Hygge Your Home Office

How to Create Hygge in your Home Office

I am one of those insane persons that like the winter season. Maybe it’s because I’m married to a Buffalo native who has taught me how to appreciate long, snowy winter days in the city. However, I believe my enthusiasm for the season began much earlier. I’ll be reading beneath the covers, sipping hot chocolate, and gazing outside at the snowflakes falling outside my window. Winter lighting is formed when snow accumulates on a sunshine window and creates a wonderful soft shadow, which I find to be one of my favorite effects.

In fact, I was heavily influenced by Scandinavian culture in general.

Not only do they like the season, but they have also created a way of life that allows them to fully enjoy it.

Although the hygge lifestyle is not specific to the winter (there are numerous ways to enjoy hygge throughout all of the seasons), the winter is the time of year when I find myself wanting to incorporate the lifestyle into my life the most frequently.

  1. Although I associate the hugging and coziness with winter and snow, I am not sure why.
  2. After doing extensive study on the topic of hygge, I learned that I had been living this way of life for the most of my life.
  3. However, unlike many other things German, the German concept of gemütlichkeit did not catch on in the United States and has thus far failed to become a prominent lifestyle trend there.
  4. The most enjoyable aspect of adopting a hygge lifestyle is reaping the numerous physical and social advantages that come with it.
  5. Having hygge décor in your home helps to create a sense of serenity and tranquility in your surroundings.
  6. Hygge is also associated with the promotion of companionship.
  7. My mind is reminded of the “clean home” phenomenon.
  8. There are other emotional advantages as well, like less stress, enhanced awareness of your surroundings, and increased optimism, to name a few.
  9. In the winter, if I can reap all of these benefits just by throwing a few of extra blankets on the sofa, perhaps incorporating some of these components into my home office can help me to be more productive.

It turns out that there are several methods to achieve this lovely lifestyle in both the area where I work and in my everyday life, as I discovered. Here are some of the concepts that I’ve put into action.

Soft Lighting

It was always those glaring fluorescent lights that made my head spin after a few of hours of working in office buildings and schools. I was more inclined to keep them off the table – which my pupils adored – whenever I had the opportunity. Keep your home office’s lighting as soft as possible. Soft lighting alternatives should be used instead of harsh lighting. During early morning work sessions in my home studio, I have two floor lamps that create a lovely glow over the workspace. It makes it simpler to get some writing done before the sun rises.

  1. Look for a location that has plenty of natural lighting.
  2. Choose light bulbs that give off a pleasant glow for your desk lighting needs.
  3. It’s also important to realize that not all of the lighting you add to an office area must be electric.
  4. Despite the fact that this does not provide much “light” to work by, it can help to calm the environment and smell wonderful.

Add Greenery

Hygge is a concept that I find particularly appealing since it encourages people to incorporate nature into their homes. According to research, including indoor plants into our homes might help us feel happier. They also help to counteract indoor air pollution, enhance our mood, minimize the severity of colds, and even keep us from having to visit a therapist altogether. If plants can provide us with so many advantages in our own homes, think what they may do for your work environment. Place some of your favorite little green pals on a small shelf in your home.

Alternatively, you might set a plant on a book shelf, the floor, or a desk space.

Also, don’t forget to give it a name.

Surround yourself with Trinkets

Working may be difficult, no matter how much you appreciate your job, because it requires you to be away from the things you enjoy. No matter if it’s your loved ones, pets, or the location of your most recent vacation, it’s tough to concentrate when the things that are most important to us appear so far away from us. By including items from the areas you truly wish to visit, you may bring yourself closer to those destinations. Create a shelf filled with mementos from your trips, photographs of your family, and artwork to help you transport yourself back in time.

Then, whenever you want, you may reach out and touch them, transporting yourself back to your favorite outdoor locations. In order to stay motivated, it’s important to remind yourself of your favorite people and places. After that, you can get back to doing the things that you truly, deeply like.

Basket of Blankets

Working may be difficult, no matter how much you appreciate your job, because it requires you to be away from the things that you find rewarding. It’s tough to concentrate when the things that are most important to us feel so far away, whether it’s your family, pets, or your most recent holiday spot. Utilizing souvenirs from the areas you most desire to visit can help you feel more connected to those destinations. Put items from your trips, family pictures, and creative work on a shelf to serve as a reminder of your journey.

When you touch them, you will be transported back to your favorite outdoor settings, which you may do whenever you want.

It will be possible to resume performing the things you truly, deeply like after this period of time.

Warms your Toes

Speaking of the cold, another method to bring a sense of hygge into your home office is to work in slippers or socks while you are at your desk. You don’t have to wear shoes all day when you’re not working in a regular office, which is one of the advantages of working from home. Slippers or socks are a better option for keeping your feet warm and comfortable. Your toes will be grateful to you.

Soft Music

Since relocating to my home office full-time, I’ve found it difficult to focus in the solitude of my own home office. For a while, it was unusual not to be constantly surrounded by the sounds of small children. As a result, I’ve begun to listen to calm music as I work. Typically, I prefer classical or folk music. And, about the middle of autumn, I start listening to Christmas music. (After all, why not? It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas.) As a thank you, I received an Amazon Echo Dot.

