We Tried A Cacao Ritual for Gratitude

We Tried A Cacao Ritual for Gratitude

An unknown dog howled out in the distance while I sat quietly with my eyes gently shut beneath the expansive California sky. Its echoing echoed across the lush hills, reminding me that I was a speck in the immensity of the Santa Monica Mountains, and I was grateful for that reminder. In Topanga Canyon, I was there to participate in the Maltyox Method, a gratitude ritual developed by yoga instructor and author Christine Olivia Hernandez. It’s a practice of gratitude that includes meditation, a holy cacao ceremony, asana, and ecstatic dancing to help you clear your mind and open your heart to the world.

The region stretches from Central Mexico to northern Costa Rica and includes the countries of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica’s northernmost province.

It was there that I first learned about K’iche.

What is Sacred About Cacao?

According to Hernandez, whose father is Mayan-Guatemalan and whose mother is Mexican and European, the Maltyox Method was developed “to bring people out of their minds and into their hearts” through the use of Mayan ceremonial cacao and dance, as well as meditation and movement. This is like an exercise for the mind, body, and spirit,” says the author. Ceylonese cacao is a distinct species from the cacao used in chocolate production. It’s fully organic, and it’s made solely from trees that grow in the wild in their natural habitat.

Hernandez was originally introduced to Guatemalan Mayan ceremonial cacao in 2016 while participating in a yoga teacher training course.

If you experience the death of a parent in this manner, you forget a lot of things.” It was because she didn’t know how to grieve that she turned to numbing.” The fact that I am Guatemalan seems to have slipped my mind.

The cacao bean was discovered by the Olmecs, the first known significant Mesoamerican civilisation, about 1500 BCE, and has been utilized as a holy and ritualistic plant medicine by the Mayan and Aztec cultures for millennia as part of their religious and ritualistic practices.

It’s thought that cacao can help you connect with your heart chakra and your highest self, possibly because of the effects of two key ingredients: theobromine (derived from the genus name of the cacao tree, Theobroma, which literally translates as “food of the gods” in Greek), which increases dopamine production; and phenethylamine, a natural mood-boosting stimulant that helps you relax and is sometimes referred to as “the love molecule.”

What Happens During a Cacao Ceremony?

“Feel yourself grounding into Mother Earth to enable yourself to be cleansed and cleared—from the travel, from being stuck in traffic—and completely arrive here,” Hernandez said as he smudged me with burning sage and copal to kick off the cacao ceremony. Her instructions were for me to elevate my left foot first, then my right, and we exchanged “thank yous” before taking our seats around the altar areas she’d set up. In the center of the table, a bowl of nubby cacao beans surrounded by crystals and smoky incense, and a feather wand for energy clearing, which she had purchased from a shaman in Mount Shasta, were neatly arranged next to a cup of the warm, creamy cacao elixir, which tasted like an intensified medicinal hot chocolate.

  • Asking the compassionate cacao spirit to experience us in the same manner that we get to experience her.” We lowered our heads in gratitude to Mother Earth and all that she offers, including “the sustenance, the bounty, and the remedies,” as she is known.
  • We also expressed gratitude to the cacao beans themselves.
  • Following that, we offered a silent prayer for ourselves and inhaled a personal purpose before exhaling it into our cups of chocolate.
  • With each sip of the thick and spicy concoction, I took time to appreciate the moment and the warmth on my tongue, feeling grateful to be alive and to be surrounded by such beauty as this.
  • “Imagine yourself wrapping your arms around the trunk of this magnificent, massive tree,” she said.
  • The energy of this grandmother spirit, who is here to remind you of your truth and magic, can be felt in the air.” When I imagined this ancient healing plant, I imagined myself as a small girl who was being held by a loving, embodied tree mother who was comforting me.
  • My chest swelled, and a tear streamed down my cheek from the pain.

