comfortable and cool no matter how severe your workout goes. The astonishing capacity of FjällrävenWool to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot demonstrates that Mother Nature understands what she is doing. Fjällräven’s base-layer made entirely of merino wool will aid in the regulation of body temperature in any season.

  • A natural and extremely durable fiber, hemp requires little in the way of irrigation or pesticides, resulting in cultivating it having a little environmental impact — and its production has been shown to help benefit soil.
  • Rebellion in the United States What is one piece of apparel that knows no bounds?
  • They may be dressed up or down, and they can be worn everywhere.
  • A pair of Buddha PantsDraping your body in 100 percent cotton feels amazing, and Buddha Pants are no exception to this rule.
  • IbexThis performance tank is constructed entirely of Merino wool, which naturally wicks away moisture and has odor-resistant properties.
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9 Ethical and Sustainable Athletic Wear Brands

The most recent update was made on September 15, 2020. This year, I’d want to offer more round-up blogs to assist you in your buying endeavors. In the past, I’ve done one on underwear, linens, and my favorite holiday party gowns, among other things. I’ve had a lot of fun writing these pieces since I’m passionate about promoting environmentally friendly businesses. Of course, I am a staunch supporter of the second-hand market and offer excellent recommendations for navigating the second-hand market and finding second-hand retailers online.

  • These include undergarments, linens, and fitness gear.
  • Polyester is used to manufacture the majority of fitness clothing.
  • When polyester is woven across the body of a shirt, it allows moisture to travel from the skin through the shirt and out the other side.
  • In fact, it makes jogging virtually uncomfortable due to the itching my legs experience when running.
  • I’m presently working on a blog entry about microfiber pollution, which is a significant problem caused by the widespread use of polyester, acrylic, nylon, and other types of synthetic fabrics.

Try to let your items to air out before washing it. Then choose a micro-fiber bag, such as theguppyfriend, or a microfiber ball to store your items. More information on how I make money from sponsored posts may be found in my disclosure policy.

Ethical Workout Clothes

Yogavated is manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona. There is no waste at their firm since they obtain their textiles from deadstock material. Then preserve all of their leftovers throughout the manufacturing process and make them into tag strings and head bands, and they stuff dog beds with the smaller scraps that are donated to the local animal shelter — is there anything cuter than that? They collaborate with artists to develop their own mini-collection of items. I believe it’s a very wonderful collaboration, and you can see some of the artists who are featured on their website here.

The summit power legging and the redemption swoosh legging are two of my favorite pairs.

2. la relaxed:

LA Relaxed is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. The jumpsuit has received a great deal of attention after Oprah named it to be one of her favorite items of 2018. LA Relaxed is devoted to the use of sustainable, plant-based materials that are recognized for their ability to regulate body temperature. Made from sustainably harvested and recycled Beech wood through a low-impact, water-recycling manufacturing process, Modal is a dreamlike fabric that is luxuriously soft, breathable, and naturally thermoregulatory while still being environmentally friendly.

  • Organic Cotton, which is free of GMOs and pesticides, is combined with environmentally beneficial hemp to make a comfortable yet sturdy fabric.
  • Tencel: Made mostly from Eucalyptus trees in a closed-loop process that reduces the use of water and chemicals, Tencel textiles are naturally temperature regulating and antimicrobial, and they are becoming increasingly popular.
  • After owning numerous LA Relaxed items for a couple of years, I can attest that they are really soft and warm.
  • Two of my favorite items are the piped jogger in azure (which is, quite frankly, the jogging suit of my dreams) and the smooch sweatshirt in oatmeal (which is also my favorite).

3. prana:

Pranais are produced all over the world, but they adhere to high ethical standards and are environmentally friendly. This company introduced composting to their headquarters because the area where they are based does not supply composting – which I thought was really impressive. During the Christmas season, they make a donation to Outdoor Outreach from a part of the revenue from a chosen assortment of things they sell. This non-profit organization transforms lives by connecting underprivileged adolescents with the outdoors—a goal that has been near to our hearts for a number of years and one we are proud to support.

While I am a strong supporter of contemporary plant-based fibers such as Modal and Tencel, I believe that we must ensure that forests are handled in a sustainable manner.

It is extremely tough to accomplish since our rules in the United States demand that most clothing goods arrive to retailers separately wrapped in plastic.

It’s challenging to collaborate with distribution centers in a plastic-free manner, but that’s a topic for another blog post entirely. Some of my favorite pieces are this moss green outfit created with upcycled polybecksa 7/8 leggings andbecksa bralette.

4. girlfriend:

If you remember when girlfriend group first appeared on the market, they were one of the first to recycle plastic water bottles and transform them into sportswear. They had a massive influx of customers and are currently completely sold out of everything. What I enjoy about them is how extensive theirabout page is, including everything from how their fabric is manufactured to where they manufacture their products. “Taiwan, where we obtain all of our post-consumer water bottles, used to be known as “Garbage Island,” and this is where their plastic bottles originate from that they use to make cloth.

