Eco-Friendly Altar Products

Eco-Friendly Altar Products

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ForrestLove Copper Water Bottle |$50

Due to the fact that copper is a recyclable material, this water bottle is a fantastic addition to your environmentally conscious collection. According to Ayurveda, water held in a copper vessel such as this one helps to balance the three doshas. Copper’s natural health advantages include the production of alkaline water, which helps to balance pH levels in the body and neutralize acid in the bloodstream. It can also aid in the purification of water by destroying the microorganisms present.

Kazi Tiny Catch All |$20

This compact and smooth basket, handwoven by a women’s cooperative in rural parts of Rwanda, is constructed from natural fibers and organic dyes, and it helps to promote an ethical, fair-trade environment, making it the perfect resting place for your intention-infused baubles.

Aseede Aromatherapy Healing Mist |$12

Aseede’s aromatherapy spray is handcrafted with a combination of lavender and sage to encourage a more soothing practice and a little less tension. It may be used in your morning ritual or evening practice to inject a little calm into your routine.

P.F. AmberMoss Candle |$28

Engage your senses with a candle created from domestically farmed soy wax and scented with essential oils of sage, moss, and lavender, which will leave a long-lasting earthy aroma even if you have to stay indoors for an extended period of time. You may reuse the amber glass jar by freezing it to quickly remove any wax residue, then using it as a planter or paintbrush holder once it has been frozen.

Organic Chocolate Bars & Truffles

Organic chocolate that restores ecosystems, empowers farmers, and helps to prevent climate change is available for purchase.

eat chocolate, save the planet

Organic chocolate that restores ecosystems, empowers farmers, and helps to prevent climate change is available for purchase online.

our clean, green commitment

There are no GMOs, chemicals, gluten, or soy components in this product.

Regenerative Ag

Ecosystem-friendly farming is one that recovers ecosystems.

Fairer Trade

Our farmers receive earnings that are superior to fair trade pay.

Low/No Waste

Packaging that is compostable, recyclable, and made from post-consumer waste

Carbon Neutral

Planting and conserving trees can offset 100 percent of the carbon emissions produced.

Valentines Truffles

Silky dark chocolate truffles prepared with 100% coconut oil, a sustainable alternative to palm oil, will provide absolute delight to your recipient. Our 10ct Valentine’s Medley package contains 5 Sea Salt Truffles and 5 Classic Dark Truffles, for a total of 10 truffles.

we couldn’t have said it better ourselves

Three simple granola bar recipes with no added sugar for the whole family to enjoy!

Our NEW vegan granola is the perfect basis for any granola bar recipe, as you can see in the video below.

Why Self-Care Is Essential For Us As Climate Activists

If you care about the environment, it is critical that you take care of yourself. In fact, the more involved you are with climate change, the more important it is for you to pay attention to this. The key to winning this game is regeneration. I’ll do the cleaning for you. Green is good for the environment.

Our 6 Favourite Items to Shop at Altar

Altari is a store established in the United States that specializes in alternative and customized apparel, cosmetic goods, and gifts. A celebration of small manufacturers and artists from around North America, with an emphasis on the tales that are woven into their work, the brand was launched in 2012. Cassie Ridgway founded Altar in 2010 with less than $3000 in her bank account and a part-time job at a nightclub. Cassie’s enthusiasm for sustainably produced and ethically created garments served as a driving factor in the establishment of the firm, and she has remained laser-focused on making it better with each passing year.

Besides manufacturing locally to lower its carbon footprint, it also uses environmentally friendly materials to reduce the quantity of chemicals, water, and wastewater required in the manufacturing process.

Continue reading to learn about these 6 environmentally friendly and ethically produced apparel products from a company that believes in sharing the individual stories behind each piece.

Aniela Dress

This lovely painting is one of our favorites. It has a lovely ruffle top that can be worn either above or off the shoulder for a different look depending on your preference. This is a simple outfit that can be dressed up or down!

Ronnie Lounge Top

If you’re a home worker, have a look at these ensembles, which are the perfect combination of comfy AND seductive attire. A faint transparency may be seen through the semi-sheer, super-soft lyocell fabric. This plant-based fiber is particularly well suited for items that are worn near to the skin.

Mini Marin Polka Dot Dress

A lovely, airy outfit made from the softest, lightest woven fabric available on the market. If you’re going to the farmer’s market or having a picnic, this dress is perfect since it has all of the easy attractiveness we seek for in an a-line dress.

Black Houseline Jumpsuit

An a-line onesie with t-length, wide-leg trousers for a comfortable fit. Made of super soft challis rayon twill with side pockets made of leftover fabric. Model is 5’9″.