Feeling Grateful After the Ceremony

With our hearts full, we rose from our chairs on the grassy hilltop to practice some gratitude-infused asana together before Hernandez urged me to join her in an exuberant dance as a further expression of appreciation. The music of Deya Dova and A Tribe Called Red was played by Hernandez as we shook and moved our bodies freely beneath the great blue sky as a respect to all that exists. As the energy passed through my body and out of my tongue, it was like a warm buzzing sensation. I was filled with a sense of empowerment, divine femininity, and gratitude for the current moment.

Watch as executive editor Lindsay Tucker goes through a holy thanksgiving and cacao ceremony on her cell phone.

YJ Tried It: We Went to a Sacred Cacao Gratitude Ceremony. Here’s What Happened

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Watch YJ executive editor Lindsay Tucker try a sacred gratitude and cacao ritual created by yoga teacher Christine Olivia Hernandez.

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We Tried A Cacao Ritual for Gratitude

The Guilderland Elks Lodge, located at 3867 Route 146 (Carman Road), will host a “Give Love, Show Gratitude” luncheon on Wednesday, Feb. 9, from 11:30 a.m. to roughly 1:30 p.m. The event is sponsored by the New York Capital District Christian Women’s Connection. Please arrive on time. Important: If you don’t mind my saying so. Yoga Journal is a publication dedicated to yoga.

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Researchers Find Sacred Cacao Groves Of The Maya

Consider the ancient Maya, who cultivated the cacao tree in the belief that it was a gift from the gods, the next time you indulge in a cup of hot cocoa or a piece of chocolate cake. Cocoa beans are the fruit of the Theobroma cacao tree, which is Latin for “food.food24.com” (cacao tree).

What is a cacao ceremony?

Cacao is well recognized as the key component from which all chocolate is derived. For thousands of years, however, it has been the site of ancient Mayan healing rites, which have drawn on the site’s medical, spiritual, and ceremonial powers to benefit people. Cacao’s name comes from the active component theobromine, which translates as “food of the gods” in Latin.


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3D-Printed Cacao Waste Villages

Located in Ecuador, the Cacao Eco Village is a carbon-neutral resort that is also home to the world’s first worldwide network of sustainable and smart towns that promotes the circular economy. The Cacao Eco Village, designed by architecture firm Valentino Gareri Atelier in collaboration with non-profit Avanti for local cacao farmers, includes 3D-printed structures made from recycled elements from the crop production process—cacao shell waste biofilaments that are produced during the production of chocolate—and is made entirely of recycled materials.

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Humans aren’t the only creatures who engage in rituals in order to interact and bond with one another. The elephant researcher CAITLIN O’CONNELL has spent the last 30 years researching wild elephants in Namibia, observing their complicated behavior, and has discovered numerous parallels to our own interactions with elephants.

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Open Your Heart To Connection, Ritual & Magic

In 2018, while living in Ubud, Bali, I had the opportunity to participate in my first cacao ceremony. Cacao was something I was already familiar with, but hadn’t had the opportunity to experiment with until now. However, being in Bali seemed to be the ideal setting for my first experience of the island. There were around thirty of us who got together to celebrate the full moon by discussing what we were grateful for and performing songs in front of a blazing open fire. Using only natural, organically produced ingredients, our cocoa had been meticulously prepared; it had been combined with fresh coconut milk, palm sugar, and a few drops of aromatic oils, among other things.

Finally, I took my first drink of the beverage.

It made me feel warm and nourished, and it was full of goodness.

In order to better understand cacao, I’m going to tell you about its history, where it originates from, and the various therapeutic effects it has for us on both a physical and spiritual level.

What is cacao?

In 2018, while living in Ubud, Bali, I participated in my first cacao ritual. The use of cacao was something I was already familiar with, but hadn’t had the opportunity to experiment with it until recently. However, being in Bali seemed to be the ideal setting for my first taste of the island’s cuisine. There were perhaps thirty of us who got together to celebrate the full moon by discussing what we were grateful for and performing songs in front of a crackling fire. Using only natural, organically produced ingredients, our cacao had been meticulously prepared; it had been mixed with fresh coconut milk, palm sugar, and a few drops of aromatic oils, to name a few.

My first drink of water was eventually taken.

It provided warmth and nourishment, and it was bursting with goodness.

