Connecting with Nature Helps You and Mother Earth

Why is connecting with nature is so profoundly healing?

What I am certain of is that you have observed how nice you feel after taking a walk in the woods? Alternatively, think of how peaceful you feel when you’re sitting in a park, pottering around in a garden, walking barefoot on the beach, or even sitting on the grass. Connecting with the Earth has a way of bringing our internal rhythms into harmony, bringing inner serenity, and recharging our batteries at the same time. My personal experience has been that Mother Earth and a deep connection with nature, above all else, have proven to be the most powerful healers in my life, no matter how difficult the circumstances have been.

The frequency of Mother Earth induces calm and intuition

Mother Earth is an electromagnetic creature — and so are we! We are formed of the same substance. Not unexpectedly, when we interact with nature our energy frequency begins to vibrate the same frequency as the Earth. We attune to her heartbeat, her breath and she holds us.

The modern world disconnection

As a result of our contemporary environment, we have become increasingly estranged from our natural surroundings. We live indoors, wear shoes that form a barrier between us and the earth, work in offices, are subjected to continual distraction and hyper-stimulation, and, as a result, have a clear lack of connection with nature (at least for many of us). Electronic frequencies (EMF) from the vast array of electronics and appliances which surround us are picked up by us in our “modern” world, which we refer to as “modernity.” In essence, we are continually absorbing frequencies that are not particularly supportive of our brains and our bodies; frequencies that are at odds with our natural resonance.

Like an electrical cable flipping all over the place

We get unearthed if we are not linked to the Earth (I assume this is similar to an electrical line that is not grounded, flipping all over the place). We will have a tough time discharging the frequencies that we have taken on board if we do not have a solid grounding. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and swept away by the chaos of the universe. Negative energies/projections from people, energy from the ‘go-go-go’ hyper-stimulation of the modern world, unnatural objects, and other tough situations are all included in the term “energies.” Stress and anxiety are produced as a result of this strain on our system.

We cannot experience the tremendous sensation of supported peace and well-being that occurs naturally when we are connected to the Earth until we have established a relationship with it.

Bringing us back to life

It is actually bringing us to life when we connect with the Earth. It provides us with oxygen. It helps to replenish and revitalize our energy field. Mother Earth’s frequency is highly restorative in its healing properties. Because of this, it is well suited for optimal human beingness. Earth is like to a massive battery — when we connect with it, we recharge!

How does connecting with nature help our well-being?

Making a connection with the Earth is a quick and effective approach to release undesired energies (mental, physical, and emotional). Making a connection with the Earth also helps to replenish and renew our energy field. It is possible to have an immediate sensation of tranquility by connecting with the Earth. Connecting with the Earth helps you to be more mentally and emotionally clear. Connecting with the Earth facilitates our ability to connect with our genuine selves.

Depression and anxiety can be alleviated by reconnecting with the natural world. It is possible that the mental and emotional well-being connected with connecting with the Earth will have a good spillover impact on other obstacles in our life, such as physical challenges, sickness and illness.

Becoming Earthed for Optimal Well-Being

I’ve learned a variety of strategies for grounding myself and connecting with the Earth throughout the years. The most effective solutions are frequently the most straightforward. Walking in nature, as well as spending time in a green park, may be really beneficial. It has been my experience that going barefoot and feeling the earth beneath my feet quickly rekindles my connection to the Earth. I enjoy spending time in nature, communing with the trees, admiring animals, feeling the majesty of the rolling hills and mountains, and running my hands through a rushing river are some of my favorite pastimes.

Even though I don’t get the chance to do so frequently, I enjoy walking barefoot on the beach and connecting with the sea when the opportunity presents itself.

Simple tips for connecting with nature

  1. Every day, spend a minimum of 15 minutes intentionally connecting with the ground by going for a walk, visiting a park, or lying on the beach. Consider this: If you want to touch a tree with love, why not wrap your arms around that tree and enjoy a loving hug while you are at it? Remove your shoes and walk barefoot! This is a priceless link in the chain of events. Take your shoes off and let the earth’s pulse to flow up into your body, nourishing every cell of your existence. In the words of Thich Nhat Hahn, “Walk as though you were kicking the ground with your feet.”
  2. Take a seat on a little patch of grass and imagine your body dissolving into the soil for a time. Take note of the noises you hear in nature. Feel the sounds of nature wash over you, whether they be birds, water, the breeze, the rain, or the sound of nature’s quiet
  3. Feel the sounds of nature wash over you
  4. Keep an eye out for the many colors of nature and how the light changes throughout the day. Take note of how a single beam of sunshine plays over the leaves. Keep your eyes peeled for the variations in green depth in various leaves, or the way the sky moves at night. Go on a trekking or backpacking trip in the wilderness, or simply explore the area. Discover and discover new and interesting natural areas in your neighborhood. Simple meditation can assist you in grounding and reconnecting with Mother Earth, no matter where you are.