Natalie Crop Top

The Natalie Crop Top has a smocked bodice, a square neckline, puffy sleeves, and a tortoiseshell button closure at the back. It is made of 100% cotton. For a comfortable fit, this shirt features a lot of flexibility in the bust area. It will go well with all of your cottagecore-inspired outfits!

Gingham Skirt

With time, this structured suiting blend will develop a nice weight and a delicate hand feel, and it will become even more buttery and warm as it is worn. Additionally, IT HAS POCKETS!


Skirts and pants that are super soft and comfy are wardrobe staples that may be dressed up or down in a variety of ways. Select bottoms are up to 50% off the regular price. (This offer expires on February 23rd.) Now is the time to shop.

Altar – Tops

Wrap yourself in these beautiful shirts that are manufactured from sustainable materials and are elastic enough to provide you with the most comfortable fit. Tops are discounted by up to 50% off the regular price. (This offer expires on February 23rd.) Now is the time to shop.

Altar – Dresses

These products, which are designed to enhance each individual body type, offer all of the effortless beauty that you look for in a dress. Dresses are up to 50% discount on selected styles. (This offer expires on February 23rd.) Now is the time to shop. Altar is a shop established in the United States that specializes in alternative and bespoke clothes, apothecary, and gift items for women and men. It is dedicated to celebrating independent manufacturers and artists from all around North America, with a particular emphasis on the tales that are woven throughout their work.

Take a look at the rating.

Editor’s note

Altar provided all of the photographs used in this post. As part of its mission to promote ethical fashion, Good On You offers the world’s most comprehensive assessments of fashion businesses’ impact on people, the environment, and animals. Use our Directory to find more than 3,000 different brands. Sponsored content has been included in this post. We cooperate with businesses that have received a Good or Great rating in order to recognize their efforts and to help us support our own. We may receive a commission on sales that occur as a result of utilizing our promotional codes or affiliate links.

Ethical brand ratings. There’s an app for that.

Wear the change you wish to see in the world. Download our app to learn about ethical companies and to check how your favorites stack up against the competition.

Floor Altar Eco Friendly Buddhist Altar Made Out of Bamboo and

The table comes with a bamboo riser that is 23 3/4 inches tall and 14 inches broad. Riser dimensions: 11 x 6 x 2.5 We are thrilled to be able to offer a new design that is built entirely of environmentally friendly materials. The bamboo used for the top is a renewable material that is environmentally friendly. More information on bamboo may be found here. The peaceful wood grain, smooth, clear lines, and simple and purposeful design are just a few of the characteristics of my Buddhist altars.

  • I hope that the altars will become a part of your meditation journey and that they will serve as an inspiration to you to become more attentive, compassionate, and calm in your daily life.
  • In addition to providing a buttery smooth surface and a matte shine, this finish is also easily repairable if damaged.
  • Please have a look at our store.
  • The natural beauty of wood and the variances in color.
  • The fact that wood is a natural product, and so unique, may seem obvious, but it is nonetheless vital to mention.
  • Natural hardwood boards differ in color from board to board due to the nature of the wood.
  • This diversity is a natural feature of the wood’s beauty, and it is to be expected.
  • With so many elements to take into consideration, it is reasonable that you may detect discrepancies in color and texture as well as defects that distinguish one board from the others.

Altar size Shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. If you reside in Hawaii or Alaska, please send me a note so that I can estimate your shipping costs. Thank you.

Altar Cloths

Our altar cloths are crafted from 100 percent organic cotton and are hand-screened by the artist using a silk screen.

What is an altar cloth?

It is customary to put a linen cloth on a holy surface with the purpose of creating a location of spiritual concentration. This cloth is used as a decoration to induce awe and inspiration in the viewer, as well as a protective covering for holy objects and other sacred surfaces. Altar linens are used in a variety of religious traditions, both ancient and modern, ranging from Paganism to Wicca to Judaism and Christianity. Throughout history, people have used ritual cloths made of a variety of different fabrics.

For example, the Catholic church would utilize fabric made of silk, gold, or silver, however in current times only linen and hemp are deemed appropriate materials for religious use.

In Wicca, the color black is associated with knowledge and protection from harmful energies and unhealthy habits, among other things.

How do I use an altar cloth?

