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The album by Barney Kessell is the subject of this essay. Feeling Free is a song from the Sydney Youngblood album of the same name (Sydney Youngblood album).

Feeling Free
Studio albumbyBarney Kessell
Released 1969
Recorded February 13, 1969Contemporary Record’s Studio in Los Angeles, California
Genre Jazz
Length 43: 05
Label ContemporaryM3618/S7618
Producer Lester Koenig
Barney Kesselchronology
Hair Is Beautiful(1968) Feeling Free(1969) Guitarra(1969)

Feeling Freeis a studio album by guitaristBarney Kessel, which was recorded in 1969 and released on the Contemporarylabel the following year. The record marked Kessel’s brief return to the label before he embarked on an extended tour of Europe in support of the album.


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The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings

Scott Yanow’s review of All Music is as follows: “However, although none of the musicians was associated exclusively with the avant-garde (Elvin Jones came the closest but never quite embraced free jazz), they demonstrate the influence of the explorations of the era, employing aspects of the innovations as logical ways to push the jazz mainstream further than it had previously been. Fascinating musical compositions “.

Track listing

Except as otherwise noted, all compositions are by Barney Kessel.

  1. “Moving Up” begins at 5:14
  2. “Blue Grass” begins at 9:24
  3. And “This Guy’s in Love with You” begins at 5:14. (Burt Bacharach,Hal David) Blues up, down and all around” – 5:14
  4. “Blues up, down and all around” – 8:21
  5. “The Sound of Silence” (Paul Simon) – 7:39
  6. “Two Note Samba” – 4:55
  7. “Two Note Samba” – 7:39


  • Barney Kessel plays guitar, Bobby Hutcherson plays vibraphone, Chuck Domanico plays bass, and Elvin Jones plays drums.


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Freedom. I’m in a good mood. Expansiveness. Lightness. There is no end to the possibilities. These are some of the terms I’ve been using lately to express the feelings and view on life that I want to have. I’ve been observing a trend in my own behavior lately, which involves a great yearning to be free. As we all know, freedom and the sentiments that accompany it may manifest itself in a variety of ways. I have discovered a technique that has significantly increased my sense of liberation. It’s straightforward, practical, and effective, but it’s not always straightforward to put into action.

  1. Speaking your truth is the number one exercise I recommend for feeling liberated.
  2. Are you interested in learning why I picked it?
  3. If you were to take an inventory of one whole day of your life, how many times do you believe you would discover that you haven’t been completely honest with yourself?
  4. I believe that many of us would be surprised by what we discover if we took the time to examine our relationship with truth.
  5. As previously said, I’ve been yearning for independence recently.
  6. Why?
  7. My realization that I had been burying my truth for years and years occurred to me when I began to excavate this answer on my own behalf.

I had made up white lies in order to get out of a sticky situation.

The mental imagery of holding back, pressing down, and shutting up does not inspire feelings of freedom in me.

Are you able to connect to this?

One day, I was reminded by a little voice within that I needed to be more honest with some aspects of my narrative.

Knowing it was my time, I desired independence, and so I offered my resources.

For the most part, I couldn’t care less about how others reacted to it (which has always been a huge hindrance for me).

It was really fantastic.

And do you want to know what else I have to say?

When you express your truth from a compassionate and confident place, people feel as though they can relate to you on a more personal and intimate level.

I’m sure we’ve all noticed something like this.

It is the truth that makes you free, and it is the truth that encourages those around you to feel comfortable in living their own truths.

Who in your life have you been depriving of their own authentic selves by concealing fragments of their actual selves from them?

What lies have you been telling yourself about yourself that are holding you trapped and preventing you from living your life to the fullest?

Please give yourself some time to reflect on these questions, and remember to be kind with yourself as you begin to investigate what it means to speak your truth and live from that place.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with truth and honesty, so please share them in the comments section below if you feel compelled to do so. Here’s to being able to move freely! xo, Michelle

How to Choose Freedom When You Don’t Feel Free – The Ladies Coach

“Now that she had nothing to lose, she felt liberated.” -Paulo CoelhoSometimes life feels like it’s completely unfettered. We have the luxury of space and time, as well as the ability to make decisions, and we feel alive and motivated. Freedom permeates every nook and cranny of our lives, and our spirits are soaring high in the sky alongside the clouds and birds, bringing us closer to God. Freedom looks to be such a fickle and untrustworthy companion at times, as if we are held down by thick chains with nothing but the darkness of a tunnel leading to a dead end ahead of us.