Every day, spend a minimum of 15 minutes intentionally connecting with the ground by going for a walk, visiting a park, or lying on the shore. In order to love a tree, you may as well wrap your arms around it while you’re at it and bask in the warmth of a warm hug. Don’t put on shoes! There are no words to describe how valuable this relationship is. Allow the pulse of the Earth to travel up your legs and into your body, nourishing every cell in your body. In the words of Thich Nhat Hahn, “Walk as if you were kicking the ground beneath your feet.” Allow yourself to be drawn down into the dirt for a brief while as you sit on a little patch of grass Natural noises should be noted.

Take note of how a beam of sunshine glides through the leaves.

Go on a hiking or backpacking trip in the wilderness, or simply explore the area; Discover and explore new and interesting natural areas in your community.

A grounding meditation to connect with the Earth

You may anchor yourself wherever you are with this simple technique. Find a natural setting that is connected to the Earth, if possible (a large rock, grass, earth, sand). Although it is possible to connect to Earth no matter where you are at the time, you should just visualize your connection to the earth until you can locate a natural location. Even the sensation of being connected to the Earth may be a source of strength. Please see below for a little video that I created to guide you through this extremely basic meditation.

  • Feel your energetic ‘roots’ sink into the Earth, either via your feet (if you’re standing) or through your base chakra (if you’re sitting) (if seated).
  • Allow her energy to flow up through your base, enabling the integration of Earthly energies into your entire body to take place there.
  • Maintain a strong feeling of groundedness while allowing yourself to fully integrate into your body.
  • I’m feeling energized and connected.
  • What methods do you use to connect with nature?

What about you? Do you have any favorite methods that I haven’t listed here? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Anastasia’s “Soul to Soul” Spam is reduced on this website by the usage of Akismet. Learn more about how your comment data is handled.

Connecting with Nature Helps You and Mother Earth

Through the practice of yoga, we may nourish our personal environment, which includes our mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is divided into eight limbs, which are outlined in Patanjali’sYoga Sutra. These limbs might be viewed of as practices or procedures in and of themselves, all of which are intended to equip us to live lives of aware and purposeful living. While these practices may have their origins within ourselves, they also call on us to be disciplined in our activities, which in turn have an impact on the external world.

It is in this limb that we find guidance to pause and consider our thoughts and actions, whether directed at ourselves, others, or the earth.

With that in mind, here are three simple ways you may begin practicing ahimsa in your relationship with Mother Earth right now.

Think Before You Buy

When it comes to today’s grab-and-go lifestyle, convenience reigns supreme. Perhaps you’ve made the transition from stocking your refrigerator with single-use water bottles to stacking your cabinets with reusable alternatives. That’s a significant step forward, especially given the findings of the world’s first comprehensive study of plastics, published in Science Advances in 2017, which found that only 9 percent of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic produced has been recycled, leaving the remainder to contribute to additional pollution in the incinerator (12 percent) or to sit in landfills and pollute our oceans (see Figure 1).

  • (the remainder).
  • In the first instance, not all products are created equal (or ethically, for that matter).
  • For example, the outdoor brand CamelBak® recently announced that their spring 2021 product range would include more than 80 goods that are constructed from a material that is 50 percent recycled plastic—not as an afterthought, but as a matter of course.
  • Alternatively, you may investigate alternatives to single-use plastics in your household.
  • Alternatively, look in the bulk department of your local grocery store for necessities such as brown rice, lentils, and almonds that are not packaged.

Consider bypassing the plastic produce bags completely for things that don’t require washing, such as bananas or avocados—or go all out and eliminate the need for baggies entirely. Remember that you will be cleaning your vegetables at home before you consume them, right?

Take Your Practice Outside (and Leave No Trace)

Currently, convenience reigns supreme in today’s “grab-and-go culture.” Consider switching from filling your refrigerator with single-use water bottles to stocking your cabinets with reusable alternatives. Considering that only 9 percent of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic produced has been recycled, according to the world’s first comprehensive study of plastics, published in Science Advances in 2017, the move is a significant step forward. The remainder will either cause additional pollution in the incinerator (12 percent) or pollute our oceans by sitting in landfills (the remainder).

  • In the first place, not all goods are created equal (or ethically, for that matter).
  • In the case of CamelBak®, the outdoor brand recently revealed that their spring 2021 product range would include more than 80 goods that are constructed from a material that is 50 percent recycled plastic—not as an extra benefit, but as a matter of design.
  • Alternatively, you may investigate alternatives to single-use plastics in your household.
  • Check for the bulk department of your local supermarket for necessities like brown rice, lentils, and almonds that don’t come in a packaging.
  • Remember that you are going to clean your vegetables at home before you eat them, don’t you.