In order to better understand cacao, I’m going to tell you about its history, where it originates from, and the numerous therapeutic benefits it possesses both physically and spiritually. I’ll also show you how to do your own holy cacao ritual in the comfort of your own home.

It’s quite different to chocolate!

Cacao, as previously said, has a distinct flavor from the chocolate you’re undoubtedly accustomed to eating. Typically, milk chocolate includes just 20–40 percent cacao by weight, with the remainder of the components consisting primarily of milk and sugar. Ritual cacao is created mostly from cacao beans, with a small amount of water and cacao butter added, and then blended with a small amount of natural sugar to taste. It is always eaten in a heated liquid state from a cup or mug, and it has a harsh flavor to it that is difficult to describe.

In other words, when people argue that eating chocolate is practically the same as eating a salad since it originates from a plant, they are correct—but only when it comes to raw cacao, not the average selection box.

Cacao is also a good source of fiber, which provides it with a number of physical benefits.

What can you expect from a cacao ceremony?

Because cacao has a distinct flavor from the chocolate you’re probably accustomed to, I’ll explain how it differs from cacao. Dairy and sugar make up the majority of the other components in milk chocolate, which includes just 20–40 percent cacao on average. A small amount of natural sugar is added to taste after the cacao beans are ground and combined with a small amount of water to make ritual cacao. A cup or mug is always used to drink it, and the flavor is often harsh. It is always taken in a heated liquid state.

As a result, when people argue that eating chocolate is virtually the same as eating a salad since it originates from a plant, they are correct, but only when it comes to raw cacao and not the normal variety box.

Cacao is also a good source of fiber, which helps it to digest food more efficiently.

The physical benefits of cacao ceremony

Earlier, we explained that cocoa contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial to cardiovascular health. Cacao is also known for its ability to stimulate the release of dopamine and endorphins in the body, which can help to relieve the symptoms of PMS as well as sadness by elevating our mood. Cacao includes anandamide, which is also known as the happiness molecule because of its relaxing properties. This is the same stuff that is created in your body when you exercise and experience a burst of positive energy.

It’s also naturally high in caffeine, which provides a surge of energy while also enhancing creativity and encouraging profound meditation, according to some studies. It has been known for years that cacao can be utilized to treat the human body on all levels: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The emotionalspiritual benefits of cacao ceremony

Earlier, we stated that cocoa contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to heart health. Besides this, cacao is well-known for generating dopamine and endorphins in the body, which can help to relieve the symptoms of PMS and sadness by elevating our mood and reducing stress. Cocoa includes anandamide, often known as the happiness molecule, which is found in high concentrations in cacao. This is the same substance that is created in your body when you exercise and experience a burst of positive energy afterward.

It’s also naturally high in caffeine, which provides a rush of energy while also promoting creativity and profound meditation, according to some sources.

Heart opening

Cacao is known for its ability to awaken the heart, and it will help you to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level than you have ever experienced. Any fear that you are now experiencing will be replaced by feelings of love and happiness.

Connection with your higher self

Your higher self can take on the form of whatever you feel it to be—source, God/Goddess, light, or soul, for example. Cacao aids in the strengthening of your connection to your higher self, which in turn aids in the connection to your inner strength, power, and truth. Because it is only when we allow ourselves to genuinely experience our suffering that we can let it go, we will find ourselves examining the pain that is now hurting you and feeling our way through it. The result will be a brighter, lighter existence in which you will not feel bogged down by the events of your previous.

Enhances and deepens meditation

Your connection to your inner spirit will be strengthened as a result of the cacao ceremony, which will allow you to explore meditation on a more deeper and spiritual level. You will notice that you are more able to concentrate and stay in the current moment. This will assist you in living more completely in the present moment today, bringing serenity and calm to your mind and spirit as a result of it.

A pathway to creativity

Traditionally, cacao has been used to bring inspiration and creativity together; it may assist you in moving beyond those inner blockages that are keeping you detached from your creative life force and preventing your inner child from having a good time. You will discover that fresh ideas and ways of expressing yourself will come to you with relative ease.

