What I Learned From Binge-Watching Wellness Documentaries

What I Learned From Binge-Watching Wellness Documentaries

There isn’t much I won’t try when it comes to the latest wellness crazes. Floating in a sensory deprivation tank to relax, going on a 12-hour “dopamine fast” to try to control impulsive tendencies, and having blood plasma extracted from my arm and micro-needled into my face in an attempt to decrease my pores are just a few of the experiences I’ve had. When I learned that Gwyneth Paltrow was a proponent of bee-sting therapy, I immediately went on the lookout for someone who would stung me simply to see what would happen.

A simple search for the terms “health” and “wellness” returns more than one hundred hits on Netflix, which is typical of most streaming services.

I began to wonder: Could viewing health films be the next version of reading self-help books, a means of absorbing wisdom that would lead to self-improvement in the same way that reading self-help books has become?

Here’s how it all went down.

Day one

Beginning with (Un)Well, a series that casts a critical eye on dubious health and wellness practices such as adults consuming breast milk to gain muscle or completing weeks-long, water-only fasts to fight off sickness and boost mental agility, I was hooked on the concept. The water-fast episode was thirty minutes old when my mind wandered to images of myself racing across oceanside hills, feeling strong and in sync with my environment, surviving on nothing but H 2 O. Nonetheless, I went ahead and prepared myself some eggs five minutes after it was over.

Following the Oscar-winning actress and her colleagues as they investigate techniques that claim to be life-improving, the six-episode series is available on Netflix.

I determined to exercise outside the next day after watching the program.

The distance between my door and my treadmill was only 50 feet, so I returned to the warm comfort of my treadmill.

Day two

Brené Brown’s The Call to Courage was the subject of my second spell parked on the sofa. In spite of the fact that I’m not aware with the work of the prominent shame and vulnerability researcher, I remain dubious of anything that resembles traditional self-help. Nonetheless, as Brown concluded her lecture with a story about her teen daughter competing in a swim meet she knew she would lose, I found myself on the verge of tears, recalling my own experience as a fifth grader pitching an inning during a softball game to get out of my comfort zone as a catcher in order to broaden my horizons.

Is it true that I never left?

Followed up on Brown with the documentary Heal, in which director Kelly Noonan Gore’s investigation into the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being is conducted through the lives of medical professionals, spiritual leaders, and people suffering from chronic illnesses is explored.

I went blank, uncertain if it was the screen time or the doubt that was causing my brain to deteriorate. See also: A Sound-Healing Playlist and a Stress-Relieving Yoga Flow for more information.

Day three

I finished my Netflix binge with Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, which is considered the holy grail of self-improvement. Throughout the nearly two-hour documentary, I began to realize what it is about the motivational speaker that is so captivating: He presents a radical honesty that is devoid of sugar coating, leaving individuals with little option but to attempt to address fears that they would otherwise avoid confronting. One of the most heartwarming moments occurred when one of our guests confessed to being very depressed—and was then scooped up into the air and carried about by other guests in the room like a crowd surfer, with pleasure replacing the sorrow on his face.

What I learned

After nearly ten hours of wellness documentaries, it wasn’t the excessive blue-light exposure that kept me awake, but a thought about thoughts: the wishful thinking that drives us to seek outside help for the all-consuming issues that control us from within when there is no road map provided to get us where we want to go. The fact that we place our hope and confidence in the unknown and untested at times of difficulty, fear, or uncertainty—whether it’s a pandemic, an unexpected illness, some form of loss, or any other numerous curveballs life throws—is not all that surprising.

  • However, several of these shows revealed the negative aspects of wellness, such as the guy in(Un)Wellwho died after a prolonged water fast, and the individuals inHealwho (unsurprisingly) were unable to utilize positive thinking to cure chronic ailments, among other examples.
  • Those who are feeling too near to that point may find programs like these to be distressing.
  • The drive I had after my long weekend of observing strengthened as I was reminded that my personal happiness is decided not by what happens around me, but rather by the work I am committed to accomplishing myself.
  • See also: Do you find yourself lacking inspiration?

5 Best Inspirational Wellness Documentaries to Watch on Netflix!

Netflix’s wellness films have a significant influence on persuading people to take control of their health and well-being. It is because it spreads a vast number of wellness material around the world, leaving little room for foreign communities to be inspired by the content. Weight loss and transformation documentaries, as well as inspirational wellness films, frequently inspire viewers to make substantial dietary changes, such as giving up sugar and junk food in favor of whole foods or reducing their intake of processed foods.