I can also listen to podcasts or audiobooks on my computer.

Positive Quotes

It’s difficult to have a happy attitude all of the time. This is especially true if you operate your own firm. However, when you include hygge into your life, happy thinking becomes a natural byproduct of the process. By placing some positive mantras about your home office, you may help yourself think more optimistically (while also relaxing at the same time). You may frame your favorite quotations and hang them on your walls, place them on your desk bulletin board, or even make a gorgeous screen saver with one of your favorite phrases.

And, maybe most crucially, surround yourself with good things that you want to think about.

Schedule Self Care

The hygge lifestyle includes taking time to rest, which is one of its key components. Unfortunately, when you operate a business and have a family, this may be difficult. At the very least, naturally. When I have free time that I could spend resting, I always manage to come up with a new list of things that I should be doing instead. Instead of leaving self-care to chance, make it a priority and include it in your daily plan. Take advantage of an afternoon when the kids are in school or a weekend day when you can go away for a few “me” hours.

However, make a note of it in your schedule and stick to it. By scheduling in time for self-care, you may increase your productivity while at work. It will provide you with a respite from the tension and assist you in achieving a more hygge-like balance between work and life.

Work in the Coffee Break

Finding time to rest is an important component of the hygge lifestyle. Being a company owner while while raising a family may be challenging. To put it another way, that’s only natural. In the moments when I should be relaxing, I always manage to come up with another list of things that I should be doing instead. Put yourself first and organize time for self-care rather than leaving it to chance. Find a time throughout the day while the children are in school or on a weekend day when you can get a few “you” hours.

Including self-care in your daily routine will increase your productivity at work.

Simplify your Morning Routine

Finding time to rest is an important part of living the hygge lifestyle. Unfortunately, when you are running a business and raising a family, this may be difficult. At the very least, in a natural way. In the moments when I should be relaxing, I manage to come up with a new list of things that I should be doing. Make self-care a priority and schedule time for it instead of leaving it to chance. Find an afternoon while the kids are in school or a weekend day when you can go away for a few “you” hours.

Including self-care in your routine will help you be more productive at work.

Organize your Work Space

Not everyone was born with a tidy appearance. Just ask any of my children. Some of us are blessed with the ability to be a little more sloppy than others. Although it is OK to have a cluttered workspace, it is essential to maintain your workspace tidy in order to create a hygge environment. Place your documents in the filing cabinet. Sort through all of your mail. Also, keep your desk as tidy as possible. Your home office will be more tranquil and soothing if it is well-organized and maintained.

Make hygge-friendly behaviors to help you maintain your work area tidy after you’ve completed your initial organization.

Keep a basket by the entrance to your office where you may collect miscellaneous items.

Bring in the Season

The seasons of the planet are always changing. However, because we are confined to our workplaces for the majority of the day, we frequently forget. Reconnect with the natural world by incorporating seasonal aspects into your decor. Include some fallen leaves from the fall, flowers from the spring, or souvenirs from your recent beach vacation. You might also paint rocks with seasonal motifs to serve as a reminder of whatever season it is currently. In the event that you are not as enthusiastic about bringing seasonal nature within, you might also choose to decorate your home office for various holidays.

You might decorate with a little tree for Christmas. Alternatively, you might decorate pumpkins for Halloween. Having these small reminders of the world beyond our office doors helps us stay connected to the larger life that is happening all around us.

Create a Cozy Nook

When I was designing my studio work area, the one thing I didn’t include was a comfortable nook where I could sit and rest. You’re right. A place to ruminate on creative ideas, write, and simply exist. After beginning to incorporate hygge into my workplace area, I am now second-guessing my decision. Every home office should include a little area where you can unwind. Make a decision on where you want your warm spot to be. If you have a smaller office area, look for a different location in your house where you may work.

You might also use Christmas lights to create a calming atmosphere if you choose.

Keeping my favorite design books and inspiring periodicals close by is also a favorite pastime of mine.

Criticize your Seating

The seating arrangement is one of the most important features of any space. Is there enough space in the room for it? And, more importantly, is it comfortable? This holds true at your home office as well as anywhere else. Despite the fact that you may not entertain people in your home office, it is still vital to scrutinize your seating arrangements with a critical eye. Begin with the chair that you use to sit and work in. Make note of the answers to the following questions: Is it a comfy chair?

  1. Do you enjoy the way it looks and feels to you?
  2. Consider a variety of inventive seating options that are appropriate for your workplace environment.
  3. They’re the right length, and we can all sit around them and talk together.
  4. No matter what you select, make sure it’s cozy and practical so you can work in comfort and style in your home office setting.

Final Thoughts…

I’m really looking forward to this winter now that I’ve included some hygge features into my home office. Even after only a couple of weeks, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my attitude and productivity. Best of all, if you grasp the concept of hygge, it’s simple to incorporate some of its aspects into your own home office environment. If you are new to the concept of hygge, begin with simple steps. Decide on one or two items to incorporate into your home office environment. Then we’ll see how things turn out.

  • Notice that you have planned weekly self care on your calendar and that your workplace space appears to be more organized as a result of these changes.
  • You can incorporate hygge into your life at any time of year.
  • Change change the seasonal goods in your basket to keep things interesting.
  • As the weather warms up, take regular walks to reconnect with nature and incorporate them into your workday.
  • Once you’ve included some hygge into your home office area, watch to see if your productivity increases.