Improved yoga practice

Aside from the physical and mental health benefits cacao provides on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional), it also lends itself very well to other activities that include all of these components, such as yoga and chi-kung.

Stepping onto the mat will make your practice simpler, it will make you experience it more deeply, and it will have a far more significant influence on you than it would without.

Mental clarity

In these rituals, you will be reminded of everything that you are; your strengths, talents and creative abilities will all be re-emphasized for you. And you will begin to let go of all of the notions of all that you are not at this time. This will assist you in finding balance in your life as well as clarity in your thoughts, which will allow you to see your life’s purpose more clearly.

Re-balance of your inner malefemale energies

Male and female energies may be found co-existing in all of us, but they are frequently out of balance with one another. While some men have repressed their feminine energies, others have difficulty connecting with their masculine energies, and vice versa, according to the research. This is exacerbated by the fact that the world is presently experiencing an imbalance between the masculine and feminine gender roles. It is possible to live a more productive life filled with perfect harmony when these energy inside you are brought into balance.

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Inner peace

Due to the fact that cacao promotes us to become more in sync with our positive, optimistic side, it can assist to alleviate our everyday pressures and anxieties. This is essential when we are attempting to deal with the difficulties and obstacles that will undoubtedly emerge in our lives; after all, according to Buddhist philosophy, all of life is suffering. Nevertheless, when we are at peace inside ourselves and recognize that we are not our anxieties or difficulties, nothing can throw us off our equilibrium.


Are there anything in your head or heart that are preventing you from living the lovely life you’ve always wanted? There may be old wounds or past traumas that you are unaware of, or that you haven’t fully recovered from. Cacao will assist you in becoming more aware of what these things are; and will assist you in receiving the power to move on, let them go, and make room for greater things to enter your life. This will assist you in living a healthy life in both the physical and spiritual senses.

Career guidance

Possibly, you’re stuck in a job you despise, or you’re unsure of what your ultimate purpose on this planet is. Your innate abilities and strengths will become clearer as a result of your cacao use, and you will be able to choose the path that lights up your spirit; a career or business that fulfills your life’s purpose. Creation and abundance will flow effortlessly into your life when you are in this frame of mind.


Cacao is a feminine power that can assist you in realizing that life is designed to be enjoyable; this is precisely why we’re here. Allow yourself to be completely enveloped by this energy. Take a step into a higher realm, where you will realize that nothing on this planet is everlasting. Everything in life is simply a game to be enjoyed right now, in this moment.

How to create your own cacao ceremony at home

  • If you want, you may buy ready-made cacao blends, which are ceremonial grade cacao that has been responsibly cultivated and harvested. Find (or purchase) a mug or cup that you enjoy using in the microwave. Play with with different combinations of milk, sugar, and spices (attempt to maintain everything vegan and organic if at all feasible)
  • Make a point of beginning with some meditation or prayer. Bless and express gratitude for the cacao
  • Allow yourself to let go of everything that has to be released
  • Bring to mind everything you have to be thankful for (this works particularly well on the full moon)
  • Set fresh intentions (this is especially effective around the time of the new moon)
  • Sip your cocoa and take pleasure in every moment of it. Feel your chest expand as your heart begins to open
  • Afterward, you might wish to write in a diary, sing, or dance. What you should do is whatever feels correct at the time. Close your ceremony by meditating or expressing gratitude one more time.

Always remember that while constructing any type of solo ceremony or ritual for oneself, you should follow your instincts and do what seems right to you.

Make use of the information provided above as a guide, and don’t be afraid to include your own spiritual practices and beliefs into it.

How can cacao benefit you?

The most essential thing we can do as human beings is to learn how to open our hearts to others. In doing so, we are able to fully realize our genuine potential while also being vulnerable and accepting of our true selves. The only way to fulfill our full potential and build the most beautiful life possible for ourselves and people around us is to first understand who we truly are. The greater our ability to connect with love and awareness within ourselves, the greater our ability to make more loving and conscious choices for the greater good.