  1. When we lose hope in the face of a life-threatening sickness, we must never give up.
  2. It will extend your perspective and assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the wellness concept.
  3. All you need is a virtual private network (VPN) connection that will alter your online geographic location to the appropriate nation in order to watch Netflix in another country.
  4. It will be a logical decision if we can set aside some time for contemplating health and fitness.
  5. Viewers are encouraged to evaluate the numerous possibilities for living the healthy life they desire via a number of fascinating and thought-provoking documentaries and videos.

The following are five of the most compelling health and wellness documentaries available on Netflix, whether you are looking to enhance your health or learn more about the latest wellness trends.

1.The Magic Pill

Our health and well-being are strongly linked to a nutritious diet and a regular exercise regimen. Furthermore, it must include an exercise plan to promote mental and physical well-being. Are you seeking for inspiration to eat more healthfully? The ketogenic diet, which is one of the most popular diets today, is deconstructed in The Magic Pill. People who sought to conquer sickness by adopting this unorthodox diet were the subjects of a ten-week experiment depicted in the film. View the results of the research to see how the ketogenic diet improved the lives of those who took part.

2.The Truth About Alcohol

Men and women should drink less alcohol, according to new laws in the United Kingdom, with men and women being advised to restrict their intake to six pints of beer each week. When Javid Abdelmoneim, a British emergency room doctor, heard about it, he decided to look into the matter more. In spite of the fact that he is hosting a documentary about the dangers of frequent alcohol consumption, the host does not hold back on the humor. Despite the fact that alcohol is one of the most widely used beverages in the world, we rarely consider the dangers it poses to our health.

3.Period End of Sentence

A life-changing documentary, ” Period End of Sentence,” was nominated for an Academy Award for best short documentary. Many circumstances contributed to the period’s creation, one of which was the director’s ambition to direct a feature picture. The tale of a group of ladies from a small town in India who were humiliated because they were having their periods served as the inspiration for End of Sentence. An very heartwarming aspect of this tale is the fact that when a group of American high school students learned about these Indian ladies, they decided to gather cash to help them.

It teaches us valuable lessons about respect, assistance, and how we can all overcome mental hurdles.


Learn about the status of American healthcare in this wellness documentary, as well as how many people in the United States are always stressed. Did you know that long-term stress can have a negative impact on the immune system? It is also true that we all experience stress on a regular basis, but we must learn how to deal with it effectively. The type of food you consume is one of the most important aspects and causes of chronic stress. Heal will provide you with information on the food we eat from experts with medical, spiritual, and psychological backgrounds.

5.Human: The World Within React

In this documentary, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of human progress via an assortment of personal stories from many worldwide groups. Specifically, it describes how the numerous complex systems of the human body allow people to live their lives, follow their passions, and attain their life objectives. Inspiring you to realize your wellness and fitness potential and motivating you to start living a healthy lifestyle are the goals of this book.

In this intriguing documentary series, the astonishing workings of the human body, cutting-edge science, and interesting personal stories come together to form a cohesive whole.

Wrapping Up

Wellness video material is abundantly accessible on Netflix, most of it motivating and educational. It is undeniable that such films may assist people in achieving their life objectives; nevertheless, they must be placed to a favorite watchlist in order to give powerful motivation and unambiguous guidance.

Binge Watching

The way we watch television is changing as a result of streaming platforms. We can watch just about anything we want, commercial-free, at any time of day or night since we have access to hundreds of TV series, movies, and documentaries on demand. In all likelihood, you’ve spent the past year streaming more video than you have in any previous year. The overall amount of time individuals spend each week watching video climbed by about 75% in 2020, according to market research firm Nielsen, as compared to the previous year.

It has been shown to have a detrimental influence on one’s physical and mental health.

Binge Watching Is Like a Drug

Who knew that binge-watching your favorite television show could give you a “high?” Yes, it is correct. Your brain releases dopamine when you’re involved in an activity that you love. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that increases sensations of pleasure, excitement, and happiness. The release of dopamine makes us feel good, and it results in a “high” that is comparable to that experienced when using narcotics or other substances that have addictive properties are consumed. Your brain desires more and more, and as long as you continue to binge, your brain creates dopamine to satisfy your cravings and keep you going.

