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15 Christmas Presents From the Heart

“The weather had turned very bad early Christmas Eve,” my friend Mike remembers. “Sleet and snow were coming down hard.” Driving conditions became so poor that his mother decided to stay home and not join Mike and his wife in their holiday festivities. So Mike decided to make the difficult two-hour trip to pick up his mom and bring her to the family gathering. Now, years later, his mother still refers to this as her priceless Christmas gift. “She felt so loved,” Mike says. Love … isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

(Luke 2).

God expressed His great love for us through Jesus Christ.

But no price tag can be put on true love.

  1. Here are 15 examples of gifts from the heart—priceless presents that will never be forgotten.
  2. Giving old family items can have lots of sentimental value without the high price tag.
  3. Every time that I look at it, I think of Nana and my sister.
  4. She gave them as Christmas presents to her parents and siblings; they were truly touched.
  5. He had found a video on a painting tutorial, and set out all of my paints and two canvases in the living room.
  6. 5.One year I surprised my husband with a special Christmas present: a hiking or fishing trip that we would do together.
  7. 7.I gave my wife the gift of time.

we sit on the porch and enjoy coffee together.

Very precious to her.

Instead I ask them to use that money to come see me.

Having lost all my grandparents and my mother, I am aware that tomorrow is not promised.

She put them into a notebook with a copy of one of my grandmother’s final letters.

10.One year, my precious grandmother (in her 90s), gave each of her 16 grandchildren a photo album that she had worked months to organize and put together.

I still cherish my album!

Now, more than 30 years later, I will give this to my son on Christmas Day.

She likes it because it’s one-of-a-kind.

One of my sisters discovered this and gave me and each of our other siblings a copy as a Christmas present.

Because our children are homeschooled, they are home most of the time.

My gift to my man was to invite him to come home for lunch every Tuesday for some special time together in the bedroom.

15.I received a card in the mail with a picture of me and my friend.

This was much better than a gift card.

Let’s add our love and give gifts from the heart. ©2012 by FamilyLife. All intellectual property rights are retained.

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K-Gr 3 (King George III) In the tradition of Chris Van Allsburg’s masterpiece The Polar Express (Houghton Mifflin, 1985), this wonderfully old-fashioned narrative restores faith in Santa Claus in the hearts of children everywhere. Trisha, the narrator, and her elder brother, Richie, are preparing for their final Christmas on Grampa’s farm before he is forced to sell it. They are daydreaming about dolls and model trains, and they want to make their vacation memorable despite the fact that they do not have much money.

  • Her friendship with the children grows over time, despite some initial obstacles, as she shares with them her view that presents from the heart do not come wrapped in paper and ribbons.
  • Christmas morning, the siblings see runner markings and hoof impressions on the snow-covered roof, as well as two sleigh bells in the yard, confirming Trisha’s belief that Santa had visited them the night before.
  • A nostalgic childhood world of cinnamon gumdrops, toy store displays, and Santa parades is beautifully depicted by Polacco’s expertly produced pencil and marker drawings, which serve to enhance the warmth and charm of the narrative and bring it to life.
  • • Linda L.


An image of a grandmotherly figure and two inquisitive youngsters appears on the front cover, indicating that this is a traditional Polacco narrative of family warmth, this time with a dash of magic added in. The first image sets the tone: a window display in a department shop and Christmas fantasies. Even without the words, we are taken to the world of Richie and his sister, the narrator, who live in an old-fashioned environment. Because their grandma has passed away, wise and loving Kay Lamity comes to the farm on the last Christmas before it is sold to assist out around the house and farm.

The huge pictures are spread across two pages and frequently include people’s faces and actions.

Even with snowflakes dispersed throughout, the use of bright patterns in fabric and setting adds to the overall warmth. Polacco’s holiday novella, which places an emphasis on human ties, is softly pleasant. Kindergarten to third grade. Edie Ching is a writer who lives in Los Angeles. Gifts from the Heart: 10 Ways to Build More Loving Relationships: 9780742525023: Fujishin, Randy: Books

Added to the database on November 29, 2015, verified purchase in the United States This book is excellent if you are interested in how individuals connect with one another and why people constantly miscommunicate with one another. In this section, you will find instances and suggestions for avoiding social misinterpretation. It is entirely up to you what you take away from the book and put into practice. I would suggest this book to individuals who are considering taking the plunge into the field of social psychology or who are simply inquisitive.