Bring the Outside In

Inviting Mother Nature into your house is an important part of having a good, mutually beneficial connection with her. Cut flowers are only attractive for about a week before they begin to fade, which means that all of the resources that went into bringing them to life are also destined for the landfill. Instead, choose for live plants, which not only brighten your house but also have the potential to improve the quality of the air within your home. In fact, according to a NASA report published decades ago, the tiny spider plant was able to eliminate 95 percent of the dangerous chemical formaldehyde from a sealed container in just 24 hours in one test, demonstrating its effectiveness.

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Established in 1989, CamelBak® developed the hands-free hydration category and is today the world’s leading manufacturer of personal hydration equipment.

For additional information on CamelBak, please see the website listed below.

The Benefits of Connecting with Mother Earth

In Nature, I feel that there is a subtle magnetism at work that, if we unknowingly give to it, will guide us in the correct direction. Henry David Thoreau said it best. The suggestion from a Facebook friend to lie down under a tree and just breathe while listening to the sounds of the wind and birds was recently shared on the social media platform. Earlier in the day, another friend shared an article about the brain-altering effects of spending time at the beach with her friends. These two incidents served as reminders to me that I hadn’t been spending nearly enough time in nature, and that I yearned for the calm and clarity that comes from being connected to our Mother Earth.

  1. I took a deep breath and felt the stress of the day slowly draining away from my body.
  2. This day and day, the vast majority of us spend much too much of our time indoors, seated in front of computers, staring at our smart phones and tablets, watching television, or engaging in all three activities simultaneously.
  3. Isn’t it true that taking a walk on the beach or in a park may drastically change your outlook when you’re feeling stressed?
  4. There have been findings that even having a glimpse of nature from a window offers benefits, such as speeding up recovery from surgery, enhancing work performance, and increasing job happiness.
  5. According to Jan Bidwell, MSW, LCSW, author of Sitting Still: Meditating as the Secret Weapon of Activism, who spoke with me on my radio program, “Meditation is the most easiest thing in the world to do.” The key is to maintain your stillness and concentrate on your breathing.
  6. However, this does not imply that it is simple.” Getting our brains to slow down in order to attain that space of silence is difficult for many of us, myself included.
  7. Consider the beauty of a tree, a flower, or a plant.

Here are some suggestions for connecting with Mother Earth: Spend some time walking about at a park or near a lake, river, or ocean, or go on a trek in the woods.

Give a tree a bear hug.

Plant a garden or some indoor plants.

In his book, The Power of Pause, author Terry Hershey recommends that, in order to alleviate stress, you glance at the moon if you have the opportunity.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself floating on the surface of a big leaf, slowly drifting along with the sluggish movement of a lazy river, for example.

Please consider purchasing Dr.

Keep an eye out for Dr.

Check out Dr. Mara’s other blogs and her internet radio show for more information. Also, be sure to follow her on Facebook for updates on her program as well as new blog posts. Also, have a look at, which is a one-stop-shop for information on everything mentioned above!

10 Ways to Connect with Mother Nature

Consider the time when you were a little child. Playing in the mud, catching worms, chasing birds, and sitting in the grass looking at the skies were probably some of your favorite pastimes when you were a kid. You certainly had a strong connection to nature when you were younger, but as we get older, it is possible to lose that connection to the natural world. A slow-paced existence packed with work, school, shopping excursions, beverages with friends, and other activities is substituted for relaxing, outdoor recreation.

  • Some of us spend the majority of our time outside just strolling to and from the mailbox, in which case we have lost our connection to the natural world.
  • When I am feeling stuck or depressed, I have always found that spending some time in nature helps me to feel rejuvenated and more invigorated soon afterwards.
  • Take this as a chance to commemorate the planet not just today, but every day moving forward.
  • Everyone has the ability to make a good difference on the environment.
  • Here are some suggestions to get you started on your journey to become more familiar with nature.
  • If you don’t have the time or patience to get your hands dirty, there are a plethora of organizations to which you may make a monetary donation in order to assist in reviving the planet’s life.
  • 2.

Did you know that plastic items contain hazardous chemicals and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose before they can be recycled?

This has the potential to cause a wide range of health problems in both people and animals.

Using a reusable water bottle, avoiding things sold in plastic containers, storing leftovers in glass tupperware, taking your own mug to a coffee shop, and refraining from using plastic utensils and straws are just a few of the ways you can help the environment.

Make Physical Contact with the Earth The next time you walk outside, remove your shoes and socks and dig your bare feet into the earth underneath you.


Taking a stroll or hiking in the woods to take in the sights and sounds of nature may be a highly calming activity.


Our cellphones, tablets, laptops, and iPods are all important parts of contemporary living, but it’s sometimes essential to unplug from technology in order to truly connect with what matters most in our lives.

Consider how much free time you’ll have if you turn off your computer and other electronic devices.