See also:  Ayurvedic Living Secrets from Chef Radhi Devlukia-Shetty

Danesh A.

Alam, just like other addictive habits.

You may find it difficult to maintain control over the amount of time you spend watching television, or you may discover that you need to increase the amount of time you spend watching television in order to get the same level of enjoyment.

Binge Watching Isolates You

Watching television has historically been considered a relaxing activity. It can provide short reprieve from the stresses of daily life, such as those associated with job, school, and parenthood.

Binge viewing, on the other hand, makes it simple to disengage from other people. Different streaming accounts, as well as multiple methods to watch a single show, make it very easy to withdraw to a secluded part of the house and lose track of time for hours on end.

Binge Watching Interferes With Sleep

TV viewing has long been considered a relaxing activity. Working out can provide short-term reprieve from the stresses of everyday life such as job, education and parenthood. While binge-watching, it is quite simple to get disconnected from other people and your surroundings. Different streaming accounts, as well as multiple methods to watch a single show, make it very simple to withdraw to a secluded area of the house and lose track of time for hours on end.

  • Depression and anxiety are two conditions that might occur. According to research, the more lonely and unhappy people reported to be, the more likely they were to binge watch television
  • This was associated with back issues. The way you stand and sit is critical to your spine’s health. While watching television, poor posture can cause your spine to become bent or weak, resulting in back discomfort and musculoskeletal difficulties. Respiratoryfunction. When comparing healthy young males sitting in a slumped position versus healthy young men sitting with good posture, research has found that respiratory function is significantly reduced
  • Lack of physical activity. Increased risk of heart disease, including stroke, is associated with increased time on the sofa and less time exercising.

Tips for Managing Binge Watching

  • Try to limit yourself to a specific (small) number of episodes at a time, such as two or three at a time. Remove yourself from the situation by turning off the television and doing something else. Set a time restriction for yourself. Decide how much time you want to spend watching television each night. Use a timer to hold yourself accountable
  • Balance Combining television viewing with other activities such as physical exercise, socializing with friends, and reading
  • Remember to keep the lights on in both the viewing location and your home so you don’t lose track of time
  • Make it a social event by inviting a friend, spouse, or children to join you in front of the television. Discussions with other fans on characters, stories, and cliffhangers are encouraged.

Even if you only want to watch one episode, if you end yourself binge-watching a full season in one sitting, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

Binge List: Health Documentaries To Watch

ROTTENRotten is a Netflix original series that will make you rethink your next meal. The documentary investigates the relationship between supply and demand in the context of food and agriculture. It draws attention to the fact that the way food is grown, processed, made, and consumed is not environmentally friendly. According to the documentary, many people in the United States are unaware of where their food comes from or what it may be contaminated with, and farmers are struggling to keep up with the expectations of the American consumer, according to the video.

  • FAT FICTION is a type of fiction that involves the consumption of fat.
  • It is through this journey that we are made aware of the lies that have been given to us regarding fats.
  • A PERSONAL LIFE OF ITS OWN In the midst of global debates over the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, a whole new narrative has emerged in the favor of patients who use the medication to alleviate nausea and discomfort associated with cancer treatments and other diseases.
  • (UN)WELL (Un)Well is a six-part Netflix documentary series that takes a critical look at some of the most popular wellness concepts of the day.
  • Everything is revealed in this documentary.
  • is a BBC programme in which Cambridge University geneticist Giles Yeo investigates the obesity epidemic that has swept over England and the United Kingdom.
  • THE GAME-CHANGING ENTREPRENEURS If you’ve been thinking about making the move to a vegan or plant-based diet, the notion that vegans consume less protein and critical vitamins is a big source of anxiety.
  • While some individuals choose veganism because they care about animals or are concerned about climate change, the video concentrates completely on the diet’s fitness and muscle-building advantages.
  • Each episode delves into a different topic or mental experience than the one before it.

There are sections on dreams, anxiety, memory, mindfulness, and even psychedelics, among other topics. Even if you only have a short amount of time to sit down and watch, The Mind, Explained is a fun and educational show that you should consider putting on.