  1. It’s well worth every penny (coming from a person who hates reading).
  2. This is an excellent book.
  3. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how to offer gifts of love and receive them.
  4. (This would make an excellent wedding present.) In the United States of America, this product was reviewed on February 17, 2020.
  5. Although I required this book for a class, it was a pleasant surprise to receive it.
  6. I would strongly advise you to do so.
  7. It is an excellent book that may be applied throughout one’s life.

On June 10, 2016, a verified purchase was reviewed in the United States.

I strongly suggest this book to everyone who wants to improve their interpersonal interactions.

This book was acquired as mandatory reading for a listening college course that I was taking.

Fujishin has done an excellent job of deconstructing what it means to be loving in a relationship and how to do it.

This is the first “self-help” book I’ve ever read, and I have to admit that while reading it, I used some of the ideas I learned and saw an increase in my communication skills with my partner, which had previously been lacking.

On May 3, 2004, a review was conducted in the United States. This book forces the reader to take a step back and consider relationships from a different viewpoint. Excellent, thought-provoking activities.

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Gifts from the Heart

Victoria Osteen’s storybook series continues with a royal adventure appropriate for even the most rowdy of princes and princesses, as told from the eyes of the characters themselves. Jon and Sue, a brother and sister, go on a fantastical voyage into a medieval realm of kings and castles in their imagination. In a bustling town where people are getting ready for their king’s party, they discover themselves. While the rest of the community is preoccupied with finding extravagant gifts for their loved ones, Jon and Sue, with the assistance of their new friend Maryanne, remind everyone that the abilities God has given them are the most important of all.

Towards the end of the story, there is an answer-aloud question part that allows parents and children to discuss the lessons they have just learned and to uncover the adventure in their own daily lives.

She is a native of the Texas city of Houston.

In addition to picture books and chapter novels, Diane Palmiscian is the illustrator of more than fifty children’s books, including theJenny Archer series. Ms. Palmisciano is a Rhode Island School of Design alumnus who currently resides in the state of Rhode Island.

More books from this author: Victoria Osteen

Come to any distribution to sign up to become a customer of the food bank; no evidence of income is necessary. Coupeville School District is served by our company.

Distribution Location:

The distribution center is open from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The following dates have been set aside for distribution:

November 10 and 24 – Day before ThanksGiving
December 8 and 22 – 3 Days before Christmas

2022 Distribution Dates

From 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., you can pick up your package. Following are the dates for distribution:

January 12 and 26
February 9 and 23
March 9 and 23
April 13 and 27
May 11 and 25
June 8 and 22
July 13 and 27
August 10 and 24
September 14 and 28
October 12 and 26
November 9 and 23 Day before Thanksgiving
December* 7 and 21

* December dates have been moved to accommodate the Christmas holidays.

Gift from the Heart Foundation – The Gift From the Heart Foundation is committed to provide assistance in receiving medical care for children with special needs.

Committed to assisting children with special needs in obtaining medical treatment for which they are eligible. The Gift From the Heart Foundation is dedicated to assisting children with special needs in their pursuit of medical treatment by providing financial help. We offer a wide range of programs that encourage education, healthy child development, family advocacy and support, as well as aid with child medical care and other necessities. It is the mission of the Foundation to transfer critically ill and handicapped children from European nations to the United States in order for them to get high-quality medical care and therapies that are not available in their own countries of origin.

  • Donate today; your generosity is much appreciated and will give the cash necessary to make a difference in the lives of our children.
  • Please forward this article to your friends.
  • His condition, which manifests itself in his case as a progressive inability to walk freely, was the reason for my visit.
  • Louis, who operated on my son last year utilizing the SDR procedure, which is a first in the world.


We would like to offer our heartfelt appreciation to Dar Serca for all of the assistance that we have received, which has proven to be extremely valuable in our.

Mom, please don’t cry

This journal is dedicated to my son, and to the employees and volunteers of the Gift from the Heart Foundation, who have given their time and energy to make this project possible.”.