First and foremost, select a pattern or design that speaks to you and the goals you wish to achieve with it. You may use a moon design to seek communion with the Goddess, or an Ouroboros pattern to examine the cyclical cycle of life and, perhaps, break free from harmful habits or embrace history, among other things. Consider your objectives carefully and write them down on a piece of cloth. Right now would be an excellent opportunity to clean up around your altar. Place the cloth over the surface of the object so that bottles, trinkets, or incense ash do not scuff or scratch the fabric.

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Can I use an altar cloth for other things?

While it is customary for altar cloths to be used to cover a ritual space, we also sell a couple that may be worn as a bandana or as a hair piece in addition to their traditional usage. We like to think of our bodies as temples, so why not use them to infuse meaning into your everyday routine? Consider the symbols you want to summon throughout the day and display them with a sense of awe and authority.

Eco-Friendly Pagan Ritual Tools–On the Cheap

It’s Earth Day, and while my blog is generally focused on environmental issues throughout the year, I wanted to write today about a topic that comes up a lot in paganism, particularly among newcomers: ritual tools. It’s a topic that comes up a lot in paganism, particularly among newcomers: ritual tools. Now, it has been stated several times by numerous individuals that you do not actually require tools to be a pagan. If you want to do rituals open-handed, with nothing but yourself and the spirits/gods/energy you’re working with to make things happen, that’s perfectly OK to me.

  1. Furthermore, some cultures believe that their instruments have spirits of their own, which makes them useful allies in ritual.
  2. Tracy took the photograph.
  3. However, many of the recommendations I’ve seen are for items that are blatantly unfriendly to the environment.
  4. Here are some of the most likely reasons why your candles are so inexpensive: – Because the wax is most likely petroleum-based, it is likely to profit from fossil-fuel subsidies provided by the federal and state governments.
  5. This indicates that these corporations are receiving money for free, in the form of money taken from people’s taxes, allowing them to sell their products at a lower cost.
  6. Underpaid and occasionally abused workers in a factory in China or another East Asian nation were most likely responsible for the production of the candles, who were not provided with proper protection from the chemicals and machinery employed.
  7. The shipping corporation does not have to pay for the pollution that its ships generate in the water and the atmosphere, allowing them to keep their expenses down and increase profits.

And we contribute to this problem every time we light a candle that contains harmful chemicals that contribute to air pollution in our homes and elsewhere.

Here are a few alternatives.

Müller You may already have everything you need for your ceremony right in your own house, according to Frommay.

A normal kitchen knife may not be the most aesthetically pleasing tool in the world, but it will do the job, and you may even paint it if you want to use it just for ceremonial purposes.

A wand may be made out of any stick or rod–I’ve even heard of people using a ruler as one!

Simply place the burner on a hotpad or trivet, or even a very flat rock or thick ceramic dish, and you’ll be all set.

if you so like (just make sure that anything combustible is kept well away from the incense burning!) These are just a few suggestions based on a specific set of ritual instruments; you can be very creative depending on your requirements, so think of it as a giant scavenger hunt!

First and foremost, secondhand Thrift stores and other secondhand shops are among my favorite places to shop.

Some years ago, I wrote about the massive number of clothes and housewares, as well as other wasted items, that I discovered in a single Goodwill outlet shop in a single city, and I pondered how much more gets thrown away every day.

With the stuff I bought in one thrift store, I could easily assemble a dozen altars for my family.

That one gets a bollocks from me.

My ritual implements have mostly come from secondhand sources, including objects that other practitioners have used in their own rituals, and I’ve had no trouble making them suitable for use in my work throughout the years.

You never know what type of interesting things you could come upon.

When It Comes to Foraging, Nothing Compares Natural objects like as sticks, stones, and other natural objects are popular among nature pagans because they serve as a constant reminder of what they consider to be sacred.

A stone in the north, a feather or bit of dandelion fluff in the east, dried wood or moss for firestarting in the south, and a vial of rain water in the west are all examples of materials that can be used if you are working with the four cardinal directions and elements, for example.

However, keep in mind that there are certain legal and other limits in place.

If you’re foraging on private land, you’ll need to get permission beforehand.

(For further information, see my database on animal parts legislation.) Grow Your Own or Make Your OwnDIY is a fantastic thing to be able to do.

People who employ herbs in spells and other forms of magic, for example, are fortunate in that many of these plants may be cultivated in a small pot near the window or in a sunny spot outside.

If you notice that a plant isn’t doing well, you may look up probable explanations online or in books at the library, and you can also seek for guidance from garden stores or individuals on gardening discussion groups.

A secondhand table may be painted with acrylic paints** to create a permanent shrine, perhaps with a scene portraying your patron deities or symbols of the four cardinal directions.