The ancient tribes of the world revered cacao as a sacred plant with healing properties that they passed down through generations. Not only was cocoa employed in ceremonial settings, but it was also well-known as a medicinal herb that assists in the healing and opening up of the heart’s circulation, as well as for its antioxidant properties. Because of its heart-opening properties, cacao is an excellent partner for activities such as meditation, yoga, dance, and therapeutic treatment such as reiki.

It will undoubtedly infuse a sense of holiness into your personal practice as well as a buzz into your social meetings.

It wasn’t until Europeans came across it and brought it back to their countries that a sweetener was added, and the result was what we now know as chocolate.

Chocolate continues to provide us with that satisfying feeling, but the therapeutic characteristics are virtually non-existent due to the removal of so much of the good stuff (i.e., the fat).

My first ever cacao experience

It was not on purpose that I tasted cacao for the first time. About five years ago, I attended an open house at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, Massachusetts. Vendors, games, art, and, of course, climbing were all on hand. I had heard about a cacao ritual taking place in the yoga room, so I convinced my friends and I to check it out. After walking into the chamber, we noticed that it was PACKED with people who were sitting on the ground, cross-legged, waiting for the ritual to begin. There was a table behind us with a giant cauldron filled with something that looked like hot chocolate, which I assumed to be the case.

  • It was a teeny-tiny portion, which made me question what I was getting myself into.
  • Although I was not using any anti-depressants at the time, I had read that ceremonial cacao might interact with some anti-depressants.
  • As soon as everyone had their cup and had taken their seats, we all closed our eyes and concentrated on the cacao in our hands.
  • The quiet suddenly gave way to a flurry of happiness, love, and laughing as the room filled with people.
  • However, I didn’t see any significant differences.
  • After approximately 30 minutes, I got a great rush of energy and began performing headstands (since I had only recently learned how to do them) on repeat for the next hour.
  • The cacao induced feelings of exhilaration and a physical high that were evocative of an illicit substance, a combination of a stimulant and a psychedelic in nature.

It was something completely different. That was around 5 years ago, and I hadn’t given it any attention until lately when I learned about ceremonial cacao.

The Spirit awakens

In the beginning of this year, my yoga teacher and mentor began posting about her daily morning cacao rituals at home, and I was intrigued to say the least. Her regular use of this bogus beverage took me by surprise! Was that all right? According to my previous experience, it appeared to be severe. She handed me a cacao elixir before one of her yoga courses since she was intrigued by my inquiry. My motivation for chugging it was simple: after all, it was a chocolate drink, and it felt like such a pleasure.

  • It was as if my heart had split open and tears flowed down my cheeks as I was overcome with feelings of happiness and desire for life, as well as burning desires to pursue my job and a renewed dedication to my dharmic obligations.
  • I could clearly sense a greater connection with my client in ways that I hadn’t been able to perceive in the past.
  • Something that would have seemed like pulling teeth only a few short days ago has become routine.
  • Because I had been so aroused by the cacao’s stimulating effects, it was difficult to come down from that high.
  • I consumed one ounce of cacao.

Continuing my journey

There are a number cacao brands available; Firefly Chocolate was recommended to me by my teacher. I really enjoy the one that has been combined with rose flowers to provide an extra heart-opening sensation for me. My favorite part of the cacao-making process is pouring it into my favorite cup, doing my own small ritual, and meditating while it enters my veins and becomes a part of me. The last solo cacao ceremony I did was me dancing my asses off in my living room, rapping along to my own lyrics (which I wished I had filmed myself), and gardening.

Especially when it comes to rapping.

Allow me to guide you through the process of hosting your own cacao ceremony.

How to Prepare for Your First Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremonies, for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, are a festive ceremony that, through the use of cacao, opens the heart and opens the mind. Other meditation techniques, such as sound baths or smoking rituals, are employed as well. Cacao Ceremonies have traditionally been practiced by the Maya and the Ancient Aztec civilizations, among others. The origins of the term date back to 1900 B.C. In ancient times, shamans held ceremonies to prepare for or urge people on on their spiritual journeys.

Because ceremonies are held on the last Friday of the month, ChocoVivo is helping to spread the word about the heart opening ceremony to a wider audience throughout the world.