Since incorporating hygge into my everyday routine, I’ve been astounded by how much my sense of accomplishment has grown. Congratulations for your successful hygge office space in Scandinavia! Posted byNatalie|0 comments

Hygge Your Home Office

With the addition of hygge components to my home office, I’m really psyched for coming winter. The improvement in my attitude and productivity has already begun to show after only a few weeks. Best of all, once you’ve grasped the concept of hygge, it’s simple to incorporate certain features into your own home office environment. Hygge is a good place to start if you are new to it. To personalize your home office area, choose one or two items to include in it. Follow their progress after that.

  • Notice that you have planned weekly self care on your calendar and that your workplace space appears to be more organized as a result of your efforts.
  • Hygge is a concept that may be applied at any time of the year.
  • Seasonal products in your cart should be rotated.
  • Incorporate frequent treks outside to reconnect with nature into your workday when the weather warms up.
  • Adding a touch of hygge to your home office area will likely make your employees more productive.
  • Congratulations on your excellent hygge office area, Scandinavian style.
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What is Hygge?

Warm lights, soft blankets and the comfort of life’s simple pleasures provide shelter from the cold, rainy winter in this Danish cultural notion, which is pronouced “hoo-gah.” There is no English counterpart for this concept, which loosely translates to an environment of warmth and satisfaction. If you’ve ever sat by the fireplace on a quiet, winter night and warmed your hands, you’ve had an experience with hygge. Take advantage of these CEpicks to ward off the winter blues while while increasing productivity at the workplace.

Space Savvy

Warm lights, soft blankets and the comfort of life’s little pleasures provide shelter from the harsh, rainy winter in this Danish cultural notion, which is pronouced “hoo-gah.” There is no English counterpart for this concept, which approximately translates to an environment of warmth and satisfaction. hygge is a Danish concept that may be experienced by anybody who has ever warmed their hands by a fireplace on a calm, winter night. With these CEpicks, you can beat the winter blues while while increasing productivity at your office.


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That’s a Wrap!

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Only The Essentials

Saje Wellness Therapy has created this kit of essential oil blends to help you harness the magic of aromatherapy. It has been intended to assist you decrease stress while also supporting digestive function and improving mental clarity. $38,saje.com

Toasty Toes

Don’t develop cold feet when confronted with a mound of difficult tasks! Wearing these adorable Plot Twist Fluffy Feet Slippers from Sunday Forever will keep you warm and comfortable as you race forward, ensuring that every day seems like Sunday forever. $42,sundayforever.com

Mood-Setting Must-Have

Considering that candles are a vital part of the hygge experience, the Calgary-based Milk Jar Candle Company created its clean-burning, hand-poured Hygge candle, which features an aromatherapy blend of vanilla, tobacco, and cedar. $26,milkjar.ca

Brass With Class

A key component of hygge is the use of candles. That’s why the Calgary-based Milk Jar Candle Company created the Hygge candle, which burns clean and contains notes of vanilla, tobacco, and cedar. $26,milkjar.ca

Golden Grow

Using Greendig’s shimmering golden sand-finished Oasis Water Can, you can ensure that watering your plants is an attractive experience every time. It features a long, slender spout for accurate water distribution. $30,shopgreendigs.com

Plan For Peace

What makes anything “hygge” is not simply how it seems on the surface, but how it makes you feel on the inside. Hadron Epoch’s 17M Signature Planners can help you maintain your sense of calm and keep organized throughout the year. $30,hadronepoch.com


Did you know that a research conducted by Cornell University discovered that working in chilly conditions might result in more mistakes? The Turkish Blanket, which is available in Natural Fog and Cool Black, will keep you warm and focused on your work. $88,byoganow.com

Editors’ Pick: Brain-Boosting Bevvy

Parallel Tea Co.’s Original Superblend: Yerba Mate + Guayusa will provide you the energy you need to get through your workday. This tea, which is high in antioxidants, was created expressly for the purpose of increasing focus and job performance by offering a long-lasting energy boost and a general sense of well-being. $15,paralleltea.com

7 Ways To Hygge Your Home Office

It is possible that some links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. In Denmark, a trend known as hygge is taking the world by storm right now. When it comes to living a simple life, it’s all about creating a warm, inviting environment through the simple things in life. It means savoring that slice of decadent cake or curling up under a warm blanket rather than turning on the heat in the house. Every aspect of your life, including your home office, can be improved by applying this philosophy.

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A Chunky Wool Blanket

A bulky wool blanket is a terrific addition to a Hygge inspired workspace, whether you’re just using it for decoration or intending to use it for warmth and comfort.

The blanket may be draped over the back of your chair to make it appear more welcoming and comfortable.

A Textured Fuzzy Rug

Having a shaggy rug in your workplace not only draws attention to the rug, but it may also be enjoyable to run your toes through it, depending on where you place it. The shag in the rug should be thick and lengthy; the longer and thicker the shag, the better. While it is exceedingly nice, it is recommended that you become accustomed to your pets sleeping on it if you have any.