For those seeking to pick up a new set, my top favorites are the midnight compressive leggings, the midnight paloma bra, and the smoking margot wrap (all of which are now on sale).

5. outdoor voices:

Because of its vibrant hues, outdoor voices is one of my favorite types of music. They produce their products in the United States, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Italy, and Portugal. They place a high value on quality, adherence to worker safety regulations, fair salaries and benefits, and a commitment to reducing environmental consequences such as water waste and emissions. When it comes to fabrics, the company’s website states that they “work with professionals across the world to produce high quality, made-to-sweat-intextiles.” While activewear has a reputation for being difficult to make and recycle, we are committed to developing ways to create our materials and designs in a more environmentally friendly manner.” Rec Poly (recycled polyester) fabric, which is made from post-consumer water bottles that have been melted down and transformed into fibers, is a favorite of ours.” For our Merino gear, we collaborate with Global Merino, who are pioneers in procuring sustainably grown wool that is bluesign® certified and can trace its fibers back to the sheep from whom they were derived.” Our Seamless line also helps to reduce waste, since these designs are knitted as a tube rather than being cut and sewed together, resulting in less wasteful scraps.” I really appreciate the fact that you may save money by purchasing a set!

Buying sets together is something I enjoy doing, so it’s fantastic that they promote and even reward you for mixing and matching.

Could it possibly be obvious that I have a thing for blue fitness clothing?

6. alternative apparel:

Alternative Apparel is a fashion and lifestyle company that is most recognized for its dedication to sustainability, as well as its comfort and simplicity. They guarantee that everyone in their supply chain works in a fair, safe, and clean environment, and they prioritize the use of environmentally friendly textiles such as organic cotton and post-consumer recycled polyester. Every year, they recycle around 120,000 bottles of polyester. They color their clothes using low-impact dyes and soften them with biodegradable fabric softeners, and they wash their clothes with recovered water.

Each year, their environmentally smart packaging saves 2,100 trees, 400 cubic yards of landfill space, 860 thousand gallons of water, and 120 tons of CO2. Theeco-fleece hoodie and thefrench terry shorts are two of my favorite pieces.

7. tentree:

Tentree is one of my favorite brands of active apparel for men and women. In this post on my five autumn hiking needs, I talked a lot about how important they are. Tentree was established in 2012 with the mission of providing well-crafted, environmentally friendly clothes while also planting ten trees for every purchase. The organization has planted more than 24 million trees as of today. Yes, you read that correctly: 24 MILLION trees have been planted to date. These trees have been planted in a variety of locations, including Canada, the United States, Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Senegal, and Cambodia, among others.

Aside from their incredible projects, they also employ environmentally friendly textiles like as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

The organic cotton bamone pant is constructed with a relaxed fit.

8. satva:

What I stated about jogging with cotton is still relevant today. I was completely wrong, as it turns out. When I first started wearing Satva’s organic cotton leggings, I found that my old non-organic cotton leggings were not built for activity and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Satva has figured out how to breach the code. They’ve mastered the use of both high-tech training equipment and organic natural fibers to achieve their goals. These leggings are the ones that I’m reaching for the most at the moment.

They are committed to enhancing the lives and economic success of small and marginal organic farmers in India, as well as other developing countries.

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One of my favorite pieces is the Giri semi-fitted gray jacket, another is the Kosha bra top, and the third is the Perma high-waisted leggings These leggings are really gorgeous!

9. icebreaker:

This is yet another natural fiber company that I STRONGLY recommend. I purchased my first pair of Icebreaker leggings last year, and I have since purchased two additional pairs of the brand. Also from them, I have four t-shirts and a sports bra in addition to my motorcycle shorts. Icebreaker is fast becoming one of my go-to workout beverages. Icebreaker is composed mostly of merino wool, which has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and is excellent at regulating body temperature. Mercerized wool naturally wicks moisture away from the body, allowing you to be comfortable while participating in even the most demanding outdoor activities.

Every year, they publish a transparency report that covers a wide range of topics, including social responsibility, worker safety, animal welfare, and environmental integrity.

Are there any sustainable activewear brands that you really like? Please let me know about them in the comments area below, and I will look into it.

17 Ethical & Sustainable Activewear Brands for a More Sustainable Workout

It should come as no surprise that Patagonia made the list of the best environmentally friendly sportswear brands. After all, they were established by a former professional rock climber! You can get everything you need for a major trek, run, or brisk stroll (even if it’s only to the refrigerator.) in their vast selection of outdoor wear, which includes sustainable tees, sweatshirts, leggings, jackets, and sustainable sweatpants, among other things. In addition, they provide all of this for the entire family.