To learn more about any of the following subjects, simply click on it. If you’re still interested in learning more about what goes on during a Cacao Ceremony, read on. Continue reading to become even deeper immersed in the world of CacaoCelebration.

List of Topics:

What Benefits Will You Receive From a Cacao Ceremony Compared to Other Methods of Meditation? The Various Cacao Ceremonies and Their Variations. There are thirteen things you should know before attending your first cacao ceremony. Testimonials from Real People

What will you get out of a Cacao Ceremony versus other methods of meditation?

Cacao is known to be more of a heart opening and brain stimulate than anything else. You’re also consuming something healthy, so if you make this a regular habit, you’ll see an increase in your appreciation for healthier meals. The antioxidant properties of cacao make it a popular superfood, and many people enjoy it as chocolate or in smoothies because of its delicious taste. Back in Mesoamerican civilisation, chocolate was employed in almost every aspect of daily life. You shouldn’t be shocked if the everyday use of cocoa has a favorable impact on your mood and energy levels.

It’s referred to as the Bliss Factor for a good reason.

The Varying Renditions of Cacao Ceremonies

It is common for strangers to gather in a circle during rituals in an attempt to dispel the sense of “otherness” that exists in the room, allowing a sense of closeness to be established amongst previously unknown individuals. The end or the middle of certain rituals include dances that are intended to aid in spiritual awakening and self-transformation via the movement. Other ceremonies include prayer and unison singing in order to further materialize sentiments of oneness as well as to bring forward desires and positive energy into the world.

Thirteen things to know before going to your first Cacao Ceremony.

  1. It is not necessary to be a health expert or a chocolate enthusiast in order to participate in a cacao ceremony, so don’t be concerned about not knowing what you’re getting into. Cacao rituals have varied effects on different people. Expectations: Don’t expect to experience a spiritual epiphany very soon. Simply come if you want some alone time to contemplate your life, and you will discover that you were supposed to get exactly what you needed on that particular night. Always remember that consistency and practice are the keys to success in this endeavor. As a result, if you have toes you’d want to keep covered, make sure you have socks to keep your feet toasty while you’re out. As you lay down and rest, your body temperature begins to decrease, so bring a little scarf or light blanket with you. Bring an extremely light stomach or an empty stomach if possible. If you’re new to this, bring something light to eat before you arrive. Anyone who is familiar with the practice of fasting and cleansing should arrive with a completely empty stomach. Drinking and eating cacao will begin to stimulate your nervous system since cacao is a highly full beverage. When participating in an official cacao ceremony, there is no need to dress in formal clothes or wear a uniform
  2. Instead, dress comfortably because you will be sitting and lying down. You should bring a yoga mat, a cushion, and a scarf. Don’t bring all of your camping equipment. Consider the concept of “less is more.” It is possible to have limited space. Accept and embrace what may appear to be uncomfortable in order to feel comfortable. Because all that is required is for you to simply be present
  3. Prepare to drinkcacao without sugar or with a few spices mixed in with water. Serving sizes are typically 3 ounces or more. This will be served to you without the use of sugar in authentic ceremonies
  4. Prepare to ingest cacao that has been devoid of sugar, which will taste more bitter than cacao consumed as a beverage. The person in charge of the ritual will instruct you on how to appreciate the bitterness. You should let the beauty of the alkaloids in chocolate to offer you the energy that you require if you find yourself cringing as the chocolate melts on your tongue. Think about why you don’t like it instead of focusing about how it tastes bad or how you are not accustomed to the flavor. What are the physiological reactions it causes? Allow the chocolate to rest there since it’s possible that you actually love it. Consider it to be similar to exercising or stretching. Even if you don’t enjoy it at first, it eventually becomes a pleasant ache and discomfort that serves as a reminder to you that you are pushing your body to its maximum potential. If you’re expecting to leave a cacao ceremony feeling like you’re going to be on a sugar high, you’ve chosen the wrong activity. This is a meal, not a candy bar. Bring a water bottle with you. Remember that cacao ceremonies are an experience, and that you are receiving what you were supposed to receive whether you feel that the instruments are too powerful or that the person next to you is noisy, fidgety, or even snoring throughout the ceremony. Don’t try to overthrow the system. Ultimately, the goal is to comprehend that it is ideal to just have an awakening and experience
  5. According to who is leading the ceremony, cacao ceremonies can run anywhere from one to two hours. Plan on having your heart opened without reservation, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself and who you were truly intended to be
  6. Last but not least, make sure your phone is turned off.
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Recognize and respect the space around you, and remember that cacao ceremonies are an experience rather than a ritual. It’s best just to take it all in and appreciate it. Moreover, if you stick to this regimen on a daily basis, including Cacao in bar form, powder form or nibform, you will finally understand how this is biohacking at its finest.