Scented Candles

A candle with a delicate smell is the ideal complement to a Hygge-inspired workspace! Find a mild scent that you appreciate and keep it on your desk. Although the candle is not burned, you will still be able to smell it from time to time, creating a welcoming and tranquil environment. If you’re not sure which perfume to choose, vanilla is a good place to start. Vanilla is a classic flavor that will never go out of style.

A String Of Lights

Make sure to pick up a string of white lights to place on the wall of your office to provide a little more illumination in the evenings while you’re working late. You may use Christmas lights or small LED light strings to decorate your home. In order to create the romantic, intimate environment you’re hoping for, smaller lights are preferable.

Natural Wood Desk

Because the desk is the focal point of your home office, it is critical that it be consistent with your hygge motif. The most effective approach to accomplish this is to get a natural wood desk. Of course, they might be rather pricey, so it’s acceptable if you don’t want to spend as much money as you would want. Instead, purchase the desk you desire (or continue to use the desk you currently have) and have a vinyl wrap with a wood design applied to it. For the most hygge effect, use a darker hue of wood.

Big Comfy Chair

When working away from home, an ergonomic chair may be the ideal option for your body. However, when working at home, you may use any chair you like at your desk as long as you can still reach the keyboard. So go ahead and sit on a huge, overstuffed, comfortable chair! Find something that makes you happy and stick with it.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only improve the quality of air in your office, but they also offer a splash of color and make the space seem cozier and more welcoming. Look for plants with large, vivid green leaves, such as Anthuriums, Philodendrons, and Fatsia Japonica, to add to your garden. However, while selecting plants, make sure that the plant is not poisonous to your four-legged companions before planting it. If your pets consume a large number of indoor plants, they might become quite ill. If you found these hygge decorating ideas useful, please pin them to your favorite Pinterest board!

She is a stay-at-home mom of a little son who has a boisterous attitude to match.

In addition, Vickie believes in the power of leveraging social media and her online presence for good, and she is excited to offer you with a space to celebrate all that is amazing (and a bit wacky) in the world!

Hygge Home Office Ideas

Incorporate a little hygge into your life. Marce’s home office has been updated with a hygge-inspired decor that is both warm and well-organized. It’s possible that some of you are wondering what the term “hygge” implies. It is a Danish phrase that may be defined as a sense of comfort or coziness in general. Something that we all yearn for. The goal of constructing my home office was to create a space that was as comfortable as possible. As a self-employed freelance photographer and lifestyle blogger who works from home, I spend a significant amount of time in one small space of the house.

  1. Each room of my home is filled with scented candles, which you will discover in every room.
  2. My favorite aroma for this area is the Tabac and Leather Scented Candle, which I purchased from Amazon.
  3. I tried to keep the overall appearance of the area as simple and uncluttered as possible.
  4. The Kendall Walnut Desk’s modern mid-century elements were ideal for the style I was trying to achieve, and the drawers make it easier to keep the surface clean and organized.

Elegant Bookcase

Adding a bookshelf was the one design choice that I knew I had to make in order to finish the space. In contrast to the desk, where I wanted all of the storage to be hidden, I chose the Kendall Walnut Bookcase, which has open shelf that can be adjusted. It is the ideal place for me to exhibit my favorite cookbooks as well as my workplace accessories. I know we all adore open shelving, but we’re all concerned that we don’t have enough items to decorate with that are suitable for open shelves. Don’t let this deter you from your goals!

  • Two little ones adorn the bottom shelf and serve as storage for all of the small treasures.
  • And last but not least, let us not forget about one of the most significant aspects of any office: the desk chair.
  • In black and grey, the Harvey Chair is just what I’ve been looking for!
  • When I show folks the chair, they are usually surprised to see this functionality.

I simply have to keep reminding Buddy Holly that this isn’t her chair all of the time. Although she doesn’t seem to mind sleeping next to me on the Rowden Pouf or in the long strands of the wool shag rug, she doesn’t seem to mind sleeping on the bed next to me.

How to Hygge at Work

Hygge at Work: Transform Your Workplace Into a Cozy Environment The hygge idea will be taught to you, and you will be able to use it everywhere you go. Work might often feel like a less-than-hygge environment, but by making a few simple adjustments, you can completely alter your workspace. If you’re searching for additional ideas on how to incorporate hygge into your life, check out 31 Hygge Home Decor Ideasand. You may use this guide to Hygge Your Vehicle to get started on the road to comfy living.

There are certain homes that when you go into, you immediately feel warm, and then there are others that leave you feeling cold.

Creating a Cozy Life Group

Because you enjoy hygge, I’m assuming you enjoy all things related to comfortable living. I started a Facebook community called Creating a Cozy Life, which now has over 64,000 members who share my interests. In this group, we exchange recipes, photographs of things that inspire us, and tips on how to make your life just a little bit more comfortable and convenient. Join us now to become a part of the virtual warm cabin experience!

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How do you pronounce Hygge?

Hygge is not pronounced in the way that you may expect. “Hoo-gah” is the proper way to say it in this context. If you want any further information, there are numerous YouTube videos available to assist you. Here’s one that really hits the nail on the head! Considering that we spend the majority of our waking hours at work, why not make the most of your time there by consciously upgrading your experience there?