When driving a vehicle or truck, you contribute to air pollution; thus, wherever feasible, choose for a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation such as walking, bicycling, taking public transit, or even carpooling.


Picking up garbage is a simple and cost-free exercise that may have a significant impact on your town and the people who live within immediately.

Create a great day out of it by doing this on your own or with friends.

Get outside the next time you want to work out by bringing your sneakers, mat, and weights with you.

For example, take a stroll in the park or go picnicking.

Bring Nature Into Your Home Acquire a few indoor plants, keep a vase of fresh flowers on your bedside, display a jar of seashells in your living room, and leave the window open.


In the event that you’re anything like me, you constantly end up buying more food than you require.

If you realize that your bananas are starting to go bad, bake banana bread instead of tossing them out.

When you’re cooking, don’t throw out peels and herb stems; instead, consider using them to make a homemade broth and composting the leftovers afterwards.

From fresh berries to a loaf of bread, freezing may help you extend the life of food by several days to several months.

Connecting with nature may take the form of anything from growing a garden to reusing your plastic.

In nature, you can reconnect with your genuine self, so whatever you’re doing, step outside and channel your inner child to begin reconnecting with Mother Nature! In your life, you’ll be astounded at how much surprise, joy and clarity it will offer you.

20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth

The caption for the image is: “20 Ways to Strengthen Your Connection to Mother Earth.” The data-medium-file and data-large-file are: “20 Ways to Strengthen Your Connection to Mother Earth.” data-image-caption=”20 Ways to Strengthen Your Connection to Mother Earth” data-image-caption=”20 Ways to Strengthen Your Connection to Mother Earth” loading=”lazy” data-medium-file=” data-large-file=” data-small-file=” a width of 1024 pixels and a height of 681 pixels src=” alt=”20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth” src=” alt=”20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth” src=” alt=”20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth” srcset=”1024w,600w,300w,768w,451w” srcset=”1024w,600w,300w,768w,451w” srcset=”1024w,600w,300w,768w,451w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”> sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”> ‘Then I found myself standing atop the tallest peak of them all, with the entire planet below me in a circle around me.

  • In that moment, I saw more than I can describe and comprehended more than I could have imagined; because I was seeing in a holy fashion the forms of all things in the spirit, as well as the shapes of all shapes as they must dwell together as one being.
  • And I noticed that it was sacred.
  • She provides for us in a variety of ways, including the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the materials that we use to build our homes and dress ourselves.
  • In addition to harming the environment, we are also harming ourselves.
  • We can’t hear or comprehend what she’s saying any more.

Despite this, she continues to love and care for us. These suggestions may assist you in re-connecting with the Earth and all that she has to give us. Using the energy may help us heal, as well as to become more balanced and grounded, and to open our minds up to greater levels of consciousness.

  1. Sit under a tree and become conscious of the fact that you are under a tree. Bring it up in conversation with him or her. Allow yourself to be open to its energies
  2. Take a stroll along the banks of a river or creek. Simply sit and enjoy the scenery for a bit
  3. Take a dip in the ocean. Relax and allow the water to cleanse and refresh you on a physical, emotional, and energy level. Take some time to collect any fascinating stones that you come across on your outings. Perhaps you’ll be graced with a feather or a lovely leaf as well as a blessing. Place them in a prominent location in your house or office where they will serve as a constant reminder of the outside world. Decorate your home with freshly cut flowers. Flowers, with their color, perfume, and vitality, may heal and nourish us
  4. They are also beautiful. Make use of crystals — wear them, place them next to your bed or on your windowsill, and hold them. Take a seat on the crest of a hill or mountain. Allow the tranquility to flow over you. Inhale and exhale with the Earth’s breath
  5. Consider beginning with a little garden, such as a few herbs in a container. Take good care of those plants. Allow their care to be a meditation on awareness and the beauty of the natural world
  6. Dance in the rain
  7. Spend time with a dog or cat. Animals are smart, caring spirits that have a great deal to offer us. Each season should be celebrated. Eat watermelon and swim in the heat of Summer, take pleasure in the changing colors of Autumn and the crispness of Autumn air, take pleasure in the slow foods of Winter, short days and cold nights, and then rejoice in the arrival of Spring, when new life emerges, leaves and flowers bloom, and the sun begins to sparkle again
  8. Pay attention to the moon’s cycle and how it affects your mood
  9. Pack a picnic and head to a favorite park or natural area. Bring along a few pals, a pet, or a book, but leave your phone, laptop, and anxieties at home. Purchase some fresh, seasonal organic produce from a Farmers Market to nourish yourself and your family. Recognize more about the origins of your food and how it may be beneficial to your health. Make a conscious connection to the grounding, healing, and stabilizing forces of Mother Earth by meditating on them. Take a stroll outside at night and gaze at the stars and the Moon. If you are unable to view them from your current location, try spending a weekend in the wilderness to reconnect with the night sky. Snuggle up next to a bonfire and enjoy the crackling and dancing of the flames
  10. Keep an eye out for a bug, bird, or other little animal going about its business. Relax and allow yourself to become peaceful and tranquil, and be receptive to whatever teachings that the creature may have to teach you. Pay a visit to a natural area. A place where nothing but nature may be found. Allow it to fill you with tranquility. Sit in the sunshine and let the warm rays of the sun to penetrate your skin, bringing healing light into your body. Relax and unwind while you read this book.
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Hi! Hello, my name is Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical instructor, and organic farmer who lives in the countryside. Reading, cooking, walking on the beach, dancing in the rain, and growing things are some of my favorite pastimes. I dance in my gumboots to keep my cows entertained from time to time. Gumboot dance is a terribly underappreciated art form.