Brooms that have been well-used and abused can be embellished with dried flowers and ribbon, and they can even be re-bristled with straw and other plant materials.

Local Artists Should Be Supported Lupa created this fox skull rattle.

For whatever reason, you may be unable to devote the necessary time or you may believe that your work does not meet your own high standards***.

Of course, this is not always the most affordable alternative; an individual artist must spend far more for their materials per item than a factory, and must devote significantly more time and effort to the creative process.

Some may even offer products on sale or clearance that they’ve kept for a long time and are no longer interested in selling.

You are always welcome to inquire about the materials used by an artist.

And the same is true for everything from pottery to woodworking to painting; there is almost always someone out there who specializes in greener materials.

Consider Etsy, Artfire, and Storenvy as some possible options.) Conclusion As a result, I hope you now understand that purchasing ritual equipment on a tight budget does not have to mean contributing to ecologically destructive procedures and behaviors.

It is important to express your reverence for nature not just via rituals and special occasions, but also through your everyday behaviors.

** Acrylic paints, while not completely free of contaminants, are among the cleanest paints available commercially and are quite inexpensive.

*** By the way, the usefulness of a tool is not determined by how attractive it is or how precisely it is constructed.

If you don’t consider yourself an artist, the goal behind your production is what is important to consider. So don’t let it stand in the way of your desire to create your own tools if you have the desire.

The Sustainable Pagan: Altars and Shrines

For the past many years, I’ve been debating the long-term viability of my current way of life. Without a doubt, I’m not a flawless role model for sustainable living by any stretch of the imagination, but I strive to make wise decisions and to consider the consequences of those decisions carefully. Nowhere is this more vital than in my spiritual practice, which is, after all, based on a deep respect for the planet and the natural environment. In light of recent developments in the retail industry, it felt appropriate to republish this piece (which originally appeared on a website I’m now in the process of decommissioning) here on my blog (which you can find here).

Which is why it is best to begin with the altar or shrine, which is frequently the most materialistic component of the pagan path.

Today I’d want to show you an example of a functional altar that I created for spellwork a few years ago.

The sources of all of this information are included here as well.

  • A sand dollar collected from the seashore
  • A nagstone found on another beach When I was visiting my brother in Northern Michigan years ago, I came across this white stone with a wonderful honeycomb design in the woods. a pine cone picked up from the woods
  • The withered blossoms of hydrangeas from the shrub outside my front door
  • Faux wild turkey feathers sent by a buddy whose partner occasionally hunts for their Thanksgiving turkeys. His job is to clean the feathers, while hers is to employ them in crafts and magic. One of my friends received a white stained glass star as a gift when she had to minimize her belongings when she moved house

Items from thrift and vintage stores include:

  • Deer antlers
  • A decorative glass dish with a votive candle within
  • The altar cabinet (which was a wedding gift from my wife, so I think that counts as a gift, too!)
  • Large bottle containing the tallest hydrangea (it’s not visible, but it’s there)
  • Large vase containing the tallest hydrangea (it’s not visible, but it’s there)

Items for sale during a yard sale include: Items that have been repurposed:

  • Bottles of tincture used to store the shorter hydrangea flowers (which were also difficult to view)

Item that has been handcrafted:

  • Young curly willow branches are used to construct this little pentacle.
  • 1 x beeswax candle with a cotton wick, manufactured in the United States

Despite the fact that there is nothing expensive or unusual on this altar, I find it to be beautiful—and it wonderfully symbolizes my relationship with nature and divine. The purpose of this piece is not to convince you that I am adamant about never acquiring anything new for my practice. Instead, it is about taking into consideration where our things originate from and contemplating innovative methods to obtain our precious artifacts from a variety of sources. Rethinking your altar provides a number of advantages, including the ability to create something that symbolizes your unique relationship with the world and the knowledge that every object on your altar has a narrative that goes beyond “I bought it on sale from a catalog.” We’ll go into further detail about this in a later post. : Pagan Altar Supplies

THE RESULTSPrice and other information may differ depending on the product size and color selected. Subscribe to save even more money. SavePromotion is now available. Recommendations for publication