Here are the Embrace Hygge at Work: Turn Your Office Into a Cozy Place Ideas:

Consider include rich elements such as loose-leaf tea, handmade hot chocolate mix, and marshmallows as well as sun-brewed iced herbal tea and fruit-infused water as part of your beverage consumption experience. Instead of ordinary water, give your taste buds a pleasure with simple beverages that will make them happy and satisfied. Keep an electric tea kettle on hand for quick and easy tea preparation. A teacup and saucer from grandma’s collection displayed on your desk will remind you of simpler times and sweet recollections.

Hygge at Work Tip2 – Add hygge by bringing in natural elements

Bring the outside in with a terrarium, succulents, driftwood, and a bowl of shells or pebbles to make a natural statement. For further hygge-ness, you may display little recollections on your desk, such as a stone from your lake home or an oyster shell collected on your previous vacation to Hawaii, as a decorative flourish.

Hygge at Work Tip3 – Add coziness

The temperature in workplaces fluctuates in response to the wind. There are moments when you’re too cold, and other times when you’re too warm.

Prepare yourself with materials such as a poncho or wrap for when the weather turns chilly or a tiny desktop fan for when the weather turns hot. If you have a home office, adding an electric fireplace will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, as it will keep you toasty warm while you work.

Hygge at Work Tip4 – Hygge holiday celebrations

Honor the holidays by decorating your cubicle or workplace to reflect the spirit of each occasion. Simply hanging a strand of garland about your room will lift your emotions. You may also have a little tree that you can keep on your desk and decorate with miniature decorations to represent the many holidays throughout the year. Wreaths for the holidays are also a festive way to adorn your workplace.

Hygge at Work Tip5 – Fun offfice supplies will make your cubicle way more bearable

There is no rule stating that you must use low-cost pens to do your assignment. When I was younger, I was content to write with whatever pen I could find, but I eventually determined that I was deserving of writing with smooth pens that I adored instead. If you want to make your workplace area more “you,” you can also bring in specific notebooks or calendars to help personalize it. Why not treat yourself to some whimsy by purchasing fun file folders, such as these blank ones, that will make you grin every time you reach for them?

Hygge at Work Tip6 – Hygge lunchtime ideas

After an eight-hour shift, you’re entitled to a meal, so why not take advantage of the opportunity? Make your body feel good by eating a fresh meal from your own kitchen. As much as I enjoy the notion of a bento box, make sure your taste buds are satisfied with a range of flavors that includes sweet, salty, sour, and savory. Make certain that you have a stylish lunch box that either excites you or has a practical purpose. Who says you have to eat your lunch at your work because you’re tied to your desk?

You may be certain that there will be no interruptions as a result of your absence from the workplace.

You might also bring something enjoyable to work with you, such as knitting or a novel, to pass the time during your break.

Hygge at Work Tip7 – Cozy lighting for work

It is not necessary to have poor illumination. Any workplace will be warmed by the addition of an antique desk light, and flickering battery-operated candles can provide the pleasant atmosphere you desire.

Hygge at Work Tip8 – seasonal celebrations

Every season brings with it a bounty of presents. Make certain that you acknowledge such gifts by taking part of the bounty to your place of employment.


Put tulips or daffodils in a vase and call it a day. Your lunch box might also include strawberries, a fresh spinach salad, or marinated asparagus, among other things.


Roses floating in a bowl of water on top of your desk would be a lovely and relaxing sight. A slice of cherry pie or a bowl of peach cobbler would make anyone happy for lunch.


Dahlias and Gerbera daisies would provide a splash of color to any workspace. Sweet potatoes cooked with plenty of butter and brown sugar, or slices of apples with caramel dip, both seem like they would be perfect for this time of year.


Forced paperwhites or a Christmas cactus are both really gorgeous arrangements. Delicious winter lunch options include things like persimmons and kale salads, to name just two examples.

Hygge at Work Tip9 – Cozy accents

To soften up a rigid area, simple objects that make you joyful might be included into your workspace. Some of the excellent finishing touches you may include are as follows: Artwork that has been framed Send flowers in a bud vase with one flower or send in a bunch of flowers once a week. Throughout the day, LED candles flicker and shine. A salt lamp, such as this one, can be used to assist relieve tension. Photographs of the family Calendar on the wall with images you adore Slippers to keep your feet warm and comfortable under your desk.

  • Mouse pad with a unique design Screen saver with a lot of charm The bamboo plant is a lucky one.
  • Beautiful music is playing quietly in the background.
  • Baskets to keep your supplies organized Shelf space for trinkets and other small items A tiny quilt can be hung on the wall.
  • A swarm of butterflies is strung together.

Photographs of your outside space Make a list of all the things you’re thankful for. Sayings that are inspirational Your favorite hand lotion, of course. An essential oil diffuser is a device that diffuses essential oils. A few examples of what you may include are heart notes and thank you letters.

Hygge at Work Tip10 – Add a hygge water feature

I think there’s something about water that makes us feel good. If you have a tiny fish tank or a tabletop fountain, place it next to your desk to add some movement to the room.