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We have lost sight of the fact that we are human beings. So many of us don’t spend nearly enough time outside in nature, connecting with the environment. We can’t seem to keep our distance from her. Earth is the source of our oxygen, the source of our food, and the source of our water. She is the source of all that supports us and ensures the continuation of life. This list is intended to motivate you to make a conscious effort to strengthen your ties with Mother Earth. Unwinding with a contemplative walk in the woods is a wonderful way to connect with the energy of the Earth.

  • Smell the fresh air, take in the many different colors that surround you, listen to the birds, and feel the wind against your cheeks as you walk through the park.
  • Making a connection with a tree is a very grounding experience.
  • In addition to hugging a tree, you can meditate at the base of the tree, stand by a tree with your hands on the trunk, climb a tree while feeling the strong branches around you, and engage with a tree in any other way that feels natural to you.
  • Plastic is made from chemicals derived from fossil fuels.
  • Plastic is an extremely unsustainable resource, and there are a plethora of more environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • This is an incredible way to establish a direct connection with the Earth.
  • After planting, make certain that you are providing proper care for the plant and that it is receiving the nutrients it requires.

This is one of the most grounding practices that can be found anywhere.

This practice instills a sense of safety and belonging in the practitioner.

The simplest way to accomplish this is to sit on your porch, spread a blanket out on your lawn, and get to work.

Occasionally, do you see trash piled up on the side of the road?

When we show our gratitude to Mother Earth in this way, she reciprocates by showering us with blessings and abundant resources from the Earth.

These fruits and veggies where grown out of Earth!

So get some fresh, seasonal organically grown abundance and feel how it supports your body.

You can do this by adding house plants to your space.

If you aren’t traditionally a plant person do some research on what your plant needs.

A beautiful way to connect to Mother Earth is through a visualization meditation.

Whenever you’re ready you can imagine roots growing down from your spine into the Earth, down through the layers and connecting to Mother Earths core.

You can sit here connected below to Mother Earth as long as you’d like.

Whenever your ready to complete this meditation you can imagine your roots curling their way back up and completely making their way back to you filling you with the loving and nurturing energy from Mother Earth. The benefits of connecting to the Earth:

  • Restoration and strengthening of the energy field
  • Instilling a sense of security and tranquility
  • Re-establishing a connection with oneself. Unwanted energy should be discharged so that it can be regenerated into new energy
  • Re-establish the connection between the physical body, the mental body, and the emotional body
  • Can be used to alleviate anxiety and despair.

I hope that this list has sparked your interest in being more connected to Mother Earth. Photo 1 and Photo 2 are from the following sources:

Forming a Deep Connection with Mother Earth for World Earth Day

World Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, and it is a wonderful day to honor Mother Nature and her incredibly strong energy. As a way of commemorating this, we may engage in a variety of practices that will assist us in connecting with this grounding energy and coming into deeper contact with it. Dedicate some time this month to bringing alignment within your energy being by concentrating on the beauty and wonder of nature.

Get out in the nature and practice karma yoga

Mother Nature is kind, strong, and loving. It offers us with a safe haven as well as lovely energy that helps to increase our life force. Find a beach close by, a park, or any other natural spot where you may go and clean up after yourself. There are no restrictions on how large or little it should be. Making a commitment to spend part of your time caring for the environment is helpful to both the environment and yourself. Karma yoga teaches us to be humble and to let go of our wants to be recognized for whatever acts of kindness we perform, which is a wonderful approach to go about doing something with a good intention, as demonstrated by the Buddha.

Take a walk barefoot

Walking barefoot in the woods is one of the most effective methods to connect with Mother Nature. This can take place on a beach, in a park, or on any other piece of ground. Making a connection between our skin and the earth’s energy gives us with stability and a sense of belonging. In doing so, we also activate Mooladhara, the root chakra, which is an energy system in the body located at the base of our spine and responsible for our sense of stability and feeling secure and protected in our environment.

Here you may also participate in the Hawaiian forgiveness practice known as Ho’oponopono, which is a great method to purify your spirit while also expressing your entire thanks for the beauty of nature.