Patagonia’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices

Materials: Their materials are extensive and impressive, and include many of our favorites, such as hemp, lyocell, recycled cotton, organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, RDS-certified down, ethical wool, recycled wool, and even recycled spandex. Hemp, lyocell, recycled cotton, organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester As part of this effort, they are also helping the generative agriculture movement by testing the first-ever certification. Labor abuses in the supply chain: Fashion Revolution’sFashion Transparency Index consistently ranks the brand among the top performers year after year.

Business methods that are environmentally friendly: Patagonia is well on its way to employing 100 percent renewable and recycled raw materials.

Their Worn Wearprogram takes discarded Patagonia garments, fixes them, and either resells or recycles the items they receive.

Patagonia ensures that outdoor adventure is not restricted by physical limitations.

According to their website, they describe themselves as “a white-led outdoor firm that is heavily based on recreation on stolen Native lands that are not yet safe for everybody.” Therefore, they are attempting to establish themselves as an anti-racism organization by hiring more people of color and promoting awareness.

When it comes to campaigning for our planet, they’re a formidable force, and the Patagonia Action Worksorganization makes it easy for us to become engaged.


With the arrival of the new year, you may get a sudden rush of enthusiasm to begin exercising more, only to find that you require new sportswear. It might be because you don’t have enough, or that your old clothes aren’t cutting it any more – whatever the reason, it’s preferable to shop from firms who are committed to making a good difference in the world. Virgin polyester textiles are used in the production of a large number of sportswear brands, which is merely a fancy word for synthetic plastic clothes.

  1. This results in the release of massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions into our environment, all for the purpose of financial gain.
  2. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “new year, new you” repeated ad nauseam by now.
  3. Conventional sportswear businesses are unconcerned with the environmental impact of their products and do not provide this information.
  4. Here are eight zero-waste and environmentally friendly sportswear brands that you’ll want in your closet as soon as possible.

This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. To put it another way, if you decide to purchase one of these things, I will receive a very little commission at no additional cost to you. For further information, please refer to my disclosure policy.

What’s so bad about conventional activewear?

The beginning of the new year may bring on an unexpected rush of enthusiasm to begin exercising more, only for you to find that you require new sportswear. No matter what the reason is for your purchase – whether you don’t have enough money or your old clothes aren’t cutting it any more – it’s preferable to support firms who are committed to making a good difference in the world. Virgin polyester materials are used in the production of numerous sportswear brands, which is basically a fancy word for plastic synthetic apparel.

  1. As a result, a great deal of greenhouse gas emissions are released into our environment, all for the purpose of financial gain.
  2. After hearing the phrase “new year, new you” several times, I’m sure you’ve grown tired of hearing it lately.
  3. Traditionally, athletic businesses have little concern for the environmental impact of their goods and instead focus on increasing sales.
  4. This list has eight zero-waste and environmentally friendly athletic businesses that you’ll want to stock your closet with as soon as possible.
  5. As a result, if you decide to purchase one of these things, I will receive a tiny commission at no additional cost to you.

What are some eco-friendly materials that should be in my activewear?

The thing is, if you’re going to be performing any high-intensity activities, you shouldn’t be wearing cotton. Have you ever tried to jog while wearing cotton leggings? If so, how did it go? For begin, it will cause severe itching in your legs. So, what are some eco-friendly materials that we can genuinely rely on to have a lesser carbon impact while also providing high performance without sacrificing style?

  • Polyester, nylon, or elastane that has been recycled
  • Viscose, lyocell, tencel, or modal are all examples of natural fibers. Cotton and hemp grown organically

Polyester, nylon, or elastane made from recycled materials Recycled polyester is a high-performing material that is also environmentally friendly. Because of its flexibility, it is sometimes combined with spandex or elastane for further comfort. It’s a fantastic method to put plastic garbage to good use in a creative way. A large amount of recycled polyester is known as rPET, and it is manufactured from PET bottles, worn clothing, and industrial polyester waste, amongst other sources. Repreve is yet another popular recycled polyester name that refers to polyester that has been manufactured from recycled water bottles.

Viscose, lyocell, tencel, or modal are all examples of natural fibers.

The fact that they are biodegradable means that they are excellent materials for sportswear.

These are natural textiles that are suitable for low-impact activities such as mild yoga or pilates. In addition, they are pesticide-free and biodegradable, which is beneficial to the environment. Although they are not as high-performing as other materials, they are quite light and breathable.

Eco-Friendly Activewear Brands

Adult and children’s activewear are available (Fleeces, leggings, jackets, sweaters, swimwear, etc.) Activewear designed exclusively for sports is the best choice (they have stuff specifically for running, mountain biking, climbing, etc) Price:$$-$$$ Sizes available: XXS – XXL Resources made from recycled materials; fair trade; organic; B corporation; eco activism; and a commitment to giving back Patagonia is one of my favorite brands, and I currently have four outfits from them in my closet.