10 Inspirational wellness documentaries to watch on Netflix

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Inspiring Documentaries on Netflix That Will Change the Way You See Your Health

It is possible that these Netflix films and series will assist you in discovering new methods to improve your health and well-being. Whether in good times or bad, we binge watch – it’s a guilty pleasure that we can all indulge in every now and then. Is it feasible to use some of your Netflix binge time to improving your mental health and well-being instead? There are a plethora of inspiring and thought-provoking documentaries and films that urge its audience to investigate the many options for living the healthy life they wish.

10 Netflix Health Documentaries That You Should Watch

With these ten inspiring films that are well worth your time, you can turn your time on the sofa into a time of acquiring a wealth of information.

Heal (2017)

Explore the state of American healthcare in this health documentary which illustrates how many Americans are chronically stressed. Did you know that chronic stress compromises the immune system? The type of food you eat is said to be one of the contributing factors and causes for chronic stress.In Heal, you’ll learn about the food we eat from experts with medical, spiritual, and psychological backgrounds. They offer insight into causes for chronic stress and ways to make improvements.

Rotten (2017)

There’s many theories and tested-strategies that have proven to help people lead healthier lives. The film Rotten will make you reconsider the food you’re eating. The documentary outlines and analyses the process of growing, producing, manufacturing and eating of food.hat’s more, how manufacturers, especially in the U.S are unable to keep up with demands of the consumer. The goal is to eat food that benefits your wellbeing, this is achieved by knowing where your food comes from and conscious consumption.

Period. End of Sentence (2018)

Period. End of Sentence is an inspiring 25-minute film, which won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. Part of what inspired the director to create Period. End of Sentence was inspired by the story of a group of women from a small village in India who were stigmatized for getting their periods.What’s beautiful about this story is that when a group of American high school students heard about these women in India, they worked towards raising money. They used the money raised to send the women a low-cost biodegradable pad-making machine.

The Truth About Alcohol (2016)

In the UK, new guidelines recommended that men and women drink less alcohol, lowering it to six pints of beer a week. It inspired British ER doc Javid Abdelmoneim to seek the truth about alcohol.Though informative, the documentary host isn’t shy from adding humour as he explores what are the health risks of drinking alcohol regularly.

The End Game (2018)

This 40-minute documentary covers the topic of death delicately with viewers. Many people are afraid to think or talk about dying. The End Game challenges and guides you to address what is inevitable for us all – dying. The documentary takes viewers through the lives of terminally ill patients in palliative care, counseling, or a hospice.

The Magic Pill (2019)

In need of inspiration to eat healthier? The Magic Pill breaks down one of the most popular diets – du joir: the ketogenic diet.The movie features a 10-week experiment on people who have attempted to combat illness by undergoing this unique diet. See the outcome the ketogenic diet has on the lives of these people in the experiment.

Queer Eye (2018)

Learn what it means to find what makes you uniquely beautiful. Follow the “Fab Five” as they share their exquisite taste and expertise in fashion, interior design, food and their perception of self-love.The Fab Five meet interesting and sincere people in U.S and Japan who are in need of motivation to find what makes them uniquely beautiful and ways to exercise self-love.

Resurface (2017)

Regarded as one of the most heartfelt Netflix originals, the programme follows a group of military veterans suffering from post-traumatic disorder (PTSD).Watch as these courageous veterans on a road to healing and rediscovering their emotional and physical strength through surf therapy.

InnSaei (2016)

Take a moment to reflect during these uncertain times and find inner peace as InnSaei serves a perfect guide. The film takes viewers on an enlightening journey to explore the power of intuition and how it impacts the way me make changes in life.

Minimalism (2015)

Minimalism helps viewers to discover (or rediscover) that sometimes, it’s the little things where we’ll find true happiness. The film will fuel you with positive energy and spark encouragement to change the way you see the world, no matter what walk of life you follow.​​​​​​​

6 Netflix Documentaries About Health and Wellness That You Should Watch

The health and wellness business has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. With new health, beauty, and wellness fads such as CBD, Reiki, and crystal healing emerging seemingly on a weekly basis, which ones are genuinely worth experimenting with and investing in? We’ve compiled a list of the best health, wellness, and beauty documentaries available on Netflix, ranging from investigative shows on unusual wellness trends to scientific documentaries on the human brain and even an emotional reality show about plastic surgery.