Here are a sample of testimonials from our most recent participants: What did you expect to happen during this cacao ritual? Susan: I don’t have any expectations. I was only available to participate in an experience. Darcy: Well, that was my third one, to be honest. I didn’t go into it with any expectations. I was captivated by the Mayan tradition of sipping cacao while focusing on the breath, the spiritual element of sharing chocolate, and the sense of belonging that it evoked in me. Who do you think should attend our cocoa ceremony, and why?

  1. Darcy: It seems like it’s intended for everyone.
  2. Susan: I’d want to have a better understanding of the significance and benefits of cacao.
  3. How did you feel physically and spiritually after your first cacao ceremony?
  4. Susan: I had the sensation that my inside organs were vibrating at a quicker rate.
  5. The entire experience was calming and comfortable in nature.
  6. It invigorated and encouraged me to witness people coming together in this manner.
  7. Susan: All you have to do is be interested about whatever you’re feeling and be present to yourself.

Darcy: Be prepared to sit on the ground, wear loose-fitting clothes, and maintain a state of availability, openness, and curiosity. Click here to see and sign up for all of our upcoming cacao ceremonies, and we hope to see you there!


A centuries-old practice, cacao rituals are often regarded as the ultimate heart-opener. Chocolate, in addition to being rich with vitamins and minerals, has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain, which can aid in the development of awareness and concentration. It aids in the healing and detoxification of the body, as well as the stimulation of the immune system. Raw chocolate may also aid in the healing of the energy body and the receiving of clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive talents, profession, and personal development.

So make yourself comfortable with cushions, a blanket, a book to write in, your favorite crystals, candles, and Peruvian palo santo wood or sage, among other things.

Ceremonial Cacao

Sacred cacao is a very effective instrument for delving deeper into your inner self. A warm sensation in the center of your chest. You have a gentler, more present, and more loving feeling. We at Lovechock believe that every plant possesses a spirit of its own. For decades, people and nature coexisted peacefully, and plants were regarded as sentient, living organisms and healers in their own right. The most basic reason for using raw chocolate, superfoods (such as cacao nibs, spirulina and matcha), and only organically grown natural ingredients is to reconnect with this old knowledge that’s becoming more and more prevalent in our modern urban environment.

  1. High-quality cacao beans from Ecuador are used in this product, which is lightly processed at moderate temperatures.
  2. The cacao would lose its therapeutic characteristics if it were not processed via the raw chocolate production process, and the body would not experience the heart-opening sensation that raw chocolate provides.
  3. The date for this posting is June 15, 2020.
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Ceremonial Cacao Recipes and Rituals

Maintaining a healthy connection with your heart and the medicine of chocolate may be accomplished via regular mindfulness practices. The first time I drank ceremonial cacao was on a late summer evening in 2016 with my husband Eduardo, who was also there. After hearing about an amazing experience Jordan (the woman behind The Cacao Club) had while traveling around South America, we knew we had to go check it out for ourselves. “Ceremonial cacao paste” was something I’d never heard of before, and I only knew the sort of raw cacao powder I used in my smoothies, so I had no clue what to anticipate when I chose to purchase a block of pure ceremonial cacao from a supplier online.