Plant something

Gardening is not for everyone, but it is beneficial to get your hands dirty in the dirt and plant something every now and again. Planting a seed teaches us to be patient and to put our faith in the process of growth and development. It’s as though you’re giving something new life. If you don’t have a garden, you can travel to a forest and plant a tiny tree in a suitable location. Learn to appreciate the beauty of nature as well as the vitality that the land provides for all living things in order to be successful.

The fact that plants are living beings means that they require the same amount of nurturing and care as we do in order to develop and thrive. This is made possible by the loving earthy energy that surrounds us all, and being a part of the process is a humbling and unique experience.

Hatha Yoga

It is possible to get more linked to the Earthy energy via asana practice, which may also help to offer stability and grounding to the body. We learn to feel in tune with Mother Earth’s energy via standing asanas, which help us link our feet to the earth beneath us and connect with our bodies. The following is a wonderful 5-asana sequence to try for this: 1. Tadasana (or Mountain Pose): Pose number two, Utkatasana (Fierce Pose). Third Pose/Tree Pose 4. Virabhadrasana II/Warrior II is a seated posture.

Virabhadrasana III/Warrior III is a standing posture.

They also help to increase the strength of the ankles and leg muscles.

Pay attention to how you are feeling as your body becomes more motionless while working on this sequence.

About the Author

A published author, yoga and meditation instructor, and holistic health enthusiast, Miriam Indries is dedicated to helping others heal themselves. She also holds certifications as an Ayurvedic practitioner and an NLP coach. Miriam is the founder of, an online platform that empowers people to discover their own greatness. She is an avid traveler, a curious spirit, and a student of life.

4 Meditation Exercises for Connecting to Mother Earth

You rely on the land for your survival, yet the fast-moving currents of earning a livelihood and just existing may yank you out of the flow of life and put your relationship with the planet on pause all too frequently. Remember to keep your relationship with Mother Earth alive and healthy, not only on Earth Day, but on a daily basis. These meditation exercises will assist you in tuning in to, realigning with, and reacquainting your body and spirit with the natural cycles of the planet.

Meditation Exercises to Try:

If you are unable to go for a stroll on the soil, you can bring a small bit of the earth inside your home. In the middle of the day, when your energy levels are low, give yourself a reflexology massage to reconnect with the earth’s electromagnetic energies and replenish your own Qi. Find a smooth or somewhat coarse rock of any size, ranging from a huge pebble to a boulder the size of your hand. Place the soles of your feet on on the tiny rock after removing your shoes. While softly pushing onto and moving the sole of your foot over the rock, you can be sitting or standing at the same time.

It is recommended to massage one foot at a time, inhaling and exhaling gently and deeply during the process.

2. Sound Off for Mother Nature

Have you ever witnessed a bunch of small children chasing each other around a playground? Some of you may have noticed that the children who have moms or other protective adults standing by their sides are the ones that are the most disruptive. Make use of this meditation practice to feel Mother Earth’s protection while also allowing your “outside voice” to come to the surface. You may bring your friends together, either in person or virtually, and participate in a Moment of Voicing, much like a large group hug.

  1. In a schoolyard, playground, or even a baseball field is the perfect spot to perform this activity.
  2. Lie down in Mountain Pose, with your feet hips width apart and arms down your sides, and make a circle with your arms down your sides.
  3. Then, with your hands clasped together and your gaze fixed above, cry three times, “I am standing on the ground and I can utilize my outside voice!” Say, for example, “Mother Earth is a safe haven for me.
  4. She does not correct me while I am making a lot of noise!” Make sure you repeat this sentence six times at the top of your lungs, or until you begin to giggle uncontrollably.

This exercise relieves tension, expands your chest and heart, and provides a workout for your lungs, allowing you to breathe more easily. Following that, spend a few minutes to be silent, pay attention to your body’s internal rhythms, and send your positive thoughts to the soil.

3. Call of Nature Sound Healing

The purpose of this meditation practice is to assist you in becoming more conscious of the fact that the natural world is always present, and that it extends beyond what is visible and audible. Nature’s healing energies may be reawakened regardless of whether you live in an urban, primarily concrete and constructed environment where hearing really natural sounds is unusual, or in a wild, rural region where you’ve taken the calls of wildlife for granted and so shut them out. This meditation may be done either individually or in a group setting.

  • Find a suitable location, such as a park, a meadow, a streambed, a hillside, or even just outside your apartment window.
  • Are you sitting on a beach, listening to the waves break against the shore, and taking in the arc of the world on a clear day?
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the element of air that surrounds the landscape as well as the items within the landscape, whichever method you choose.
  • Take a deep breath in while you consider the meaning of the term “air” and the quality of air.
  • Consider the kinetic energy of water.
  • Your body is reliant on water and is composed primarily of water.
  • As long as you are alive on this earth, you will be surrounded and submerged by water in one way or another.
  • On a windy day, you may hear the rustle of the leaves of a maple tree; on a calm day, you could merely imagine the grass growing or seeds pushing their way out of the ground.
  • Last but not least, no matter how isolated you are from nature, the energy of wildlife and animals is always present in your environment.
  • Taking deep breaths and being still, you might be able to hear the buzz of bees in a distant garden or the call of a frog from a pond next to a railroad track, if you listen carefully.