Hygge at Work Tip11 – Hygge gatherings

Start a Friday potluck lunch with your coworkers, or bring in baked cookies for the next team meeting to help create a positive atmosphere. Place a bowl of fresh fruit on your desk and, whenever someone comes in, encourage them to grab a piece of fruit to go from the bowl. As an alternative, you may send a heartfelt thank you message to the cleaning staff, expressing your gratitude for the work they have done. Finally, we’ve come to the conclusion of Embrace Hygge at Work: Transform Your Office Into a Cozy Place.

Let me know in the comments section below how you prefer to show off your hygge side at work if you have any suggestions.

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5 Ways to Add Hygge To A Home Office [Rescue Desk Virtual Assistance]

When I was first introduced to the Danish notion of Hygge (pronouncedhue-gah) a few years ago, I was immediately enthralled by the idea. Apart from appealing to my natural need for peaceful downtime and my ongoing search for all-things-comfy, my own Danish background virtually compelled me to join the ship. So that’s what I did. Happily. Those unfamiliar with the term, Hygge is a Danish philosophy that emphasizes comfort, self-care, and well-being while also allowing you to indulge in the tiny but lovely pleasures of life.

It all comes down to attitude and intentionality, as well as doing things expressly to draw attention to a pleasurable moment.

So here’s what I came up with:

1. Light up a room. Sorta.

The importance of lighting in the Hygge experience cannot be overstated. Open the blinds and allow the sunlight to stream in. Use lights with gentler illumination instead of harsh overhead bulbs to replace your existing fixtures.

Put some candles in a corner to create some gentle light as the day progresses into evening. Light may be used to quietly calm your mind and slow your thoughts down, even if only for a few moments. If you can relax into the last few hours of the workday, it will help remove some of your tension.

2. Dress for the (non) occasion.

This is one of my favorite aspects of Hygge — it is all about creating a sense of comfort. As much as our regular “get ready for work” habits have undoubtedly slacked off a little lately (I’m looking at you, lovely blouse hanging in the corner for Zoom calls.), it’s important to embrace this new reality as it emerges. Now that the weather is becoming chilly, you may go all out and bring out your wool socks and beloved slippers, throw a lap blanket on your chair, and dig out your fuzzy sweaters and big hoodies.

3. Honor your senses.

Hygge is about finding methods to observe, appreciate, and embrace the present moment; the senses of sight, hearing, taste, and smell all play a role in the “in the moment” sensation of being present. On your workstation, display something you enjoyed while traveling, or add a plant to breathe life into the room. Make sure only your preferred pens are available for use at all times. Replace your typical (boring) cup of coffee with a cinnamon stick or a pinch of chocolate to make it a little more decadent and enticing.

In order to make taking deep breaths more purifying, turn on an essential oil diffuser.

4. One thing at a time.

This is a difficult task, and it is not always achievable ( businessowner). However, when you have the opportunity, opt to slow down in your task. Work with a clear sense of purpose. Put an end to multitasking and focus on one activity at a time. In order to have a Hygge moment on a Saturday afternoon, you must not be doing anything else while reading a book, watching a movie, conversing with a friend, and making cookies. at the same time. You’re just doing one of those things, and you’re entirely immersed in and loving that one thing.

Your main goal is to slow down and devote more of your time to something that provides you joy in your work environment.

Alternatively, you may write down your Big Ideas in a diary.

Alternatively, you may catch up on your reading.

5. Get outside.

“There is no such thing as poor weather,” according to a Scandinavian proverb. I just wore inappropriate clothes.” So make it a point to get out of your PJ clothes, wrap up, and go outside for some fresh air every day. Take a little stroll around the block (bonus points if a friend joins you). This year, everyone and their brother got a fire pit, so dust it clean and light it up at the end of a long job to unwind. Simply step outside. Whether you love or despise winter, the fact is that winter will arrive regardless of your feelings about it.

For a lot of us, this year has been (very!) challenging.

It’s the simple things that will serve as a gentle reminder to return to thankfulness. In addition, it may make the dreary work-from-home winter of COVID a little more bearable.

A Hygge Home Office Space

The Danish concept of hygge is pronounced ‘hue-gah.’ Although there is no single English equivalent for hygge, it is frequently described as a feeling of ‘togetherness’ or ‘coziness.’ While the term is intended to embrace the Danish way of life, it also refers to the country’s interior design. Hygge decor’s fundamental concept is to create a quiet, serene environment that is devoid of clutter. Mess may be stressful, which is the polar opposite of the peaceful and cheerful way of living that is characteristic of the Danish way of life.

Hygge is a Scandinavian way of living that promotes coziness and calmness in the home.

Here are some examples of how you might incorporate hygge into your everyday routine:

  • Enjoy the simple joys
  • Be present and grateful
  • Spend an extra hour in bed, barbeque outside
  • Reuse and recycle. Consider taking up a new activity. Don’t be concerned
  • Take pleasure in your surroundings
  • Take pleasure in an excellent book
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How to includes hygge in your home office

  • Keep your home office’s lighting as soft as possible. Soft lighting alternatives should be used instead of harsh lighting. Look for a location that has plenty of natural lighting. At least for part of the day, it’s an excellent approach to eliminate the use of electric lights. Choose light bulbs that give off a pleasant glow for your desk lighting needs. You’ll find it more relaxing to use while working
  • Bring a little bit of nature into your home. Plants contribute to our well-being. Besides that, they help to reduce indoor air pollution and boost our emotions. By including items from the areas you truly wish to visit, you may bring yourself closer to those destinations. Create a shelf filled with mementos from your trips, pictures of your family, and creative work to help you transport yourself back in time. Soft music might be played to help you concentrate. By placing some positive mantras about your home office, you may encourage yourself to think more optimistically (while also relaxing). Make a note of when you’ll be taking a coffee break. Even if you work alone and just communicate with your cat
  • Organize your working environment
  • Select a comfortable chair.