2021 Holidays at the White House

Rooms around the White House have been adorned to symbolize theGifts from the Heartthat bind us all, which were inspired by the tiny acts of generosity and experiences that raised our spirits this year and throughout the pandemic:

East Wing – Gift of Service

We have begun decorating the White House for the holidays in 2021 in celebration of theGift of Service. This year has been marked by several acts of remarkable kindness, bravery, and selflessness on the part of so many people, and we honor them for their service and sacrifice. Welcoming shimmering doves and shooting stars fill the East Colonnade hallway, symbolizing to us all the serenity and light provided to us all by the efforts of frontline employees and first responders throughout the epidemic.

The East Wing of the White House was renovated and enlarged to its current configuration in 1942, and it now houses the First Lady’s Office.

East Landing – Gold Star Tree

The Gold Star Tree is dedicated to the memory of the brave men and women of our nation’s armed forces who have given their lives in the service of our country, as well as their families who have carried on their traditions.

Library – Gift of Learning

We have all been grateful for the Gift of Learning, especially throughout the course of the last year. Students benefitted from educators’ ability to engage with them in new and inventive ways while dealing with the problems of the epidemic. Students and families in America were in desperate need of advocates like never before, and they found their heroism in educators. When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established the White House Library in 1935, this room was designated as such. This area today has roughly 2,700 volumes of books, the majority of which are devoted to American history and literature.

Vermeil Room – Gift of the Visual Arts

The Vermeil (French for “gilded silver”) Room is decorated with bright, vibrant, and colorful paint brushes and paint samples to commemorate theGift of the Visual Arts. These colorful paint brushes and paint swatches reflect the varied American painters whose abilities offer joy to all. The visual arts, which range from historic portraits to graphic art displays, from light installations to marble sculptures, from wood carvings to children’s handprint art, provide us delight, help us to relax, and motivate us to be more creative in our lives.

The room is named after them.

The People’s House is shared well beyond the confines of the White House grounds, thanks to educational programs and programming.

China Room – Gift of Friendship and Sharing

Our wish for you this holiday season is that, when you gather around the dinner table hand in hand and heart to heart, the China Room inspires you to share healing laughter, comfortable meals, and warm memories with loved ones, furthering theGift of Friendship and Sharing. Garlands of interlaced hands are draped over the branches of the room’s Christmas tree, representing friendship, fellowship, and good cheer, among other things. The China Room, which was established by First Lady Edith Wilson in 1917, has dinnerware that has been used by previous presidential families.

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East Room – Gift of Gratitude

With love and understanding, with care and compassion, and, most importantly, with thanks, we are repairing the spirit of our nation. A celebration of theGift of Gratitude is held in the East Room, which is signified by tiny acts of kindness and handwritten cards, which are full of appreciative thought. If we write a thank you note, send a heartfelt message, or leave a batch of muffins on a neighbor’s front porch, our hearts will be healed and we will be brought closer. The East Space, which was intended to be the biggest room in the White House, has held a variety of events, including public banquets, ceremonies, bill signings, and other noteworthy occasions.

The portrait was saved by Dolley Madison when the White House was on fire during the War of 1812.

Every Christmas season since 1967, the Neapolitan crèche, which has more than 40 figures from the eighteenth century, has been on exhibit at this location.

Green Room – Gift of Nature

The Green Room is dedicated to the wonders of nature. In the abundance of nature, we may always find relief, tranquillity, and repair, and we should do so. The beauty of the morning and the consistency of the tides serve as a constant reminder that the world is continually moving ahead, and that we are moving along with it. Each each day brings a new ray of hope. Purple trees with genuine orchids are arranged in the room’s windows, and they are surrounded by other plants. Floral arrangements, including lush foliage and sprays of greenery, are draped around the mantel.

Blue Room – Gift of Peace and Unity

The Gift of Peace and Unity is celebrated in the Blue Room, which also contains the Official White House Christmas Tree. Peace doves are carried down the tree by a shimmering banner that is imprinted with the names of each state and territory in the United States, serving as a gentle reminder to us all of the necessity of national unity and national harmony. It has been a tradition in the Blue Room since the Eisenhower Administration to have a huge Christmas tree displayed there every year. From floor to ceiling, an 18 12 foot Fraser Fir from Jefferson, North Carolina, serves as the focus of the Christmas season, filling the whole circular space with its fragrance.