Best spell candles
  1. 26th of August, 2020 Since ancient times, spell candles have been used in ceremonies to establish intentions, direct energy, and respect one’s inner self, among other things. Not only can choosing the perfect spell candle assist you with your affirmations, but it can also help you concentrate your brain in order to channel the energy you’re looking for. With our top recommendations for the finest magic candles, you can set yourself up for success. The Ladyrobyn spell candles are available in a number of color variations and are sold in a variety pack. These candles, which are 1.5 inches in width and 4 inches in height, will burn for around 1.5 hours. This provides you with plenty of time to materialize your desires and establish your intentions. Neither essential oils nor herbs are used in the making of these candles. The addition of these items is intended to be done later, depending on the spell you are conjuring. SubscribeSave allows you to save even more money. The AzureGreen candles, which come in a pack of twenty, are ideal for casting rapid spells. These candles, which are 4-inches tall and 1.5-inches broad, are somewhat bigger in size than standard birthday candles. Because of their 2-hour burn period, you may instantly energize your candles and establish your objectives with them. It is possible to prepare these spell candles with essential oils in order to strengthen affirmations and increase intention-setting
  2. With the SubscribeSave discount, the price is $24.65. These spell candles are available in a large assortment of colors and come in a bulk quantity of 48. Four-inch tall and 0.75-inch broad, each candle is a unique design. These candles, which are made entirely of natural palm wax and paraffin wax, will burn evenly and cleanly. In addition, the braided wick, which maintains a consistent flame throughout the candle’s lifespan, helps to promote this effect. These spell candles may be used to manifest, establish intentions, make affirmations, and pay respect to faith or departed loved ones, among other things. When you purchase one of these spell candles, one dollar will be contributed to the National Forest Foundation to be used in tree planting efforts. SubscribeSave allows you to save even more money. This candle, which stands 7 inches tall, is ideal for purging an area or aura of bad energy and ideas, according to the manufacturer. This candle is also referred to as a wishing candle in some circles. Each time one of the seven knobs begins to glow, you are to wish or manifest positive energy and good thoughts into the world. Due to the uniform burning of this candle, you can utilize it more efficiently. Placing this candle in a sacred space can assist you in redirecting your thoughts to the goal you have set for yourself.
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Amazon’s Featured Product Products that are highly rated and reasonably priced

  1. SubscribeSave allows you to save more money. SubscribeSave allows you to save more money.

With the SubscribeSave coupon, the price drops to $34.16. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. With the coupon, you may save 5 percent. SubscribeSave allows you to save even more money. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. With the coupon, you may save 5 percent. With the SubscribeSave discount, the price is $17.06. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. With the coupon, you may save 5 percent. SubscribeSave allows you to save even more money. With the SubscribeSave coupon, the price drops to $34.16.

  1. With the coupon, you may save 5 percent.
  2. At checkout, a ten percent discount is applied.
  3. Ships to the Netherlands are available.
  4. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase.
  5. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase.
  6. Ships to the Netherlands are available.
  7. SubscribeSave allows you to save even more money.

With the coupon, you may save $2.00.

With the SubscribeSave coupon, the price drops to $26.97.

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With the coupon, you may save 5 percent.

Only 6 of these items are left in stock – purchase soon.

Only 15 of these items are left in stock – purchase soon.

At the time of purchase, a $15.00 coupon was applied.

SubscribeSave allows you to save even more money.

With the voucher, you may save 10%.

A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase.

SubscribeSave allows you to save even more money. With the SubscribeSave coupon, the price drops to $6.63. With the SubscribeSave discount, the price is $17.06. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. With the coupon, you may save 5 percent. Brands that are associated with your search Set of 2 Taper Candles White Gold 9″ Eco Friendly Materials Unscented for Unity Wedding Set Ceremony and Altar : Home & Kitchen

3.0 stars out of 5 for this product It appears to be welted. On May 9, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. My only complaint is that it appears to be leaning, as if it was built incorrectly, delivered incorrectly, or had some heat applied to it; otherwise, they are gorgeous; nevertheless, I do not intend to purchase from them again.

Reviews with images

On March 11, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. Verified Purchase: 9.4 Inch Color: Black These intricately carved tapers are going to look very stunning during my wedding reception! The items arrived in excellent condition and appear to be of high quality. On May 9, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. Verified Purchase: 9.4 Inch Color: Black My only complaint is that it appears to be leaning, as if it was built incorrectly, delivered incorrectly, or had some heat applied to it; otherwise, they are gorgeous; nevertheless, I do not intend to purchase from them again.

On May 9, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States.

The photographs in this review

9 Sustainable Candles For That Eco Friendly Flicker

No one has ever stated, “I’ve got too many candles in my house.” We’re not the only ones that like the scent of our favorite candles. A total of around $3.5 billion is invested in the worldwide candle market business, and the industry is developing. Because these are difficult times, what better way to relieve tension than to take a warm bath with candles in it? (and a glass of wine, of course). However, even candles have their own stresses, especially the unknown garbage found in the majority of them.