  • However, despite my best efforts to make the procedure as “ceremonial” and thoughtful as possible, the end product was a highly powerful, not particularly palatable cacao sludge!
  • After that, we dug deep into the cacao plant and became captivated by its many different methods of drinking and interacting with it, particularly when we did it as a couple activity.
  • The recipes and rituals that follow have been developed after a great deal of experimentation, trial and error.
  • This ancient plant medicine holds a special place in my heart, and I like how she can support us in being more truly ourselves, how she can awaken the seeds of love and pleasure inside us, and how she can provide a very real sense of grounding when we drink it.
  • However, if I find myself absolutely out of cacao paste, I am not a full cacao purist; I do, on occasion, substitute raw cacao powder for the paste (this Navitas oneis ethical and tasty).

Please see my post linked above for a more in-depth explanation of the situation as well as a list of my recommended web resources. If you’re interested in learning more about what makes ceremonial cacao “ceremonial,” Eduardo has a fantastic essay that delves into the process.


Listed below are a couple of my favorite methods for creating a delectable foamy cocoa to get you started: I prefer to prepare this drink in a high-speed blender, which makes it incredibly smooth and creamy, but if you don’t have access to a blender, you can make it in a small saucepan on the stovetop with a whisk if you have one. Feel free to change and combine items according to your mood and availability! The recipes yield 2 servings. My favorite cacao tonic is used in my morning ritual. Recipe includes: 50–60 g chopped cacao (about 5 heaping tbsps), 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 2 medjool dates, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a pinch of sea salt, and 750 mL hot water (not boiling).

  • Occasionally, I’ll mix in 1/2 teaspoon of one or two nutritious herbal powders/adaptogens, such as shatavari, medicinal mushrooms, ashwagandha, mucuna pruriens, or maca, to round out the meal even more.
  • Blend for 30 seconds, or until the mixture is frothy, and then serve.
  • It is, quite frankly, a gift from above!
  • If you’re serving the dish in a formal setting, you may gently reheat the blended mixture on the stovetop when you’re ready to serve it.
  • If you like a stronger, more intense dosage, try it unsweetened.
  • If possible, I prefer to give folks the choice of trying it without any sweetener first, and then if they enjoy it, they may add a teaspoon of raw honey.

Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare your tonic and express gratitude to the alchemy of components that are working together to create this healing beverage for you. According to tea maestro Wu De, the ritual begins long before you take a sip of your beverage.

Morning Rituals

It is mindfulness practice in and of itself to take the time to establish a sacred place, prepare a healing tonic, and settle down to consume cacao. As soon as we remove away all the decorations, diversions, and layers, we can see that mindfulness — being present with our own awareness — is what defines us as human beings. You don’t have to use cacao to create a strong ritual – you can try it with tea, coffee, or even just plain water to see what feels best and works best for you in terms of connecting with your inner self in mindfulness.

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of a solo cacao practice, check out this wonderful article on how to perform a cacao ceremony for yourself!

I hope it serves as a simple foundation that you may modify and expand upon as you see fit.

Starting with a clean practice location that is devoid of distractions, you may work your way up from there.

Take a few deep breaths through your nose to ground yourself in your body and the space around you, bringing your consciousness to the sensation of the breath going in and out of your body.

Put your faith in anything you require that day.

Here, you are opening your heart to the world and everything around you, and you are offering blessings to them.

It is a celebration of the fact that one is alive and that one has received the innumerable blessings of the Universe.

It’s a method to connect with your higher self and ask for what you need in order to be happy.

After you’ve whispered your desire into existence, consciously sip your first sip of cacao and bring your consciousness to all of the feelings in your body – revel in the sensory experience that awaits you!

Space for Concluding: Respecting the passage of time and place, as well as oneself and all of the elements that came together to produce the experience.

Make a prayer, sing a song, put your hands together and bow to the Earth (and your own heart), or embrace yourself or a loved one as a way to express your gratitude.

You’re ready to confront life head-on with love, compassion, and enthusiasm!

Some people report feeling more connected and anchored in their bodies while moving around the environment.

Others report feeling more relaxed when confronted with a triggering scenario. Accept whatever arises as a result of your practice and watch as you continue to develop in new and exciting ways! If you’d like to share your experience with me, please do so in the comments section below.

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