Now that you have a lovely hygge home office, it is time to take use of it and be productive at work.

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Huegah (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) is the comfortable Danish notion that has swept the United Kingdom by storm, with flickering candles, cashmere blankets, cups of tea, and fuzzy socks adorning our homes and Pinterest boards, respectively. According to Marie Tourell Sderberg’s upcoming book, Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness, “Hygge is the experience of familiarity; it is the sensation of being seen and recognized; it is the sensation of feeling at home.” The ability to be totally present in the moment, as well as feeling comfortable and at peace, are all indicators of being in the zone.

Considering the fact that we spend an average of over 40 hours a week at work, this seems like a disservice.

Sderberg, on the other hand, believes that we can incorporate the Danish notion of coziness into the workplace; after all, “hygge is for everyone, whomever you are, wherever you are,” he says.

Söderberg gives her best advice in the next section.

How to embrace hygge in the workplace

In order to appreciate the world around you, and to turn personal spaces into small sanctuaries that we may fall into at any time, hygge is a way of life. Sunderberg recommends that we personalize our workplaces as much as possible, putting a focus on objects that allow us to “escape” the daily grind of the everyday, and taking time to delight in those small moments that bring a smile to your face and elevate your spirits. It’s a terrific opportunity to inject some individuality into our workstation by bringing in photographs, newspaper clippings, a favorite mug from home, or a funny cartoon, she adds.

“Many offices are created in a very utilitarian and streamlined manner, but in order to get a sense of hygge, it is necessary to inject some individuality.”

2. Bring the outdoors in with you

Hygge is not just associated with warm and inviting interior spaces; we may also experience sensations of hygge by going for a long stroll in the fresh air, hunting for wild berries, or simply breathing in the fresh air against our skin. He points out that having a plant to care for may assist to duplicate all of the positive feelings we receive from being outside, and that they can have a surprising impact on your mood when you’re at work. As she explains, “I felt that my clothes needed a little life, so I brought some plants to give it a little sparkle.” The idea for this project came from interior design expert Christina b.

They don’t take much maintenance, yet they are vibrant and friendly.

3. Make the most of your lunchtimes

Spend your lunchbreak doing something other than sitting at your desk; dress up warm and go outside to pick up some food, do some errands, take a stroll, or simply grab a book and locate a peaceful location to read in the sunshine.

4. Adapt your office lighting

“I require decent lighting when I’m applying my makeup, therefore the wardrobe mirror is illuminated from all sides by lamps. “However, I also have a decent reading lamp on the table, so I can sit and read my screenplay,” Sderberg reveals. To create hyggelig lighting, it is essential to place numerous lamps with warm, somewhat orange light throughout the room, forming pools of light – little light caves in which you may immerse yourself in your work. Ideally, a table lamp with a shade that protects the bulb so that the light falls directly on the papers and work on the table rather than shining straight into the eyes, which is neither ideal for concentration nor hygge.” If your workplace allows candles, it’s also a good idea to invest in a high-quality scented candle.

It’s a method for me to communicate to myself that it’s time to get back to work in a hyggelig fashion.”

5. Keep extra layers at work

As the winter months approach and the struggle over the air conditioning intensifies, it’s a good idea to keep a few warm clothing on hand at the office. An extra pair of socks (ideal for when the rain soaks your shoes straight through) and/or a soft cape cardigan – the closest thing we can come to cuddling down into a blanket while at work are examples of what you might want to bring.

The ability to stop work for a moment, even if it’s only to pour a cup of tea in your favorite mug, is critical to creating a hyggelig office environment for yourself and others. Keep a supply of your favorite teabags in your drawer, and make a point of using them on a regular basis.

7. Don’t sit in one place

You are not need to be seated at your desk during the day; instead, Sderberg recommends being creative with your work environment so that you may walk about for different tasks. “The most hyggelig item in my closet are the two couches at the other end of the room, which constantly encourage me to sit down and get comfy whether I’m reading a script by myself, or while practicing lines and discussing the text with one of my colleagues,” she reveals. In the event that your workplace has space for a couch or a comfortable armchair to curl up in, it might be a welcome alternative to sitting motionless at the table.” To read emails, compose to-do lists, or make phone calls while sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea may frequently make the working day more hyggelig.”

8. Make an office playlist

Music helps to keep things from becoming too lifeless or silent; whether it’s getting everyone in the workplace to agree on a radio station or putting on your headphones and listening into something pleasant, music is essential to creating a hyggelig atmosphere. Every effort should be made to select tunes that elicit sentiments of warmth and closeness, wherever feasible. To name a few, I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons, Everything in Its Right Place by Radiohead, and Touch The Sky by Julie Fowlis are all excellent choices.