  • I had just recently started running and decided to invest in some high-quality equipment, so it was only logical that I go with Patagonia.
  • I personally own the women’s R2 TechFace Hoody, Endless Run Tights, Cool Trail Tank Top, and Switchback Sports Bra, all of which are available on Amazon.
  • And they do a fantastic job of wicking away perspiration!
  • These are the products that I use.
  • For anyone searching for high-performance gear for winter sports such as snow skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, trail running, mountain biking, fly fishing, or kitesurfing, Patagonia is the place to go.


Women’s activewear is one of the products offered (leggings, shorts, sports bra, tanks) Suitable for:Comfortable activewear that you can walk about in, as well as recline inPrices range from $$ to $$ Sizes available: XS – XL Sustainability: Bamboo viscose, organic cotton, ECOCERT certified, demonstrates the beneficial effect of each item purchased, is responsibly manufactured, and contributes back to the community.

  • I myself have some Boody sportswear, which I just adore because it is extremely comfortable and high-quality gear.
  • I’ve run in this outfit in the past, and let me just say that those leggings are AMAZING at keeping me warm in the cold.
  • What I appreciate the most about Boody Wear is that their outfits are reasonably priced and made of bamboo viscose, which is environmentally friendly.
  • It is also ideal for people with sensitive skin since them will not irritate it.

3.Outdoor Voices

Adult activewear is one of the products available (crop tops, leggings, tanks, shorts) Crop shirts are the best choice. Price:$$-$$$ Sizes available: XS – XL Material and packaging recycling, giving back, conscientious manufacture, and plans to start a take-back and repair program in the near future are all examples of sustainability. Outdoor Voices is a brand that can be a good fit for you if you’re seeking for sportswear with unique designs and vibrant colors. They have some really good and adorable color options (helloooo red leggings!) that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

And it would be very adorable when coupled with the matching crop top.

This means you can wear any of their sportswear while going to the gym, walking the dog, or just sitting around the home — it’s that adaptable.

All client shipments are delivered in recyclable paper envelopes or cardboard boxes made entirely of recycled paper. Also being tested is an initiative to replace poly bags (the polymers that preserve garments while in transit) with paper alternatives instead of plastic bags.


Adult activewear is one of the products (crop tops, leggings, tanks, shorts) Crop tops are the most suitable. Price:$$-$$$ XS – XL are the available sizes. Material and packaging recycling, giving back, intelligent manufacturing, and plans to start a take-back and repair program in the near future are all examples of sustainability. When it comes to sportswear, Outdoor Voices may be the best option if you want some fun designs and vibrant colors to stand out. Some of the color options (helloooo red leggings!) are really great and will make you stick out from the crowd.

And it would be very adorable when worn with the matching crop top.

This means you can wear any of their sportswear while going to the gym, walking the dog, or just sitting around the home — it’s that adaptable.

Our customers’ packages are sent in envelopes or boxes that are 100 percent recycled paper.


Women’s activewear is one of the products offered (leggings, sports bra, hoodies, graphic athletic tees) Best for: Activewear that is both comfortable and economical. Price:$-$$ Sizes available: XS – XL Sustainability: B Corporation, ethical production, environmentally friendly materials, planting 10 trees with every purchase, demonstrating the beneficial impact of each item purchased, and giving back TenTree has only recently begun production of an official activewear collection, which is quite exciting to see.

Their freshly announced athletic range contains recycled polyester, which is environmentally friendly.

6.Organic Basics

Adult activewear is one of the products available (leggings, sports bra, shorts, active tees, tanks, socks) Basics and comfortable activewear are the best choices. Price:$$ Sizes range from XS to XXL. Sustainability: B Corporation, environmentally friendly materials and processes, ethical manufacturing, GOTS certified, low-impact website, among other things. Organic Basics exclusively uses textiles that are either renewable, recyclable, natural, or biodegradable. Essentially, this translates into recycled nylon sportswear that conserves water and energy and Tencel tank tops (made from ethically sourced wood pulp) that are comfortable to wear while moving around your home or office.

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The company donates a percentage of its income to grassroots activists and environmental organizations twice a year, in order to combat the climate catastrophe.

While it comes to active hipster briefs, I’d be interested in trying them out since, let’s face it, you need decent sweat-wicking underwear when you’re working out!

7.Girlfriend Collective

Women’s activewear is one of the products offered (tops, leggings, sports bras, tanks, tees, shorts, sweats, outerwear) Activewear with a wide variety of sizes is ideal for: Price:$$ Sizes range from XXS to 6XL. Sustainability: Recycled materials, environmentally friendly packaging, ethical manufacturing, demonstrates the beneficial impact of each item purchased, and provides a donation. Girlfriend Collective not only creates gorgeous gear out of recycled plastic bottles, but they’re also one of the only sustainable activewear manufacturers that caters to women of all body shapes and sizes.