  • In related news, wellness brands Aman Resorts, Como Shambhala, and others are featured.
  • (Un) Wellis a six-part television series that delves into a different health fad each week, delving into contentious themes such as essential oils, fasting, bee sting therapy, and even breast milk drinking for bodybuilding in order to uncover the truth.
  • No matter which side you support, this program will undoubtedly keep you entertained-and intrigued enough to want to try some of the recipes for yourself.
  • Tatler Asia Limited was established in 2022.

Binge Watch Documentaries about Food this Weekend – Eat Drink Better

Recently, there has been tremendous growth in the health and wellness market. What are some of the most promising health, beauty, and wellness trends that are emerging on a weekly basis? CBD, Reiki, crystal healing, to name a few. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest health, wellness, and beauty documentaries available on Netflix, including anything from investigative series about weird wellness trends to scientific documentaries on the human brain and even an emotional reality show about plastic surgery.

(Un) Wellis a six-part television series that delves into a different health fad each week, delving into contentious themes such as essential oils, fasting, bee sting therapy, and even breast milk drinking for bodybuilding in the process.

No matter which side you support, this program will undoubtedly keep you entertained-and intrigued enough to want to try some of the recipes out for yourself afterwards.

Please have a look at this link Tatler Asia Limited is a company founded in 2022 in Singapore. All intellectual property rights are protected by law.

1. Food Chains

Food Chains is the most recent film to be added to the list, and it examines the frequently overlooked plight of farmworkers in the United States. Employees in the agricultural industry are exposed to hazardous quantities of pesticides in the fields, get salaries that are below the poverty line, and are at risk of sexual harassment and intimidation from their supervisors. Produced by Eric Scholosser (author of Fast Food Nation) and Eva Longoria, the film is poignant and terrifying at the same time as it is inspirational and optimistic.

Check out our Food Chains review right here.

2. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, a film that is a candidate for greatest film title, tells the tale of Joe, a guy who allowed his drinking and bad habits get the better of him until he felt as the title depicts. He makes the decision to regain control of his life and commits to juicing fruits and vegetables for 60 days in order to improve his overall health. The effects are absolutely remarkable, and the movie follows him on his journey as a juice missionary across the United States. As an added bonus, the sequel was only published a year ago!

Check out our famousFat, Sick, and Nearly Dead juice recipe if you’re feeling motivated to start juicing for yourself.

3. Cowspiricy

One of the most recent additions to the list is a documentary that examines the environmental catastrophe that is meat and dairy production on an industrial scale– and how it is often overlooked by people from all walks of life. When it comes to facing this tough issue, the producer meets a number of obstacles, including unanswered phone calls, missing financial support, and everyday disappointments as he tackles a subject that no one wants to talk about and confronts the fiction of sustainable meat production.

You can also read a review of the film, which can be found here.

4. Fed Up

Another new addition to the list isFed Up, a feature-length documentary produced by Katie Couric that can be found on Netflix. Fed Up examines the health concerns that are afflicting our society and how they are related to an overabundance of sugar in our food supply. As narrator, Couric describes how our high sugar diet impacts our brains, our bodies, and the destiny of our nation as a whole, among other things. For a variety of reasons, including its stunning production, high-quality research, high degree of relevance, and accessibility of information, it is my personal favorite film on our list.

5. Hungry For Change

Are you feeling depressed, ill, or dissatisfied with your life at the moment? Are you a person who craves change? In this video, which is part documentary and half fiction, we learn how food plays a significant role in our everyday attitude on life, and we are encouraged to recognize that the steps to health and wellbeing are within our grasp and are critically essential for our mind, body, and soul. Netflix has a free version of this movie.


For a variety of reasons, we are not huge supporters of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) here. This video investigates the hows and whys of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as well as the biotech industry’s desire to keep us in the dark about our food source. Learn why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are employed as ingredients in approximately 80 percent of processed foods and in virtually all meat and dairy production in the United States, and what this implies for human health in the process.

Netflix is providing this service for free.

7. King Corn

What has happened to the main meal of the Americas, from a nutritious, sustainable grain crop to a vast commodity that has been connected to lifestyle illness and ill health. Two Iowa lads who wanted to learn more about the fields that surrounding them came up with the idea of creating King Corn. With an unbiased eye, they investigate all elements of corn production, including how farmers feel about corn, how it is processed, and if corn is actually the king of the crops. For a few bucks, you can get it on Amazon and iTunes.

8. Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. is the video that the majority of health-conscious people credit with improving their lives and their eating habits out of all the ones we’ve seen thus far. Food, Inc. is a documentary that examines the food industry and how it impacts the fields, the animals, the environment, and, finally, the health of our own bodies. It has the star power (as well as the staying power) to be influential for many years to come, thanks to the inclusion of Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and other well-known foodies.

9. Earthlings

I’ll be completely honest and say that I haven’t seen this film. I understand that it is extremely important to share this information with the world–the majority of whom are unaware of how animal agriculture works, which is why it is included on this list–but the trailer (which is preceded by a warning) was the saddest and scariest trailer I’ve ever seen in my entire life. This movie took me completely by surprise, despite my two decades of vegetarianism and studies into animal agriculture. I was not prepared for the harshness, violence, and misery that this film entailed.

The video may be viewed for free on theEarthlingswebsite.

10. Forks over Knives

Forks over Knives is a documentary that has helped to build an industry of healthy eating! Doctor T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Esselstein, two long-time health advocates, contribute to the documentary Forks Over Knives, which examines the high cost of a diet focused on meat and dairy and finds that a low-fat, plant-based diet is the healthiest diet for both our bodies and the environment. They have subsequently developed a beautiful website as well as a number of recipes that make dining with forks rather than knives simpler than ever before.

11. Vegucated

Many health campaigners have fantasized of doing what Vegucated has done: putting three long-time meat eaters on a vegan diet in order to demonstrate the health benefits of a plant-based diet for many years. In addition to being humorous and entertaining, Putting the Vegan Diet to the Test offers a strong argument for the ethical and environmental benefits of following a vegan diet.

It shows some very horrific sights of animal husbandry that should give any warm-blooded person pause before consuming any other living being in the future. You can watch for free on Netflix.

12. Supersize Me

Supersize Me, a documentary that I believe to be a classic of the food movement, put the fast food diet to the ultimate test in a harrowing way. Morgan Spurlock was curious about what it would be like to eat McDonald’s every day, for every meal, for an entire month. She decided to find out. The findings are amusing, frightening, and indicative of a fast food sector in trouble. You can either rent the film from Netflix or view it for free right here.

13. Ingredients

Ingredients is without a doubt the most visually appealing of the five. Ingredients is an hour-long session of food porn that celebrates the beauty of the harvest, from blueberries in Oregon to peaches in California. It also shows the farmers and the foods that not only nourish our bodies, but also our souls, according to the producers. Rent the movie from Netflix or view it for free on Hulu.

14. Food Matters

Food Matters is an older film, but it covers a lot of the same ground as our chronically malnourished and overfed populace in the present. This book is an excellent beginning place for anybody interested in learning more about why our food system is structured the way it is. Available for rental or buy via Food Matters TV, or to stream on Netflix. With a TV binge, you may nourish both your mind and your body. Watch food-related films, and because many of them are available for free online, you can get started this weekend.

Let’s get started!

5 Must-See Environmental Documentaries To Binge-Watch Over The Summer!

You’re looking for some documentaries to watch on Netflix during the holidays that will keep you entertained for hours? You will be entertained, educated, and completely transformed by these five must-see environmental documentaries, which will change your perception of the world around you — whether it is about the impacts of climate change, the entrenched views of climate change denialists in business and politics, commercial fishing, the future of coral reefs, or the destructive impact of the animal agriculture industry.

1 hour and 23 minutes in length Netflix is a streaming service that provides access to movies and television shows.

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet (2020)

We knew we had to start with a David Attenborough documentary, so we did! The 95-year-most old’s recent documentary, A Life On Our Planet, is a compelling first-person narrative of the Earth’s collapse over the course of his more than 60-year career on the planet. Naturalist Sir David Attenborough refers to the film as his “witness statement” for the natural world. Predictions for the next several decades are revealed in the video, including an Amazon rainforest that looks like a savanna, ice-free summers in the Arctic, dead coral reefs, a worldwide food supply catastrophe, and millions of homeless Climate Refugees.

We can undo the harm we’ve done to our planet by raising people out of poverty, stabilizing the global population, turning to renewable energy sources, putting a stop to deforestation, and re-wilding depleted areas to restore biodiversity.