  • It is not necessary to burn the candle all the way down to its wick to achieve this; instead, scroll down and continue reading to understand how we selected the most environmentally friendly candle alternatives.
  • Nightshift Wax Co.
  • WildFern Candles are perfumed with natural herbs and flowers that are incorporated into the wax, and each candle is blessed with a lovely purpose and gemstone.
  • * There are affiliate links in this post.


Candles are not the same as environmentally friendly lighting (and most other products that enter our homes). The source of their aromas, just as with fragrances, might be obscured in order to safeguard “trade secrets.” If they’re distributed, they’re typically grouped together under the vague label of “fragrance.” According to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Transparency List, fragrance (parfum) is made up of more than 3,000 distinct compounds, each of which has the potential to be an irritant that stimulates asthma, migraines, allergies, and other symptoms, among other things.

  • See here for examples of warning labels (some of which include skull symbols!) from various nations.
  • Even while harmful chemicals are not often added to candles themselves, they can be released while the candle is burning, causing a snowball effect that can lead to chemical sensitivity in the environment.
  • When heated, it has the potential to emit formaldehyde.
  • Formaldehyde is not something we want on our environmentally conscious coffee table.
  • Paraffin wax is the most often used substance in candle production.
  • Lung, brain, and central nervous system damage, among other health concerns, might result as a result of this.
  • While you’re singing “Happy Birthday,” there’s a flicker of all the potentially hazardous organic compounds being released into the environment.

Fortunately, not all of the news is negative. Because of ecologically friendly candle businesses like these, we can brighten a space or enjoy a candlelight meal or bath without having to worry about polluting the environment.


What is it that makes a candle smell lovely to us but not to our planet that prevents her from plugging her nose? We put on our “conscious consumers” hats and apply the same standards to all beauty and personal care items that we do to everything else. When it comes to the most environmentally friendly candles, the following is what we’re searching for:

  • Natural and organic ingredients (for additional information on sustainable candle ingredients, see the section directly below this list)
  • Vegan (or animal products derived from ethically obtained sources)
  • Cruelty-free
  • There is no palm oil in this product. Policies on the source of ethical ingredients
  • Packaging that is thoughtful (at the very least, recyclable)
The Most Sustainable Substances For Candles

Beeswax: Beeswax is in high demand right now. Why? When properly produced, beeswax is a natural and regenerative product that helps to support one of our favorite tiny pollinators, as well as the beekeepers who look after them and the environment. Check to see if the beeswax is coming from a supplier that actually cares about the environment—local is preferable. When it comes to candles, you don’t want one that has been created using beeswax from multiple different places all over the world. Also, be(e)ware of deceptive marketing practices when purchasing beeswax candles, since they only need to contain 51 percent beeswax to be marketed as such, meaning that you might be purchasing a candle that contains petroleum or artificial colours instead.

  • Soybeans are a renewable source of energy.
  • Natural soy does not generate hazardous compounds, resulting in a clean burn and the absence of petrol-carbon soot in the combustion process (AKA no black marks on your walls and ceiling).
  • With soy candles, you may expect an increase in burn time of 30 to 50 percent over standard candles.
  • Look for soy that is organic, GMO-free, and/or produced locally.
  • It burns even more slowly than soy wax and is more effective at retaining smells.
  • The following is a full disclaimer: coconut wax is frequently combined with other harder waxes, which are typically vegetable in origin (soy).
  • Even better, seek for businesses that use organic coconut wax or coconut wax that has been responsibly sourced.
  • There are a number of candles on the market nowadays that have lead cores, which releases lead into the air inside your home as you burn them.
  • It’s not worth the danger of lead poisoning for any perfume, no matter how tempting it may be.

However, being aware of what you’re burning is always preferable. Essential oils (preferably cold-pressed and organic) are a no-brainer when it comes to health and wellness. Not only are they all-natural and smell beautiful, but some of them may also have health-promoting properties.


So, can candles be considered ecologically friendly? In most cases, no, they are not. It’s also not very healthy to regularly burn candles, which is comparable to driving a car. The advantages of using environmentally friendly candles, on the other hand, are numerous. They’re better for our houses, better for our families, better for our lungs, and better for the environment in which we live. Not to mention less stressful on our nerves. Isn’t it true that candles are all about illumination?

Please let us know if there are any more environmentally friendly candle brands that we have missed.