They’re also really reasonably priced, which is a huge plus in my opinion.

Don’t throw away their packaging since it is 100 percent recyclable and recyclable.

I particularly adore their high rise pocket leggings – especially in the color plum – since each pair saves 25 bottles from being disposed of in trash.


Adult activewear and essentials are available. For those looking for:affordable essentials + yoga apparelPrice range:$Sizes: xs to xxxl Organic cotton, fair trade, GOTS certified, careful packaging, carbon offset shipping, and a give back box are all examples of sustainability. Pact is one of my favorite brands, and I have a slew of their clothes items in my wardrobe. The same goes for their leggings, which are excellent for performing yoga in or going for a brisk stroll in. While I wouldn’t necessarily grab for these during a high-intensity exercise, they are quite comfortable to the point that I wear them as everyday wear as well as training clothes.

  • In all of their apparel, Pact uses GOTS certified organic cotton, which is something I really like.
  • In addition, Pact utilizes paper envelopes manufactured from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paperboard and plastic bags created from biodegradable plastic to package its products.
  • A fair trade certification ensures that Pact apparel is produced in factories that benefit local communities, provide safe working conditions, and safeguard the environment.
  • Check out myzero waste granola bar recipe for additional health-related inspiration.

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A Guide to Sustainable Activewear Brands for Your Workout Routine — Sustainably Chic

Image courtesy ofGirlfriend Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. This post has also been sponsored in part by Arms of Andes, Tenere, Inhala, and OpokKaira, among other companies. We only ever include brands and products in which we have complete faith! We could probably get away with working out in our everyday clothes, such as a t-shirt and leggings that we already have in our closet, but there is something about dressing in a dedicated activewear outfit that makes our fitness much more comfortable.

What to Look for When Shopping Sustainable Activewear

The following are some questions I ask myself while I’m looking for sportswear. 1) Was it produced in an ethical manner? 2) What is the material that it is constructed of? The products we include on Sustainably Chic always adhere to a high level of ethical production practices, and if you have any questions about an unlisted brand, simply contact them! If you can’t locate the information on their website, a brief email should provide you with the necessary information. This is a difficult piece to work with in terms of materials.

These fibers do not lose micro-plastics in the same way as recycled polyester fibers do.

More information about this subject may be found here.

Here are 12 sustainable activewear brands you will love wearing during your workouts:

The material |ECONYLPrice ranges from $59 to $86. Kaira Active is on a mission to safeguard the seas and motivate people to participate in outdoor activities. Their sleek, elegant, and adaptable leggings and bras are manufactured from eco-friendly Fair Trade and OEKO-TEX certified ECONYL (which is derived from recycled fishing nets) and REPREVE (which is formed from recycled plastic bottles) (recycled polyester). Everything is responsibly sourced in California, and a portion of every transaction is donated to the non-profit Healthy Seas, which promotes ocean health.


Price ranges from $68 to $118 depending on the material used. Tenere is a new sportswear company that has emerged on the sustainable fashion market. Tenere creates athletic bottoms for both men and women that are comfortable and stylish. Not only does Tenere use all recycled materials (even the elastane is recycled), but they also believe in the need of radical transparency.

Each product comes with a QR code that can be used to learn more about the product’s supply chain. Furthermore, they are more comprehensive in terms of size than others, offering sizes up to 3x.

3)Inhala Soulwear

Price ranges from $68 to $118 depending on the material. Men’s and women’s athletic bottoms are being created by Tenere, a new fitness company to join the sustainable fashion industry. Not only does Tenere use all recycled materials (even the elastane is recycled), but they also believe in the need of extreme transparency. Each product is labeled with a QR code that may be used to learn more about the product’s manufacturing and distribution processes. Furthermore, they are more inclusive in terms of size than others, with sizes ranging from small to 3x in most cases.

4)Arms of Andes

Price ranges from $60 to $250 depending on the material. If you are seeking for high-performance, environmentally friendly outdoor clothing, this is the place to go! Arms of Andesis is a brand that originates in the Andes Mountains and uses only 100 percent alpaca wool in all of their designs. It is not only true that their alpaca wool is sourced from small-scale indigenous growers, but that they also manufacture all of their clothes in Peru. So, what’s the deal, alpaca? Because it is natural, biodegradable, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and breathable, it is ideal for usage in outdoor environments.


Materials |GOTS Organic CottonPrice |$48This is a fantastic eco-friendly sportswear brand designed specifically for guys! You might choose Opok if you’re seeking for a more environmentally responsible alternative to those super-soft and high-performance Lululemon shirts. Opok was founded by two water polo players who were members of the United States national team. The company began by manufacturing organic cotton boxer briefs and is currently expanding its product line to include athleticwear that is dyed with non-toxic colors.