Unquestionably a must-see! 1 hour and 29 minutes in length Netflix is a streaming service that provides access to movies and television shows.

Seaspiracy (2021)

Obviously, a David Attenborough documentary had to be the starting point! This poignant first-person description of the Earth’s degradation over the course of his 60+ year career is featured in the 95-year-latest old’s documentary, A Life On Our Planet. Naturalist David Attenborough refers to the film as his “witness statement” for the environment. The video makes horrific projections for the next several decades, including a savanna-like Amazon jungle, ice-free summers in the Arctic, dying coral reefs, a worldwide food supply catastrophe, and millions of climate refugees on the streets of cities throughout the world.

We can undo the harm we’ve done to our world by raising people out of poverty, stabilizing the global population, turning to renewable energy sources, putting a stop to deforestation, and re-wilding degraded habitats, among other measures.

1 hour 29 minutes in duration Netflix is a streaming service that makes movies and television shows available to anybody.

Before The Flood (2016)

During the production of this climate-focused documentary, actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio collaborates with filmmaker Fisher Stevens and National Geographic to investigate the effects of climate change as well as the entrenched beliefs of climate change deniers in business and politics. Around the course of three years, DiCaprio spoke with a diverse range of personalities from all over the world, including former United States President Barack Obama and Pope Francis, as well as Elon Musk and Piers Sellars.

Chasing Coral (2017)

During the production of the Netflix original documentary Chasing Coral, a team of divers, photographers, and scientists set out to capture the catastrophic destruction of coral reefs as a result of global warming and acidification of the ocean. Their voyage leads them to a number of bleach coral reefs all over the world, which makes it an extremely emotional watching experience for viewers. According to reports, the documentary took 3.5 years to complete and has more than 500 hours of underwater film, with entries coming from more than 30 nations.

Most importantly, it inspires all of us to take action to ensure that our magnificent coral reefs are protected for future generations. 1 hour and 31 minutes in length Netflix is a streaming service that provides access to movies and television shows.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

Among the most contentious and eye-opening films of all time, Cowspiracy is one of the most important. During the course of the documentary, director and producer Kip Andersen investigates the catastrophic environmental impacts of animal agriculture, including deforestation, water pollution, topsoil erosion, habitat loss, ocean “dead zones,” and the industry’s increasing greenhouse gas emissions. The documentary was crowd-funded on Kickstarter. He also investigates why the most environmentally harmful business on the globe appears to be unaffected by the efforts of top environmental organizations.

Growing up, we prefer to envision livestock grazing contentedly on beautiful, green pastures – yet this is a fantasy shared by just a small percentage of the population.

This documentary will cause you to rethink if that steak or burger is worth the devastation caused by the production of the film.

Are You in a Codependent Relationship with Netflix?

Netflix has seized control of the cultural zeitgeist (again). With The Social Dilemma, a documentary exploring how social media uses your data to strategically modify the material you read, we’re back on track. Is this breaking news? After all, Netflix engages in this practice as well. You won’t be able to blink without missing Netflix’s release of yet another movie, documentary, or television series that everyone is buzzing about. ‘Own the zeitgeist’ is the business plan for the billion-dollar media empire, and they accomplish this by exerting control over people’s minds, emotions, and time spans.

  1. In addition, because television is so fantastic right now, it’s simple to think that everything is beneficial to us.
  2. However, consuming content on a regular basis with the same dependence with which we absorb oxygen is something altogether else.
  3. In spite of the fact that this data is pre-pandemic (we anticipate that it increased during lockdown), two hours is merely eight percent of your day, so it’s not a big deal.
  4. Two hours is the amount of time spent viewing Netflix on one day.
  5. Taking it all into consideration, the average American watches more than three hours of onscreen entertainment every day.
  6. Because the chances are strong that you’re now spending your time watching television episodes.
  7. Is this merely a convenient scapegoat for society’s troubles, or is there anything more to it?

There is evidence to suggest that binge-watching is an addictive practice that affects the brain in a manner comparable to that of alcohol, narcotics, sex, or collecting Pokémon cards, among other things.

In my opinion, Breaking Bad is better enjoyed with pizza and beer on the sofa than anything else.

We can all admit that even while they are among family, they are most likely watching Netflix or doing something similar.

It’s probably not a good idea, as a hint.