These meditation exercises will serve to remind you that nature’s healing energy is always available to you, and they will assist you in making time each day to connect with the Earth, no matter where you reside on the planet.

4. Feeling Your Earth Body

According to Ilchi Lee’s book “Mago’s Dream,” even though every experience that occurs in the world of the five human senses is an energy experience, you actually experience energy directly as three main sensations: the tickling sensation of electricity flowing through your body (this is Qi); the sense of magnetic force pushing on or pulling against your body; and the sensations of hot and cold that come from both your internal body and the external environment such as sun and wind.

  • These meditations, which are divided into two sections, will assist you in calling upon two of the most powerful energies on the planet, electricity and magnetism, which you may utilize to attune your body so that it becomes more completely aware of its senses as a result of the experience.
  • 1) Electric Energizer: This is a device that uses electricity to generate energy.
  • Begin by looking up at the sky or at the horizon and taking three gentle inhalations and exhalations through your nostrils.
  • As you close your eyes, picture massive bolts of lightning cutting through the sky and hitting with the surface of the ground.
  • Continue to take deep breaths while seeing your hands in the lightning in your mind, driving the sense of electricity deep into your cells.
  • Take your time with this meditation until you feel completely recharged.
  • Pull your hands away from the imaginary lightning and place them softly over your heart, away from the lightning.
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“Thank you, Mother Earth, for recharging my batteries with your energy,” you might say aloud.

2) Magnificent Magnetism: This meditation practice for magnetism will make you appear incredibly beautiful.

Place yourself in a comfortable posture to sit or stand.

Gently bring your hands closer together, but not touching, and then slowly pull them apart as if you were playing an accordion to set the ball rolling.

Soon after, you will feel a ball of energy in your palms, as well as the sense of heat.

Maintain the motion of your hands together and apart, together and apart, until you have created a large, vivid ball of energy.

Continue to feel the “pull of the earth” become more and more powerful until the ball of energy you hold in your hands seems like it has the size, density, and weight of the earth itself.

Place your arms around it and then wrap your arms around yourself to form an embrace.

You are now prepared to face the world with the knowledge that you are completely supported, both in the world and in your life.

Make every day a celebration of your existence on Earth by practicing these meditation activities to recharge your energy, reconnect with nature’s tremendous energies, and reconnect with yourself.

Humanity’s Attachment to Mother Earth – Our World

Caring for the Earth and our surroundings appears to have been a concept that has been held dear by humanity since the beginning of time. Even today, many of the civilizations that are called “primitive” because they have kept features of a lifestyle that other human societies have abandoned millennia ago demonstrate, to some degree, a concern for the preservation of the planet’s natural resources. Global climate change, environmental degradation, and animal conservation are topics that have never been more widely discussed, especially in light of the possibility that civilization could irreversibly damage our home.

Our indiscriminate use of the planet is having a psychological impact on us, as if we had a hidden urge to sympathize with the Earth’s plight, as if the planet were a living being with feelings.

I’ve been thinking about the ramifications of considering the planet to be in a direct, spiritual, and psychological relationship with each and every one of us for a while now.

Mother Earth

Symbols and representations of Earth as a nurturer have been prevalent in human communities for a very long time. For example, the Yggdrasil tree from Germanic mythology serves as a link between different areas of the globe and is venerated by the gods themselves as a source of holiness as well as a representation of life and strength. The creation of humans, according to the same legend, may be traced back to two trees, which were formed from the raw fabric of nature. The clay, an ingredient derived from the earth itself, is credited with the origin of our species according to the Christian Bible.

Aside from that, it is not unusual to see the Earth being prayed to and called as the “Mother of Life,” as well as the mother of all living beings within its domain, in religious ceremonies.

Indeed, with such a strong emphasis on giving birth and caring for humanity, it’s no surprise that fertility deities are goddesses who have a strong connection to the Earth in many cultures across the world.

Mircea Eliade, a philosopher, presented a comment on the concept of “Mother Earth.” On a metaphorical level, he linked the planet Earth to the mother.

This planet cradles us like a mother, and it nurtures us in the same way that a mother does by providing food, chemicals, and wood, as well as responding to our every need in a seemingly omnipotent manner, similar to the vision an infant has of its all-powerful mother until the child is old enough to fend for itself.

It is the same sensation of abandonment that occurs with the loss of a familiar, known, secure, and pleasant thing that draws the parallel.