Data on Green Consumerism: What You Need to Know

Followingwidespread protestsin 2019, messages of eco-consciousness haven’t merely pierced through, they’ve remained. One look at the advertising landscape tells you everything you need to know: IKEA is promoting green consumerism, BrewDog is making its position on CO2 abundantly clear, and Persil’s ” Dirt is Good ” campaign hopes to raise awareness of small acts that can help combat pollution and environmental degradation. By analyzing data from our Core survey and a second Zeitgeist poll conducted earlier this year, we can better understand green consumption and answer the questions that follow:

  • Consumers’ perceptions on the importance of green consumerism What steps are being taken by customers to reduce their carbon footprint? When it comes to combating climate change, what role do brands and companies anticipate to play?
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Eco fears are inevitable down the line.

Positive pictures of a healing world circulated on the internet during the early phases of the epidemic – dolphins swimming through crystal clear Venetian canals, and the Himalayas visible in India for the first time in three decades, to mention a few of examples. A meme was born with the statement “Nature is healing,” which was accompanied by visuals of bizarre or uncommon happenings that could only occur in the absence of any human intervention. As a result, in the early aftermath of the epidemic, there was little need to be concerned about the environment deteriorating.

  1. Only four markets had a modest decline or no change.
  2. In reality, predictions that the environment will deteriorate have been steadily reducing since Q1 2020 (although slowly), with the proportion of all internet users expecting the environment to deteriorate falling by 19 percent as of Q1 2021.
  3. On the one hand, this is an indication that growing public knowledge of environmental measures, together with observations of their beneficial impact on wildlife, has raised expectations of a meaningful change in the near future.
  4. Given that the majority of the improvement in the public’s attitude toward the environment happened between 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, it is likely that this favorable mindset will be short-lived.

For the time being, our data suggests that consumers are remaining optimistic, but it is apparent that things are already reverting to their previous state; now is not the time to get complacent.

Consumers will justify the extra cost to be eco-friendly.

Examining the spending habits of internet users provides a more detailed insight of how green consumption has genuinely taken hold. When given the opportunity, people typically choose ways to save money; two-thirds of internet users say they would rather wait for a product to go on sale rather than purchasing it at full price if given the choice. While at the same time, variables such as free delivery and discounts have consistently been among the top purchase drivers since we began tracking them in 2015.

  • That customers care about being environmentally conscious, especially among people who may not anticipate it, is a good indication.
  • Even people with limited financial resources or who identify as price-conscious will prefer to be environmentally mindful rather than not.
  • However, there is still more work to be done.
  • While most people are willing to pay more for higher-quality items, making these products more inexpensive is critical if they are to become more widely available.

Brands need to play their part in green consumerism.

Consumers are prepared to spend more for environmentally friendly products, reduce their meat consumption, and recycle wherever feasible, according to our data from earlier this year, but they still require companies to support them in return. Knowing that a company is environmentally friendly has consistently ranked among internet users’ top 10 purchase drivers since we began tracking it in 2019, with one in every five saying this as of the first quarter of 2020. At the same time, over half of customers want businesses to do their part by being environmentally conscious – something that is at the top of their list of preferred brand behaviors.

  1. Over half of consumers say they want brands to use more recyclable materials in their packaging, aside from lowering the cost of environmentally friendly products as a whole (or less packaging in general).
  2. However, the attractiveness of physical packaging is changing – particularly as online takes precedence over in-person shopping.
  3. This involves not just focusing on branding that is appealing on a small screen, but also making the use of recyclable materials considerably more easily justifiable in the long run.
  4. A clear indication that the appearance is less essential, and that the manufacturing method and materials utilized are being scrutinized more carefully.
  5. Since 48 percent of beauty shoppers believe firms should be environmentally conscious, beauty brands will want to pay attention to this and be transparent with consumers about their supply chains, ingredients, and other issues like as animal testing.

In spite of the fact that these are difficulties that all businesses must address, clarity should always be a top concern, and customers are becoming increasingly aware of brands that fail to adhere to this rule.

Go green, mean green.

Given how deeply established eco-consciousness has grown in our society, it’s unsurprising that we feel confidence in our ability to combat climate change once and for all. Although it is possible, it cannot be accomplished alone, and although it is crucial for businesses to do their share, it is even more important that they commit to doing so. As the ICPEN discovered, as many as 40% of environmental claims found online could be misleading consumers into making purchases. ” Greenwashing” (using environmentally friendly rhetoric to avoid actually doing anything environmentally friendly) is becoming an increasingly serious problem.

Detailed explanations of how products are helpful for the environment, as well as how consumers’ money will be spent efficiently, allow firms to continue to do good without drawing negative attention.