Is this the sum total of all there is to life?

Our capitalist system leads us to believe that consuming is something we do, but it is also something that is done to us, as well.

Netflix consumes my time.

So, what’s the answer to this problem?

Follow your hobbies by reading a book, volunteering, going on a stroll, working out, practicing an instrument, or even attempting to take over the planet.

Also take into consideration how much time you spend passively watching television while doing anything else.

When you double that by seven days a week, you can see how it might quickly escalate into a problem.

Perhaps you should pick up the phone and (gasp!) contact a friend or loved one?

What causes us to overindulge?

Everyone enjoys escaping to a world other than their own and following the imaginary lives of their favorite fictional characters.

And it’s not just about following the lives of imaginary characters; it’s about living vicariously through them.

In all honesty, much of life may be monotonous and uninteresting, no matter how many hobbies we engage in or how many roses we take the time to sniff.

Our “love the grind” culture gives contentment a bad rap, but being content doesn’t mean being unambitious — it means finding meaning, value, and even beauty in the small things and quiet moments of our ordinary lives, rather than filling them with the latest binge-worthy show on Netflix or on our phones.

Certainly, Netflix and other streaming services are fantastic, but they are only a small fraction of the vast and magnificent human experience in general. Let’s remember that our spare time is a valuable and limited resource, so let’s make the most of it while we can.

Be in the know withGrotto

This Fall, watch these four health-related Netflix TV shows, documentaries, and movies. Now that the weather is becoming a little cooler and the sun is setting earlier in the day, we’re not spending as much time outside as we used to, so it’s time to find some entertaining activities to do at home. But, every now and again, we simply want to fall on the sofa and binge watch some Netflix without feeling terrible about our choices. Some of our favorite shows, documentaries, and movies that are all about health and wellbeing have been compiled into a list for your enjoyment.


Heal is a documentary that investigates how stress may have a significant influence on our bodies and how it can be a contributing factor to sickness and other health problems in people. A panel of doctors, psychiatrists, and other health professionals are interviewed for this documentary, which explains the link between mind and body sickness, as well as how our minds may aid in the healing of many physical disorders.


You’ll enjoy this documentary if you’ve ever been curious in the origins of your food. It delves into the subject of food production and sourcing in the United States, as well as how much of our food is tainted with pesticides and other hazardous substances. The goal of this documentary is to educate and empower viewers to become more aware about the food that they consume, allowing them to make more informed consumption decisions.


This 25-minute video follows three women in a rural hamlet in India as they battle with being ostracized for having periods, but also shows how they reclaimed their power by manufacturing their own sanitary napkins and other feminine hygiene products for themselves. It is demonstrated in this moving documentary that women can retake their power by banding together and educating people on the subject of menstruation, among other things.


This series takes a close look at the health and wellness sector, which offers healing but may also have a sinister side to it, as explored in the first episode. In each episode, a single sector is discussed in depth, ranging from essential oils to tantric sex to bulking up with breastmilk (yes people do this). Our favorite aspect of this video is that it does not defame the industries, but rather provides an unbiased look at their founders, those who have experienced true healing, as well as others who have been damaged.

Make time to watch these health documentaries

Think twice the next time you’re considering binge-watching television while lounging on the couch with a bag of potato chips in your hand. Why not make an effort to learn something new instead? Instead of snacking on chips, watch a health documentary. Here are a few options for you to consider, each with a distinct focus and approach to being healthier. “Super Size Me” is a phrase that refers to someone who is excessively large. This timeless classic has been in existence since 2004. It follows Morgan Spurlock as he investigates the affects of consuming just McDonald’s cuisine for a month in order to see what happens.

In this follow-up documentary, the corruption and cooperation in government and large business that is causing us to suffer and keeping us sick is exposed.

This film investigates the validity of the assertion.

He has reached the end of his rope.

He ditches the junk food and travels with a juicer and generator, resolving to consume only fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days in order to cleanse his system.

Damon Gameau and his wife are expecting a child, and Damon is interested in learning more about the impact of a high-sugar diet on a physically fit body.

As you might anticipate, Gameau brings to light some of the concerns surrounding the sugar business, as well as instances in which sugar may be found unexpectedly in meals and on grocery store shelves.

Most certainly, after seeing all of them, or at least one of them, you will have a different viewpoint on food, diets, and the health business.

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