  • The next second, though, it isn’t.
  • But what happens when you decide to devote your life to the cause of liberty and justice?
  • And what happens when all you desire is independence, yet it remains elusive no matter how hard you try to get it?
  • I was smitten with the concept on its own.
  • Instead of racing after objectives and achieving them, I learnt to tune into my feelings and be present in the moment.
  • In the end, I opted against becoming a psychologist and terminated my studies after earning my bachelor’s degree, choosing instead to pursue an unorthodox career in the creative world of music festivals.
  • I discovered that there is no such thing as right or bad, or black or white.

The human experience is restricted in its ability to know everything.

Instead of stuffing my head with fears and attempting to appear like other people via intense fitness regimens, self-loathing, and cycles of starvation and bingeing, I loosened my grip on my own identity.

When I was hungry, I ate what I felt like eating, and I embraced food rather than dreaded it.

Instead of acquiring all of the newest, most expensive, and most sought-after possessions, I formed a profound connection with the cosmos, which left me feeling wealthier than I had ever felt with anything I had ever had.

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I’ve realized that it is not my responsibility to fulfill and delight everyone else.

In the end, just like happiness and love, freedom is a matter of decision. “Run away from what’s familiar. Forget about security. Live in a place where you are afraid to be. Destroy your professional reputation. “Make yourself well-known.” – Rumi

Choosing freedom is literally a moment to moment decision that you get to make.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing at the time of writing. After all, freedom is a state of mind. Even when I’m not feeling free, I always question myself, “What would make me feel freer than this, right now?” I pay attention. And then do it. I gently nudge myself back to the edge of freedom. Bit by little, option by choice, we’ll get there. Until liberation is inhaling new air into my lungs, expanding my heart, ripping me open again, and showering me with love and beautiful, sweet relief, I will not be at peace.

  • However, it must be stated that there is another revelation that comes with the offer of independence.
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  • It is simple to yearn for independence.
  • Choosing freedom requires dedication, courage, strength, and an unflinching faith in one’s own abilities.

It means choosing to feel free in ordinary moments.

It is possible to find beauty, enchantment, and marvels in the most ordinary things. Choosing to experience freedom right here, right now, even when it’s difficult and you’d much rather be somewhere else is a difficult decision. The act of choosing freedom is a fine art. In other words, it means opening ourselves up to life and teachings by saying ” yes ” and ” thank you ” even when we are broken and vulnerable and feel the most like turning our backs on them or closing our hearts.

To choose freedom, you have to believe that it is worth persevering for.

See the awe-inspiring beauty, magic, and miracles that may be found in everyday life While it’s difficult and you’d rather rather run away, you may choose to experience freedom right now, in this very now. It takes skill to choose freedom. When we are broken, vulnerable, or tempted to turn our backs and close our hearts, saying ” yes” and ” thank you” to life and lessons requires us to open ourselves up and say ” yes.”

To choose freedom, you must have the courage to say what you feel and be who you are, despite what others might think.

It implies that you must occasionally allow yourself to be hurt and utilize that hurt to propel yourself farther into freedom. To choose freedom implies that you are willing to confront yourself, to be present with yourself, and to recognize that this is a personal journey that you can only do on your own terms. You will develop and evolve as you progress through this trip, and you will come to understand what true freedom is.

Choosing freedom means listening to yourintuitionand knowing the difference between when she tells you to go and when she tells you to stay.

It means not fleeing because you are terrified, and it means not remaining because you are paralyzed by your anxieties and concerns. Through these periods of moving and being still, change and transition, beginnings and ends, connection and detachment, feeling free becomes your dedicated friend and confidante.

To choose freedom is to face your fears.

The ability to experience your fears, to recognize and accept them, even when doing so is the last thing you want to do, results in their dissipating in the face of your intrinsic power and freedom.

Remember that fears are nothing more than erroneous ideas that prevent you from experiencing true freedom.

Choosing freedom means to let go.

The ability to experience your anxieties, to recognize and accept them, even when doing so is the last thing you want to do, results in their dissipating in the face of your intrinsic power and independence. Remember that fears are nothing more than erroneous ideas that prevent you from experiencing true liberation and happiness.

Feeling Free: A fight for freedom with LEISURE

Even if you don’t know which song is by LEISURE, chances are you have one of their songs stuck in your mind. Though they began with a soft R B groove and GoldLink verses on their debut album, 2016’s self-titledLEISURE, the New Zealand collective has evolved into one of electronic music’s most ear-worming songwriters in the last year, injecting their subtle sways with catchy choruses and thick basslines without losing that distinct LEISURE touch. TakeFeeling for a Ride In The Hype, for example, a charging funk-pop delight that combines these signature LEISURE production elements with a chorus that simply loops two words – “the hype”- 21 times is transformed into a whirlpool of synth chords and bass slides that swirl beneath a repeating chorus (“I feel like cuttin’ loose, feeling free,” it loops).