Material |OEKO-TEX certified Recycled Polyester Elastomer (RPET)Price range |$36-108 Are you looking for a way to put a bit more pep in your step when working out? Look no farther than Wolven for answers. Their eye-catching patterns are just what you need to make working out more enjoyable. I appreciate the idea that many of their outfits can be worn on a daily basis, rather than just to the gym. It is possible to get pieces in a variety of styles, designs, and colors – as well as some excellent solid pieces (which would be fantastic for mixing and matching with all of their prints!


ECONYL®, recycled PET, recycled nylon, cupro are some of the materials available.Price ranges from $38 to $78. This brand is the finest when it comes to accommodating customers of all sizes. Girlfriend is available in sizes up to 6X, and she has a wide variety of colors and styles to pick from. Their materials are diverse, but all are manufactured from post-consumer waste, which is an important consideration for them. Their facility in Taiwan specializes in eco-friendly and high-quality cloth, and their ethical cut-and-sew factory in Hanoi, Vietnam, is SA8000 accredited and committed to ethical manufacturing.

8)Organic Basics

|Tencel, organic cotton, and recycled nylon are some of the materials used. Price ranges from $42 to $98. For those wishing to purchase essentials in bulk, this is a fantastic company from which to choose. Beyond their soft underwear, Organic Basics also offers basic crew necks, socks, and an excellent athletic range that is constructed with Polygiene® Stay Fresh technology, which helps to reduce washing loads to a bare minimum.

One of their sets from the Silvertech collection is one of my favorites, and I have it!


Price ranges from $25 to $45 for organic cotton. I have a couple of pairs of their leggings and tanks, which are excellent for working out. For those who do not enjoy “athletic” attire, this organic cotton apparel is a superb option that is also environmentally friendly. While it has the appearance of normal loungewear, it is surprisingly cheap. After having one pair of their leggings for six years, I can vouch for the fact that the quality remains excellent wash after wash and use after wear!


Material |Polyester from recycled sources Price ranges from $45 to $58. A socially responsible firm that produces ethical apparel and grows trees. The Tentree Foundation has so far planted over 43 MILLION trees! Not only that, but they also make an effort to keep their apparel as affordable as possible in terms of price ranges. When they created YouWear, they wanted to provide you with the most environmentally friendly sportswear available without losing stretchy comfort.

11)Azura Bay

Materials |Organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, and tencel are among the options. Price ranges from $39 to $89 This location offers everything you could possibly need for your underwear, loungewear, and athletic drawers! Organic Basics and Groceries Apparel are just a couple of the fantastic brands available in Azura Bay’s athletic collection. Make sure to pick up a pair of underwear while you’re there. They offer a fantastic assortment that has been carefully picked!

12)Made Trade

Organic cotton, Modal, and Bamboo are among the materials used. Price ranges from $38 to $110 Made Trade is one of the most well-curated sustainable fashion homes on the internet, and it is home to various distinct athleisure businesses, among others. They provide a large selection of training clothes to choose from, ranging from joggers to soft shirts. This particular brand, which you can see here, is one that I particularly like. They go by the name of Mary Young, and they come in a variety of vibrant hues.

OM Matters

What about the yoga practice cards I posted on the blog last year? Do you remember them? As a result, OM Matters has developed aFREE app where you can access those cards, as well as articles about the 8-limbed journey, inspiring quotations, and diary lessons. Additionally, OM Matters offers a yoga apparel line, from which a portion of the proceeds is donated to fund yoga programs for at-risk adolescents.


Our Brand Directory has hundreds of environmentally friendly companies ranging from cosmetics to cleaning supplies, from underwear to shoes. We’ve organized everything by category to make buying easier, and we’ve included exclusive discount coupons just for Sustainably Chic readers.

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15 Best Sustainable Activewear Brands In 2022: The Top Ethical Workout Clothes Reviewed

Do you enjoy wearing activewear and athleisure? Do you wish there were more eco-friendly, long-lasting sportswear companies on the market? What’s more, guess what? Yes, there are! As a result, you can now take care of your health while also caring for the environment. Improve your workout fashion choices while minimizing your impact on the environment. Given the expectation that sportswear would have high-performance characteristics, the vast majority of workout gear is constructed of synthetic fibers.

Compositions derived from recycled, upcycled, or regenerated material, such as recycled polyester or ECONYL (regenerated nylon), are also excellent choices for creating comfortable athletic garments.

So, what are the top activewear brands to keep an eye out for if you’re seeking for environmentally friendly athletic wear? Let’s have a look and see.

Best Sustainable Activewear and Workout Clothes

We’ve compiled a list of 15 of the top sustainable fitness brands that don’t sacrifice ethics for the sake of design and functionality.