Presented by Rusty and Beau Estes of Peak Farms, who were named Grand Champion Grower in the National Christmas Tree Association’s annual National Christmas Tree contest in 2021, this year’s tree is the Estes’ third time receiving this honor.

Red Room – Gift of the Performing Arts

The Red Room, which celebrates the Gift of the Performing Arts, captures the excitement and beauty of the festive season in a unique way. Brass instruments adorn the mantel, which contrasts beautifully with the deep crimson silk wall coverings. As though dancing around the tree with sugarplum fairies, ballet slippers, tap shoes, and musical notes are seen. In recent years, the performing arts have taken on a whole new significance. With the introduction of social media, brilliant artists and performers have been given the opportunity to share their work with the world from the comfort of their own homes.

Two cranberry topiaries are on exhibit in the Red Room, as part of a tradition that dates back to 1975.

State Dining Room – Gift of Family

We celebrate the cherishedGift of Family at the State Dining Room, whether it is the family we are born into or the family of our choice or the family we make. While the epidemic kept many of us apart, it also served as a reminder that our time together is extremely valuable. An etching in the fireplace mantel, just below the family stockings, says, “I Pray Heaven To Bestow The Best of Blessings Upon This House.” They were taken from a letter sent by President John Adams to his wife Abigail, which was written on November 2, 1800, and is included in this benediction.

In the State Dining Room, ornaments depicting images of First Families from the past and present adorn the trees, which are particularly festive this year.

The White House made with gingerbread The official 2021 Gingerbread White House may be found in the State Dining Room, on the eagle pier table, near the fireplace.

The show features eight meticulously crafted models of community structures, which depict front-line employees in the neighborhood.

A total of 55 sheets of cooked gingerbread, 120 pounds of pastillage (a type of flour), 35 pounds of chocolate, and 25 pounds of royal icing were utilized by the White House pastry staff to add the final touches.

Grand Foyer and Cross Hall – Gift of Faith and Community

The White House’s Grand Foyer and Cross Hall are dedicated to the celebration of the Gift of Faith and Community. We are soothed and encouraged that we are never alone because of the power of our religion and the affection of our community. Floating candles represent the light that we bring into the world. The corridor alcoves and tree displays portray wintry images of life in our villages and cities, representing the consolation of faith, the enduring relationships of community, and the persistence of the American spirit, all of which are reflected in the artwork.

Take a few moments this Christmas season to pause and think on these intangibleGifts from the Heartas well as the numerous blessings that have been bestowed upon us all, as we do.

By the numbers…

The White House has a total of 41 Christmas trees spread around the grounds. This year’s White House decorations included around 6,000 feet of ribbon, more than 300 candles, and more than 10,000 ornaments, all of which were employed to great effect. A total of 78,750 holiday lights are used to illuminate the trees, garlands, wreaths, and other displays throughout the White House. The north and south façade of the White House are adorned with twenty-five traditional wreaths. For the White House to be fully decorated on the inside and outdoors, it takes around 100 committed volunteers laboring for a whole week.

The 2021 White House Holiday Guide

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Fill up the blanks with information about yourself. There is no need to be elaborate, simply a high-level summary.


November 2021 is the target date.


Slide number ten out of ten Christmas presents a wonderful chance to spread the message of truth and life that has made us free in the first place. The present we offer from our hearts should reflect the One who inhabits in it via the Holy Spirit from the time we receive the grace of Christ, rather than concentrating on what they think or where they stand on issues. “Let everything you do be done in love,” according to 1 Corinthians 16:14. Every day, set aside some time in prayer to ask God to direct us to a scripture that will encourage a specific person on our hearts.

“Let love predominate in your life, words, and acts,” says 1 Corinthians 16:14 in the VOICE translation of the Bible.

A coffee cup or a diary with Scripture writing on it, a daily devotional book, or a simple bracelet with a cross and a scripture on it are all good options.

If it reveals God’s word, He will take care of the rest of the process.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash Throughout her life as a stay-at-home mom, job as a freelance writer, teaching Emoti-moms Weekly Bible Study, and directing the kids worship teams at her local church, Megenencourages people to seek first His kingdom and righteousness.

With her spouse of 10 years, two children, and their Golden-doodle, she lives in a tiny northern lake town with her husband and family. Meg’s blog is a place where she writes about ordinary living in the context of Christ’s love.

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