  1. A number of composers and producers who have worked with practically every major New Zealand pop performer are members of the LEISURE collective, which was founded in 2001.
  2. When LEISURE was first formed, it was more or less a jam band of sorts (“We were just trying to make music, and there were no expectations on how it would turn out,” recalled Jaden toDUMMY Magazine).
  3. They were free to explore and create – basically, they could do whatever they wanted without the overhanging reality of having to offer whatever they generated to the artist with whom they were collaborating or to the label A R for consideration for their next piece of work.
  4. TWISTER, the band’s long-awaited second album, which has been in the works for three years, seems like a more in-depth examination of what precisely music may sound like when given complete creative control.
  5. A good illustration of this is the song “Too Much Of A Good Thing,” which has two of the album’s most powerful passages.
  6. Throughout the rest of the album, LEISURE’s diverse range of abilities as a band become even more apparent, demonstrating their ability to create addicting moments of electro-pop music.
  7. “I believe it’s been around 700 days since the release of our debut album.
  8. “When we become creatively unconscious, we are able to create our favorite things.

We come to rest with an eclectic mix of 14 songs, each of which has its own mood and color to express itself.” They’ll be on tour around the country in September, but in anticipation of TWISTER’s eventual arrival today, we met up with the band to speak about their early attraction to freedom and how it ultimately formed their long-awaited second album.

  • Was there a time when these things were having an affect on your previous projects, and at what point did you feel that starting a new alias devoid of these things was a smart decision?
  • When your sole goal is to channel all of your creative energy into one project, whether it succeeds or fails, you are forced to be creative and intuitive while under time constraints.
  • We had each taken our own separate paths, and by some divine notion, we ended up working together on a beautiful and dynamic level.
  • Because of this, you’ve secured management deals, released music under the Nettwerk label, and gained great worldwide recognition.
  • To be sure, we’ve preserved the overall theme and cadence of doing things our way; but, the wider picture comprises many more moving parts in addition to simply us putting out music on a regular basis.
  • Although the structure of things has changed, the essence of what we’re doing and what means most to us has remained essentially the same: producing music freely and relishing the unique method that we have developed.
  • Is it apparent to you when you signed on with Nettwerk, for example, that you would have complete creative control over the project when you do?

However, it was an extremely absorbing process for us because it was important to us that we evolved on a variety of levels moving forward, and we were curious to see how a record label would work to magnify the music to a broader audience.

When you’re working on something as big as a second album, how does having that much creative freedom influence the process?

Given that we’re all driven by our own desires, we’ve never felt any external pressure to produce, and the enchantment tends to disappear when we’re creating music for anybody or anything other than ourselves.

In what steps did you go through to put the record together?

Certain songs stayed with us for a long time, while others faded away into obscurity and obscurity.

I’m presuming that this contributes to the album’s flexibility and range because each member of LEISURE comes from a different musical background than the others.

How do you strike a balance between taking on too many things at once and without becoming overwhelmed?

Any concept that has been put forth has always been met with total respect and comfort.

The fact that we sound like LEISURE is due to the fusion of these unique energies, but we also prefer to make use of the space and ambiance of the location in which we’re producing as the sixth member of the group.

I was going through an old interview and noticed that you described this record as your “second wind.” As compared to your self-titled debut, how did the route to this record differ, and how did it influence the final product.

All of our influences and inherent gravitational pulls came together in a melting pot as we worked together.

Album two presented itself as an opportunity for us to explore and evolve at our own pace, but it also posed a challenge to us to push ourselves to heavier extremes because we didn’t want to make the same record as our previous work or fall into predictable shades of our previous work, so we pushed ourselves to heavier extremes.

  • In addition, we’ve gained more confidence in our ability to sing and play instruments on a technical level.
  • Was there some type of musical blueprint created during the album’s planning stages that assisted in the execution of this concept?
  • It undoubtedly increased as a result of producing more songs over a longer period of time.
  • Everything we do is always based on a groove and a mood, but we were free to experiment with whatever other aspect we wanted.

Is this concept incorporated into the final project? When it comes to our survival as a group, everything is dependent on the five of us exchanging memorable events and collecting audio curiosities along the course of the expedition. When those times occur, TWISTER serves as the music.

LEISURE’s new album, TWISTER, isout nowindependently. Catch themon tourthis September, joined by Luboku and guests.

Follow LEISURE:FACEBOOK on Facebook.

Feeling Free: Freedom From Anxiety, Depression, and Other Toxic Emotions – Kindle edition by Toler, Terry. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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