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1.Organic Basics

Organic Basics manufactures a wide range of clothes, including activewear such as leggings, tank tops, yoga trousers, sports bras, and other items of clothing. Its sustainable activewear is created from natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable, and low-impact materials, such as organic cotton, Tencel, recycled nylon, and recycled wool, among others. Its sustainable activewear is made in the United States. Besides being soft, the activewear pieces also include odor-controlling and heat-regulating properties.

In addition, the manufacturers must hold renowned third-party certifications, such as the OEKO-TEX Standard, the EU Eco-Label, the SEDEX, and the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Denmark is where the company is based.


2.Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective creates leggings, bras, shirts, and shorts out of recycled polyester fabric made from post-consumer plastic bottles and fishing nets. They are available in several colors and sizes. So far, the firm has recycled 4,482,875 bottles and avoided the emission of 3,811,434 kg of CO2. You would never suspect that the garments are created from recycled plastic materials because they are designed to look just like typical athletic outfits. The Girlfriend Collective will not only use recycled materials, but they will also take back your old Girlfriend pieces and transform them into fresh new Girlfriend pieces.

It is also an inclusive brand that employs a varied range of models in its advertising campaigns.

Ships to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


3.PACT Sustainable Activewear

PACT is on a quest to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly. Organic cotton produced in a fair trade mill is the sole fabric used by the company. All of their clothing is reasonably priced and easily available. It is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which implies that all of the materials used by the firm are sourced in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. PACT’s sportswear is exceptionally comfortable to wear while still providing excellent performance.

Leggings from the brand’s ‘go-to’ collection are a favorite among many.

They are extremely comfy and adaptable. You can wear them to relax at home or to go to yoga classes. The company is based in Colorado, United States. International shipping is available. SHOP CONTRACT

4.Boody Workout Clothes

Boody creates sportswear that is basic in design but attractive in appearance, all produced from environmentally friendly materials. For its sportswear, the business employs viscose derived from eco-certified bamboo, which is then combined with nylon and elastane to create a final material that is both lightweight and durable. Their ethical training clothing are breathable and thermo-regulating, making them ideal for hot climates. Leggings, shorts, sports bras, tanks, shirts, and a variety of other items are available.

Sydney, Australia is where the company is based.



In addition to training clothing, running clothes, and outdoor gear for all seasons, Tentree also manufactures a selection of accessories. Movement and everything else that helps you feel like yourself are supported by Tentree’s sportswear. Sustainable materials like as Tencel, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp are used in the production of Tentree sportswear. In order to reduce odor, moisture, and germs, the pieces include environmentally friendly drirelease® and zinc-based additives.

The firm is continually exploring for new and inventive ways to manufacture garments with the minimal possible environmental impact and to establish more circular supply chains.

Tentree is devoted to making the environment better and more sustainable in all aspects of its operations.


6.Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is an eco-friendly athleisure business that designs and manufactures sportswear using a variety of environmentally friendly materials as its foundation. Some of the materials used include recycled polyester manufactured from post-consumer water bottles that are melted down and transformed into a lightweight breathable fabric, as well as merino wool that has been acquired ethically and sustainably. Men’s and women’s activewear are available, and their garments are well-designed and will look nice in any casual setting, including the gym.

Outdoor Voices is devoted to fair trade, and as a result, it takes good care of its domestic and international factory partners, placing a high priority on fair working conditions and ethical labor standards in all of their operations.

Austin, Texas, is where the company is based. Ships to addresses in the United States and Canada. Shop for environmentally friendly sportswear at Outdoor Voices. OUTDOOR VOICES FROM THE SHOP

7.Reprise Activewear

Outdoor Voices is an eco-friendly athleisure business that designs and manufactures sportswear using a variety of environmentally friendly materials as the foundation. A few of the materials used are recycled polyester manufactured from post-consumer water bottles that are melted down and transformed into a lightweight, breathable fabric, and ethically sourced, organic merino wool. They feature a selection of both men’s and women’s sportswear, and their garments are well-designed and would look great in any informal atmosphere.

The commitment to fair trade means that Outdoor Voices looks after its domestic and international manufacturing partners, placing a high priority on fair working conditions and ethical labor practices.

Buy sustainable sportswear from Outdoor Voices.

8.Wolven Sutainable Activewear

When it comes to activewear, Wolven has you covered. The brand’s collection of joggers, sports bras, leggings, and shorts are made from OEKO-TEX certified rPET derived from recycled plastic bottles. The activewear is produced in small batches in either Los Angeles or environmentally conscious factories in China. The brand’s sustainable gear is meant to complement your active lifestyle – whether you’re hiking, running, or practicing yoga. With every purchase, Wolven helps to eliminate a pound of plastic garbage from the ocean.Based in Los Angeles, USA, Wolven ships worldwide.SHOP WOLVEN


Athleta sells ethical sportswear created from environmentally friendly materials like as recycled polyester, recycled nylon, econyl, TENCEL, organic cotton, and other eco-friendly materials. Yoga tights, turtlenecks for cold-weather training, skorts for tennis, and bathing suits for swimming are among the athletic options available from the company. 76 percent of Athleta’s fabrics are manufactured from environmentally friendly fibers and offer quick-drying, anti-chafing, and water-resistant properties.