What is a Green Witch? The Beginner Guide & 4 Tips to Embrace Earthly Magick

It turns out that a lot of what you think you know about witchcraft is inaccurate – or at the very least, out of date. Today’s practicing green witch is just as concerned about the environment as any other environmentally conscious non-witch — if not more concerned. A green witch, as she is known, is someone who has a deep reverence for Mother Nature, a knowledge of earth witchcraft, and an enthusiasm for all things environmentally friendly. Recently, green witchcraft has gained popularity, as indicated by the publishing of popular witchcraft books, such as Arin Murphy-guideThe Hiscock’s Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magical Use of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More, which was published in 2017.

What are green witches and what do they do?

Many of your beliefs about witchcraft may be incorrect — or, at the very least, out of date — as a result of recent research. Practicing green witches nowadays are just as concerned about the ecology as any other environmentally conscious non-witch, if not more concerned. A green witch, as she is known, is someone who has a deep reverence for Mother Nature, a knowledge of earth witchcraft, and an enthusiasm for all things environmentally friendly and sustainable. Recently, green witchcraft has gained popularity, as indicated by the publishing of popular witchcraft books, such as Arin Murphy-guideThe Hiscock’s Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magical Use of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More, which was released in 2017.

What is the difference between a green witch and a white witch?

A white witch, on the other hand, is concerned with the practice of white magic, whereas a green witch is concerned with the wonders and mysticism of the earth. Those who practice white witchcraft utilize practical magic that is focused on the greater good, whereas those who practice green witchcraft concentrate on the natural energy of the earth’s plants and flowers.

The varieties of witches that exist include green witches and white witches, to name a couple, but there are many more. In addition to these, there are hedge witches, home witches, broom closet witches, and kitchen witches who exist.

How do you get started as a green witch?

Due to the fact that Wicca, or what is now known as “witchery,” is a contemporary pagan religion, it is possible that the deep links that green witches have to the ground represent a return to their roots. If the moon pulls and prods the earth, it makes sense to pay attention to the moon’s phases throughout the year. Consider beginning your journey into green witchcraft withSpirit Trading Company’s RitualRejuvenation box, which is created in alignment with new and full moons and contains crystals to support each moon phase, as well as small-batch aromatherapy and candles.

‘We are in awe of the gifts borne from Mother Earth,’ explains Spirit Trading Company — and you may be in awe of the gifts Spirit Trading Company continues to provide for you.

2. Fill your space with flora and greenery.

The realm of the green witch is also a verdant one, so you’ll want to have plenty of flowers on hand to brighten up your surroundings. Bloomin’ Binoffers monthly in-season seeds to plant – all you need to do is add soil, sunlight, and water to complete the transformation. Furthermore, your grimoire may require the addition of flowers, which is where Bloomin’ Bin comes in. Other excellent options to consider are My Garden Box, which contains everything you need to build relaxing, rewarding, and enriching garden projects, including live plants, and The Plant Club, which allows you to fall in love with a new houseplant every month.

3. Gather your beginners’ spiritual toolkit.

If you want to go even farther in your commitment to Mother Earth, you may consider a subscription package from Magickal Folk. During each season, they pay tribute to the flora and wildlife of the area, proclaiming: “Join us as we harness the forces of old celestial wisdom and seek to illuminate the planet from inside.” When you consider the shared connections you’ll have with other subscribers, even a pandemic won’t be able to prevent coven formation. For lonely witches, theTamed Wild Box, which provides monthly delivery of magic and earth medicine, is also a good option to explore.

Additionally, a lunar ritual for intention-setting is available for each month, which is crafted for the witch in you.

4. Devote time to your practice.

Green witchcraft encompasses a wide range of practices: the path of the green witch is one that is loaded with a plethora of concepts that will bring you closer to Mother Earth. In order to become a green witch, Arin Murphy-entertaining Hiscock’s handbook is a good place to start, and these subscription boxes are an even better position from which to continue. According to the book, as a green witch, you’ll learn how to “In this book, you will discover how to produce potions and oils from herbs, plants and flowers for everyday healing, as well as how crystals and other stones (even twigs) may assist you in finding inner balance.

Accept the invitation to enter the domain of the green witch and learn about the mystical powers that nature has.” If you want to learn more about green witchery or just want to understand more about it, whether you’re a practicing Wiccan or just interested, The Green Witch is a fascinating book.

Green witchcraft, on the other hand, is a fascinating new (and old!) discipline. Nature magic may very well be the most potent magic of all – explore tapping into the earthly book of self-care and studying the ways of the green witch to see the world in a different light.

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