This shame, on the other hand, permits us to evolve and construct a mentality that is capable of withstanding irritation while also developing the ability to feel regret.

This would imply that feelings of guilt and the resulting impulse to “fix” begin to manifest themselves at a very early stage in our lives.

Childhood is characterized by thriving on the presence of a “good enough mother,” rather than a “all-powerful mother,” and the guilt that comes from damaging the mother by claiming too much from her — which is another form of all-powerfulness — is a step toward socialization and the integration of norms and values.

We are extremely touched by the repercussions of our usage of Earth and our all-powerfulness towards her, which is something that is also pretty obvious in our relationship with the planet, as we have expressed in previous posts.

Instead, we should consider how we can allow ourselves to be moved by those feelings that are both familiar and terrifying because they force us to confront the possibility that we are powerless and our ultimate fear of becoming victims of something we cannot control at all — the vengeance of the goddess who created and fed us, and on whom we rely for everything.

Culture as a mediator

Rituals and ceremonies have been used to provide hope to people since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and maybe even before that. They have done so by comforting us about death, the separation from life and its beneficent sources, as well as other aspects of human existence. Harvest ceremonies are practiced by many cultures as a way of honoring the Earth: they provide advantages that are not just ecological and economic in nature, but also psychological in nature. Through the use of symbols and reenactments, we may re-create our dreams of immortality and reunion with the First Object, the Territory of Ultimate Gratifications, and therefore generate a psychological phenomena that provides us with comfort.

Rites of passage and rituals are examples of how people might do just that.

From the Amazonian Yanomani to the northern Inuit to the Namibian San, and even for individuals living in urban areas, we all have a deep-seated sense of belonging to “a place” and belonging to “the land.” It is true that connection to a place, to a landscape, to a soil that has nurtured us for centuries is one of the factors that contribute to our sense of security and psychological stability.

Environmental activist and Nobel Prize winner In recent years, Wangari Maathai has been one of the most outspoken advocates for a rethinking of nature as a valuable item deserving of dignity, respect, and recompense.

From the Amazonian Yanomani to the northern Inuit to the Namibian San, and even for individuals living in urban areas, we all have a deep-seated sense of belonging to “a place” and belonging to “the land.” The Chipko movement, which is headed by Indian women, is an excellent example of very specific activism that draws on ideals of female empowerment as well as a humanization of the natural world.

  • The Chipko movement, which began in the 1970s as a kind of non-violent ecological protest, has continued to this day.
  • A prominent supporter of the movement is Dr.
  • According to Dr.
  • A vision is presented in which nature is restored to its feminine form, and by identification with “her,” an emotional movement is brought to life in order to defend reasons that are purely material in origin.
  • They demonstrate ecological “militantism” in their fundamental cultural practices, which is to say, in their core cultural activities.
  • A person’s last name would determine whether or not they were expected to care for and protect a certain animal species.
  • Several legends describe occasions in which someone might breach the totem and become “crazy” as a result of a curse.

When a person has a strong desire to link the fate of people with the fate of nature, he or she may experience social or mental alienation if those links are severed from nature, as illustrated by this example.

Lights, camera, inaction

Consequently, how may we combine those timeless ideals with our modern cultural creations in order to better serve our Mother Earth? According to a recent article on the development of environmental documentaries, cinema is one apparent medium for communicating environmental messages. Following his viewing of French environmental campaigner Nicolas Hulot’s documentary Le Syndrome du Titanic, French journalist Eric Neuhoff declared in a contentious review that he merely wanted to pollute more after watching the video.

While showing striking pictures of significant ecological problems and their impact on food (for example, droughts in Africa) and animals (for example, corpses in the wild), Hulot opted to make only a few brief comments, allowing viewers to emotionally interact with the issues being discussed.

That stands in stark contrast to the filmHome, directed by Yann Arthus Bertrand and available for free online, which features beautiful visuals of our planet, which we call home.

One big risk that all documentaries face is that they will become part of the chorus of ongoing advocacy, which may get monotonous for audiences after a while if done repeatedly.

The message of Home, no matter how well executed and how valid the main purpose may have been, was regarded overly basic by some critics, in that it reflected the countless, frequent political speeches about the importance of protecting our homes.

At the moment, environmental activism is mostly concerned with rational concerns about environmental degradation, as well as our related guilt and anxiety.

To put our trust in the pleasant sensations of security and nurturing that drive us to love the Earth and find our path in vows of love and protection of the Great Mother, whom we have harmed so greatly, is another option.

The term “lowly” should be broadened to encompass communication through creative forms such as cartoons and video games, which have been labeled as such for some time.

Consequently, should we be embracing trees to make ourselves feel better on a psychological level?

For starters, we know that raising awareness of nature in children from an early age, drawing on our emotional attachment to nature as well as our cultural platforms, has proven beneficial in human cultures previously.

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