California, United States of America is where the company is based.



Summersalt offers a sportswear collection that focuses on adaptability and utility, and it’s very stunning. Activewear from the company features high-impact pieces that are ready for a workout, such as sports bras, swishy shorts, and leggings. These items are available in a variety of colorful hues, including a marbled blue, pale-green sage, high-sheen navy, and a ditsy floral print. Double seams are used in the construction of Summersalt leggings to provide additional stability and to ensure that they are perfectly smooth on the inside.

In addition to being environmentally responsible, Summersalt sportswear is created from a recycled material that is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and knitted to create fabric. Based in the state of Missouri in the United States. SUMMERSAULT SHOP SUMMERSAULT

11. Allbirds

Allbirds is an athletic business that is best known for their environmentally friendly footwear, but has recently moved into clothes. The clothing produced by the firm is constructed of merino wool, Tencel, and TrinoXO, a novel sustainable material formed from the discarded shells of marine animals. Allbirds’ activewear line is comprised of four items, which are as follows: The collection includes a T-shirt made of a naturally derived fabric manufactured from discarded seashells, a cardigan and sweater made of ZQ-certified New Zealand merino wool, as well as merino and Tencel puffers.

They’re lightweight, breathable, and easy to wear all day.

The Allbirds online store offers everything you need to get in shape, whether it’s a new pair of running shoes or the perfect gym top.

Shipping is only available inside the continental United States.

12. Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is an ethical and ecological fashion business that offers comfortable essentials and activewear for both men and women at a reasonable price. All of the ethical athletic clothing produced by the firm is made from environmentally friendly textiles such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Lenzing Modal. Collaboration with manufacturers that have received industrial certifications helps the brand to pursue its aim of environmental sustainability. A partnership with the International Rescue Committee has also been established, with the International Rescue Committee donating a share of its profits to help communities in need across the world.

Ships to any country in the globe.

13. Patagonia

Patagonia has already established itself as one of the most ethical brands in the world, owing to the fact that sustainability is at the heart of the company’s business strategy. When it comes to its activewear, you can be confident that the quality will be great, and that you will be able to get everything you need for your chosen sport, from apparel to accessories to bags, in one place. Organic cotton, Tencel® lyocell, and hemp are among the eco-friendly materials used by the business to create its fitness collections.

Patagonia distributes (at least) one percent of their sales to grassroots environmental groups working to safeguard the environment.

International shipping is available.

14. prAna

PrAnah has been making Fair Trade Certified apparel from sustainable fabrics that is perfect for wearing in the great outdoors, when practicing yoga, or going on an adventure. Activewear, menswear, and womenswear are all available, as are accessories like as purses, eco-friendly yoga mats, and headgear. The brand also offers a variety of footwear options. Organic cotton and recycled wool are used in the production of prAna’s sportswear. All of the company’s products are manufactured in Fair Trade Certified facilities.

California, United States of America is where the company is based. Ships to any country in the globe. Take a peek at prAna’s environmentally friendly apparel.

15. ourCommonplace

OurCommonplace curates sportswear that is functional, stylish, and environmentally responsible, so you may move freely in it. The ethical sportswear available in this marketplace is manufactured by sustainable businesses that you can put your faith in. These environmentally aware manufacturers offer fitness clothes for ladies out of high-quality post-consumer and recycled materials that are not only fashionable but also ecologically friendly and safe. The company’s sportswear is meant to be comfortable while yet providing great performance.

Leggings, bra tops, tank tops, and shorts are all available in a variety of contemporary styles to pick from.

International shipping is available.

What Makes Activewear SustainableEthical?

The majority of popular sportswear is constructed of synthetic textiles such as polyester, nylon, and lycra, among others. Plastics are present in such products, and they cause significant environmental damage. When you wash this type of sportswear, microscopic micro-plastics can break off and wind up in our seas, where they can harm marine life. In accordance with data, the textile sector manufactures synthetic chemicals and dyes that account for over 20% of all industrial water contamination.

For example, cotton production alone consumes 2.6 percent of the world’s total freshwater supply.

Sustainable activewear is designed, made, marketed, and utilized in the most environmentally friendly way possible to minimize environmental impact.

Others make use of natural, biodegradable materials such as cotton and bamboo, which are derived from renewable resources and have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Even better, some companies go the extra mile and employ sustainable energy sources.

Clothing that is ethical and environmentally friendly is covered in another article.

They accomplish this by utilizing natural and recycled materials and adhering to fair trade and ethical labor policies.

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