9. Focus on finding happiness at work

Although we already have the term “hygge” in our dictionaries, it’s worth adding another exclusively Danish word to your vocabulary: arbejdsglde. Arbejde means “work,” and glde means “happiness,” therefore arbejdsglde literally translates as “happiness while working.” In Denmark and other Scandinavian nations, a job is more than simply a means of earning a living; people expect to experience high levels of job satisfaction and pleasure as a result of their work. This may be accomplished through flexible working hours, excellent employee perks, regular training (Danes are naturally curious and eager to learn new things), or by having employers issue fewer direct commands, among other methods (they prefer workers to feel empowered).

10. Bond with your colleagues

“Hygge is the sense of being seen and recognized – and of being surrounded by the familiar and well known,” explains Sderberg, which is why building relationships with your coworkers is so crucial in the workplace. Everything from offering to make everyone a cup of tea to asking them about their day to scheduling frequent one-on-one feedback sessions to recommending unconventional meeting venues can help you stand out (try a walk-and-talk, or take everyone outside for a stand-up). You may also plan a fun activity for you and your colleagues to participate in together, such as going to a neighborhood café for lunch or going to the bar after work.

You could even set up a wonderful food rota, with employees taking turns bringing in homemade cakes or soup to share with the rest of the workplace. No matter what you decide, it’s important to take the first step; after all, there’s nothing more hyggelig than making time for other people.

6 Ways to Make Your Home Office Hygge (Cozy)

Winter is on its way. For generations, the Danes have survived long, dark, and bitter winters by incorporating the concept of hygge into their society. It is pronounced “HOO-GUH,” and it derives from the 16th-century Norwegian term “hugga,” which means to soothe, console, or hug someone. It’s possible that hygge is one of the reasons why Danes are frequently listed among the happiest people on the planet. With COVID-19 on the rise throughout the world and the majority of us working from home, hygge is an ideal self-care concept to embrace and share with colleagues, family, and friends right now, and in the future.

Hygge is defined as soft slippers, dim lighting, a pot of tea with pastries, comforting shawls, candles, huge sweaters, sweatpants, anything in fake fur, friendliness, warmth, and care, to name a few characteristics.

You can incorporate Hygge into your house in a variety of ways, including making your workstation and home cozier, while also increasing your mental well-being at the same time.

1. Buy New Slippers.

Who needs shoes in the first place? Sheila Hayes, one of my closest friends, just purchased a pair of Haflinger “Coffee” slippers. With fact, I’ve been known to wear them to the grocery store in my Wicked Good Sheepskin Slippers from LL Bean, which I just like. My father, who has been wearing these slippers for many years, gave me this slipper tip. I recently purchased a pair of Halluci Fleece Slippers for my daughter on Amazon for approximately $25. The investment in a pair of comfortable feet is highly worthwhile.

2. Light it Up!

You may also use a candle instead of a fireplace if you don’t have access to a fireplace. In addition, I have flickering LED pillar candles in my home office and living room that are powered by batteries. Soft light, according to the Hygge specialists, has a relaxing effect. During Zoom conversations, I use a little desk lamp made of wood with a linen shade ($20 on Amazon), which is situated behind my computer and reflects angelic, gentle light on my face. One excellent idea from author @MeghanDotter, author of “Connecting in a Virtual World,” is to position your computer camera’s light behind it.

3. Snuggle.

In order to keep things toasty, wrap a comfortable blanket or shawl around your work chair. Keep a space heater at your feet to keep you warm and comfortable. To keep warm and comfy, wrap a vibrant pashmina scarf around your shoulders, and appear professionally, whether on a Zoom call or in person.

There’s nothing cozier than cuddling up with a furry companion. Consider placing a dog bed or a sunny location for your cat to snooze close to your place of business.

4. Drink Hot Toddies.

It’s interesting to note that hot toddies are a favorite of both the Danes and my extremely Southern mother. Throughout the day, have a pot of hot tea, coffee, or warm apple cider near by to sip on. 20 warm Hygge drink recipes to keep you comfortable during the day are provided below. My favorite type of hot chocolate is the Mexican hot chocolate. In the evening, try some hot mulled wine, also known as glogg, or a classic Southern hot toddy made with my favorite bourbon from @TaconicDistillery.

5. Eat Sweets.

Seriously! A pastry a day keeps the doctor away, according to the saying.

6. Go Outside.

I make an effort to arrange time each day for a stroll and a chat outside. The conversation might be anything from a brief catch-up with Mom to an hour-long webinar planning session. Wearing a thick hat and gloves will help to keep your body heat in. The National Institutes of Health’s Dr. Anthony Fauci says that Vitamin D is a crucial immune booster, and that getting enough sunlight is an easy method to receive your daily dosage. My sister, @LynnMuller, sent me “The Little Book of Hygge,” written by Meik Wiking, the chief executive officer of the Happiness Research Institute, a think tank in Copenhagen.

During the course of the book, Wiking tells the account of a day spent with a group of friends trekking through the snow, followed by an evening spent around a roaring fire pit with hot mulled wine, popcorn, and homemade pizza.

How can you incorporate hygge into your workplace and everyday life?

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